New Zealand Braces For "Super Gonorrhea": It's A Matter Of "When, Not If"

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The island nation of New Zealand is bracing itself for what scientists are calling “super gonorrhea.”  They say it is not a matter of ‘if’ the nation will be impacted by the disease, but a matter of ‘when.’

A historically-resistant strain of gonorrhea has made its way from South East Asia to the United Kingdom and Australia, and experts are warning New Zealand will be struck next by the antibiotic-resistant super-bug gonorrhea strain. It’s in Eastern Australia, and it’s in Queensland, Australia, so those in New Zealand are rightly concerned.

Last month, it was reported a British man had contracted what was dubbed the world’s ‘worst ever’ case of gonorrhea, that he picked up in southeast Asia. It was the first documented case of the sexually transmitted infection that could not be cured with a combination of standard antibiotics. England’s public health agency even launched an “incident response” after discovering more cases of gonorrhea recently that are resistant to nearly all antibiotics currently available.

So, how long will it be before it makes its way to New Zealand?

According to Family Planning’s Christine Roke, “if it isn’t here now, it will be very soon.” Auckland University associate professor of infectious diseases Mark Thomas agrees, telling Morning Reportit’s “almost certain” there will be cases within the next year or two. It’s simply a matter of “who has sex with who,” he said.

Gonorrhea is caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria. The symptoms of the disease are difficult for men to live with, so most know fairly soon if they’ve contracted the infection. Symptoms can include discolored discharge, stomach pain, various forms of bleeding from the genitalia, discharge or bleeding from the anus and, for the fellas, sore testes. Women often are unaware of an infection, as it normally infects the cervix,which has no sensation. Occasionally you may also get a dry throat if you’ve contracted the bacteria.  Normally, it has been easily treated with antibiotics, however, this new strain, appears to be resistant.

“The problem with gonorrhea is it’s a very wily bug,” says Roke. “And it’s able to mutate very easily. This leads to developing resistance.” Thomas agreed, adding that it is entirely possible that within the next ten years, humanity will run out of drugs to treat the bacteria. Roke also says that with international travel at the levels it is these days, it’s only a matter of time before someone smuggles the gonorrhea bacteria unintentionally into the country. As invasive as customs can be, New Zealand is not exactly screening for this stuff at the border.

Thomas said the current test for gonorrhea does not determine if the usual treatment of an injection antibiotic and two oral antibiotic pills will work. He said more resistant strains will require hospitals to administer the necessary antibiotics.


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Stop being fucking degenerates and this won’t be a problem.

There are painful, incurable infections which exist only because of promiscuity. Now that we know how they actually work, it would take one fucking generation of not being retarded to eradicate them entirely due to a lack of vectors. There’s the proven effect of promiscuity on divorce rates. There are several studies that prove this. There are biological imperatives hardcoded into us that are impossible to fight. You cannot force yourself not to be jealous and not to feel awkward when sharing a woman. It’s impossible. Monogamy ensures that almost everyone gets a mate, which means there’s less competition and more cooperation. If we both have a wife each, we can go on about our business and do something useful. If you have two wives and I’m bound to have none as long as you are around, I suddenly have a very good reason to stop you from being around. And if there’s no such thing as marriage, both of us have to spend every waking hour doing superficial shit to maintain our social status, or else we don’t get to reproduce. There’s simply no time left for curing diseases or going to space. And it feels really good to be in a monogamous relationship, actually. Nothing else on this planet compares; you can’t convince me otherwise.

All of the above means we have no logical reason to support and every reason in the world to avoid promiscuity. And you know what? People figured all of this shit out thousands of years ago, and retards today are shitting on their wisdom and everything on which our civilization was built, all because you want a new toy every month like a spoiled child.

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DownWithYogaPants Tallest Skil Mon, 04/23/2018 - 23:34 Permalink

But we like being degenerates. 

We can all go soy boy and never have sex.  But if you think western / white demographics are falling now wait till all the darling little accidents stop happening.

Dear old dad used to tell the story of our small town doctor / small town / mid 20th century Ohio. 

Guy asked him "Can you get gonorrhea on a toilet seat?" 

