Ron Paul Asks "What Will Weapons Inspectors Find In Syria... And Does It Matter?"

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Inspectors from the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have finally arrived in Douma, Syria, to assess whether a gas attack took place earlier this month. It has taken a week for the inspectors to begin their work, as charges were thrown back and forth about who was causing the delay.

Proponents of the US and UK position that Assad used gas in Douma have argued that the Syrian and Russian governments are preventing the OPCW inspectors from doing their work. That, they claim, is all the evidence needed to demonstrate that Assad and Putin have something to hide. But it seems strange that if Syria and Russia wanted to prevent an OPCW inspection of the alleged sites they would have been the ones to request the inspection in the first place.

The dispute was solved just days ago, as the OPCW Director-General released a statement explaining that the delay was due to UN security office concerns for the safety of the inspectors.

We are told that even after the OPCW inspectors collect samples from the alleged attack sites, it will take weeks to determine whether there was any gas or other chemicals released. That means there is very little chance President Trump had “slam dunk” evidence that Assad used gas in Douma earlier this month when he decided to launch a military attack on Syria. To date, the US has presented no evidence of who was responsible or even whether an attack took place at all. Even right up to the US missile strike, Defense Secretary Mattis said he was still looking for evidence.

In a Tweet just days ago, Rep. Thomas Massie expressed frustration that in a briefing to Congress last week the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Defense “provided zero real evidence” that Assad carried out the attack. Either they have it and won’t share it with Congress, he wrote, or they have nothing. Either way, he added, it’s not good.

We should share Rep. Massie's concerns.

US and French authorities have suggested that videos shared on the Internet by the US-funded White Helmets organization were sufficient proof of the attack. If social media postings are these days considered definitive intelligence, why are we still spending $100 billion a year on our massive intelligence community? Maybe it would be cheaper to just hire a few teenagers to scour YouTube?

Even if Assad had gassed his people earlier this month there still would have been no legal justification for the US to fire 100 or so missiles into the country. Of course such a deed would deserve condemnation from all civilized people, but Washington’s outrage is very selective and often politically motivated. Where is the outrage over Saudi Arabia’s horrific three-year war against Yemen? Those horrors are ignored because Saudi Arabia is considered an ally and thus above reproach.

We are not the policemen of the world. Bad leaders do bad things to their people all the time. That’s true even in the US, where our own government steadily chips away at our Constitution by setting up a surveillance state.

We have neither the money nor the authority to launch bombs when we suspect someone has done something wrong overseas. A hasty decision to use force is foolish and dangerous. As Western journalists reporting from Douma are raising big questions about the official US story of the so-called gas attack, Trump’s inclination to shoot first and ask questions later may prove to be his downfall.


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It will not matter what they find.  Christian military leaders, Christian politicians, christian media, and christian soldiers could care LESS what any evidence shows about anything.  All they want is to murder as many people as possible based on staged lies.

















CDI was doing the cabling inside WTC 1 and 2 on Sat and Sun Sept 8th and 9th 2001.  During the first ever power downs the weekend before allowed charges to be set with electrical power to the buildings cut.  CDI also did the supposed 'work' at the exact wall of the Pentagon that was supposedly hit...AND....were at the Shanksville PA location just 30 days prior to 9-11.  

Question:  What is a demolition company doing at these sites that then BLOW UP a few days later?  Twncpcone.  It was staged.  They controlled thousands to murder millions for the control of billions.


ps....CDI was doing 'cabling work' at the Murrah Building in OKC the day before that building blew up.  The head of CDI founded the company in the late 1940's after he serve his time in the military.  He was stationed at Pearl Harbor.  It is illegal to test the undersides of the ships at Pearl Harbor for man-made explosives.  The law was enacted immediately following Pearl Harbor based on 'national security'.


Remember....the PNAC required a 'new Pearl Harbor' to bring about world control.  Staging the planes of 9-11 allowed them to do just that.








