Indonesian ISIS Recruits Threaten "Satanic" CNN, Universal Studios In New Propaganda Poster

ISIS recruits in Indonesia (famously the country with the largest Muslim population) have released a series of propaganda posters that are circulating on the Internet that exhort their followers to commit acts of violence against the US financial system, as well as media organizations like CNN.

The release comes as Indonesia has increasingly become a hotbed of Islamic terror and haven for extremists.

"Indonesia increasingly has become a haven for Islamist extremists. And we've seen it not just in the society at large, but also in the government," Mark Mitchell, acting assistant secretary for special operations and low-intensity conflict at the Defense Department.

As PJ media pointed out, the first poster shows a devil-like figure looming over several icons that are ringed in flames. They include: the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, Universal Studios Hollywood, CNN, NATO and NASA, along with the seal on the US dollar bill.


An image of an ISIS soldier firing a machine gun at logos can be seen in the bottom left corner. 


The poster goes on to pan "modern philosophy," "modern science," "modern state," and "modern era" as "mankind is kept away from the path of his God."

It also claims that Dajjal, the antichrist in Islamic theology, is "behind the modern name whether you can or not see it," essentially condemning all the organizations listed in the poster as "satanic."

The second poster features the Eye of Providence and stacks of burning American money, with an admonishment to "read carefully and choose the verdict."


The images bring to mind an exhortation by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who last year issued a recording suggesting media as targets, saying jihadists should "intensify one attack after another against the infidels’ information centers and their headquarters of ideological war."


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A bunch of sand-dwellers not only built up a military powerful enough to hold off the full might of the US military but they also have multiple international franchises?

And here I am on the soft-and-fluffy side of the world and I have achieved nothing?  Man, I am such a loser.  Imagine wot the ISIS guys could have achieved if they were brought up in a middle-class suburban neighbourhood.

And I can imagine they would get a lot more willing recruits with their new slogans.  Perhaps they have learnt to refine their brand.  Top marks to their new marketers and image consultants.

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Hmmm... PT Mon, 04/23/2018 - 00:09 Permalink

PT, the average person cannot imagine how horrific these groups are... Thanks to the internet & cell phones, an array of issis propaganda films/videos & pics of absolute shock & horror have been proudly put out for all to see...  It seems that other countries criminal gangs, mafia, syndicates & more utilize certain sites to "show off" what they consider to be expertise. gore dot com. cap the b & g, is one. What these gangs proudly film themselves doing is hard to take.  It's a rude awakening.  Thankfully, you cant "unhear" what you've heard & you cant "unsee" what you've seen, so you've got to deal with what you're looking at as it really is.  Up close & personal, you cant 'run' from it, it's right there but thankfully you aren't.  The American public should be forced to see this stuff so they can see exactly, first hand--what these groups/people are actually & actively capable of doing & what they're bringing here. {& where ever else they go}. Not the "sugar coated" b.s. we're always fed... I saw pics & a clip taken of our own soldiers doing unmentionable things to the murdered dead of another army & to animals with smiles of delight & laughter, just for entertainment.  In spite of the real issis, brazil, mexican cartels, etc, whose pics & clips are so far beyond horrific that there are simply no words for them didn't hurt me anything like seeing what some of our own service men were doing.  Yes, "our boys" deeds paled considerably compared to the other "proud posts" from all over the world but I will never forget those clips & pics & they have completely changed the way I look at not only our service people on the front lines but the other murderers from other countries "front lines" as well.  This realization saddens me a great deal & it doesn't come easy for me to say.  You cannot appreciate the extent of the "possessed & satanic sickness" being nurtured on this planet until you get the "sledgehammer" of seeing what these so called "terrorist groups" of all shapes, creeds, colors and sizes happily produce on a seemingly regular basis.  The clips & pics that Ive seen, seem satanic and inhuman to me.  I cant believe that we as a species have fallen that far down into & beyond the gutter but we have. Ive seen some of it for myself.   WARNING: Don't visit the site if you are weak or have any concerns. This is real & raw.  No editing.  It has effectively shocked the shit out of me but at least now I know about this stuff & that it's real.  As I always say, "just let me know what I'm dealing with & then I can handle it.  Just let me know, that's all. ...& sadly, the site I'm discussing, lets us all know, maybe a little too much.

