Is A False-Flag Attack On A US Navy Ship Next?

Authored by Nick via The Saker blog,

The USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group left the east coast Naval Station Norfolk, VA on 11th April.

The aircraft carrier is accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy, the guided-missile destroyers USS Burke, Bulkeley, Forest Sherman and Farragut, and the destroyers USS Jason and The Sullivans. The strike group carries 6,500 sailors and Carrier Air Wing One.

Recent announcements about Russia’s hypersonic Kinzhal (‘Dagger’) missile system having made these vessels effectively obsolete, this means that the ships and their crews are essentially being sailed into a bloody scrapyard.

Even without the recent upgrading of the Kinzhal system, the experience of the British fleet in the Falklands conflict illustrates the vulnerability of warships to low-flying missiles. In addition to the sinking of the HMS Sheffield and Sir Galahad, virtually every British ship was hit by at least one of Argentinian’s French-made Exocet missiles – a weapons system which was already 20 years old at the time.

Exocet missile sinks HMS Sheffield during Falklands War:

Reportedly the only thing that saved the UK force from obliteration was that the Argentinians had got their missile altimeter settings wrong. The Russians will not make the same sort of error!

These facts are of course known to the US military planners and – one would assume and hope, for it is duty to know – by Donald Trump. And yet the US fleet is now nearing the coast of Syria, where it will met up with American and other NATO warships already in position. Together, they will make one big flock of sitting ducks.

If the people pushing Trump manage to get him launch a new strike on Syria (and we must expect a new false flag attack) and if the massive increase in NATO firepower means that enough missiles get through to enough targets to kill Russians, then Putin really has no choice but to sink the US fleet.

No choice because, whatever the danger of doing so, failure to respond would signal Russian defeat and retreat in Syria, which would of course lead to a rapid escalation of military pressure against Lebanon and Iran, and mean that when the Empire then rolls on to strike Russia, her most reliable allies will already have gone and her ‘soft underbelly’ will be seriously exposed.

So Putin orders the destruction of the US fleet, and an hour later all that is left is debris and mangled corpses in some oil slicks – and some ‘great’ photos and video clips to illustrate Trump’s declaration of war on account of “Russia’s deadly sneak attack on a US humanitarian force”.

Sounds familiar? It should do. Because we’re not just thinking here of the USS Maine, the Lusitania and the Gulf of Tonkin. The Washington habit of using sunken ships as the causus belli also of course included Pearl Harbor.

Just in case you need a reminder, here’s just one example of the many short videos out there on the truth about the Japanese attack on 7th December 1941 which explain how Roosevelt had advance intelligence of the planned attack, but decided not to pass it on to the anchored sitting duck fleet:

The more or less official excuse (the President’s guilt never having been formally acknowledged) is that to have alerted the fleet would also have tipped off the Japanese that their naval codes had already been broken. But the truth is of course that deliberately didn’t warn the fleet because he knew that the sacrifice would goad the American people into a war against Hitler to which he and those around and behind him were committed, but which the American people opposed.

The circumstances this time are of course somewhat different, not least that everyone with even a passing knowledge of the Russian missile capability already knows that 6,500 sailors are “on their way to Samara”.

Which makes Donald Trump either a criminally incompetent fool, a bad poker player or a wholly controlled puppet of the psychotic Anglo-Zionist elite. If he is one of the first two of these, then there is of course still a chance that he might respond to the disaster by blinking and retreating. In which case, the Beltway elite will use the human tragedy and his humiliation to remove him from office (not a bad consolation prize, from their point of view).

But if he is the third, then the ‘shock’ blitz on the US fleet will lead to the immediate declaration of World War Three.

Indeed, if things get that far (and we’re probably 48 hours and one White Helmets’ video away from it) then the only thing that realistically stands a chance of stopping the racist Anglo-Zionist psychopaths in their tracks is if the Russian attack and its result are such a devastating show of ‘shock and awe’ as to make it impossible for them to ignore a simultaneous public warning by Putin to Netanyahu that any further US hostile response will place Israel directly in the firing line as well.

