Russia Claims It Captured Trump's "Nice And New And Smart" Missiles After Syrian Strike

Two of President Trump’s “nice and new and smart” cruise missiles were recovered non-detonated by the Syrian Armed Forces on April 14, one day after the US, the UK and France fired more than 100 rockets into Syria according to the Russian TASS new agency. The U.S.-led missile strike targeted what they assumed were Syrian chemical weapon facilities in response to the April 07 gas attack in the Syrian city of Douma.

And now the reverse engineering of America's "new and smart" technology can begin: an unnamed source within the Syrian military confirmed to TASS that the cruise missiles were sent to Russia on April 18.

“Two cruise missiles that were not exploded during the US missile strike in Syria on the night of April 14 were discovered by the Syrian military, both missiles in good enough condition the day before yesterday [April 17] were transferred to the Russian military,” the source said.

As the source adds “these missiles were sent yesterday [April 18] by plane to Russia” for further examination.

Alleged images of American and French cruise missiles shot down by Syria forces have recently surfaced on Twitter:

“Syrian soldier stands beside downed US Tomahawk missile,” said Partisangirl.

“Some are saying the missile with the red tip on the right is a Russian R-40 band I’ve come to agree. But Pentagon trolls are trying to use this to claim Syria didn’t shoot down any missiles, how do they explain the French, English & American dates on these missiles?” she said.

However, Pentagon officials have denied all claims that their “nice and new and smart” cruise missiles were shot down. Officials said that missiles successfully hit all targets, while the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Syrian air defense claimed they shot down 71.

The missile “performed exactly as advertised, striking its programmed targets with devastating precision,” said Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, an Air Force spokesman.

While it can be difficult to sift through the propaganda on both sides, here is SouthFront’s breakdown of the events on April 14:

As discussed previously, while not enough to prompt a retaliatory escalation, the airstrikes on Syria angered Russia, who warned that there would be consequences. As Bloomberg wrote, one of them was spelled out: The Kremlin said it might supply its Syrian ally with state-of-the-art air defenses.

“If the prospect rings alarm bells among President Bashar al-Assad’s enemies, they’re likely to be loudest in Israel, not the U.S. Israel carries out airstrikes in Assad-controlled Syrian territory much more frequently than the U.S., as it seeks to prevent a military buildup near Israeli borders by Assad’s other key backer, Iran.

Israeli analysts and former defense officials say there’s only one likely response from the Jewish state if the S-300 surface-to-air missile systems are delivered to Syria: An immediate attempt to blow them up.

That would upend the delicate relationship between Israel and Russia, who’ve kept channels open despite supporting opposite sides in Syria. And it could create another dangerous moment with the potential to escalate the seven-year civil war into a wider conflict.”

And while Trump praised his billion-dollar missile strike in Syria as “Mission Accomplished" - famous words have usually been associated with the beginning of a major US military fiasco - the question is whether the US just successfully delivered, on a silver platter, the latest US cruise missile technology to the Syrian government, and thus, to Russia.


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Real evidence please...words are too cheap and easy to come by.

>>>>>>>>>>>Officials said that missiles successfully hit all targets

..and, unfortunately, our military grade imaging satellites are offline indefinitely and we can't show you the 105 craters created by our 105 "direct hit" smart bombs.

Seriously, proving that quote with photos is an afternoon project for an intern at the Pentagon.

Edit: Russia is going to "reverse-engineer" our technology only find it was all Made in China and that the Chinese have had the technology for a decade; thanks to Wassermans' Pakistani IT staff.

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$1.2 million smackaroos apiece.  You're welcome, Vlad.  I hope you quickly (and cheaply) find a way to counter these awesome and deadly birds of destruction.  Oh, and I think this officially debunks the lies that 100% of our phallic projectiles hit their marks.

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Interesting that so many missiles would be needed for just 3 targets.
What’s the payload of the missiles, M-80 firecrackers?
The Southfront video attached to this article claims 7 targets total with 100% interceptions at all but 3 targets. The DOD chart, also attached to this article claims 76 missiles went to just one of the three targets.

Anybody know what happened to Baghdad Bob?

Sum Ting Wong

The first casualty of war is good dental insurance.
- Any Mouse


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Must be fun times for Russian engineers.

