Research Shows Google's Search Manipulations Tried To Rig Election For Hillary

Authored by Mac Slavo via,

New research shows just how much Google’s search manipulation affects voters when making decisions. During the 2016 election, it was obvious that Google manipulated searches to favor Hillary Clinton while showing disproportionately negative stories about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

And now we know just how effective all that had been, and it almost left us with Hillary as president.

Hillary Clinton may have lost by a substantially larger margin had Google not manipulated the search results in her favor. Even trending negative searches about the corrupt democrat were suppressed. According to an exclusive by Breitbart, the conclusions are based on 16 months of experiments conducted with a total of 1,800 people from all 50 U.S. states. Participants in the study came from diverse ideological backgrounds, including liberal, conservative, and moderate. In order to control prior biases, participants were asked to judge political candidates that they were unfamiliar with.

The research showed that the manipulation of results pages in search engines can shift the voting preferences of undecideds by anywhere between 20 and 80 percent, depending on the demographic –meaning Google was attempting to rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton.

The voting preferences of participants who saw no search suggestions shifted toward the favored candidate by 37.1%. The voting preferences of participants in the search suggestion groups who saw only positive search suggestions shifted similarly (35.6%). However, the voting preferences of participants who saw three positive search suggestions and one negative search suggestion barely shifted (1.8%); this occurred because the negative search suggestion attracted more than 40% of the clicks (negativity bias). In other words, a single negative search suggestion can impact opinions dramatically. Participants who were shown four negative suggestions (and no positives) shifted away from the candidate shown in the search bar (-43.4%). -Epstein, Mohr, & Martinez, The Search Suggestion Effect, 2018

Led by Dr. Robert Epstein, the researchers concluded that by using this method of manipulation, search engines can shift a “50/50 split among people who are undecided on an issue to a 90/10 split without people’s awareness and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to follow.” Meaning the real collusion during the 2016 election was not between Trump and the Russians, but was between tech giants and their propaganda scheme and the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

It is no longer a conspiracy theory that Google is manipulating people.  Just look at the heavy amount of manipulation in Google’s “suggested” searches in comparison to those of Bing and Yahoo. The researchers suggested that the search suggestion manipulation made against Google during the 2016 election when the tech giant appeared to be suppressing negative search suggestions for Hillary Clinton while allowing negative suggestions for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to remain.

This is not a coincidence, especially when considering Google was the Clinton campaign’s largest corporate contributor. Google employees, including at least six high-ranking executives, donated more than $1.3 million to Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Call it censorship or manipulation, but the truth is…Google attempted to rig the election for Hillary Clinton by manipulating searches and suggestions, and therefore, voters minds.


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Google is an illegal monopoly and needs to be broken up!

The Department of Justice could do it tomorrow using the Sherman Antitrust Act. Force Google to break up into two companies and sell YouTube. 


takeaction lester1 Thu, 04/26/2018 - 16:27 Permalink

Of course google Manipulates it all....

All of us here on ZH (Most) understand...

9/11 is a joke

The Banking System...a joke...

You are a pawn in the game....and "They" do own you.

If "They" wanted you is done.

Everything you have ever done has been recorded and can be used against you if needed.

I could go on....but just enjoy your day.


Knowing what I is amazing to watch and listen to people throughout the day who are absolutely clueless to ANYTHING.

Also...somebody here turned me onto the "Bravo" browser on my phone.  Holy Shit.  No more pop ups.  THANK YOU.

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Walking Turtle Uchtdorf Thu, 04/26/2018 - 20:59 Permalink

"Try instead."

LONG time ago:  Been there.  Did that.  Result?  Same as DDGo - "Enhanced by Google".  Ixquick (once a fine Dutch uncensored search service) was strongarmed a few years back by the Googley Ones and apparently caved right in.  Search integrity destroyed!

So someone might like to try  Might really want to COMPARE.  YT's "take" is that Qwant (a French outfit btw) is doing today precisely what Google and Ixquick sure use'ta' but jus' don't any more.

