Kanye West And The Utopia Trap

Authored by Tom Luongo,

The Culture War is over.  The Marxists lost.

They were always going to lose.  Because cultural Marxism cannot sustain itself without feeding off of other people’s wealth.  It’s a parasitic ideology that first consumes the host then drives it mad to destroy everyone else.

After the 2016 election of Donald Trump when Kanye West had his famous meltdown on stage and walked off during a show it was a pivotal moment.

Many saw an enfant terrible throwing a tantrum and crying for attention  But I didn’t.  I heard a man whose world-view was in flux and causing him real pain.

The kind of pain that changes a man.

It’s a moment when you look at what you’ve built and see it for what it is.  In Kanye’s case it wasn’t his art that was the problem, it was the reaction to it.  The system supporting it.

He saw the politics and structure of the music industry, rightly, as just another mechanism of social control. He railed against radio, MTV and the rest of the distribution system.

He saw his place within it, how it was driving artists and fans apart, to bicker and argue while the real power lay with those controlling and stoking the conflicts.

And he torched it.  Willingly.  With an almost hyper self-awareness.

Fast forward to this week when Kanye emerges from his personal 40 days in the desert and tweets out, as Scott Adams said, “Seven Words that Changed Everything.”

I love the way Candace Owens thinks

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) April 21, 2018

Scott’s right about that.  I’m not sure about his whole “Golden Age” thing (watch the video linked above).  But, I am sure that Kanye West put paid his promise to his fans that he pissed off in November 2016 that he would be a change agent.

That he wasn’t going to go along to get along, stay quiet, be a good boy and reap the benefits of a system he saw as corrupt and corrupting.

Like Kanye or hate him, in this moment you have to respect him.

What he did this week goes far beyond red-pilling a large swath of the American black community about how the Democrats take them for granted, use them for their purposes.

What he did was throw the entirety of cultural Marxism into the ashbin of history.  He just took a massive dump on the entire canon of identity politics.

And then he lit it on fire and threw it on the Gatekeepers of Culture’s front door.

Actions Over Intentions

I don’t know how much of Kanye’s original rant was calculated performance art but I don’t care.  As an economist I’ve trained myself to dispense with such nonsense.

Because you don’t measure a man by his intentions.  You measure him by his actions.

This is one of the fundamental issues of identity politics and Marxism. The insistence that intentions are more important than consequences.

Cultural Marxists wrap themselves in the moral high ground, stating their intentions are noble and selfless. The are putting the community over themselves, while denigrating those honest enough to admit they act for themselves first and the community second.

And this is their defense mechanism for deflecting criticism when their plans fail.

At least our intentions were pure. 

But, as Ayn Rand rightly pointed out, altruism doesn’t exist.  One helps another person because it satisfies their own needs first and the object of their help second.

Some people get immense satisfaction in helping others.

And there is nothing immoral about that. It doesn’t taint their good works with the stain of profit.   It simply is.

So, I don’t care if Kanye did these things for purely selfish reasons or not.  I don’t think he did.  But, he could be the kind of malignant narcissist his critics accuse him of being, most of whom today side with the cultural Marxists.

I just know that whatever his reasons he destroyed the narrative of minority victimization.  And he did it with the precision of a brain surgeon, cutting out the ideological rot in millions of brains with seven words.

As a writer, I’m a bit jealous.

As a human being I’m eternally grateful.

It’s Not My Fault!

And this is why the Culture War is over. It’ll take some time, but this period of history is the culmination of more than a hundred years of Marxism as the dominant political ideology.

Their long march through the institutions is complete just in time to see all of these institutions fail.

They aren’t failing all at once.  A pension system here, a small country’s hyperinflation there.  But they are failing.

Why? Because central planning in all its forms is beset with what Hayek called, “The Knowledge Problem.”

In short it is that the most important knowledge, that of time and place most relevant to individual actions, is unknowable to the central planner.  And that propagates errors in policy which ultimately is capital destructive.

It is why global debt is out of control.  It is why the central planners made the Faustian bargain with the banking cartel to create debt-based money to fund their Utopia. The Marxists get wealth redistribution but at the cost of the banks’ vig.