Go ahead, Iwan. I count on the superiority of your military to prevent the dr-strangeloves in the pentagramm to even dream of putting up a fight with you.

p.s. Pentagram should show some gratitude to south front for their service to provide a map that shows where the bombs went as the pentagram obvoíously has no consolidated view who did what and when in that night.

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The Russians and Syrians claim the FUKUS targetted 7 airbases as well as the alleged CW sites. The airbases were used by the Syrian Arab Airforce to attack terrorists. I suspect the Russians and Syrians are telling porky pies because targetting the SAA airbases would aid the terrorists and that is something the US has never done and would never do.  (.... /sarc)…

Interestingly the majority of the airbases on the target list were located around Damascus, and used heavily to attack terrorists south of Damascus, eg close to the Israel-occupied Golan Heights.


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If Russia can produce or attract more people willing to be Russian, it has a far greater potential for growth and development than any of the nations trying to bankrupt and take it over – mainly the Anglo-Zionist nations - the US and Britain  - which nations are now deficient in natural resources as well as many other things essential for prosperity and any meaningful flourishing. Both of these nations together with Israel have become increasingly autocratic in foreign relations mainly through their  military threats and aggression to take what they want.  Domestically, these nations are run more through perception management of the MSM than  by their troubled democratic systems which are in any case carefully manipulated and controlled by the ruling elites.  

We are in a time of the rapid demise of Western Civilization because the cabal running things has filched and exploited our reserves of moral capital in terms of trustworthiness and goodwill, by their deceit, hypocrisy, flagrant breaches of international law, contempt for truth & justice, their undermining family values, and their willful & deliberate destruction and exploitation of weaker sovereign nations with the killing & displacement of millions of innocent people. This is very serious stuff and unfortunately there is no real resolve in any of these nations for reform.

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Get back to basics:

1) strike was illegal both constitutionally and internationally.

2) strike was a colossal waste of money and resources.

3) once again portrays the US as an aggressive unipolar world order monster and destroys diplomatic and trust all over the world that could be beneficial.

4) stupid.  We have a bigger dick than you!

5) achieved nothing in defeating the quote/ unquote purveyors of terror (mercenaries hired by the anglozionist western leaders).

And to those that follow Q anon, you think this is a strategy or fireworks ?!  Show me some real fireworks instead, arrest Clinton and Bush and dismantle the CIA, DHS, and the MIC, and rebuild a free and prosperous US instead of eating $120m of Defense dollars in Syria.

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Electronic warfare has long been recognized as the new frontier in modern military warfare.

There were special qualifications and training required to wear the EW insignia when I served in the USN back in the 1980s.

Once a potential military opponent has mastered the necessary electronic warfare technology to defeat the other, then it's time to get down to the real business of war.

Russia OWNS Raytheon Tomahawk missile technology.

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And the likely conclusion from the "reverse engineering"? These missiles are not so smart after all. Russian missile technology (including, of course, the latest hypersonic weapons) appears to be at least a weapons generation ahead of the US.  And if the S-400 SAM systems were deployed (Let alone the very latest S-500 systems) it is likely that few if any of the missiles would have reached their targets?

The balance of reports, reading between all the BS, also seems to suggest that there were 8 targets selected for the over 100 Cruise missiles employed and that the vast majority were indeed intercepted with only 3 targets actually hit. Otherwise, would not 35 missiles for each of the 3 targets seem just an itsby bitsy overkill-ish?

And there have been no answers to the question; if these 3 targets were indeed CW manufacturing sites:

  1. Why would the US target such facilities in the full knowledge that the local civilian population would be impacted by the released cloud of CW? That would add a further level of illegality to the US strike as a signatory to International OPCW protocols?
  2. Since that did not happen, what conclusions can be reached?
  3. Given that OPCW Inspectors are already in Syria, why not have them also inspect these sites for CW residue?

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macholatte @ Sat, 04/21/2018 - 11:49

Interesting that so many missiles would be needed for just 3 targets.
What’s the payload of the missiles, M-80 firecrackers?
The Southfront video attached to this article claims 7 targets total with 100% interceptions at all but 3 targets. The DOD chart, also attached to this article claims 76 missiles went to just one of the three targets.
Anybody know what happened to Baghdad Bob?
Sum Ting Wong

The "Sum Ting Wong" is that probably not a single missile was fired.

