Rand Paul To Back Pompeo For Secretary Of State, Virtually Ensuring Confirmation

After Rand Paul said over the weekend that he would join the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's 10 Democrats to vote down CIA Director Mike Pompeo's nomination to lead the State Department on Monday (a rejection that would be without precedence in modern American history, though it wouldn't impede a full Senate vote on Pompeo's nomination), the junior Senator from Kentucky has apparently changed his mind.

Paul announced on Twitter late Monday that he would support Pompeo's nomination after receiving assurances from President Trump that Pompeo has acknowledged that the Iraq War was a mistake.

Paul's approval virtually guarantees the former Indiana Congressman's ascension to the position of Secretary of State (where he would replace former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, who left the post earlier this year).

Pompeo faced tough questions from Democrats and some Republicans during his nomination hearing last week. Expect the vote - now a mere formality - on his nomination to move forward by week's end.