Trump Bashes "Insane" Iran Deal, Wipes Dandruff Off Macron's Shoulder

Update: Macron and Trump have been meeting for barely an hour, and it appears they've already made progress on a number of issues.

Here are a few headlines. More are expected.


After Trump's bellicose remarks this morning, we imagine Macron feels the meeting is going better than he'd expected.

* * *

Much to Emmanuel Macron's chagrin, President Donald Trump delivered some of his most bellicose remarks yet regarding the Iran deal during a brief press conference as the two world leaders prepared for a long-anticipated White House meeting on Tuesday. 

Macron is hoping to convince the president to give the deal another chance by arguing in favor of the US staying in the deal in exchange for the various parties discussing a separate deal that would restrict Iran's ballistic missile tests.

But the press conference got off to an embarrassing start as Trump brushed what appeared to be dandruff off Macron's shoulder saying "we have to make him perfect."

But instead of approaching the talks with an open mind, Trump referred to the Iran deal as "insane and ridiculous" while reluctantly confirming that "we'll discuss it."

"We gave them $150 billion...we gave them $1.8 billion in cash, that's actual cash, barrels of cash, it's insane it's ridiculous it should've never been made."

Trump is referring to reports that the Obama administration strategically "unfroze" Iranian assets in the US to help entice the regime into making the deal.

Trump repeated his administration's line (fed to him by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) that Iran has a hand in all of the conflicts in the Middle East, and continues to finance terrorism across the world.

"No matter where you have it, Iran is behind it and now unfortunately Russia is getting more and more involved. But Iran seems to be behind everything. The Iran deal is a disaster. They're testing missiles - what is that all about? What kind of a deal is it where you're allowed to test missiles all over the place? What kind of a deal is it when you don't talk about Yemen and all the other problems? Look at what they're doing in Iraq. Virtually everywhere in the Middle East - if there's a problem, Iran is behind it."

He then blamed Barack Obama for being too lazy to discuss restricting Iran's ballistic missile program as part of the deal.

When asked by a reporter for a response to Iran's claim that it would swiftly restart its centrifuges if the US reimposes economic sanctions, Trump insisted that Iran wouldn't be restarting anything.

"You'll find out about that. They're not going to be restarting anything. If they restart their nuclear program, they're going to have bigger problems than they have ever had before..."

In addition to Iran, Trump affirmed that the two leaders would talk about the US rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. Trump is also expected to meet with German leader Angela Merkel at the White House later in the week, but his relationship with Merkel isn't nearly as strong as his relationship with Macron, with whom he bonded during a visit to Paris for France's Bastille Day parade.

Macron made sure to emphasize their friendship during his opening remarks with reporters. Trump affirmed that the two have "a very special relationship" and that this "isn't fake news."

Earlier today, a senior Iranian official said the regime is considering walking away from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (which it joined in the early 1970s) if the US scraps the nuclear deal.