And everyone else suffers.

As we approach the moment where we finally reach the end of the societal road paved with debt these institutions will fail more rapidly.

Cultural Marxism is, like all collectivist ideologies, Utopian.  By divorcing intentions from consequences it not only insulates itself from criticism but sells itself as a path to higher plane of spirituality which it can’t deliver.

It justifies ends with means that are abhorrent and, like all psychopaths, blames its victims.

It’s never their fault when people are starving in the streets, throwing acid on infidels and selling aborted fetuses to the highest bidder.

No.  Basic welfare is a right.  Open borders? a right.  Abortion, a right.

The Utopia Trap

And that’s the Utopia Trap, the idea that we can make Heaven on Earth by appropriating the life and time of another person through enforced communal responsibility.

On the other hand is the staunch individualist who understands that life is suffering, time is precious and death inevitable.

So, no matter what bad decisions we as individuals make they are still better than the ones the willfully ignorant and ideologically blinded make for us.

So, as the Culture War grinds to its inevitable conclusion, we humans will emerge from this foray into mass insanity known as Marxism smarter just like we did when we overthrew the High Priests of the Sun Gods and the Divine Rights of Kings.

And if we have people like Kanye West and, yes, Donald Trump, to be our Loki figures, gleefully blowing holes in their Utopian dreams so be it.  Because, honestly, who is better suited for that job?

Kanye, bruh, don’t hug him… the kids will not know what to do with that.

*  *  *

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Haus-Targaryen Hobbleknee Thu, 04/26/2018 - 05:13 Permalink

The author clearly lacks the historical perspective on the Marxists modus operandi

They aren't just going to throw up their hands "we give up" now that Kanye has switched sides and go home and pout.  

They will keep on their sprint towards their "international socialism", a "world without borders" and "exterminate whitey" narratives. The average person will, if history be our guide, shy away from these narratives and resort to de facto tribalism (now called nationalism) as a response.  (How many of us on here were run-of-the-mill Republicans a few years ago and now consider ourselves "Alt-Right"?) 

The Lefties that remain will also continue to grow in numbers -- but at a much smaller rate than the "Alt-Right." The difference being is this new Left filled with Marxists will be exceptionally prone to violence, sabotage, coercion and threats to promulgate their narratives. The "Alt-Right" will be filled with many people willing to talk tough but be unable to act, gotta have dinner on the table for the kids. 

Eventually, things get bad enough with the Marxists that the more extreme factions of the "Alt-Right" organize "storm troopers" of sorts -- they start out as defensive agents of "talk-tough no action" alt-right politicians from the Marxists.  However, those that lead/run these "storm troopers" begin to realize: 1) the Marxists actually fear them; 2) they are amassing more power than the politicians they seek to protect; and 3) at this point in the process, only fighting fire with fire is possible.  The time for negotiations and talking are over.

Thereafter, if history once again be our guide -- those who lead said "Alt-Right Storm-Troopers" begin first to act offensively against the Marxists, proactively as opposed to reactionary -- the politicians the seek to protect will distance themselves from this and then there will be a split. 

At this point -- if said storm-trooper leader is articulate, relatable and persuasive it'll be 1934 Germany all over again for the Communists.  If he is some cousin-fucking redneck, well the "Alt-Right" descends into turmoil and in-fighting as a clear power-broker tries to emerge.

If the Marxists are half-way intelligent -- this would be their time to strike. 

No, things get much worse before they get better.  

In reply to by Hobbleknee

CuttingEdge DingleBarryObummer Thu, 04/26/2018 - 06:41 Permalink

Not a fan of his music but good of him for coming fully out of the closet, knowing full well he was going to cop it.


Add what follows to the list of character assassinations by these cunts in the past few days. Shania Twain? Who I always found to be a seriously genuine person (not many of those in celeb land, let's face it)? Fucking disgusting.


Then there's Admiral Ronnie Jackson. I would implore everyone to listen to Dan Bongino's take (he served with him for five years). Notwithstanding the interesting Mueller stuff over the last 24hr that he covers, that is. Fucking disgusting with bells on.