Doc Elliot replied "Yes you can but it's a hell of a place to take a woman"

Depiction of symptoms - They said it was "super".  How bad can it be?

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Voluntary Exchange Hudis Muffakah Tue, 04/24/2018 - 02:55 Permalink

@ Etteguj Guj :

You respond as if humans have no control over their sexuality. They do! You want to avoid responsibility for stupid behavior? Sorry that doesn't work. Stupid still has consequences, especially when you behave like a beast instead of a rational person. 

Tallest skil has related his own personal experience, and it strongly correlates with thousands of years of human wisdom on the subject.

It is true that some people think that they are not responsible for their sexual conduct. Sexuality is a powerful force, but it is up to the individual how they utilize that power. Turn the inner beast of uncontrolled sexuality into a force for good by learning the correct place and time for it. If you do not "sacrifice" the inner beast  to create a healthy lifestyle, that inner beast will destroy you!

This can apply to every other blind desire a person is capable of, be it greed, hatred, or gluttony. Your desires must be harnessed as you come to understand the laws of nature. Then you can turn your inner "beasts" into clean creatures that will serve you as you create good in the world!

When a person comes to associate "carnal" pleasures with conduct that can harm others and them-self, they can become conditioned into thinking that evil is good and that they can only be happy by doing evil. Every "carnal" desire can still be satisfied within the context of "good" conduct. Those who learn how do do this experience joy in doing good and they transform the world into a better place. Those who condition themselves into feeling pleasure by doing evil end up creating misery, suffering and ultimately destruction for them-self as well as others.

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Truth_Hoits Voluntary Exchange Tue, 04/24/2018 - 09:24 Permalink

How admirable... Your idealistic rants are so cute. Your solution, as well as that of tallest skill , or whatever that monicker is, is govern yourself accordingly.

Well, thank you two Captains Obvious. 

What other obvious advice do you have?

Buy low, sell high? Thanks.

What else? 

You can put every single person in a room that you think is decent; yet someone will murder, someone will rape, someone will steal, etc.

Oh, just don't fuck others outside of your wife and the problem is gone in one generation. Ya, that will happen.  What are you, 6?

I can just see you two self righteous pricks governing... No more bad stuff. Problems solved. Let's be happy all the time. 

No shit, Copernicus.

Now, welcome to the real world.

Truth Hurts... Have a great day!


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DownWithYogaPants Hudis Muffakah Tue, 04/24/2018 - 00:05 Permalink

It is boner kill for sure!  

..... can I get it from my Zh chart porn auto erotic habits?  Nothing gets me off like those charts.

I keep seeing some little kid dressed like Alf Alfa in a little Sunday go to meeting suit reading church-lady comments like the above. I am a realist all the way around. In this case it's sort of unrealistic to think about sex the way Alf Alfa does.  But yeah it does suck that sex has been ruined by people with questionable ethics.

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Tallest Skil Etteguj Guj Tue, 04/24/2018 - 00:49 Permalink

You’re clinically mentally ill. You have no argument whatsoever. You are a degenerate sack of shit who will never experience true love.

Monogamy is how a society encourages the weakest males to be productive, since it ensures they’ll be able to find a mate. Another argument you can use is that polygamy brings about social instability. Due to the fact that older, richer, more established men grab all the women, it means that the search for a mate among the younger males is all the more desperate, and violent. Polygamous societies are inherently unstable, prone to great social unrest from the younger men that cannot find a woman. Now, this is fine and dandy if you want to motivate those men to join the army and go conquer someplace else and steal their women, as well as the fact that war attrition will get rid of plenty of those young men, but once your empire has expanded as much as it can the same problems crop up, but this time with no possible outside outlet.

It is no coincidence that enduring civilizations made the switch from polygamy to monogamy over the course of their history, and I highly suspect the troubles Arab civilizations faced around the 14th and 15th century were in large part caused by their reliance on polygamy. You can argue that current Arab societies are what they are because of polygamy. Women are a rare commodity that are fiercely guarded, hence the restrictions placed on their behavior and the need to have a male relative escort them when they are out, lest they be stolen by some other family. The high level of inbreeding could also be part of this, with a family trying to keep all the wealth and power among themselves.