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Give it a rest Dude.  (twncpcone not Ron Paul)

ZH is becoming useless dribble of the Jews Fault, the Christians fault and Islam is the religion of peace.  I used to enjoy scanning the comments of different prospectives and quick wit., not so much anymore.  Perhaps the ZH Lack of Brain Trust can start to clean it up a little.  ZH is starting to swirl the crapper along side the FaceBook turd.


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I'm really tired of the ZERO moderation here...I'm willing to listen to 180 opinions, but insanity gets old...THE JEWS, THE JEWS, THE JEWS...and that copy/paste 5000 words of the same, often insane, shit over and over stuff...geesh

This could all be fixed simply with software. There is comment software out there that enables each user ID to "ignore" any other user if I "ignore" you, your ID shows up in the comments, but what you typed is hidden. Fantastic idea...the spamming nutjobs go away real fast when they figure out no one listening.

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I welcome the very severe lean toward full open commenting here.  Sure we have the TL:DR spammers and anti-Semitic thread hijackers.  But, even the issues underlying even the spam here are critical for world peace and prosperity.  That's how critical the few remaining open debate and real info sites are.

I tell folks, you have to wear your waders to get through ZH.  But you WILL know the real deal in the end.

Personally I think calling the war party/sociopath faction in Israel representative of 'Jews' is both incorrect and counterproductive.  I'd much rather isolate the extremist few and shame/vote/force them out of power.

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Twncpcone.  Its was a christian president, through a christian congress and a christian senate with a christian military with christian soldiers dropping christian made bombs on innocent people based on the staged lies of a christian lead media.


Twncpcone.  The christian staged war to murder millions of people of another religion must stop.  The war on terror is over. There were no commercial plane crashes on nine eleven.

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There's 'christian', and there's Christian, meaning Christ-followers. This may be a 'christian' nation, but how many real Christ-followers are there? Just because we have a heritage of Judeo-Christian ethic doesnt mean that is still true. I believe we are largely post-Christian in the US. The government lies and false-flags and double-dealing are hardly representative of Christ-followers. If you are going to make a distinction between muslims and quran-believing extremist terrorists (true Mohammed-followers), and a distinction between zionists and Jews, then make a distinction between a supposedly 'christian' government and Christ-followers who may be sprinkled in the midst of said government but certainly Not in control!

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you are here every day all day.  You will always listen.


"jews" have never been mentioned by us.  Those are words from a christian. Your christian correct?  Christian demand silence for the crimes they committed on nine eleven.  It was christian leadership that staged those commercial plane crashes.  Just as you have molested millions of children you have murdered millions base on lies.

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It is the Jews. But really, that's disingenous. It's ZIONISM. And if you don't think that's a problem when it comes to US, er uh, US of Israhell foreign policy, pushed by the US Treasury aka Rothschild central bank, you have a screw loose..

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I don't want moderators as they are nothing but human filters based on someone else's biases.

However, I did make the same point probably 2 years ago about adding the ability to ignore users.

I would take it a step further. Once I click on ignore user, I do not want to see that person's comments nor a trace of him/her.  Additionally any responses to that individual get blocked as well.

It would cure a couple of problems. The obvious one of being able to avoid idiots and also it would at least partially cure the problem of people jumping on a thread with off topic comments, simply because of the thread's position.

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All these wars for Israel, based on lies and collusion from the Jewish run media and mainstream news agencies, financed by Jewish run international and central banks, and yet you don't think it's the Jews.

Who is it then?

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It matters in the sense that world peace and prosperity are now much closer to reality than perhaps ever in human history.

This according to actual facts and data, not headlines or opinion.  The indicators are everywhere.  Entire continents are at peace.  Latin America.  Africa, damn near.  Asia ex-Afghanistan.

Once we get Syria settled the only hot wars on Earth will be Afghanistan and Yemen.  Think that one over.  Both are relatively small, and frankly solvable given political will.

The Mexican drug war is bigger than any other war today besides those mentioned.  Think that over too.

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I didn't forget.  The whole point is to monitor the information from potential hot spots.  Tension and rhetoric, or even some casualties, just isn't in the same league as organized heavy weapons units laying waste to entire towns and neighborhoods.