Tactics+Strategy:  BOYCOTT ALL THINGS GOOGLE.  Open Source EVERYTHING or BUST!  Not a complete solution but a fair start at a Fighting Chance imvho.  And that is all.  0{:-|o[

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The appropriate comment two for one, when you click it ;).

It is simply time to stop bitching about Google and simply swap away from it, in every way possible. The only thing left to do on Google is map because of street view. Youtube is still better for bandwidth in most locations but it's search functions are shite, totally propagandistic, better to search for videos on Duckduckgo, even if many of them at this time point you back to Youtube.

Still searching for Youtube videos on duckduckgo is far more reliable then searching on YouTube, especially political ones.

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TheWholeYearInn Hal n back Thu, 04/26/2018 - 17:12 Permalink

Hillary Clinton


- Never won an election in her life UNTIL

- JFK Arkancide, 6 months before NY Senatorial election

- Rudy G sex scandal 2 weeks before NT Senatorial election




- lost to a negro homo illegal alien, with a tranny wife (& whose academic records are sealed)

- was about to lose even her own party nomination to Bernie fucking Sanders (even though he was only ever put in there in the first place to make it look like she could actually win something).

- lost to Trump, even with the most corrupt election fraud machine ever seen in the history of mankind (unless maybe you go back to Caligula).


Feel free to chime in if you have a better definition of 'UNELECTABLE'

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CatInTheHat TheWholeYearInn Thu, 04/26/2018 - 17:49 Permalink

I WAS  a Democrat until the 2016 selection, when Sanders threw us under the bus for Clinton. Yes, I saw all the FRAUD and the red flags about what a slimey DOUCHE BAG Sanders really was from the beginning,  the tip off being that he was running as a Democrat and the totally lame ass excuses he used to run under the Democratic party ticket. I put my money and time into the campaign and held on even though Sanders REFUSED to call out the fraud as it became blindingly obvious and even though  his supporters BEGGED him too. He IGNORED every single piece of evidence paper to video of the blatant tactics used by hillbots and the DNC, FBI, DOJ....(letting Clinton OFF on the email scandal), I KNEW it but I didn't want to believe it could be true and held on to the convention and the rest is history .

This why I get more than pissed when former Sanders supporters INSIST Russia did it even though they too witnessed the fraud!! It doesn't bother them that Hitlery, FBI, DOJ, OBAMA, CIA NSA, ET.AL COMMITTED TREASON in trying to over throw the Democratically elected President, as well as RIG the primary??? 


The reason these shit bags get away with what they do is because we allow it. 

Wake up, Jeff!!!

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rtb61 TheWholeYearInn Thu, 04/26/2018 - 21:44 Permalink

Clinton did not lose the election, lets be clear on that. The deep state, the shadow government, the main stream media cabal, the Obama White house and it's corrupt political appointees, the DNC, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the majority of US lobbyists, the UK, Israel and Saudi governments and Clinton lost the US elections to trolls from all over the world, mainly Americans ones, home of most of the trolls. That was one big ole loss and really quite funny.

Yeah, it wasn't only the corporate whore that lost (she's just a corrupt bitch that can routinely lie with a straight face, nothing special at nothing, everything actually run by lobbyists), it was the entirety of the core of corruption in US and Global politics that lost and man, did it panic the fuck out of them and cause them to make blunder after blunder, now that was even more fun. Especially trolling into that to exacerbate it and get them to make more even more stupidly arrogant mistakes.

So not some silly corporate whore that lost, the entirety of the corrupt New World Order lost and they lost big time. Clinton a big zero, just a corrupt puppet on mutli-national corporate strings.

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"Don't be Evil?"

Of course not - those words are not (as popularly supposed) Moral Instruction for the Masses.  Instead (trickee trickee GoogleSpeak!) they are a DECLARATION of CORPORATE MARKET-SHARE TURF.  Your competition and mine for market-share is NOT wanted.

