Kunstler: "America Has Become An Alzheimer Nation"

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

America has become Alzheimer Nation. Nothing is remembered for more than a few minutes.

The news media, which used to function as a sort of collective brain, is a memory hole that events are shoved down and extinguished in. An attack in Syria, you ask? What was that about? Facebook stole your…what? Four lives snuffed out in a… a what? Something about waffles? Trump said… what?

Let’s pause today and make an assessment of where things stand in this country as winter finally coils into Spring.

As you might expect, a nation overrun with lawyers has litigated itself into a cul-de-sac of charges, arrests, suits, countersuits, and allegations that will rack up billable hours until the Rockies tumble. The best outcome may be that half the lawyers in this land will put the other half in jail, and then, finally, there will be space for the rest of us to re-connect with reality.

What does that reality consist of? Troublingly, an economy that can’t go on as we would like it to: a machine that spews out ever more stuff for ever more people. We really have reached limits for an industrial economy based on cheap, potent energy supplies. The energy, oil especially, isn’t cheap anymore. The fantasy that we can easily replace it with wind turbines, solar panels, and as-yet-unseen science projects is going to leave a lot of people not just disappointed but bereft, floundering, and probably dead, unless we make some pretty severe readjustments in daily life.

We’ve been papering this problem over by borrowing so much money from the future to cover costs today that eventually it will lose its meaning as money - that is, faith that it is worth anything. That’s what happens when money is just a representation of debt that can’t be paid back. This habit of heedless borrowing has enabled the country to pretend that it is functioning effectively. Lately, this game of pretend has sent the financial corps into a rapture of jubilation. The market speed bumps of February are behind us and the road ahead looks like the highway to Vegas at dawn on a summer’s day.

Tesla is the perfect metaphor for where the US economy is at: a company stuffed with debt plus government subsidies, unable to deliver the wished-for miracle product — affordable electric cars — whirling around the drain into bankruptcy. Tesla has been feeding one of the chief fantasies of the day: that we can banish climate problems caused by excessive CO2, while giving a new lease on life to the (actually) futureless suburban living arrangement that we foolishly invested so much of our earlier capital building. In other words, pounding sand down a rat hole.

Because none of that is going to happen. The true message of income inequality is that the nation as a whole is becoming incrementally impoverished and eventually even the massive “wealth” of the one-percenters will prove to be fictitious, as the things it is represented in — stocks, bonds, currencies, Manhattan apartments — hemorrhage their supposed value. The very wealthy will be a lot less wealthy while everybody else is in a life-and-death struggle to remain fed, housed, and warm. And, of course, that only increases the chance that some violent social revolution will take away even that remaining residue of wealth, and destroy the people who held it.

What lies ahead is contraction. Of everything. Activity, population. The industrial economy is not going to be replaced by a super high tech utopia, because that wished-for utopia needs an industrial economy underneath to support it. This is true, by the way, for all the other “advanced” nations. China has a few more years of dependable oil supply left and then they will discover that they can no longer manufacture solar panels or perhaps not even run the magnificent electronic surveillance system they are so artfully building. Their political system will prove to be at least as fragile as our own.

The time may even come when the young people, of the USA especially, have to put aside their boundary-smashing frolics of the day and adjust the pre-cooked expectations they’ve been handed to the actual contraction at hand, and what it means for making a life under severely different conditions. It means, better learn how to do something really practical and not necessarily high tech. Better figure out a part of the country that will be safe to live in. Better plan on hunkering down there when the people stuck in the less favorable places make a real mess of things.


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  • the world of entertainment encompasses their lives
  • averse to book learnin' they willfully deny themselves educational nourishment
  • TV funnels them into delusional mind-boxes
  • they are stuck wherever they are, too fat to flee
  • America is a country that hates Americans more than anything
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GWBush famously said 'we can never forget 9-11'.


Memory loss is essential for murderous world leaders.  It allows them the ability to use the same control scams, staged events, and murderous control threats to get what they want.





Every generation must learn there is no santa claus.

HEADLINE:  U.S. authorities have failed to produce clear and convincing evidence that passenger airliners crashed at the known landmarks on 9/11.

The FBI admitted in a letter to the Nevada District U.S. Court on March 14, 2008, signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick A. Rose, that records detailing the collection and positive identification of the wreckage of the crashed aircraft do not exist (Letter mirrored on www.aldeilis.net/fake/1083.pdf). He thus admitted that the FBI failed to formally identify the wreckage found at the various crash sites as belonging to the allegedly hijacked aircraft. It is, therefore, not established that the allegedly hijacked aircraft crashed at these locations.

