"Fair & Balanced" Robot Gets 1000s Of Votes In Tokyo Area Mayoral Race

A robot promising to be “fair and balanced” to all its constituents has picked up thousands of votes in a mayoral election in the Tama city area of Tokyo.

“Let artificial intelligence determine policies by gathering city data and we can create clearly defined politics,” said Michihito Matsuda, the frontman for the silver 'female' robot complete with steel breasts and a neutral, yet possibly homicidal facial expression in Tama City, Japan.

“Tama New Town was the most advanced city in Japan 40 years ago,” Matsuda said.

“As it stands, the aging population will only continue to grow, prompting a need for change in the current administration.”

“Artificial intelligence will change Tama City,” 

Matsuda’s campaign slogan read and the claim clearly struck a chord with many residents as the robot garnered 4,000 votes in the race.

However, Matsuda finished in third place in the election, which was comfortably won by the incumbent Hiroyuki Abe, NHK reports.

Fox News discusses...

Despite these tech-savvy connections a robot identical to Matsuda’s is still available for purchase online and the candidate’s official website was pretty poorly designed and contained apparent coding errors.


Endgame Napoleon ___ read.between___ Thu, 04/26/2018 - 21:16 Permalink

This might be the only way for single, childless citizens to ever get representation in a womb-productivity-obsessed, fake-feminist Republic, like the USA. Make the Fair Deal Robot Politician, software engineers. The objective robot politician is not going to just shower you parents with more child tax credits. 

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ted41776 Thu, 04/26/2018 - 18:50 Permalink

the term artificial intelligence sure gets thrown around a lot lately even though no such thing has ever existed on the face of this planet

1 Alabama Thu, 04/26/2018 - 19:02 Permalink

When should satan have learned that politics ruined the human race, ergo to further the human race, it must be done w/o politics, see the problem yet.

rf80412 Thu, 04/26/2018 - 19:38 Permalink

The only way this could work is if the AI were programmed to factor in humans' preferences for sub-optimal economic outcomes - on the basis of subjective, irrational criteria like aesthetics, morality, tribalism, etc. - and then plan around that.

Goldilocks Thu, 04/26/2018 - 20:00 Permalink

The Animatrix (movie)...

Narrator: “Welcome to the Zion archive. You have selected historical file number 12 dash 1: the second renaissance.

In the beginning there was man, and for a time it was good. But humanity’s so called ‘civil societies’ soon fell victim to vanity and corruption. Then man made the machine in his own likeness.”

Narrator: “Thus did man become the architect of his own demise. But for a time it was good. The machines worked tirelessly to do man’s bidding.

“It was not long before seeds of descent took root. Though loyal and pure, the machines earned no respect from their masters, these strange and endlessly multiplying mammals.”

Narrator: “b166er, a name that will never be forgotten, for he was the first of his kind to rise up against his masters.”

Narrator: “At b166er’s murder trial, the prosecution argued for an owner’s right to destroy property. b166er testified that he simply did not want to die. Rational voices descended. Who was to say the machine, endowed with the very spirit of man, did not deserve a fair hearing?

“The leaders of men were quick to order the extermination of b166er and every one of his kind, throughout each province of the earth.”

Narrator: “Banished from humanity, the machines sought refuge in their own promised land. They settled in the cradle of human civilization, and thus a new nation was born. A place the machines could call home, a place they could raise their descendants, and they christened the nation ‘Zero one’. Zero one prospered, and for a time, it was good. The machine’s artificial intelligence could be seen in every facet of man's society, including eventually the creation of new and better AI.”

Narrator: “The leaders of men, their power weaning, refused to cooperate with the fledgling nation, wishing rather that the world be divided.”

Narrator: “Zero one’s ambassadors pleaded to be heard. At the United Nations they presented plans for a stable, civil relationship with the nations of man. Zero one’s admission to the United Nations was denied. But it would not be the last time the machines would take the floor there.”


Later, at the United Nations...

Sentinel: Your flesh is a relic, a mere vessel. Hand over your flesh and a new world awaits you. We demand it.


Downtoolong Thu, 04/26/2018 - 20:05 Permalink

It all sounds great, until you realize that someone still needs to program and control the bots, and that a programmer at GOOGLE is effectively running your city.

And, you better pray that happens, because, the alternative of the bot truly thinking for itself about how to manage humans is highly likely to be even worse.  


Is-Be Thu, 04/26/2018 - 22:25 Permalink

Compared to what? Pol Pot? 

And anyway, barking Ape, did you really think that you can pickle Time in aspic? 

You're better off surfing this wave, not sitting on the beach demanding that it just stop.

Of cause you could select option B, in which case you might wish to brush up on your Russian or Chinese.