Because doing big, serious evil is big, serious business.  A big, serious company MUST be enlisted! 

And so it was.  And that (unless we git to our gunz etc afore they git to theirs) is all.  0{:-|o[

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Check out the Seattle Times today,

they drilled the lock at the (vacated) Embassy building in Madison Park neighborhood.

(MP is known for having the most spoiled doggies in Seattle)

that'll teach the ruskies. (the Times also claimed Russia was spying on Bangor submarine base....

from the residence/Embassy in Madison Park????.........

how did the methheads get control of the US gov't? 

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Walking Turtle a Smudge by an… Thu, 04/26/2018 - 20:50 Permalink

That's a fine Highbrow Anthem.  For the beetle-browed masses, otoh, we have the refrain from "Clementine"...

Russian hackers! Russian hackers!
Russian hackers, all the time!
Russian hackers! Russian hackers!
Russian hackers, all the time!

(Repeat liberally ad nausaeum until all the speeches are spoken and all the free beer etc is gone.) 

Then go home.  And that is all. 0{;-\o[ 


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Rex Andrus samsara Thu, 04/26/2018 - 20:33 Permalink

What if they found out that the British Protectorate of East Africa recorded Hussein's birth records in...…

Britain's Public Records Office and the KEW branch of British National Archives?…

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Look, of course it's all a sham. Let me give you some advise from an old man. The only thing siding with the unenlightened will get you is poor. And to paraphrase Aristotle, there will always be more of them, then the enlightened. So, ethics isn't law. It's ok to tap their dumb asses for our betterment. Get in the game man, or you'll never get anywhere. 

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Yeah, I gave the down vote.


Why? Simple. People, you, me and the dude over there use Google over other search engines and that made it grow. Don't like it? Use something else and help "the other guy" grow but sure as hell don't demand the g-men step in with their "I'm from the government and here to help" tag lines to screw every thing up.



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..."The Department of Justice could do it tomorrow..."

Ah, but after SEVENTEEN SOLID YEARS of NeoGlobalista top-down rule over the Rest of Us since Ninesey/'Levvensey Day, that fine foo-infested Departmen's personnel from the top to the bottom would have to have been vetted en masse by means of NoLieMRI (dotcom) Cerebral Activity Imaging technology.  Yesterday.

Limit:  Only overt lies and conscious criminal tendencies are detected in situ.  Beliefs of all kinds, including clinical-grade delusions, breeze right through.  Nonetheless, in keeping with the Federal "Truth in Advertising" and "Truth in Labeling" statutes, imvho all those various pre-packaged human(oid) products a-workin' there sure could be sorted & sifted right fine.  At NO waste of the Public Funds.

Notion:  Weed DoJ out on those lines and watch that beast's nature change!  Maybe the post-O'Bummah Fibbies might just need such a sifting too, eh?  Maybe then someone'd git to the bottom of who murdered >>>SETH RICH<<< and why, too, HM... 

Until then, Debbie W-Schultz and her precious Awans are, imvho, just as safe as can be while the National Lifeblood they and the Hillarions stole sota' just drains awayIt's already in enemy hands.  While Google keeps the public "in check". 

Tip:  Qwant dot com appears to work as Google once did.  MUCH better, at any rate!  And that is all.  0{:-\o[

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"Force Google to break up into two companies and sell YouTube. "

Better still:  Go after the Parent Company, which is Alphabet Inc.  Break out all Alphabet's divisions (YouTube, Google Search, GMail, Docs, Drive, Earth etc), robotics, etc (Deep Thought AI etc should be DISMEMBERED imvho) and confiscate them.  Liquidate them.  Sell them OFF.  For PARTS and SALVAGE.  Under STRICT SUPERVISION. 

Same as for FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter etc imvho.  Only a BIG CUDGEL will persuade those d**ks pull their d***s out of all the Rest of Us.  JAIL the ALPHABET INC BOARD EN MASSE.  And that is all.  0{:-|o[

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