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What they call Entertainment, I call time stealing mind control.  Anyhow I believe we are up to about 18,000+ patents that are classified for National Security reasons, they all are involved in energy production.  They have the tech to do away with the need for oil, they just keep it bottled up.

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JimmyJones....thank you for posting Twncpcone at your site.  Thousands of more examples and pages exist.  They will be released over the coming months and years.


Although...its very easy to make your own list of issues with 9-11 once you understand the universal truth that there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.  It will explain why your government needs to legally claim and horde thousands of patents for your benefit.  They have murdered over 50 million people based on commercial planes on 9-11.  Controlling your energy or your rights make no difference to these mass murderers.

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He has an obligation to promote UN Agenda 2021 and 2030. Changing circumstances require him to re-couch the arguments for adhering to its dictates thus the poo-pooing of energy or technology bailing out the economy even if it's true oil is headed to the moon, which he can't know. Remember, he has a deep hate for "Suburban Life" and wants you, and you in a high-rise waiting for busses and trolly trains, shared autonomous vehicles, and thin walls of "sustainable" building materials so you can hear your neighbor fuck.

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If he just remembered the one about stopping illegal immigration, it would be enough. We do not expect the moon, but do expect him to deliver on the central campaign promise. With even more mouthes to feed, and with even more people chasing the few jobs, the coming contraction will be worse in this country. Outside of the top 20%, many Americans have been adjusting the “pre-set expectations” they took as gospel for awhile. The movement toward minimalism, not the art / decor style, but the lifestyle, is the nascent stage of that mind shift. 


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If you think you've got it bad in the USA you should come to Northern Europe. The whole place is about to blow.

May, Merchel and the other leaders know the who thing is about to collapse any day now.

For May external wars and Russia are the cover, for Merchel the plan was to create lawless chaos inside German.

Especially in the UK the population has been dumbed down to such lengths it's like a live version of the Mike Judge film Idiocracy.

When the collapse begins so many people who though they were smart with the BA degree in Climate Studies are going to find out they're not all that smart after all and are going to struggle to adapt to this brave new world.

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The number of instances where people look at me in disbelief like I was some sort of wizard just because I can use a screwdriver correctly has now reached worrying levels.

God help the young.... They are an easy target... But lets not forget it's been the baby-boomer generation that has been in control and allowed this to happen, all the while bleeding the system dry for their own benefit and supplementing this with vast amounts of money borrowed from the future.

If these millennials ever wise up to how badly they been screwed boomers will be swinging from the lamp posts. 

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Typical, blame a whole generation for the sins of the few. As far as your precious snowflakes they were right there at the trough scarfing up far more than their share of ill gotten goods. Over half of those graduating college have no debt. Guess who paid for that, it sure wasn't the kid. Or the others who spent their loans on bullshit and parties. Last I knew drunken spring break, and lots of other drunken drug fueled weekends during the year, in Cancun or wherever were not free. Or how they claimed they worked so hard during the school year they "earned" the right to not get a summer job. Around 10% of those that got loans never spent a day in college. The boomers accomplished lots but you selfish twits want to blame others for your failures. The greatest generation gave us the transister and the computer and we ran with it, just as previous generations built upon that given to them by their elders, and gave the ungrateful's all kinds of toys and tech to build on. Unless you were some wiz kid on Wall Street years ago it took decades to get rich. For a few decades now we have VC's  throwing money at kids with a computer and an idea and we now have large numbers of millenials going from begging to multi millionaires and billionaires in a  couple of years. Yet all we hear about are the lazy slugs who got their POS degree hanging out in their parents basement hoping the old folks die soon so they never have to get a job. Let's not forget during the tenure of the boomers women went from cleaning the home bedroom suite to running the corporate suite. Blacks went riding in the back of the bus to owning the bus and one hell of a lot more.

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It will be you and your kind doing the swinging mindless, parasitic cunt. The tattooed, purple-haired, unisex millennial shithead faggots will be the first gunned down en masse and bulldozed and then their enablers, apologists and supporters along with the other various and sundry freaks, tweaks and neutered coward geeks like yourself will be hunted down and mopped up.

Happy dirt nap scumbag, won't be long now.

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Degree names need to be condensed. But rather than singling out one type of superfluous degree, we need to toss a lot of other degrees in the useless bin, too.