The cherry on top is that cunt at the White House. Jim Acosta. Listen up you fucking weasel turd. Putting out the false unadulterated shite that you do? It will eventually have consequences. Likely including broken bones and/or loss of limbs. So quit with the fucking victimhood status, you cunt, before you've even had a sniff what is more than likely, through your own blatant dishonest so-called journalism, heading in your general direction (along with all the other collusional pond-life in the MSM). 

They used to burn witches at the stake for (in their case alleged) falsehood. Only takes a bit of mob mentality.

Just sayin'.



Now where the fuck are those Strzok/Page memos we are all waiting for?

In reply to by DingleBarryObummer

DingleBarryObummer CuttingEdge Thu, 04/26/2018 - 06:46 Permalink

Not a fan of his music but good of him for coming fully out of the closet, knowing full well he was going to cop it.

Wrong.  He is a zio NWO globalist shill.  He will never mention the Central Bankers, who have intentionally ruined our society to transfer wealth to the 1 percent, because his bosses are the same as the central bank's bosses.  This is all distractions.  He is completely talentless and ugly.  He is nothing more than a hellywood cult member, who has probably had to do horrible horrible things to gain entry into the cult

In reply to by CuttingEdge

SWRichmond DingleBarryObummer Thu, 04/26/2018 - 08:07 Permalink

Count me among those trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.  Scott Adams is a self-important left-coast dipshit.  People who make videos and put on their teacher voice and calmly talk down to me to explain things to me because I'm stupid can suck my dick.  I have barely heard of Kanye West and couldn't possibly care less.


The author of this piece makes an almost passing attempt to explain price signaling and how Central planning defeats this; I could be persuaded to agree that social costs are included in price signaling.  There is nothing else in this article of any substance at all.

In reply to by DingleBarryObummer

Philthy_Stacker SWRichmond Thu, 04/26/2018 - 09:13 Permalink

"I have barely heard of Kanye West and couldn't possibly care less."

And his nearly 28,000,000 followers have 'barely' (read: NEVER) heard of SWRichmond.

However you want to paint him, Kanye commands a significant amount of press, due to his standing in a culture that you can't even comprehend. Billions of people listen to Hip-Hop. (Not me.) But let me repeat for you hard of listening ... Billions of people will hear about the Kanye thing, while I seem to be the ONLY one responding to you post.

In reply to by SWRichmond

HopefulCynical Philthy_Stacker Thu, 04/26/2018 - 09:55 Permalink

Haus-Targaryen - 04:13 Permalink

(How many of us on here were run-of-the-mill Republicans a few years ago and now consider ourselves "Alt-Right"?)

Well, a libertarian, not Republican, but yeah. I've realized that a libertarian society cannot exist so long as Marxists hold any significant political, social or economic power.

At this point -- if said storm-trooper leader is articulate, relatable and persuasive it'll be 1934 Germany all over again for the Communists.

I've also realized that regardless of what they wound up becoming, the NatSocs originally arose to purge the Marxist parasite filth from German society. They attacked Jews, not out of "racism" as the Jews always claim, but because JEWS WERE THE CARRIERS OF COMMUNISM - and STILL ARE. Furthermore, Marxists must be purged by force, as Hoppe says. Marxists, addicted to power and control, will never willingly give it up. They must be driven from it, killed out of power if necessary, as distasteful as that reality is to those of us who are not psychopaths.

If the Marxists are half-way intelligent -- this would be their time to strike.

This is where I disagree. I think the author is correct. Kanye didn't win the culture war; he's merely a visible manifestation of it being won.

No, things get much worse before they get better.

Of course. We've all seen the cartoon of the banking octopus (Vampire Squid, anyone?) with its tentacles wrapped around all the institutions of society. It's being dealt a mortal blow as we speak. It's death throes are going to cause a YUUUGE amount of upheaval.

But die it certainly will. Critical mass has been reached. The masses are awake, and not nearly as stupid or complacent as the Marxists hoped, or we who oppose Marxism feared. Any move the Marxists make to regain their stranglehold will blow up in their faces; it already is...