It's about perspective.  For us as a society to not even see an 80% drop in average post-WWII fatalities, to not even see peace in widespread, long-running conflicts when it's right in front of us, is as sad an indictment of our collective comfort zones as anything you'll ever see.

Me, I plan to fight.  For peace.  Using information as long as possible.  One thing I can tell you as a behavior/consumption specialist, is that when consumer preferences or social norms shift, it can be rapid and it is unstoppable.  U.S. meat consumption, smoking, the support for legalized weed or gay marriage, all cases in point.  The needle just swings, and it's all over.

We might, just might, be able to do that with the tolerance for illegal and immoral mass murder in the service of the globalist elite's greed and power fantasies.


Isn't it worth a try????

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the statement is meaningless ... yes people of all ilks do reprehensible things

in fact the Bibles says we all are sinners (to varying extents?)

his error is in then falsely concluding that Christ is the same as Jew, Muslim, Hindu etc..

e.g. the christians that did 'atrocities' can find no support from Christ for such, whereas the prophet of Islam himself enacted and ordered beheadings, rapes, etc.. and the Quran is replete with such.  Christ however enjoins to love our enemies.  Hardly the same.

it is the blatant false equivalency that is itself reprehensible


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child molesting you mean like the Afghani's?  Pakistanis?

mass murder like the mass graves they find all over Iraq, Syria, Libya? 

U mean the suicide bombers?  Cricket player slayers?  Gas attacks?

What's been done in the name of Christianity is no clean slate but

the atrocities in the name of Islam make it worse and provide fodder

for the Neo-cons (not all Christian btw)

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YOUR response is evidence of why no one wants to listen to your over the top bull shit. First of all, you use annoying tactics in format to try to get a point across, which implies your point must suck. If your argument can’t stand on its own value and you need to “format” it into notice, that’s a clue your opinion is invalid.


NEXT, you piss and moan because someone comments back about a trend he sees happening on ZH and he expresses his opinion it’s a shame and he wished it wouldn’t be so. But YOU twist it to be personal and whine, just look at the responses to this post, when his was the ONLY response at that point. FAR from telling you to shut up, he expressed an OPINION. LASTLY, people like you that label an entire group as fearful are either doing so to get money to “fund” your concerns or you’re trying to assign blame to one single group because your brain can’t comprehend complexities. 


Either way, it’s not that we want you to shut up because your point is so terrifyingly valid you’ll destroy our evil plans with your one post. We want you to shut up because no one gives a shit what you believe and you’re taking up valuable reading time.

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Twncpcone.  If I told you that Jews were being slaughtered in Germany you would tell me to 'shut the fuck up'.  The truth could care less how you feel about it.  Twncpcone.  The US christian lead military and political leadership lied.  They are conspirators to mass murder.  

I think the Bush seniors must have gotten our info.  They both died within one week of having received it.  They knew the walls were closing.

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May, BoJo and also Trump are all liars.

Skripal was a hoax, and so was the gas attack in Syria.

Come to think about it, so was the downing of the air liner over Ukraine and most likely many of the other "murders" in the UK, blamed on the Russians.

I think many people are now able to find alternative stories on the net, and they can weigh the individual stories against each other.

A fact is, that the stories out of the UK have been pathetic, constantly changing, implausible, mutually contradicting and lie upon lie.

If May survives May, it will be a miracle.

the people can see through politicians like her and Blair, Bush, Macron, Trump and BoJo.

They are all hollow psychopaths, not worthy of any respect whatsoever.





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The site is on what amounts to a target list for the progs. Notice how many appeared after some utter moron professor listed this place as  'Russian News disinformation' and the election of Trump.

Too bad they're uniformly so stupid that crushing the trolls is hardly any fun anymore.

As for Syria -no, nothing matters; we have no business telling any other Sovereign Nation what they can or cannot do within their own borders. Period. Military intervention is simply a War Crime and ought to be treated as such.

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Of course you don't care.  50 million people have been slaughtered based entirely on the Christian staging and continuance of the lies of commercial plane crashes on nine eleven.  Of course you don't care.  You just read that twncpcone and all you can think about is procedures on an open forum website.  Sick.

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