Numerous studies show that male behavior is heavily influenced by the operational sex ratio–or the ratio between fertile females and sexually active males. If male and female numbers are equal then the best strategy is for a male to find a female, pair off, and protect/provide for his own kids. If there are more fertile females than males, the best mating strategy for males is to put less resources caring for their kids and more resources trying to mate with multiple females. (note l: urban blacks in America fall into this category because of the amount of young black males either in prison or killed by other black males. result is that black males spend more time chasing other women and less time being fathers) (note 2: possibly bigamy became common in these societies to prevent the excess of available females from encouraging men to sleep around instead of be fathers)

If there are more males than females, the males that have mates get obsessed with protecting them from the surplus males, who form rape gangs to try to get access to the smaller numbers of females. In polygamous societies, every man that has two wives creates a man who can never mate unless he rapes. Bigamy effectively turns a balanced operational sex ratio into a heavily male-biased one. Islam is a codified set of behaviors for protecting females from rape gangs (burka, can’t go outside without male guardian) and exporting the surplus males to neighboring societies so they don’t bother the local females (jihad). That is, essentially, Islam–a code of behaviors designed by a guy with multiple wives in a bigamous society to keep womanless men away from his wives.

The surplus males generated by bigamy are told, “These women are off-limits; they’re spoken for by more powerful men in your society. If you want to get laid, your only option is to go out and conquer something and take their women.” This is how Islam spread so quickly in its first few centuries and this is the driving force behind the huge amount of young men flooding into Europe today. They are not refugees, they are sex tourists. It should be no surprise they are so rapey.

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daemon Tallest Skil Tue, 04/24/2018 - 02:45 Permalink

"You’re clinically mentally ill. You have no argument whatsoever. You are a degenerate sack of shit who will never experience true love."

Apparently, nature didn't necessarily make us monogamous. Whether you like it or not.

As you write it in the rest of your comment, it's about civilization, society. Like marriage.

Could it be that the problem was more or less the one that prompted some people, a long time ago, to write something like this :   “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”  ?

Anyway, there are other societies where monogamy is not the standard model. I don't know exactly how they fare, but they have probably been living like this for tens of thousands of years. 


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effendi Tallest Skil Tue, 04/24/2018 - 07:55 Permalink

You are 99% correct. The only error is stating that polygamous societies end up with many man fighting over the few available women. That is only partly true as many of those men will not even bother trying for the unobtainable women but instead turn to the many other frustrated males (or goats, donkeys and other farm animals). That is why the nation with the worlds highest percentage of fags isn't some decadent western country but Saudi Arabia (25% queer).

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moobra Tallest Skil Tue, 04/24/2018 - 08:45 Permalink

I'm afraid you can't beat natural selection. He with access to the most vaginas has the most chance of passing on their genes. If access is created by power/money then these traits will be more common. Harems are the example. Who cares if those without vaginal access jerk off, fuck goats or each other or invade other countries. Certainly evolution doesn't.

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daemon moobra Tue, 04/24/2018 - 09:07 Permalink

"He with access to the most vaginas has the most chance of passing on their genes. If access is created by power/money then these traits will be more common. Harems are the example."

Actually, this may not be the only type of scenario you may think about.

I read this : "It is not known how many wives or husbands one is allowed to have. Many women practice polyandry One or more husbands may be "learning husbands"".

It is an excerpt from this article.

This is just an example showing that very different societies can have very different customs. And as far as I can tell, this is not necessarily something sinister with an always negative outcome.

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Infnordz Tallest Skil Thu, 04/26/2018 - 19:21 Permalink


"True Love" is a male thing, love is not the same for women and is always conditional for most men!  Hint: if there is any sex withholding, it's conditional!

I strongly suggest you take the Red Pill, by reading both "The Rational Male" books, because it's a deep rabbit hole!

The real problem is women's unchecked, instinctive hypergameous nature, and the Gynocentrism boundary pushing, from the Courtly Love corruption of Chivalry, it's re-branding as Romantic Love for all classes, then progressively unleashed by, The Pill, the deceptive/degenerate sexual revolution, and the escalating vicious misandry called feminism, with conditioning of men to tolerate female skewed schooling, female empowerment, open female hypergamy, late female marriage, fatal no-faults divorces, persecution of men at divorce (discouraging marriage/re-marriage), and much fewer strict fathers to discipline women to be less like THOTs!

