Worldwide Wine Output Collapses To 60-Year Low, Sparks Fears Of Major Shortage

The Director-General of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), Jean-Marie Aurand, presented breathtaking information on the collapse of global wine production, assessment of the worldwide harvest, and the state of the overall wine industry at the organization’s headquarters in Paris on Wednesday.

During the presentation, Aurand warned that global wine production collapsed in 2017, with a contraction of 8.6 percent compared with 2016 figures. In fact, global wine output dropped to its lowest levels since 1957, primarily due to poor weather conditions in the Eurozone which slashed production across the entire bloc.

For instance, French winemakers were hit with the worst frost in 25-years, during the 2017 growing season. Vinters reported “widespread damage in Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne, with some losing their entire 2017 crop,” said Wine Spectator.

“We can already estimate that we have lost nearly half of the potential crop,” said Xavier Coumau, president of Bordeaux’s Syndicate of Wine and Spirits Courtiers.

Vineyards in Champagne have been hit hard by frost in 2017. (Source: John Hodder – Collection CIVC)

The OIV released a press release detailing the global state of conditions report: developments and trends. The report notes the “historically low production, buoyant consumption and continuing internationalization of trade.” Wine production totaled 250 million hectoliters in 2017, down 8.6 percent from 2016. All major European wine producers saw tremendous crop losses due to poor weather conditions, which contributed to the collapse of -14.6% of wine production compared with 2016.

Here is the summary of the report: 

  • With 7.6 mha in 2017, the size of the global area under vines appears to have stabilized.

  • Wine production was at 250 mhl in 2017. This was a historically low production year, with a decline of 8.6% compared with the previous year, explained in particular by unfavorable climate conditions within the EU (-14.6% compared with 2016).

  • A total of 243 mhl of wines were consumed in 2017. Consumption had almost stabilized following the 2008 economic crisis, with a positive trend over the past 3 years.

  • World wine trade: there was a very positive balance, both in terms of volume (108 mhl, +3.4% compared with 2016) and value (30bn EUR, +4.8% compared with 2016).


“In 2017, the growth of the Chinese area under vines slowed (+6 kha), while the size of Turkey’s (-20 kha) and Spain’s (-8 kha) vineyards decreased. In Europe, only the Italian area under vines grew by 5 kha. Spain remains a clear leader in terms of the cultivated surface area with nearly 1 mha, ahead of China (0.87 mha) and France (0.79 mha).”

The global potential of wine production 

Global vineyard area


“Global wine production (excluding juice & musts) fell to 250 mhl in 2017, a decline of 8.6% compared with 2016 production. Italy (42.5 mhl) confirmed its position as the leading world producer, followed by France (36.7 mhl) and Spain (32.1 mhl). The level of production remained high in the United States (23.3 mhl) and Australia (13.7 mhl). In South America, after a 2016 harvest very marked by the influence of El Niño, wine production evolved in different ways in different countries. While the production of Argentina (11.8 mhl) and Brazil (3.4 mhl) grew compared with 2016, regaining their average values, Chilean production registered a decline for the second consecutive year, only reaching 9.5 mhl. South African production levels established themselves at 10.8 mhl, equating to a rise of 2.6% compared with 2016.”

World wine production

The production of global wines in 2017 

Historically low production in Italy, France, Germany, and Spain for 2017

Wine production ex-Europe for 2017 

Four years of global wine production 


“For 2017, global wine consumption is estimated at 243 mhl, a slight increase in relation to the previous year. After the decline following the 2008/2009 economic crisis, world wine consumption resumed a positive trend. This same upward trend has been seen since 2014. With 32.6 mhl wine consumed in 2017, the United States confirmed its position as the biggest global consumer country since 2011, followed by France (27 mhl), Italy (22.6 mhl), Germany (20.2 mhl) and China (17.9 mhl). The downturn in the consumption of historic consumer countries – France, Italy and Spain – appears to have stabilised, while the consumption of the United States, China and Australia continued to increase. ”

Two decades of world consumption of wines

These five countries consume half the wine in the world

Two decades of consumption trends of wine by country 

While the global output of wine collapses to levels not seen in more than 60-years, consumption of wine is accelerating throughout the world. A global wine shortage could be around the corner due to an internationally poor harvest in 2017. Maybe it is time to stock up…


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It's grand solar minimum and it's not going away.  Europe has had plenty of cold induced crop losses.  Planting is already behind in numerous areas of the US.  I bet you didn't hear what happened in Montana this winter either.  The same areas where Gore was always screaming about the glaciers melting.  Not for long...