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Krauthammer on Trump
A different take on Donald Trump: (a non-political agenda)
Trump Is Not A Liberal or Conservative,
he's a "Pragmatist."  
(Definition: A pragmatist is someone
who is practical and
 focused on reaching a goal.
 A pragmatist usually has
 a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach
 and doesn't let emotion distract him or her.)
"We recently enjoyed a belated holiday dinner
 with friends at the home of other friends.
The dinner conversation varied
 from discussions about antique glass and china
to theology and politics.
At one point,
 reference was made to Donald Trump
being a conservative,
to which I responded that
Trump is not a conservative.
I said that I neither view nor do I believe
 that Trump views himself as a conservative.
 I stated it was my opinion that Trump is a pragmatist.
 He sees a problem
 and understands it must be fixed.
 He doesn't see the problem as liberal or conservative,
 he sees it only as a problem.
That is a quality that should be admired and applauded,
 not condemned.
 But I get ahead of myself.
Viewing problems from a Liberal perspective
 has resulted in the creation of more problems,
 more entitlement programs,
 more victims,
more government,
more political correctness,
more attacks on the working class
 in all economic strata.
Viewing things according
to the so-called Republican conservative perspective
 has brought continued spending and globalism
 to the detriment of American interests and well being,
denial of what the real problems are,
weak, ineffective, milquetoast, leadership
that amounts to Barney Fife Deputy Sheriff,
 appeasement oriented
and afraid of its own shadow.
In brief, it has brought liberal ideology
 with a pachyderm as a mascot
juxtaposed to the ass of the Democrat Party.
Immigration isn't a Republican problem,
 it isn't a Liberal problem,
it is a problem that threatens
 the very fabric and infrastructure of America.
It demands a pragmatic approach
 not an approach that is
intended to appease one group or another.
The impending collapse of the economy
wasn't a Liberal or Conservative problem,
it is an American problem.
That said,
until it is viewed as a problem
 that demands a common sense approach
 to resolution,
 it will never be fixed because
 the Democrats and Republicans know only one way to fix things
 and the longevity of their impracticality
 has proven to have no lasting effect.
Successful businessmen like Donald Trump
 find ways to make things work,
 they do not promise to accommodate.
Trump uniquely understands that
China's manipulation of currency
is not a Republican problem or a Democrat problem.
It is a problem that threatens our financial stability
 and he understands the proper balance needed to fix it.
Here again, successful businessmen, like Trump,
 who have weathered the changing tides of economic reality
 understand what is necessary to make business work,
 and they, unlike both sides of the political aisle,
know that if something doesn't work,
you don't continue trying to make it work
 hoping that at some point it will.
As a pragmatist,
Donald Trump hasn't made wild pie-in-the-sky promises
 of a cell phone in every pocket,
free college tuition,
 and a $15 hour minimum wage
 for working the drive-through at Carl's Hamburgers.
I argue that America needs pragmatists
because pragmatists see a problem and find ways to fix them.
 They do not see a problem
and compound it by creating more problems.
You may not like Donald Trump,
but I suspect that the reason some people do not like him
 is because:
(1) he is antithetical to the "good old boy" method
of brokering backroom deals
 that fatten the coffers of politicians;
(2) they are unaccustomed
 to hearing a president speak
 who is unencumbered by the financial shackles
 of those who he owes vis-a-vis donations;
(3) he is someone
who is free of idiomatic political ideology;
(4) he says what he is thinking,
 is unapologetic for his outspoken thoughts,
speaks very straightforward
using everyday language
 that can be understood by all
 (and is offensive to some who dislike him anyway)
making him a great communicator,
 for the most part,
 does what he says he will do
(5) he is someone
who understands that
it takes more than hollow promises
 and political correctness
 to make America great again.
Listening to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
talk about fixing America
 is like listening to two lunatics
 trying to "out crazy" one another.
Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Marco Rubio
are owned lock, stock, and barrel
 by the bankers, corporations, and big dollar donors
 funding their campaigns.
Bush can deny it, but common sense
tells anyone willing to face facts
is that people don't give tens of millions
 without expecting something in return.
We have had Democrats and Republican ideologues
 and what has it brought us?
 Are we better off today or worse off?
 Has it happened overnight or
 has it been a steady decline
brought on by both parties?
I submit that a pragmatist is just what America needs right now.
 People are quick to confuse and despise confidence
as arrogance,
but that is common among those who have never accomplished anything in their lives
 (or politicians who never really solved a problem,
because it’s better to still have an "issue(s) to be solved,"
 so re-elect me to solve it,
(which never happens)
and those who have always played it safe
 (again, all politicians)
not willing to risk failure,
to try and achieve success).
Donald Trump put his total financial empire at risk
 in running for president
and certainly did not need
or possibly even want the job;
that says it all.
He wants success for the U.S.
 and her citizens
because he loves his country.


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Hahaha, Marcon is such a dork and Trump is such a fucking bastard! What a perfect duo to start WW3!

Macron is an even bigger poodle than Tony Blair, but with a walking corpse as a wife you'd expect him to be a total push-over.

Any real man would have shoved Trump away and said: "stop touching me, you fucking Orange clown!"

p.s. look at the red arrows: the Trumptards have woken up at the other side of the Atlantic! Hahahaha!

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What kind of a deal is it where you're allowed to test missiles all over the place?

It's a deal about Iran's nuclear energy program. Period.

There is no mention of missiles at all.

Hasn't anyone ever explained contracts to this guy?

What kind of a deal is it when you don't talk about Yemen and all the other problems?

Ummm, that would be a deal to address Saudi aggression in Yemen. That would be a good idea, Mr. President. You do care about children, right?

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They are both absolute flakes for the Zionists and the Western globalists. The lead lengthy quote in the first comment from Krauthammer is just more Zio swill for more war and conquest in the Middle East. Trump neither a conservative or a liberal but a pragmatist meaning that he is so very practical and such wonderful leader? How is it practical for world peace or to advance the sovereignties and self-determination of nations to scrap the Iranian deal? Whose interests does that serve? Why of course - the pragmatic interests of the US, the UK and the little ratter Israel panting and snarling to get the big dogs off their leashes and attack Iran, solely on the basis that it may be developing nukes once the deal is rescinded.

