In Explosive Interview Comey Grilled Over Memos, FBI Bias And Steele Dossier

Fox News host Bret Baier and James Comey sat down for a one-on-one interview Thursday night, in perhaps the most serious and direct conversations with the former FBI Director to date.

Baier held Comey's feet to the fire on a wide variety of controversial topics - including the FBI's decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton before interviewing her, what Comey knew about the "Steele Dossier" used to obtain a surveillance warrant on a Trump campaign aide, and the memos Comey leaked to his friend which he hoped would lead to a special counsel investigation. 

Clinton Exoneration

After starting the interview off with a joke about how Comey must find it "a little tougher to get around town without a motorcade," Baier pulled no punches - launching straight into asking the former FBI Director if it was true that his team decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton before interviewing her

In response, Comey said that because of all the prior investigative work the FBI had done on the Clinton email case, investigators said "it looks like it's not going to get to a place where the prosecutors will bring it," and that it's "fairly typical" for white collar investigations to save interviews for last. 

Comey: I started to see that their view was, it was unlikely to end in a case that the prosecutors at DOJ would bring

Baier: Before the interview?

Sure, yeah, because they had spent ten months digging around, reading all of the emails, putting everything together, interviewing everybody who set up her system. They weren't certain of that result, but they said "Look boss, on the current course and speed, looks like it's not going to get to a place where the prosecutor will bring it." 


Strzok and Page

On the topic of Peter Strzok - the anti-Trump counterintelligence agent deeply involved in both the Clinton and Trump investigations along with his FBI attorney mistress, Lisa Page, Comey said he never witnessed evidence of bias working with the pair, but that he was "deeply disappointed" when he saw some of the text messages exchanged between them. 

“I can tell you this: When I saw the texts, I was deeply disappointed in them,” Comey told Baier. “But I never saw any bias, any reflection of any kind of animus towards anybody, including me. I’m sure I’m badmouthed in those texts, I’m just not going to read them all. Never saw it.”

Comey said that if he had been aware of the level of hatred Strzok and Page had for Trump, he "would have removed both of them from any contact with significant investigations." 

The "leaked" memos

When it comes to the leaked memos that kickstarted the Mueller probe, Comey maintains that the memos he created to document his interactions with President Trump, seven in all and four of which have been deemed classified; two marked "confidential" and two marked "secret." 

Comey also admitted that he leaked the memos to two other people who he said were members of his "legal team," including David Kelly and former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. 

“I gave the memos to my legal team after I gave them to Dan Richman -- after I asked him to get it out to the media,” said Comey, who likened the memos to his "diaries." 

I didn't consider it part of an FBI file... It was my personal aide-memoire,” Comey said, adding "I always thought of it as mine, like a diary"

Trump "just wrong" 

Responding to a Fox & Friends interview in which President Trump said "Comey is a leaker and he's a liar. He's been leaking for years," the former FBI Director responded "He's just wrong. Facts really do matter." Comey then claimed that because the FBI approved the inclusion of the memos in his book, A Higher Loyalty, they are therefore not classified. 

Byron York of the Washington Examiner provides an excellent breakdown of Comey's semantic absurdity here

The "Steele Dossier" and who paid for it

Baier asked Comey why the FBI used the Steele Dossier compiled by former UK spy Christopher Steele to obtain a FISA warrant on a Trump campaign aide if it was "salacious," to which Comey replied that the dossier was part of a "broader mosaic of facts" used to support the application. 

And when it comes to who funded the dossier used in the FISA application, Comey claims he still has no idea whether Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded it.  

When did you learn that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign had funded Christopher Steele’s work?” Baier asked.

Yeah I still don’t know that for a fact,” Comey responded.

“What do you mean?” Baier replied.

I’ve only seen it in the media, I never knew exactly which Democrats had funded,” Comey explained, “I knew it was funded first by Republicans.”

Baier quickly corrected Comey, noting that while conservative website Free Beacon had Fusion GPS on "a kind of retainer," they "did not fund the Christopher Steele memo or the dossier," adding "That was initiated by Democrats." 

On Friday morning, in response to the interview, Trump blasted Comey again in a tweet:

"Is everybody believing what is going on. James Comey can’t define what a leak is. He illegally leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION but doesn’t understand what he did or how serious it is. He lied all over the place to cover it up. He’s either very sick or very dumb. Remember sailor!"

Full Interview Below

Brett Baier's Take and other reactions:



hedgeless_horseman BetterRalph Fri, 04/27/2018 - 10:23 Permalink


...two marked "confidential" and two marked "secret." 

Comey also admitted that he leaked the memos...

As Orwell taught us in, Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

So no charges against Comey, Hillary, McCabe etc.  They simply can't allow a jury to decide if they broke the law.  

And as Bastiat writes in, The Law, today in the USA, the law has been perverted to the point where its only purpose is to legalize plunder.

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CuttingEdge J S Bach Fri, 04/27/2018 - 10:40 Permalink

Anyone read the latest text messages?…


The recipe for a Nothing Burger, as created by the DoJ. Peddling bullshit like this on a daily basis must be soul destroying for any of these weasel cunts that had a soul in the first place.


The really juicy ones are redacted to hell and gone, or text corrupted in all the right places.



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FireBrander CuttingEdge Fri, 04/27/2018 - 10:46 Permalink

The following is a list of every “Swamp Creature” Jeff Sessions has successfully prosecuted and imprisoned:



Hillary CONFESSED to the world that she committed multiple crimes setting up that email act that would have MOST CERTAINLY landed you and I in jail...Jesus Jeff...even an intern at a Mississippi law firm could win a case where the criminal admits guilt!

