Kanye Fires Manager, Tweets His Way Through "Meltdown" As Trump Thanks For "Dragon Energy" Tweet

Ever since rapper Kanye West praised a conservative black woman and reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump to his nearly 28 million Twitter followers, the knives have been out for the beleaguered impresario - as his mostly liberal, mostly millennial base struggles to reconcile one of their favorite safe space poets supporting a president they've been programmed to hate. His subreddit, for example, is a trainwreck of fans not knowing which emotion to register.  

Less than a week after West's nearly year-long break from Twitter, the controversial hip-hop star who endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 election tweeted his support on Saturday for black pro-Trump conservative, Candace Owens. 

Owens is the director of urban engagement for Turning Point USA, and feels that black Americans are "slaves on the Democratic Party plantation." 

Given that the media's go-to when West goes off script is "he's crazy," that's exactly where they went. 

Let's start with People flat out lying about West - claiming his family is now in turmoil: 

“He’s had huge blow-ups with Kris. She sees how erratic he’s acting and is most concerned about her daughter’s brand. She’s also trying to be a good mother-in-law, so he’s having explosive issues with her too,” a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Everyone is really, really worried.” -People

 "Lies,Lies,Lies" shot back Jenner, adding "Nope...not true!"

West suggested they were playing themselves, and that they would love a pair of his "Yeezy" brand footwear. 

Then there's Page Six reporting "Fears for Kanye's health emerge" after West tweeted that he fired his manager, Scooter Braun. Check out how this little hit piece begins: 

Kanye West canceled 21 tour dates in 2016 after suffering a “nervous breakdown,” but there are new fears for his health after he abruptly fired manager Scooter Braun and a “friend” claimed West had been addicted to opioids. -Page Six

That "friend," was none other than Hot 97 host Ebro Darden - who told listeners he had spoken with West, who allegedly told him "Nobody really showed love for me when I was addicted to opioids and in the hospital." 

Then Page Six notes that West could be in legal trouble if the 21 canceled tour dates were a result of drug use - as the rapper filed and won a 2017 lawsuit against Lloyd's of London for $10 million to cover the canceled tour.

Buried in the article, "a source close to West tells Page Six they were “doubtful” he was hospitalized for opioid use and “disappointed” Darden made those claims on-air."

In response to Ebro's claim, West called into the show and told the host "I love you." 

Yeezy Purges

West fired off a series of tweets Wednesday morning on a wide variety of subjects - including the fact that he's fired his manager, Scooter Braun - tweeting "I no longer have a manager. I can't be managed." 

West also said he's gotten rid of his "last lawyer" because "he wouldn't come to work full time," so he's hired a CEO and CFO and now employs two full time lawyers.

Kanye then proclaimed his apparel company, Yeezy, will become the biggest "in human history by working with the most genius level talents and creating product at an affordable price" (under budget and ahead of schedule?). He also says he hired "the head of supply chain from the Gap.

Ok so not a paragon of humility, but not exactly having a "meltdown" either on the Kanye scale of sanity.

West 2024

Kanye is also planning a 2024 run for President - tweeting "2024," as well as tweeting then deleting a "KEEP AMERICA GREAT" #KANYE2024 poster. 

In response to one of West's most recent tweets stating "You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.," Trump replied "Thank you Kanye, very cool!" 

At the end of the day, West may be an unfiltered artist with a giant ego who fires off grandiose edicts over Twitter. That said, it's been interesting to watch how the MSM and their various tentacles try their best to cast him into irrelevancy.


Pandelis RafterManFMJ Wed, 04/25/2018 - 15:57 Permalink

"....supporting a president they've been programmed to hate"


they are being reprogrammed ... to love the president ... get it? 

chump is doing well,

he is building the embassy in no time,

forgot about building that wall

getting back into TPP

bombing syria ... once for ivanka, another time for macron, third time just because

what else ... well, forgot about that little man in Ohio to whom he told we are getting out of syria and letting others take care of it ...


yes, I can see why Kany West is being used to reprogramme his young followers ... chump is not so bad after all


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King of Ruperts Land beepbop Wed, 04/25/2018 - 18:20 Permalink

"Better to do?" You mean like getting record low unemployment, tax breaks, Fixing North Korea, Entertaining the French guy, running the art of the deal on the world, putting the knife in Globalism, bleeding out the deep state and generally making America Great Again?