Abandoning the nuke deal will escalate tensions and the prospect of war which is exactly what the neocon-Ziocon nazis want i.e. - any excuse to attack Iran. On thing is certain about Trump that is that any conservative, liberal or moral principles he ever had, he has long squandered on the pragmatic altar of money and power.    

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Macon is NWO tool

As far as Trump goes... The way I see is it... Trump has no 'core views'...  he is a psychopath businessman...  'whatever it takes to get the deal done' mentality...  or an appearance of winning.  It doesn't matter how many people die or get trampled under... or lied to...  He flip-flops around because he has no true convictions.  A psychopath has no feelings and a warped sense of right and wrong...

And that is a dangerous thing...

PS:  Killary was even worst !!!

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Was saying that about him as I voted for this Mussolini wannabe.

He had zero moral foundation. His moral compass leans whichever way the wind blows. He saw the huge backlash people were building towards Obama's policies and he co-opted the movement by making statements that his campaign team were seeing in conservative on-line forums.

He got what he wanted and pretty much will follow the popular wind regardless of right or wrong. Real men do what is right; weakass wimps follow the opinion of the herd.

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Go on Donald.......I dare ya. Go ahead and start some shit with Iran. Because when oil hits $115 a barrel.....overnight......and gasoline is back above $4 bucks a gallon, you'll finally have that inflation you and your jew bankster buddies have been trying to drum up to keep feeding their debt super monster.

Let me give you a heads aren't going to like the results......and you might want to wait until after the 2020 election if you have hopes of winning.

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People it is not that hard.  We use 19 million barrels a day.  We pump 10 million barrels a day.

19-10=9........we have a 9 million barrel a day deficit.  Where do the other 9 million come from?  That's right, we import it.   Say it with me, "we import it".


"Energy Independence" is NOWHERE in sight.

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So, I guess the US is not testing missiles at White Sands and Vandenburg?  I have always thought this particularly American (yes, I am a US citizen) attitude of 'we can do this, but you can't' is so counter productive.  Here is the deal guys.  The Russians, Chinese and Iranians collectively can match US military might.  The US has nothing but a big mouth these days.  That's why Trump elected a moment of theater in Syria.  He had no real option to strike and kill Syrian and Russian military.  Besides, a large theater or global war will bring down the stock market, and that's about all the deep state has left....a phony financial market that constantly sits on the edge of disaster.  Don, you are best off praising the Iranian deal and taking credit for it.  You don't have the leverage to fight the Iranians.

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"Trump referred to the Iran deal as "insane and ridiculous" while reluctantly confirming that "we'll discuss it."

"We gave them $150 billion...we gave them $1.8 billion in cash, that's actual cash, barrels of cash, "


Whats insane & ridiculous is the pentagram unable to account for the $6 trillion+... & nothing done about it...


BTW thats not dandruff... thats blow... the hookers are backstage... 😒



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Macron is a predator/psychopath/narcissist/controller and mimics affections and emotion, see how  inappropriate he is trying to express affection or closeness to Trump,  trying to be seductive. He has a boyfriend, photographs of them holding handies.

psychopaths dont have the brain hardware to do love affection conscience etc... just mimic strangely and manipulate.  Look how creepily he sits near Trump.

a dreadful little type. his poor sad wifie. I have an ex sister like that so recognise the weirdness. 

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I Am Jack's Ma… algol_dog Tue, 04/24/2018 - 11:40 Permalink

Trump's ignorant, idiot rhetoric on the Iran P+5 deal  {hey, why should Iran get to test defensive missile systems while not enriching uranium to anywhere near weapons grade when Israel has nukes, chem and bio weapons, refuses to sign the NPT, routinely assassinates Iranian civilian scientists and kills Iranians fighting ISIS in Syria??} sounds like it comes direct from Netanyahoo.



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It will never happen, his grandchildren are all jewish, unless they grow up and denounce the jew supremacists they will in fact be the ones that agitate (warmonger) to send your kids & grandchildren to their deaths fighting their goy cousins.

He shamefully groveled before Aipac (the rulers of the U.S. Government) that he had all these jewish grandbaby's and the Aipac warmongers went insanely crazy with applause.

He's called "TRUMP THE ORANGE JEW" for substantiated reasons.

"America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars"

Shouldn't they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?

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Find out what a jew really is. is not the shit that Hollyweird is spreading.


Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People"

Arthur Koestler and his plundering marauding Khasars. "The ThirteenthTribe"…

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