That might JUST be enough to make the Neocons back off. If not, then World War Three it will be. It might not go nuclear straight away, but even while it is conventional EVERYTHING will change:

Dissident anti-war voices such as this will rapidly be silenced by blanket censorship and internment; your sons and daughters will be conscripted; your taxes will go through the roof – and you will have to live with the ever-present fear that, once China enters the war against Washington and its client states, the tide will run so fast against the ‘democratic allies’ that their ‘humanitarian missiles’ will end up with nuclear tips.

If that disturbs you (and it surely should) then all I ask is that you take the Pearl Harbor analogy and get busy spreading it on social media RIGHT NOW. Because once those young sailors and airmen have been sacrificed, the demand for a war of ‘revenge’ will be unstoppable. But if the warmongers realize that plenty of people have already understood the plan, it might just spook them into backing off.

In which case the fleet can do a few face-saving manoeuvres and then sail home again and we can look forward to a summer which may be warm, but not as uncomfortably hot as it could otherwise become!


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A flamboyant display of military power as an implied threat that it might be used.

Sabre rattling!


Is A False-Flag Attack On A US Navy Ship Next?

I would lay odds that a collision between ships or an inanimate object was more likely. Or a fire onboard, or an outbreak of pink eye or fungal nail infections seriously impeding the fleet. Any excuse to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

It's not the naval personnel I mock, far from it, they command my highest respect and admiration, but those who are running the show be it political, financial or MIC have much to answer for in this life and even perhaps the next.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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That's not doom-porn, that's a reality check!

TBH I do not believe that an assortment of old Soviet era hardware could possibly have downed 71 missiles.  I am pretty sure the Pentagon had estimates of how likely it was that the Syrian air defences would hit anything.  They did not expect to fail so badly.  So something else happened...  Think about it, a lot of the cruise missiles would have been coming in low but the only vids we have seen show hits at altitude.

Now it is possible that 'Donald Cook' is total propaganda (even KRET said so on their website!):
but it is very possible that some form of EW brought down those missiles.

Obviously the Russians can never admit this, it would be Russia attacking US assets!  WW3!!  So we will never hear the truth from either side.

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December 9, 1941 Roosevelt radio address:

"We know that Germany and Japan are conducting their military and naval operations with a joint plan. Germany and Italy consider themselves at war with the United States without even bothering about a formal declaration…Your government knows Germany has been telling Japan that if Japan would attack the United States  Japan would share the spoils when peace came. She was promised by Germany that if she came in she would receive control of the whole Pacific area and that means not only the Far East, but all the islands of the Pacific and also a stranglehold on the west coast of North and Central and South America. We know also that Germany and Japan are conducting their naval operations in accordance with a joint plan"

Of course it was all lies, like everything else 32nd degree freemason Roosevelt said and did.  This is the reason Hitler declared war on the US, because Roosevelt had been waging war against Germany ever since Judea declared war on Germany the day Hitler was elected in 1933.…

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Terrific article with but one flaw. 

The Pearl Harbor Did FDR Have Prior Knowledge video sucks canal water. Spoiler alert,  FDR was innocent ... according to the linked vid anyhow.  It's a strange kind of propaganda that teases you in and then turns the tables on you. Some guy with an English accent puts up a bunch of strawmen and knocks them down. The real incriminating stuff he never gets to. Why were the carriers and only the carriers out at sea? 

Searching for a better one. 

Try this - 

Pearl Harbor was NOT a Surprise Attack - part 1 of 8

Pluses for the Samara reference. 

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FDR was a complete and total terrorist beholden to his masters in the MIC and Europe of the time. He made certain the great depression was a bad as one could make it to hobble and destroy Americans for his ultra criminal self. FDR will never be anything other than the LIAR and Terrorist he was. I have no doubt in my mind much of history as you seem to think it is, is a total lie and fabrication to suit the interests of those he served as it clearly was NOT America.

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Retaliation from Russia should not be against the US fleet without also launching at the US mainland. After all, it's only fair, since the US is hitting Syria's land illegally, which is the definition of invasion if I ever read it. This would be wonderful, because you'd catch the rats outside their shelters. Remember, the US started this shit, traveling to the other side of the world just to steal resources and bomb civilians, making up any story they wanted with a bought and paid for non-moral, non-ethical US media.

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Here's the thing with Hitler and Japan, we've been told since birth that Hitler was all about Aryan supremacy, purifying the white race. Why in the world would he align his country with the slant eyed gooks from Japan? 

Just like many things that don't add up about WW2.