If that is not done, then it is just a competitive effort to hold up similar degrees as arbitrarily more valuable. Many of us have done that in an era with fewer substantial jobs, whether just carelessly or in a cutthroat way. 

People with degrees with the word “studies” took the same classes, taught by the same professors, as others who hold liberal arts degrees without the word “studies” in the major. 

Besides, the first people from my town who got degrees with fancier titles, like American Studies, were the few who got into the Ivy League universities.

The state universities copied the private schools, moving from a limited number of majors with more classical titles to the specialized-in-the-extreme degrees and the general-in-the-extreme degrees. 

I could say say the same thing about a general degree in Education, which is what so many of my primary and secondary school teachers had.

Most of them lacked any passion for English, history, etc. I attributed that to the fact that they majored in Education, but when I think about it, they took many of the same classes I took.

With only a couple of exceptions, I still say most of them rarely read a book after completing the coursework required to get a safe government job to supplement spousal income, in which they could be home with their kids in the summers.

Worse, many of them had a sadistic streak, with some participating in the rampant bullying of kids. Most were just lackluster, getting through the day, with zero intellectual curiosity or enthusiasm for the subjects they taught. 

If we want to get really snarky, we could add most of the “ology” degrees, which many hardcore scientists call pseudo sciences, leaving only the classic liberal arts majors, like English and history, math and the hard sciences. 

Add in art, which is what many people consider an applied subject. James Elkins, a professor, wrote a great book on that subject, pointing out that art was regarded as a guild trade for centuries.


It was not even part of the original Medieval university offerings. Back then, you could not “major” in art. You had to learn the limited parts of the craft that can be taught from masters in a practical guild structure. 


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Anyhow I believe we are up to about 18,000+ patents that are classified for National Security reasons, they all are involved in energy production. 


Exactly right Jimmy.  Not to mention that all of Tesla's personal research notes and related documents were confiscated (illegally) from his Nue Yok apartment by the FBI the day of his death in the 1940's and those documents remain "classified" to this day. 

"They" have gone to extreme measures over the last 100 years, including murdering and destroying the research facilities of over 200 alternative energy researchers, to protect the oil based energy paradigm we still live in to this day. Some day all of those fucks will pay.

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Dude, the entire idea of a "Patent" is to disclose and protect it.  A "secret" patent doesn't protect against anything other than thuggery.

Thuggery will happen anyway, so the public disclosure of the patent and how to do it will defeat that.  Of course, gurjle will interfere with searching and such, but anyone who can use patented technology won't need that evil emporium.

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"We really have reached limits for an industrial economy based on cheap, potent energy supplies."

How does unlimited electric power at 1 cent a kWhr sound?

LPPFusion of Middlesex NJ has built an experimental aneutronic fusion reactor (FF-1) and is on track to commercialization in 4-5 years.This IS NOT the standard tokomak design, but is an approach to fusion using different reactor  configurations based on a type of  physics called  "Dense Plasma Focus" (“DPF”). The company is now in the final phase of reaching fusion, including use of the pB11 (hydrogen-boron fuel).

Instead of confining a hot plasma in a magnetic bottle, DPF induces the plasma to confine and compress itself to create a fusion reaction. (see video below for detailed explanation)


The FF-1 device has hit 3 Billion degrees C (which is necessary to preclude radioactive waste or contamination as a by product)... and held that temperature long enough for a reaction. The last step is to eliminate random molecules during the heating phase of the reaction from contaminating the plasma and thwarting the fusion process.


The LPPFusion team is currently installing the designs and materials for reaching fusion and should have definitive results by Fall- 2018. The FF-1 is currently #5 on the Fusion leader board and expects to hit net fusion output with the final, planned upgrade. The company is privately funded (crowd sourced) and the total budget since inception is $5 M. Recently research agreements were signed with UC San Diego (which is building a replica of FF-1) ... and two national labs in Poland which specialize in Dense Plasma Focus.

The reactor is quite small, not much larger than a suburban basement boiler, but kicks out 5 MW... very cheaply -- one cent kWhr. So it easily could power to rail, aircraft and sailing vessels, while cracking water for hydrogen fuel cells on highway vehicles.


90% of this project is privately financed... some of it crowd sourced at https://wefunder.com/lppfusion


Fusion Leader Board:

The LPP Fusion reactor (FF-1) is currently #5on the fusion output leader board.



How it works



Reaching ignition



Complete Album of Videos

Device video: https://vimeo.com/album/4523162/video/211492763


UC San Diego Collaboration with LPPFusion



LPPFusion.com  ... this is the ticket...


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