"Montana's memorable winter is making life miserable for ranchers whose cattle are struggling to survive in the deep snow, bitter temperatures and wind... a series of storms that began in northern Montana beginning Jan. 1 that have produced record amounts of snow and a series of blizzards that have not only hammered communities but hemmed in livestock producers trying to reach cattle with feed.

Among the hardest hit has been the Blackfeet Reservation, where 38,000 head of cattle graze the landscape.  Several winter storm systems have caused severe snowdrifts, extreme cold and blizzard conditions, and have dumped more than 80 inches of snow in areas around Browning in February

Hundreds of people in northwestern and southeastern Montana have been stranded in remote areas and are unable to restock firewood or food," Tester said.

Tester said he's also requesting immediate assistance from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue highlighting the added strain that snowfall puts on agriculture operations.

Tribal officials took to the air in a helicopter Thursday morning to assess the conditions across the Blackfeet reservation, Billedeaux said.

How many cattle have died from the cold, windy and snowy conditions isn't known yet, Billedeaux said.... In one 14-hour whiteout, some cows that were squished into a small area surrounded by 12-foot-tall snow drifts smothered to death, Billedeaux said....

Ranchers said the cost of feeding cattle has doubled because grazing ground is buried, and more feed is necessary as cattle burn more calories in the wintry conditions to maintain body temperature especially when they are pregnant.

Fuel costs also are up because ranchers are plowing more to keep roads and trails open to reach the animals.

In the weekly Montana hay report, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said ranchers across the state are "feeding hay at an alarming rate as temperatures are 5-30 below zero most mornings."

Hay and straw supplies are running out, it says."

Check out these pics.  Gfs shows them getting snow into June.


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"Weed is the best substitute. Doesn't destroy your liver either."

Not too sure about that. Weed stays in a person longer and while an experience now and then may be enlightening, regular use just makes one a dullard.

Making it legal won't give respectability to "stoners" They won't be my peer group and I will not tolerate a "stoner" in any position of authority over me or in any position to potentially cause me harm by their stoner induced competency retardation.

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America was built by drunkards. Its a historical fact. George Washington built a distillery. The first internal tax revenue was a whiskey tax. 150 years ago the average American drank a gallon a week. And the men had to drink 2 or 3 gallons to make up for the women and children who only drank a half a gallon. Then the whores had to drink 2 gallons to make up for the proper ladies who only had small shots for medicinal purposes.

A constitutional amendment was passed to allow prohibition (back when America was a legal and governed by its constitution.) America had to sober up a bit.

Banana daiquiri:
In a blender:
3 cups ice
1/2 a limes juice
1 large or 2 small banana
1/2 cup premium coconut milk
1/2 cup dark rum
1/4 cup sugar

makes 4 small to 2 large or 1 super large serving

Plus has vitamins and minerals that are good for a body.

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Men, perhaps just of my racial makeup, have the ability to metabolize alcohol rapidly. I never suggested Washington drank to excess. The mount Vernon (reconstructed) distillery has this to say of Washington:
He enjoyed a variety of beverages, his favorite being sweet fortified wines like Madeira and Port. He also drank rum punch, porter, and whiskey. He was well aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol to excess and was a strong proponent of moderation.

I could hardly imagine someone being such a drinker and so "well aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol to excess" to have no first person experience to draw upon.

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King of Ruperts Land Mr Hankey Thu, 04/26/2018 - 17:02 Permalink

Just saying that there is a moderate amount of drinking (for men, women metabolize it slower) that when you wake iup in the morning you are back to 100%. If you smoke weed daily you don't get back to 100% in the morning and you are under the influence of weed the next day.

I am not a hypocrite. I am experienced. I would equally be against drunkards. I would not necessarily refuse the splif if it was passed to me and it was right for me at the time. I just don't live the stoner lifestyle and would never be a regular user without a medical need.

