Did McCabe Order FBI Agents To "Stand Down" On Early Clinton Email Investigation?

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe reportedly gave a "stand-down" order to FBI agents who began probing Hillary Clinton's use of a private server for official government business following a report in the New York Times, reports journalist Sara Carter, citing "multiple former FBI officials, along with a Congressional official." 

After The New York Times publication, the FBI Washington Field Office began investigating Clinton’s use of private emails and whether she was using her personal email account to transmit classified information. According to sources, McCabe was overseas when he became aware of the investigation and sent electronic communications voicing his displeasure with the agents. -Sara Carter

"Electronic communications" you say? Sounds like McCabe picked the right time to relaunch his new legal defense fund

McCabe's reported March 2015 "stand down" order to agents investigating the New York Times report may have broken FBI rules, to say the least. The official DOJ request to investigate Clinton would not be issued until the end of July 2015, four months later.

Andrew McCabe, Hillary Clinton, Jill McCabe

McCabe tried to steer people off the private email investigation and that appears to be obstruction and should be investigated,” said one former FBI official with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the investigation. “Now if the information on the ‘stand-down’ order is obtained by the IG that could bring a whole lot of other troubles to McCabe.”

Last week, Inspector General Michael Horowitz released an internal report which revealed that McCabe had lied four times to investigators, including twice while under oath, about authorizing an F.B.I. spokesman and attorney to tell Devlin Barrett of the Wall St. Journal, just days before the 2016 election, that he had not issued a similar "stand-down" order on the reported FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation - right around the time McCabe was coming under fire for his wife Jill taking a $467,500 campaign contribution from Clinton proxy pal, Terry McAuliffe. 

So McCabe was accused of a "stand-down" order during the 2016 election, for which he authorized the leak that got him fired - and he now stands accused of a separate, previous "stand-down" order as agents began to follow up on a March 2 2015 New York Times report into Clinton's use of a private server.

Horowitz and his team of investigators at the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) have been sifting through more than 1.2 million documents, of which Sara Carter's sources say 46,000 are connected to ongoing investigations. "Of those documents, Congress has received a tiny fraction of the emails pertaining to their oversight investigations."

Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog group, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in September 2017 against the FBI for the communications on behalf of retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jeff Danik, as previously reported. Danik spent more than 28 years with the bureau as a supervisor in the counter-terrorism division and special overseas advisor. Thus far, the FBI has failed to abide by a judge’s order to turn over all of former McCabe’s text messages, emails and SMS phone messages. -Sara Carter

According to the OIG report on McCabe, the Wall Street Journal article which used McCabe's leak “discussed not only the FBI’s handling of the Clinton E-mail Investigation but ‘internal disagreements within the Bureau and the Justice Department surrounding the Clintons’ family philanthropy.'” It stated that “McCabe, in particular, was caught . . . [in] an increasingly acrimonious fight for control between the Justice Department and FBI agents pursuing the Clinton Foundation case.

The former law enforcement sources who spoke to this reporter said a possible stand-down order on the Clinton Foundation investigation doesn’t preclude another stand-down order from McCabe on the Clinton email server investigation. They noted that it appears from the IG’s report that the Justice Department was attempting to dissuade McCabe from moving forward with the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation. McCabe said he authorized the disclosure to The Wall Street Journal of his conversation with the DOJ’s Principal Assistant Attorney General (PADAG) in an effort to counter the narrative that he had given a stand-down order on the Bureau’s Clinton Foundation investigation. -Sara Carter

Meanwhile, ol' Andy has received two referrals seeking criminal prosecution - the first sent last week by 11 GOP Congressional legislators, and the second coming from Inspector General Horowitz. As Carter notes, evidence collected by the Inspector General has raised new questions over McCabe's role in the FBI's investigations of Clinton and Trump - as well as what role President Obama's DOJ (and State Department) may have played in both. 


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"Did McCabe Order FBI Agents To "Stand Down" On Early Clinton Email Investigation?"