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Like if they are ISIS then what is the connection to the US-UK-SA-Israeli trained and deployed ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. If not for the radicalization and militarization of the Muslim Brotherhood by the UK and the US there would be no Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS (Daesh). We know our nations use them as insurgents for terrorism, false flags, and insurgencies in those nations, so what is the real connection to the Philippines? Justify the presence of American troops when Duterte has threatened to kick them out? Create division between religious groups to heighten instability? Support the drug trade which Duterte is vigorously suppressing? Who is paying and arming them? What is their connection to US special forces in the Philippines?    

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TheReplacement AtATrESICI Sat, 04/21/2018 - 18:17 Permalink

More likely this is legit ISIS, not the CIA/Mossad version.  Either that or (((they))) are using this propaganda to paint anyone who dislikes the Fed/petrodollar/NWO as fellow travelers of ISIS thereby making all of us terrorist supporters - the enemy of my enemy and all that.

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It's quite possible this is CIA/Mossad with that exact result in mind (i.e. the narrative would be that anyone who sees the true evil behind these organizations is WITH ISIS). 

There is a compelling argument that says that the "hippie" movement of the 60's was created by the MIC with the express purpose of shutting down the rising middle-class anti-war sentiment.  "Hard-working, clean, God-fearing people" didn't want to be associated with the "Free Love, dirty, Hippies" that were portrayed as the face of the anti-war movement.  When you do the research and see how many of the "founders" of that movement (Morrison, Hendrix, Stills, etc) had direct family involved with the MIC, that argument gains credibility.  Jim Morrison's father *just happened* to be the "Admiral Morrison" from the war-starting (fabricated) Gulf of Tonkin incident - coincidence?  Maybe ... maybe not ....

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Koba the Dread Trogdor Sun, 04/22/2018 - 08:03 Permalink

Trogdor, why don't you tell people the source of your assertion? I will. The book is Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon (2014) by Dave McGowan. McGowan also has excellent books on 9-11 and the Boston Marathon. McGowan is very, very good. Perhaps that's why he suddenly contracted an extremely fast-acting lung cancer that killed him in a few months.

Much of his work may still be available on the web. It's well worth reading. . .and re-reading.

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Jack Oliver AtATrESICI Sat, 04/21/2018 - 18:29 Permalink

Of course it is BULLSHIT ! 

Just giving CNN some exposure for their upcoming ‘home grown’ ISIS ‘production’ !! 

They won’t even have to leave the FUCKING studio for this one !! 

Part of their new ‘cost cutting’ measures !! 

They likely produced the ISIS ‘promo’ as well !! 

The CNN production team has been going downhill ever since they stopped the ‘James Foley’ FAKED beheading’s type  BULLSHIT !! 

Whatever became of James ??? 

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Xredsx AtATrESICI Sat, 04/21/2018 - 19:12 Permalink

You need stop spinning in the media, it is so BS, it is all lies. So much so, it creates an artificial reality. That's why no body can actually see and guess what is the truth to our reality. the real truth of the truth.


It is just about perception, and that is all. It always was.

I will show you. Terrorists are freedom fighters fighting foreign occupation. Yes, they have bit us back in our cities  and it hurt. One could argue that they started first with 9/11. But all they have been doing is trying to wake you up. A message about how our very own politicians that we elect, are bombing weddings. It is about perception.

Just read who they are threatening in the headlines. Cant you see through the smoke and mirrors in the propaganda?


We all share the same enemies. The term DEEPSTATE is actually a code. It is only pointing us to where the rabbit hole is. And not what is at the bottom. 

Corrupted Politicians are just a domino.

Revolution is a Revolution.

The power is not with the centralised government or local government. Despite the power or force they have and control. Nor is it with the super rich and powerful who funnel their wealth through the political system to influence the government policies. The real power is with the people. The slaves who keep the system going.

We just need the spirit, the holy spirit of Christ.. 


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