The tweeting and insulting and calling out is like sweet frosting on the cake. Go get'em Donald!

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FoggyWorld JimmyJones Thu, 04/26/2018 - 04:13 Permalink

Check Kayne's story out at Wikipedia.  He has seen more of life than most of us.  Father who worked hard.  Mother who was a college professor.  Moved from Atlanta to Chicago and then to China.  

He is thinking outside of the box and if just 15 percent of US blacks will listen to him, they may find more real power than they will ever get from Democrats who for decades have just assumed they were theirs to manipulate.

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ZTedster beepbop Wed, 04/25/2018 - 22:50 Permalink

"- Taking care of Apartheid Israhell"

Here you're so damned worried about 'The Jooooos', yet you've nothing to say about the mudlims genociding the hell out of everything within their reach that isn't as pure as them?


Get the fuck out of here.


Half the JOOOOOOOOs were wiped off the face of the planet 73 years ago, and today they have restored back to their earlier population.


Question: How the fuck can a grand total population of 12 million Joooooooooos be the root of all evil on this planet???


This site's comment sections used to be my goto place for good intellectual discourse. Now its like transporting to the Nuremberg rally of 1935, complete with the deafening mantras being chanted.


I'm not a Jooooooo. I'm a red-blooded American patriot who served, and I bleed red, white and blue. I don't give a flying fuck about anything that isn't American. As far as I'm concerned we can bring every American soldier home and let the whole world go back to doing what they do best; ripping each other's throats out.

Kick out the UN.

Replace every fucking leftist in academia, hollywood, the lawyers guild, the judicial, legislative, and executive branches from federal lto municipal level with patriots.  

Eliminate SS.

Eliminate welfare.

Kick out every fucking illegal.

Put up a shingle saying, "We are open for business to anyone in the world, but if you hurt one single American, your weather forecasts will be, "Today's temperature will be 5 million degrees and cloudy forever."


Give me 4 years unchecked power and I'll restore this beautiful nation, starting with dumping sick Nazi fucks like you in Cuba.


Thus ends my rant.

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Mr Hankey ZTedster Wed, 04/25/2018 - 23:19 Permalink

"There's only one race that matters, the 'murican race!!!USA!!!!!!USA!!!!!USA!!!!!! 

'Murica!!!!!FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!Coming again to save the mutherfuckin day YEAH!!!!!!!!

Muh freedumb!!!!!

Muh truck-boat-truck !!!

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Scipio Africanuz ZTedster Thu, 04/26/2018 - 04:35 Permalink

One year of unchecked power will permanently damage you talk less four. Every tyrant has made similar arguments and it always ended in disaster, for tyrant and tyrantee alike.

We are in this mess because we lost our REPUBLIC, just like Adam lost Eden. We ate the forbidden fruit of exceptionalism - hubris - so now, just like Adam, the sentence is death except we repent of our folly, and seek the recovery of our first estate - REPUBLIC - AKA "humility".

The founding fathers gave to Americans, a Republic, a system of government that devolves power to local communities, a system that makes it impossible for nine wolves to decide that the singular lamb in the community will be dinner, a system that protects the right of individuals to pursue whatever goals they desire, provided they do so without prejudice to others.

In other words, a system that says, "your life is yours to live, without interference". They did not give us a democracy - MOB RULE - they gave us a Republic - RULE OF LAW - and enlightened law, not rule by statutes - backdoored tyranny -

If you want your life back, you're gonna have to recover your REPUBLIC! Reach out to all and sundry, deal, horse trade, disagree to agree, then stick it to the political duopoly BETRAYERS!

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Endgame Napoleon Ophiuchus Wed, 04/25/2018 - 21:30 Permalink

The big question is this: Where does Kanye make his apparel & footwear? If it is the USA, great, and he is helping to make America great.

Good to hear that some professionals who work part time are not above firing, though. That is not the norm in America’s family friendly workplaces, nor in America’s underemployed economy, full of part-time, low-wage, high-turnover, temporary and 1099 gigs, minus the ones shipped to China or worked unofficially by illegal aliens.


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