Such as.... why would Germany in the middle of a war for her very survival, running low on resources, use millions or possibly billions of btu's worth of energy to run crematoriums 24/7 to dispose of the remains of 6 million jews?



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I know... huh! Why Hitler could have taken those BTU's and filled how many flame throwers? Think of all the bombs he could have filled with BTU's. Bullets. Bayonets. He could have run his aircraft on those damn BTU's. Think of the Navy he could have built with those BTU's. And... if Hitler had not burned up his BTU's, he would have had the Nuke first. And then, the idiot burned up all his BTU's on those damn Joo's, and Hitler's army ran out of crank!

Japan? Are you frikkin SERIOUS?! Then enemy of my enemy...?

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Or the mission was a total success and went exactly as intended?

Spoke to a colleague of mine who after everyone was completely retarded pissed off about the strike, said, what if ole man Trump and Putin had it all worked out as they intended it to be. The strike did a lot of things... like flush out Hailey and a few others. The strike killed NO ONE. Not a single person died? Being ex-military myself, that on its face is an extreme anomaly.

The other anomaly is that not one but two cruise missiles failed. Not only failed, but soft landed? Now that is interesting! Not saying that's impossible, but it's right up there with winning the super lotto on a weekly basis for two months straight. Navy birds rarely fail and the missiles don't errant behavior in combat like this unless they were meant too or they were brought down intelligently with technology. I've been around these systems, there is very little chance this was human operator error.

The Russians have been working on tech we've never seen for decades, as have we. However, just exactly who had hyper-sonic missiles first? People... we perfected this tech in the 60's hahahahah. You're all just now hearing about it. The US has in its private arsenal weapons you people in reader land could barely fathom just how completely frakked up they are. Too bad we haven't invested in life as much as the death play. Humanity could be very different to the tunes of tens of trillions spent on improving humanity instead of mass murdering it because we're all a bunch of ineffectual flubber-minded intellectual apes instead of shining with the brilliance we're each capable of. Common core certainly hasn't helped much that's for damned sure, but that's only a symptom of the problems and a totally different conversation!

I was very upset about this unwarranted and totally useless attack that ended in futility and arrogance. It did however offer a number of surprising results following it though. No Russian response, no unjust sanctions on Russia and an admission that the US and the Russian military got together and worked this out from the top down and have agreed in principle to NOT get into any hot war with each other. Now that's a tradeable moment people! THis means relations are cooling in a good way as they should be. Many of us realized decades ago that any war with Russia ends humanity, period.

There's an old and very wise Hindu saying... if you're still talking to each other, you're not killing one another. Simple as that!

Old Navy here thinks this is exactly what it is now, this was all a rue to out certain people AND NATIONS who were the ones that were actually responsible for attempting to use the US as their bitch. Oops... those of you who did this... are most assuredly now caught.

It's not Trump I fear starting world war 3, it's the UK and their vassal whore Israel that from a military perspective, they are our MORTAL ENEMIES and always have been.

If a NUKE or two should strike downtown Tel Aviv and London GCHQ at point blank range... now that's a strike I could get behind. I think a lot of folks are in for one hell of a ride with old man Trump... Much like Santa Clause... he's gonna find out whose been naughty or nice! He knows it now down to every last material fact who did this complete HOAX in Syria... and those who are working so hard to bring us into war for their London / Israeli masters work right here in the US along with their masters Israel and the UK GCHQ.

MANY of us in and out of the mechanism know this, and thus realize there is no future in war with the Russians or anyone really. When you've gotten to the point of becoming a conscientious objector and leave the military because you've seen all the bullshit it really is, you've arrived. The bullshit is the political un-wiped assholes who are beholden to their interests, we military are unfortunately misused in exceedingly criminal ways. Trump is a very bright shining light and is a very refreshing alternative to the return of reason and accountability and the political and whore business class with their corporate Johns are none to happy about the threat of turning off the spigot.

Clearly, there are different perspectives to be offered... and considered.


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Good post!

I agree that things may not be as they seem - in fact they are probably not! 

I agree 100% that the UK was by far the keenest to get this show on the road: they did Skripal and Douma false flags... and Trump was all over the place in the days leading up to the strike.

When Trump proclaimed "Mission accomplished", I thought: 'great... but what was the mission then?'