In reply to by Philthy_Stacker

Haus-Targaryen HopefulCynical Thu, 04/26/2018 - 11:04 Permalink

Good comment.  

I flirted with Libertarianism -- and absent the Marxist filth that currently infests many western societies, I believe it is the superior form of government. 

However, that world only exists in our imaginations and we have many Marxists that need to get the wall. 

That cannot be done by respecting the "no aggression" principal and "live and let live". 

In reply to by HopefulCynical

bshirley1968 Philthy_Stacker Thu, 04/26/2018 - 09:32 Permalink

28,000,000 sheeple. Yeah that'll fix everything. That will be some of the first 28 million to starve to death when their ebt cards are shut off.

Kanye commands? Jack shit! Significant amount of press? Jack shit! A culture that I can't even comprehend? I've read and watched a lot about chimps. They are not that complicated. I know this, "hip-hop" is a culture of the lowest common denominator on the planet. There is little I can think of that is more degenerate, filthy, animalistic, and just pure cheap ass entertainment. The day we "need" that...."group".....for anything, we were already done.

In reply to by Philthy_Stacker

bshirley1968 Philthy_Stacker Thu, 04/26/2018 - 11:06 Permalink

My "chimp" remark goes for that sack of shit Emimem as well.

I am telling you anyone who jumps around to that most basic overplayed beat is appealing to their inner animal......period.

Maybe you should watch a crowd of rapper fans at a concert or on the street corner.  I wouldn't care if they were purple with yellow polka dots.  It ain't about "the color of their skin, but the content of their character".....

That shit they (and you) call music does nothing more than appeal to the basest elements of human society.  All about "fuck this, fuck that, and I fucked her....and her.....and her".  "Down with the poleece."  They better be glad we have police, because if "we" had to handle it ourselves, the rap industry would find out it is "open season" on the majority of their fan base.  Bunch of degenerate, hate filled, perverts!  "Let's smoke some more weed."  "Go to the 7-11 and pick up a couple of 40's".  "Whitey trying to keep me down."  "I was born without a father so I am going to see how many bitches I can knock up to make a bunch of minime's."

Only a dumbass or a degenerate rapper would try to defend that bullshit.  Racism doesn't have shit to do with it.

In reply to by Philthy_Stacker

bshirley1968 SWRichmond Thu, 04/26/2018 - 09:22 Permalink

I couldn't agree more.

The author is an idiot if he thinks Kanye West just destroyed Marxism because Kanye is now a Trumptard. I doubt Kanye could spell Syria much less find it on a map. He is clueless about things like the federal reserve, gold standards, inflation, and derivatives. Bet he has zero idea what is going on in Ukraine or the South China Sea. Do we really think he understands the "commie" pension fund debacle or the corporate/government love-fest? The dude married Kim Kardashian! And yet somehow this guy just killed "cultural" Marxism? The disease of the collective "I want big brother to think for me and care for me" will never die. They will always exist to vote in people to take what you have and give it to them. Like roaches, the best you can hope for is to "control" their population. Eradication is not an option cause they breed daily.

I know people are on an endless search for content......but nigga please!

In reply to by SWRichmond

Philthy_Stacker DingleBarryObummer Thu, 04/26/2018 - 09:07 Permalink

" He thinks what his handlers tell him to think, and nothing more.

How the fuck would you know?

We ALL are 'controlled' at this point. Unless you live in the woods and don't even own a BIC lighter.

Not a fan of Kanye AT ALL but I welcome all comers to the 'Red Pill Apothecary'. AND if you bring 20 or so million followers with you, that'll expedite things nicely.

In reply to by DingleBarryObummer

Philthy_Stacker chumbawamba Thu, 04/26/2018 - 09:52 Permalink

How many times do I have to tell you I don't like Kanye, I don't care about Kanye. Kanye's music [sic] is garbage.

BUT the fact that 1 person may be able to effect change in his/her demographic is important. Stop focusing on the Rapper and look what the fallout might bring.

Lastly, I'm sure you have your grade 6 graduation diploma proudly displayed on your trailer wall. Does your cousin/wife have one too?

