Indonesian ISIS Recruits Threaten "Satanic" CNN, Universal Studios In New Propaganda Poster

ISIS recruits in Indonesia (famously the country with the largest Muslim population) have released a series of propaganda posters that are circulating on the Internet that exhort their followers to commit acts of violence against the US financial system, as well as media organizations like CNN.

The release comes as Indonesia has increasingly become a hotbed of Islamic terror and haven for extremists.

"Indonesia increasingly has become a haven for Islamist extremists. And we've seen it not just in the society at large, but also in the government," Mark Mitchell, acting assistant secretary for special operations and low-intensity conflict at the Defense Department.

As PJ media pointed out, the first poster shows a devil-like figure looming over several icons that are ringed in flames. They include: the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, Universal Studios Hollywood, CNN, NATO and NASA, along with the seal on the US dollar bill.


An image of an ISIS soldier firing a machine gun at logos can be seen in the bottom left corner. 


The poster goes on to pan "modern philosophy," "modern science," "modern state," and "modern era" as "mankind is kept away from the path of his God."

It also claims that Dajjal, the antichrist in Islamic theology, is "behind the modern name whether you can or not see it," essentially condemning all the organizations listed in the poster as "satanic."

The second poster features the Eye of Providence and stacks of burning American money, with an admonishment to "read carefully and choose the verdict."


The images bring to mind an exhortation by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who last year issued a recording suggesting media as targets, saying jihadists should "intensify one attack after another against the infidels’ information centers and their headquarters of ideological war."