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MoralsAreEssential Etteguj Guj Tue, 04/24/2018 - 11:17 Permalink

Ski is talking about civilization advances which protect the "herd" from bad choices.  The rampant promiscuity which now supports both sexes to behave like any lower animal rutting has replaced intelligent concerns about disease and the breakdown of families and cultures.  This advances the agenda of TPTB who weaponize diseases along with all the human children who no longer have "parents" who impart wisdom to protect them and role model moral behavior. I'm quite sure a toxic vaccine will soon be out to "protect" from this "new" engineered disease.

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Faeriedust Tallest Skil Tue, 04/24/2018 - 06:32 Permalink

Yeah, marriage is great -- FOR MEN.  Historically, not so great for women.  Because:

1) Women aren't so crazy about sex.  For men, it means a secure sex partner.  For women, it means daily pressure to "put out" when you'd rather sleep.

2) Men don't get pregnant.  Men don't do 95% of the work of raising babies.  Older children, they're starting to take on, but babies? Nope, that goes back to women.  Maybe women don't WANT to reproduce, ever thought about that?  Because women do all the WORK in reproduction.

3) Men don't do housework.  Women STILL end up doing 80% of the shit that needs doing around the house, while men sit on their cans and demand more service.  Women regularly refer to  grown men as their second, third, or fourth "baby".  Mothers raise girls with the idea that they will grow up and have to do the work.  Up until 20 years ago -- i.e., every adult male on the street -- mothers raised boys with the idea that they would grow up, get married, and have a woman to do the work.

So historically, men's blood pressure and stress go down after marriage.  Women's goes up.  Marriage is really good -- for men.

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Ace Ventura Faeriedust Tue, 04/24/2018 - 07:22 Permalink

LMAO. Easily the most deluded comment of this thread.

1. Men don't get married to secure a sex partner. In fact, men can secure MULTIPLE sex partners precisely by AVOIDING marriage.

2. Women don't do heavy lifting. Women don't do 95% of the work requiring heavy lifting/construction/etc. For every woman you say 'doesn't want to reproduce', I can show you 100 whose biological clock is kicking them in the ass to start a family.

3. Women don't do brake jobs, change transmissions, re-roof houses, lumber/plumbing/electrical work, etc. Men do 90% of the shit than needs doing outside the house, while women sit on their cans demanding more handouts/assistance. Cuz vagina.


If marriage is such a damn utopian xanadu for men, and such fierce and torturous hell for women.....why do married men DIE so much younger? Marriage in western society is really good......for women.

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BigJim Faeriedust Tue, 04/24/2018 - 08:17 Permalink

"Women STILL end up doing 80% of the shit that needs doing around the house"

... except 80% of that shit that "needs" doing doesn't actually need doing.

Women have higher standards of cleanliness than men. My attitude to any woman who bitches about "having to" clean the bath or whatever: forget the bath, let's go do something else.

Or maybe your androphobic examples illustrate the fact you're bad at attracting quality men.

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kiwidor Tallest Skil Tue, 04/24/2018 - 20:40 Permalink

another whiney canadian?  not everyone is the same.  that woman you marry transforms into a grotesque monster that is always on your back.  so why give them security?  monogamy is for dull beta males.  and we're all made of the same stuff so why not enjoy a little variety, rather than just drinking schaefer lite day after day after day after day after day nauseum.

if them wimmenz want monogamy, they have to work for it.  iron my shirts, bitch.

"There are painful, incurable infections which exist only because of promiscuity"   What utter rubbish!  they exist because the host is susceptible, a weakling, probably vaccinated and without proper nutrition or immunological capacity, something my generation got from eating spiders, coal, dirt, sharing drinks, girlfriends, boyfriends, sandwiches, not washing too much, and smearing that salmonella across the bench with a damp cloth.

Tallest Skil is an unimaginative moron who only wants one vagina.  That's the pathology right there; pro-mono-vagina syndrome.  caused by lack of testosterone and brains.


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