In reply to by chumbawamba

bshirley1968 Philthy_Stacker Thu, 04/26/2018 - 11:13 Permalink

Get a grip Hope-a-lot.

Let me tell you what just happened.  The Kardashian's agent sat them down and told them that ratings were getting dull.  They have noticed that the "blacks" that come out and support Trump are all the "rave" in the media and get TONS of attention.

Bingo!  Kanye goes out and buddies with that prick Trump.....cause Trump is just as big a publicity whore......and now everyone is talking about Kanye......and therefore Kim and the Kardashians.

Pure marketing/publicity bullshit.  There will be no "real change" that comes from this.

Sure Kanye has a right to change and see the light, but it will take more than a couple of tweets to "prove" he is anything more than the publicity whore he was when he jumped up on stage with Taylor Swift.

In reply to by Philthy_Stacker

Mr Poopra CuttingEdge Thu, 04/26/2018 - 06:52 Permalink

I don't understand why the msm is making such a big deal out of this.  Millenials are pretty stupid but does anyone actually still think that people vote based on what celebrities think?  Didn't they see what dragging out all those slack jawed hollywood retards did for Hillary?  Absolutely nothing!  Nobody gives a shit what they think.  Essentially every single hollywood moron, pop singer, or kartrashian endorsed Hillary hard and she still got crushed.

If anything, Kanye just allowed all the closet Trump supporters come out into the open.  I don't think that he converted anyone to Trump, just gave a little extra courage to those millenials that have been keeping quiet about it so their group of automaton marxists liberal college pals don't crucify them.

In reply to by CuttingEdge

Vilfredo Pareto Sirius Wonderblast Thu, 04/26/2018 - 08:49 Permalink

But they are Marxists even if they have never read Marx.    They are merely reinventing the wheel.  I read them on Salon seriously discussing the surplus value of labor stolen by capitalists even though they don't know the way Marx described it.


They have dismissed the history of authoritarian leftist ideology (as if there really were any other type) and truly believe they know what is best for us if they can make us obey as well as turn over most of our money to the ones who truly deserve it.  They include themselves in the deserving class too.  What a surprise.



In reply to by Sirius Wonderblast

Scipio Africanuz CuttingEdge Thu, 04/26/2018 - 08:02 Permalink

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

I learned the best lesson of my life, from a poor old wanderer, when I asked how come he had no fixed address, but wanders from place to place?

He simply asked me my fixed address which I told him. He looked long at me and asked, where will your address be when you "die"? I had no clue!

The point he made eventually, was to discard my fear of loss, be it financial, economic, reputation, family, or life. The only fear that's valid according to the wanderer, is that of loss of spiritual integrity.

He advised me to remember, "nobody gets out alive" and worse, "we take nothing with us when leaving" and worst, "spiritual betrayal is the only sin".

My point? For those who desire to live a life of integrity, it will cost you! Not living a life of integrity, will cost multiples more. The question then is this, "what makes you so afraid, you'll betray your soul"?

What comfort are you deriving from the oppression of your fellow humans, that you'd rather adopt apathy, than speak, or act to end it?...

In reply to by CuttingEdge

dark pools of soros Scipio Africanuz Thu, 04/26/2018 - 08:31 Permalink

The fear is called Dogma.   It's a bitch.  The wanderer is a blown seed that never roots down.  He can avoid, to stay afloat. But once rooted you need sustainability with others.  And that is ok, we are only here for the impressions that we make. You'll be back again to continue what you didn't get around to. Time is just for us mortal shells to experience our decisions and reactions but the soul has no qualms on how long it takes for all pictures to be drawn.



In reply to by Scipio Africanuz

Giant Meteor ThanksChump Thu, 04/26/2018 - 07:03 Permalink

Correct. It is difficult to take one seriously, who rails on about "cultural marxism" (whatever the fuck that really means), while practicing another variation of it  .. the cult of personality is the cult of personality is the cult of personality ..

In short, people worship and it practitioners, no matter their prefered flavor, tend as followers  .. Simply because the cultist comes over to the practitioners preferred way of thinking, doesn't make one any less of a cultist ..