Of fucking course he did.  Hold your breath waiting for anybody to do anything about it.


FoggyWorld NoDebt Tue, 04/24/2018 - 23:01 Permalink

The Oversight Committee in Congress is aware of this difference of opinion and now is going to have access to the unredacted emails surrounding this.

Unfortunately for McCabe he has been already caught lying but I do think this will be looked into seriously because the guy who phoned him really wasn't high enough up to make that sort of phone call on his own.  He reported to Sally Yates though so that bunch of emails is also going to be scrutinized.

Things are slowly seeping out.

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MozartIII Oldwood Tue, 04/24/2018 - 23:16 Permalink

Well at least they are already dead, or will be soon. We may be before someone puts their bones in prison. What a fucking joke!


Soros packing the prosecutors, won't go into the corrupt judges. Will be sad if it takes a real revolution. Anyones game.... Will depend on where the gov troops choose to stand, not a ton of hope there. The South will go complete gorilla warfare, based on what happened last time. Ugly shit is around the corner, if we can't find the rule of law!!! At least some of them will find justice, at the barrel of their own guns! Hi Barry, just quoted your sorry ass!

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commiebastid FoggyWorld Wed, 04/25/2018 - 08:54 Permalink

Yes, they are seeping things out. You will know what they want you to know when they want you to know it. They will throw someone under the bus every once in a while and the machine will continue to roll over everything. They already have every email ever written and recorded every phone call ever made. Defund the unelected and much of the theatre will disappear.

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navy62802 Tue, 04/24/2018 - 22:54 Permalink

LOL! What does it matter? It's not like any of these traitors is ever going to be held accountable for their crimes. Dolt! This is the USA where you can literally get away with murder if you're well-connected enough. We like to put up this cute facade that there are laws and such and such and such. The truth is it's still the wild west out here. As long as you are a powerful enough baron, you can do whatever the fuck you want. The law melts away if you have enough political power.

otschelnik rockstone Tue, 04/24/2018 - 23:40 Permalink

Andy..... if that option doesn't appeal to you, think about the injustice of it all: your former boss dim Jim Comey, Low-renta, Silly Sally Yates, Clapper and Brennan who launched this all... they're making millions on their book deals and consultant contracts with the lamestream media while you take the fall....  so unfair Andy.  So you know what to do, you've forced so many to do it before, turn state's evidence and go get 'em.



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Oldwood Tue, 04/24/2018 - 23:13 Permalink

We got lots of problems.

The economy

The wars

The extremists


But what every nation and society needs to survive is CONFIDENCE IN AND RESPECT FOR ITS INSTITUTIONS.

That is dying. The damage that progressives have done to this country is incalculable, far worse than any Trump/Russia collusion could have ever done.

snblitz Oldwood Wed, 04/25/2018 - 01:39 Permalink

But what every nation and society needs to survive is CONFIDENCE IN AND RESPECT FOR ITS INSTITUTIONS

What the US needs to survive is for every last citizen to completely lose faith in the existing institutions.

Maybe Trump can't eliminate the alphabet institutions but he can fire every last employee leaving the institutions empty.

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The entire investigation re OIG Horowitz is in my NSHO will probably become a new "Law and Order" series on the TV someday. That maybe the (shee) peoples who spend their time watching TV on the History Channel might tune into. SOMEDAY. Far into the future.

Shut off my cable with Comcast now Spectrum in 2010. Reduced my overhead costs as well as the shit streaming into my brain. Too much diarrhea.  Take care of your wallet and shut these shit tard "news agencies" down by starving them with participation.

Peace, DITD

MuffDiver69 Wed, 04/25/2018 - 00:50 Permalink

Look..when some of the text messages were published many folks panicked. I would like to think they have done a deep dive into all this, but history doesn’t show this. Comey has shown the mannerisms of someone who has been caught during the charade he has been staging and McCabe is dirty...dirty as the lovers..This should be an interesting summer...especially if the Agent quoted in this article is real..They never thought Crooked would lose..

platyops Wed, 04/25/2018 - 02:23 Permalink

Trump may or may not do something.