It is all lies; a media spectacular,.... and the Russian Jews are playing along.

Makes more sense than anything else.

If you wish to see how real wars are conducted, read:

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

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old naughty Slack Jack Sun, 04/22/2018 - 07:29 Permalink

It does, doesn't it?

No matter, they just go back into Area-51 to extract moar good rev-eng stuff for use in the annihilation of Ruskies, no?

Just ponder this: reports are whenever hi-level military personnel met during the cold war from both sides, only one doc (agenda) was distributed to those in attendance;

and the drone downed in Iran a few years back? Now chi of chi-mera have mastered the tech!

Its all for enter-tainting us-evil idiots Them vs us !

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By reverse engineering the missile they can detect further weaknesses and vulnerabilities in both the hardware and software and develop new ways to destroy them with a higher success rate and at a lower cost. The ultimate vulnerability of any missile is the ability to destroy it before it is even launched by having it malfunction and self destruct when still in the launching ship or aircraft.

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To understand what makes them dud, so you know what to avoid. Maybe it's a duddie thing that was already known, but you only know afterwards.


Trump, May, Macron had to prove they are not bombardment shy. If they do not beat their chests as the great punishers their steering committees and weapons factories including shareholders are not happy. You gotta do as told!!!

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Counter measures. But the Russians already have them, I imagine that they only took them as their piling evidence against FUKUS since if the Russians do the first blow it will give FUKUS every alibi to launch a full scale war under the flag of security, peace and democracy. 

Nothing gets the sheeple frothing for war like security, peace and democracy.


But then again, what evidence can you use in world courts dominated by the very Evil you are fighting? 

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The attack on Syria was from the point of view of the US military a demonstration and in that respect it was "symbolic". However, what it did was to seal Trump's fate with that of the Anglo-Zionist cabal which is locked into its messianic ideology of one-world military and economic dominance, and is absolutely opposed to the multi-polar-world model being promoted and fought for by Russia, whereby: (1) individual nations rule by consensus for their own self-determination; (2) national sovereignty is paramount between nations; and (3) relations between various nations is ruled by International Law. 

Americans who reject the globalist plan for a One World Government and advocate sovereignty for their own nation have to wake up and realize they cannot have their cake and eat it too. They cannot keep allowing their government to destabilize, attack, and destroy other weaker sovereign nations indirectly with agents and insurgents, or directly with their military, and expect to belong to a community of nations which regards sovereignty-of-nations and international laws as fundamental to world peace, trade, and prosperity for everyone. Either the US, the UK, Israel and France are going to respect the self-determination and sovereignties of nations and get off of the globalist-dominance bandwagon or there most certainly will be a terrible war. 

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AGAIN, THAT explains the long lines of people from the West desperately trying to get in to Russia, willing to risk life and limb to get away from America and in to that Russian lifestyle.

Yes, America, deficient in natural resources, takes what it wants. Yes, we just TOOK the oil out of Iran, Kuwait Iraq and Saudi Arabia when we had our army over there and those nations prostrate before us. We seized all of it for ourselves.

Oh...wait. We handed Kuwait back to the Kuwaitis and defeated Iraq back to the Iraqis. We did not march through Iran and install puppet regimes to hand us their oil fields. We SHOULD have, but we DIDN'T. As Trump puts it "We didn't even take the oil!"

Maybe we should have. Now Vlad is over there doing whatever it takes to get oil prices up so he can claim "growth" in the moribund Russian economy. However many have to die to get $100 a barrel, so be it. Vlad the impaler, crucifies brown people everywhere on his cross of a petroeconomy. 




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The trouble for Russia is that people vote with their feet.  let's let the Russian people have a real vote.  Show up in St. Petersburg with a basket full of American Green Cards and see what happens!!!  On the other hand, Americans are really breaking down the door to get into Russia! LOL

Name something valuable that Russia provides the world that doesn't come out of the ground or have military application?

By the way, I love "the ruling elites" byline.  It's a real giveaway, used by Russian propaganda for sixty years.  I guess, Obama, when he ran for president, was part of the ruling elite?

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