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Look, just cos you are old enough to know words like "horsehit" does not mean that what you have to say makes any sense.

Give me one example of any country that declared a major war knowing it was going to lose before it started.  Even the US has not done that yet!  They have only lost wars against little countries where it was never going to be too bad.

Now get back into class, you're late for the next lesson.

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'Countries' or 'Empires' or 'Allies' are just words.  The same idea holds true.  You don't start a war you don't think you can win.   Countries within empires will only stay loyal while they believe that they will be protected.  Imperial powers "with allegiance only to themselves" will find that their empire will not hold together.

Same applies with sanctions.  The US imposes sanctions/tariffs against Russia and hands Europe the bill - now the Europeans are saying they have had enough.

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Everyone makes valid points which makes the discussion interesting but the one thing that is not considered first and foremost, is the big picture. "You don't start a war you don't think you can win" is only one perspective. The U$ has not declared war since WWII, yet has murdered millions, destroyed infrastructure, and eliminated so-called threats to its "national security". Now let us step back and look at the big picture for a moment. 

From the "you don't start a war you don't think you can win" perspective, which most would agree with, myself included, its an "all in" proposition. That is why the U$ has not engaged in an actual war but has resorted to police actions, occupations, political and military coups, and other disruptions for a reason. All done under a blue helmet or under an "allies" flag... which made the ally the patsy. Think purpose, process, and payoff. Did the U$ go "all in" in any of those actions? No. What is the underlying purpose for those actions? We all know the process as it has been SOP since WWII. Who profits from those actions? Were they done in the "interest of national security"... to keep Americans safe? Fuck no. It's no longer an us vs. them proposition. No one knows who "us" is, or "they" are, other than those that wish to retain their cultural sovereignty. The plan has worked swimmingly to this point. 

The Kenyan acting under the direction of his masters chose to engage in Syria... for humanitarian reasons? Get the fuck outta here. What resulted is what we see now. The ploy to utilize Bolshevik guerrilla warfare to chip away the hard outer shell to get to the vulnerable soft underbelly has worked well. But there's a certain "come to Jesus" (or whatever Babylonian, Talmudic entity) moment in play. There is a line in the sand so their plans must change. In the grand casino the "all in" wager could bring it all down because the genie is out of the bottle. The big chance they are faced with is do they go "all in" and possibly get their asses handed to them, or do they tap dance and back off in order to reassess? Either way, the U$ is going down, as you said, 'Imperial powers "with allegiance only to themselves" will find that their empire will not hold together.' Russia, Iran, China, and others (hell, even the Turkish Sultan is straddling the fence) clearly comprehend what is at stake. Have they been sucked into the NWO whirlpool? There are many levels in dimensional chess. We shall see.

You're spot-on about the sanctions. Last night I read that Iran has rejected the dollar and pegged their currency to the Euro. Not sure I comprehend that one, other than to further destabilize the U$ currency/economy. Perhaps they'll couple to the Yuan. I also read somewhere that Trump is softening his stance on the Russian sanctions... it's hurting Europe more than Russia.  

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Foggy I know I am stating the obvious but this conflict has been in progress for a while.

And if I take at face value the quote(s) below in December 2017 there is an increase in 'deterring agression' by means of increased presence, which of course has not happened overnight and planning would have taken many months or a year to implement.

We may not agree but I believe that greater numbers and forward projection is an implied threat especially when it is so publicly promoted and discussed. A doomsday device is no threat if you keep it a secret.


Adm. John M. Richardson, chief of naval operations, sees the design for maintaining maritime security as protecting the nation from attack, operating from the deep ocean to the littorals and from the sea floor to space, and deterring aggression and enabling peaceful resolution to conflict.


The Navy also continues to shift more of its fleet forward to execute the strategy and reduce the strain on force levels.

...maintaining significant forces in the Middle East and increasing its presence in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.


I note also that the USS Gerald R. Ford is to be the first of a new class of aircraft carriers.

Hope there aren't too many steps and drains in that design!