But if he does not then it will be clear that the fix is in and that there is no hope for the honest people.

Our country is at a crossroad, either Trump acts and defeats the deep state or things will just get worse as more and more people become as cynical as I am and that is saying something.

Since congress and the Senate have been allowed to do insider trading and LBJ and Nixon took us off the gold standard, it is evident that America is led by self interest driven, ego driven, cheats,

Golden Showers Wed, 04/25/2018 - 02:42 Permalink

See how they go about it? Backwards. Did HRC the SECDEF send Classified inel over private servers? Yes or No?

Next, then, go after the shady fucking cabal of sick demented shit working for her.

Anyone stalling this through Congress is a traitor and accessory after the fact.

But witness, folks, this is how the retarded US government lackey system functions. None of these informed professionals could possibly make a decision without a committee of other usleless career syndicate fuckup criminals. Why? So they can diffuse responsibility in a House Vote. Fuck that.

And no one gets a fair trial of the facts with evidence.

Sure, the implications of the illegal, unlawful, treasonous, self-serving, murderous behaviors goes deep. That is why it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I don't care if it's gross neglect and unfit for official duty. I don't elect the SECDEF with my vote. That position is appointed. Appointed by the POTUS. Nominated and cleared by the Legeslative branch of the US Federal Government and requires an Oath of Office.

This is a 3 ring circus and a side show. I would not put up with this behavior from a 13 year old in my house, but, this is the shit we adults have to endure day in and day out from Patrician murderous psychopaths who presume we cannot care for ourselves and need them. If you haven't learned from the last election so called (THANKS RUSSIA!)... the idiocy of these career murderers could not conceive of a bunch of people voting against their big city enclaves of filth. They blame... whom?

So much easier to blame Russia than Israel.

There was an old logic game in the day. There were the Trues who always told the Truth. And there were the Democrats who always lied. Well, doesn't matter what party you are affiliated with. The Trues are still the Trues. Everyone else always lies. The trick was discovering who were the Fals. Fals can call themselves whatever the fuck they want but they always lie. Always. Knights and Knaves.

Was Classified intel sent over a private server? Yes or No? Fuck. Like the FBI is any good at critical thought? Dumb fucks.

Thom Paine Wed, 04/25/2018 - 03:10 Permalink

I don't see how the DOJ can be seen as anything but Systemically corrupt.

The AG Sessions by NOT prosecuting blatant crimes with clear evidence is acting in a Corrupt fashion.

Sessions may think he isn't being corrupt - but if you fail to do your job, based on who the 'criminal' is - then you are in league with the criminal.


AG Sessions has a long list of crimes committed by Senior DOJ and FBI persons - but has decided to sit on his hands.

Then you have Rosenstein - who established a SC Mueller on NO evidence at all. wtf


The FBI is also Systemically Corrupt - they have persons acting in a way that would normally get them instant dismissal, yet the FBI keep them.  Not to mention McCabe and Wray.

Thom Paine Wed, 04/25/2018 - 03:12 Permalink

Things Congress must extract from the FBI and DOJ

Any texts, emails, communications at all between anybody in the DOJ and FBI concerning an SC, and Mueller - prior to the appointment of a SC


Will be interesting to see anything from Rosenstein, Sessions, Comey, Mueller and others about a SC, and Mueller - prior.


  • There will need to be a McCarthy type investigation into Mueller, Rosenstein, the DOJ, the FBI


A corrupt DOJ is the only thing keeping all these people out of jail.


JoseyWalesTheOutlaw Wed, 04/25/2018 - 08:30 Permalink

Is the Pope Catholic?

Is the sky Blue?


The only reason McCabe had that job was to protect the Clinton's! He did until the usless lardazz bitch lost. He would never in hell get a promotion otherwise. Outside of corrupt government McCabe would be the swing shift manager at Ross.