In reply to by ThanksChump

Memedada Giant Meteor Thu, 04/26/2018 - 08:02 Permalink

“Cultural Marxism” means nothing. It just one more propaganda-term coined in fascist US. And it is not a big surprise that the owners/fascist of US reuses old and proven propaganda-techniques (it is cheap and the serfs seems to keep buying the BS). In Nazi-Germany Kulturbolschewismus ("Cultural Bolshevism") was used to "describe" political opponents. It was used to describe all (intellectuals, artists, anarchists, socialists, communists, liberalists unionists, priests etc. etc.) who was in opposition to fascism (the merging of corporate/capital and political power with a lot of fetishism to ensnare the plebs: nationalism, patriotism, fear/hatred of “the other”, flags and symbols). “Cultural Marxism” is used in precisely the same manner today – as a (not defined) slur of anyone who’s not a proponent of capitalism (the system we have today – and yes, crony capitalism is still capitalism. It is all about ownership).

If the owners of US was threatened in any way (that is the 0,01% that privately owns everything of importance in US/the oligarchs) by a movement clamoring for the end of private property, expropriation of the FIRE-sector, end of tax on work, 100% tax on inheritance and work-free income (speculation) etc. etc. their might be some support for arguing for “Marxist” fractions within US. But there are none – only far-right fascism and right-wing liberalism (all controlled by the 0,01 % and all in favor of private ownership of the means of production: capitalism). “Identity politics” is a distraction and a natural extension of the neo-liberalist ideology of “meritocracy” – that is: attempting to create a de jure equal playing ground. A real Marxist would laugh: it is all about the economy and ownership!   

In reply to by Giant Meteor

dark pools of soros Giant Meteor Thu, 04/26/2018 - 08:49 Permalink

Cultural Marxism is like being thrown into a  mud puddle where all your individual traits get covered up to blend amongst each other.   It is a never ending boot camp to stomp out humanity for the benefit of the overlords.  


You may say that other systems and cultures have their own ways of bending the will of the people for the benefit of the few but at least those systems allow free thought and expression up to a point..  enough for humans to still be humans

In reply to by Giant Meteor

El Vaquero Haus-Targaryen Thu, 04/26/2018 - 08:37 Permalink

History may rhyme, but it doesn't repeat.  The Marxists, at least in the US, are ill equipped to strike.  Give them all guns and that will still be true.  Most are soft and eschew logic and reason.  When it comes to the use of force, they have to rely on a police force that silently hates them, because when it comes to direct confrontation with anybody to the right of Mao Zedong who actually fights back, they get their asses kicked.  They are useful idiots who know nothing about a real fight. 


It's the people controlling them that I worry about.

In reply to by Haus-Targaryen

Philthy_Stacker Haus-Targaryen Thu, 04/26/2018 - 09:29 Permalink

Thanks for your uplifting message. You're completely wrong of course.

People won't be coerced or controlled by either side for at least 2 generations. now that the control 'mechanism' has been exposed to the world. MSM has obfuscated most of the truth, since before the inception of Television but their time is running short.

I will not become the "Right-Storm" but I will continue to provide my personal wisdom to those that seek it, seek wisdom from those who offer it and use that wisdom to find a better way forward for myself and those who gather around me. I am not a leader, I'm an 'Exampler'.

If your 'example' is to be a pessimist, with fatalistic tendencies, you're right on target.

In reply to by Haus-Targaryen

Haus-Targaryen turkey george palmer Thu, 04/26/2018 - 11:12 Permalink

Rule #35: Never underestimate your opponent.

The difference between you and us, is those of you we are expected to fear flaunt it in the open -- publicly.  You have the luxury of doing this as the political processes and media cover for you. 

We cannot employ the same strategy as we'd get crucified. Germany is a great example. 

Cousin-fucking neo-nazis get caught with 500 grams too many leftover Polish fireworks from the year before and it makes national news.  Antifa lair in Berlin gets raided and grenades and kalashnikovs come out -- barely makes local news. 

Those of us you should fear -- you have no idea who we are.  We could be the guy sitting next to you on the train, the guy working on your car or doing your taxes. 

Keep doing what you are doing.   

In reply to by turkey george palmer