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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the american military would lose to russia or china because our military is now mostly nonwhite and female...and nonwhites and females don't have to work that hard when they work for the gov't (or for big corporations) because if disciplined they would fire a bias complaint against white they are given easy work and not held to high standards....everyone in the military and in government employ already knows this...


aside from that america would lose in any way with any decent sized nation if that nation is willing to infiltrate america and use guerrilla warfare tactics to attack big city infrastructure in america...america cannot start a war with a decent sized nation (even NKorea) because america is easy to infiltrate and also because america depends on its economy...and that economy is dependent on commuter wagecucks in the big cities...the big city wagecucks that support our ponzi economy depend on big city infrastructure--freeway overpasses, subways, sewage & water mains, electrical power substations and etc....russia could easily infiltrate and make homemade bombs in trucks and damage and take out this infrastructure, which would quickly cripple the american ponzi economy...


it really is a ponzi economy, hanging by a thread, dependent upon a nonstop increase in consumption and a willingness to take on debt, mostly student loan debt and mortgage debt and credit card debt...


if russia or any other nation at war with america were to infiltrate and take out big city infrastructure, the media would immediately pressure DC to stop the war....period.

america lives in a glass house -- the american elite depend on a ponzi economy that can be easily disrupted...once this is known, it will all be over for this bogus nation.


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The Yanks are going to continue doing as much as they can to crack Russia's EW nut, Short of actual warfare directly... Who can't smell the desperation wafting all around this mess?


Russia is not going to let that cat out of the bag until the big show is on line...

attah-boy-Luther JailBanksters Mon, 04/23/2018 - 09:13 Permalink

count on in DS-I

they'll paint their bird to look like a carrier wing bird and fly in and join in from behind like a goose joining a flock .....


go do a john mack-stain on a ussa carrier and run like chit afterwards...

it worked so well on the USS LIBERTY and today the masses are so ignorant and dual citizenship pols are now greater then before so the narrative has a better chance of succeeding better then the Liberty attack...

we are totally FUKUS'D indeed ...long on iodine tablets....and welding goggles and duct tape...

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Nah, if we go to war, we'll likely sink it altogether.

With a sub.

Because we're sneaky like them British Navy, oh, nevermind.


US AUG is going to be destroyed by "Kalibr" missiles. Just about everything that floats is able to fire those with precision.

I always wanted to sink a US Carrier group.

Alternatively, a MiG-31 firing a "Kinzhal" from, say, 500 kmeteters.

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I've been noticing a general trend in the articles on ZH lately:  every single bad thing that could ever possibly happen in the military/political sphere seems to be covered.  Is this due to one of the Tylers buying into the philosophy that exposing all the potentials makes them less likely to occur?  Because if this is so, then PLEASE ZH, go all-out on the doom-porn!!!!!

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Both Russia and China are capable of sending these rust buckets down to ocean floor. So much about a world hegemony doctrine, which is decades past its best before date. Warmongers however debate openly of a war with China being inevitable to fight China´s supremacy in the South China Sea. This talk is extremely dangerous, when such threats may easily be interpreted preparations to an attack and the counterpart will launch a pre-emptive attack after a slightest sign of this. Cuba missile crises was nothing compared with the current risk to a nuclear WWIII and the battle would hardly be between US and China only, but several other countries joining to a front against the arrogant and faltering US empire.

OverTheHedge TeraByte Mon, 04/23/2018 - 03:14 Permalink

already knows that 6,500 sailors are “on their way to Samara”.

I don't know which Samara he is referring to - there seems to be a nice beach in Costa Rica (…), but I don't understand why 6,500 sailors need shore leave in Costa Rica, after a tour of the Med.

It may be Samarra he is referring to, and possibly the death of Emperor Julian? Too much the classicist for my little brain to work out - perhaps someone more educated than me can explain.

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Conscious Reviver OverTheHedge Mon, 04/23/2018 - 06:33 Permalink

I saw this "The Appointment in Samarra" (W. Somerset Maugham's version, 1933)

and thought, interesting literary reference. Apparently Somerset has a conversation with Death. 

But check it out.

There is another version, besides Somerset's - full of sex says Wiki that came out in 1934. That's what they do when they want to suppress the original. Somerset therefore, must have some interesting things to say. 

Another example - Famous author, Graham Greene writes anti-war book set in SE Asia,  The Quiet American. Then out from Hollyweird comes the movie, The Ugly American also set in SE Asia. People think it is the screen adaptation of the Graham Greene book, the actual content of which is to some extent suppressed w/ this substitute story about a misunderstood, but trying his best American diplomat. No anti-war message. 

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