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ProstoDoZiemi King of Ruperts Land Thu, 04/26/2018 - 17:17 Permalink

I will just say that a little bit in moderation is ok. The brightest people I know are the ones that get a little loose on the weekends having a couple drinks or a couple puffs.

We can all admit we are stressed from the bullshit that revolves our lives these days, and each has their own way of getting away from the bullshit.

It's the ones that over do it and on a daily basis, that I will not tolerate for..... just my 2 cents.

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When I say stoner, I don't mean a couple of puffs on Friday night. But if the government and corporations start employing stoners I will rebel. If you work for yourself and paint or sculpt or create while stoned all the time then more power to you. But if Stonerism invades the part of forced economy like Gov or big corporate then that is when the cannons get brought out and we see who has the determination to persevere.

Well truthfully the cannons are just about out already.

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ThirdWorldDude King of Ruperts Land Thu, 04/26/2018 - 18:20 Permalink

Get off your high horse, you pretentious little drunktard fuckwit!

I've been smoking regularly (daily, after work on workdays) for at least the last 5 years while doing my intellectual job, oftentimes tedious and exhausting, with excellent results. 

Alcohol destroys existing connections between neurons (and neurons themselves) and prevents new connections from forming, while cannabis does the exact opposite.

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Don't force me to pay for any of your work or sevices of I will work to get you fired.

I won't bake you a fuck'n cake either.

I will grant you the right to do as you please, but you cannot force other people to accept it as right and propper and effective etc.

I reserve the right to not have stoners piloting my planes, driving my buses, tending to my sickness and spending my tax money. (not drunkards either.)

Sorry buddy. Them's the breaks.

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King of Ruperts Land Mr Hankey Thu, 04/26/2018 - 19:48 Permalink

Have you ever considered that the "chronic alkies" you speak of may have just been stupid incompetent people to begin with.

I have seen some genius level people do some pretty genius level stuff after consuming most of a Mickey. Should they drive a car or operate chainsaws, maybe not. Do they get drunk all the time. No. they are too smart for that.

When I say "stoner" I mean someone who possess weed and consumes it more often than not.

I get the feeling I am talking to young people that haven't many years of life experience. I may have talked like you when I was younger. I have now seen much more reality than you have and been around the block and seen and done it more than you. I have smoked more, drank more earned, more fucked more. Whatever you think is so hot about you sad little life, I was doing that when you where in diapers shitting your (Mr Hanky this is not all aimed at you, sorry.) self.

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Mr Hankey King of Ruperts Land Thu, 04/26/2018 - 21:32 Permalink

I get it.

I'm a douche a lot.

Smoked a lot of weed as a yoot,havent for 15-20 years.I enjoyed it a lot,but never craved it like tobacco or alcohol.

I could jump out of bed in the morning a lot faster & be on game after a few bongs of stickybud than a half-3/4 bottle of vodka.Being more risk-averse legal-wise is the biggest reason I still don't. 

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Thaxter King of Ruperts Land Wed, 05/02/2018 - 10:42 Permalink

Chronic alkies are not often stupid and incompetent. In fact, alcoholics are some of the brightest people I know, especially recovered alcoholics.

Alcoholism is a progressive, incurable, and fatal disease. Most people will not admit this, but it's true. Alcoholics cannot physically process alcohol like moderate drinkers do, so asking them to do so is counterproductive. Alcoholics suffer from: 1) an inability to stop after one takes a drink; and 2) obsessive thinking about drinking.

If you think you might have a problem, try to drink no more than three drinks at any one sitting. If you can do so over a consistent span of time (e.g., three months), you're probably not an alcoholic.

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Funny, my everyday-bong-smoking wife got her JD/PhD and graduated as the first ever engineering-JD candidate in this Ivy league schools history.

So I dont know what BS 'weed' you smoke, but it absolutely does not make you an incompetent dullard. Do you have any idea how many incredibly famous writers/mathematicians/scientists were high on opiated hashish or snorted cocaine or regularly took morphine? Like half of them. And those drugs were actually pure back then, and no one even considered 'proper dosages'.

You should potentially read a printed book once in your life so your mind doesnt stagnate into 'induced competency retardation', whatever the fuck that means.

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