Imagine yourself admitting to the head of the FBI that you committed multiple, Federal, crimes by setting up an email server "for your convenience" to conduct State Department business that included, at a minimum, "sensitive" documents...and when it comes to the publics' attention, you admit to destroying evidence and laugh about it on camera...and the FBI Director just waves it all off...yeah, right...

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jcaz de3de8 Fri, 04/27/2018 - 11:30 Permalink

He feels empowered because he's still running around in the media spouting his shit, which is getting more "creative" with every interview he does;

For a guy who all his friends say he considers himself as "the smartest man in the room",  he's a stunning "din know nuffin" dumbfuck........

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Stan522 jcaz Fri, 04/27/2018 - 11:44 Permalink

Just like with hildabeast, there will be no prosecution of this turd. As incriminating as it all looks, he will get off because of plausible deniability, plus, the feds don't like prosecuting their own.... it's a way of keeping their own skins safe from prosecution if they get cornered with the truth of the crimes they all commit......

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Creative_Destruct Stan522 Fri, 04/27/2018 - 12:30 Permalink

I didn't consider it part of an FBI file... It was my personal aide-memoire,” Comey said, adding "I always thought of it as mine, like a diary"

IDIOT. Those memos are a work product created while he worked for the FBI. HE does NOT get to arbitrarily judge what is and is not classified. What HE considers personal is irrelevant. 

Arrogant self-righteous douchebag. He should get at LEAST a deserved stay at a Club Fed for this.

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solidtare Creative_Destruct Fri, 04/27/2018 - 12:57 Permalink…

"Comey revealed that he is either a world class liar or a total moron. Actually, he may be both. I also think that he earned the title of "sanctimonious twit."


look at the exchange that starts at 8:30 into the interview. It concerns the so-called Steele Dossier. This exchange should leave you slack jawed by the audacity of Comey's lies. We are asked to believe that Jim Comey is a boy scout. Honest to a fault. Just a humble man trying to do the right thing. Oh yeah, he also is supposed to be really smart. He is a lawyer don't cha know.

So here is the scenario. He claims he is briefed sometime in September or October on parts of the Steele documents. He is not sure. This really smart guy just cannot remember.

Well, let's see if this helps jog the faltering brain cells of choir boy. There was a letter from Senator Harry Reid, whose panties were in a bunch after being briefed by someone from the Intelligence Community (probably CIA Director John Brennan) that there was:

. . . evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump's presidential campaign continues to mount and has led Michael Morrell, the former Acting Central Intelligence Director, to call Trump an "unwitting agent" of Russia and the Kremlin. The prospect of a hostile government actively seeking to undermine our free and fair elections represents one of the gravest threats to our democracy since the Cold War and it is critical for the Federal Bureau of lnvestigation to use every resource available to investigate this matter thoroughly and in a timely fashion. The American people deserve to have a full understanding of the facts from a completed investigation before they vote this November.

Put yourself in Jim Comey's large shoes. Would you get such a letter and then file it away at the bottom of your burn bag? Or, would you demand immediate action from your senior staff, including a briefing from the CIA liaison officer posted to FBI Headquarters? Call me crazy, but I am betting that someone as smart and honorable and conscientious (you get the drift) as Jimmy Comey would go for the latter. He would want a briefing and want to know what was told to Senator Reid and other key members of Congress.

But Comey now wants us to believe that he does not remember anything about the specifics of this Dossier and the information contained in it. Are we to suppose that Comey was getting so many letters and reports about Trump and the Rooskies collaborating on stealing the election that it was just something routine? I doubt that.

Comey also wants us to assume that he is a total idiot. Who else catches a briefing laying out sordid and salacious details about Donald Trump and members of his crew romping around Moscow and other formerly commie nooks and crannies and does not have even a wee bit of curiosity to ask, "Who is the source?" or "How did the source come to have this info?"

Nope. Not Jimmy Comey. Asking such basic, factual questions apparently eluded his razor sharp mind. He concedes that it came from a foreign intelligence officer (Steele) and, rather than wonder about any possible counter intelligence concerns, says that he took that fact as validation of the reliability of these fantastical reports.

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yvhmer solidtare Sat, 04/28/2018 - 06:55 Permalink

He was well prepared. His face exclaimed: I am an honest Joe (ref: puss in boots young puss looking up with big eyes: I am cute .....please, take me in ... ) I am a victim of a vicious guy with an axe to grind.

And all of a sudden, after what, a 100 years of FBI existence, there all of a sudden is not a shimmer of outline describing the difference between criminally negligent and sloppy? He had such a hard time soul searching

Note his strategic use of :"No recollection" and "not to my knowledge". 

He may be a weasel or not, I have to credit him for a well played act. Very entertaining, indeed.


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STP Creative_Destruct Fri, 04/27/2018 - 16:19 Permalink

Jim Comey DOES get to arbitrarily judge what is and what is not classified!  As the head of the FBI, he clearly has the role of 'Originating Authority' on determining classification of ANY document.  What it says is, that if there's ANY doubt, whether it is classified or not, it shall be SAFEGUARDED at the higher level of classification.  And the ultimate authority, is the President of the United States, if the Originator is Comey.  So Comey took it upon himself to declassify, classified documents without the permission of the President of the United States, who happens to be his boss.

(c) If there is reasonable doubt about the need to classify information, it shall be safeguarded as if it were classified pending a determination by an original classification authority, who shall make this determination within thirty (30) days. If there is reasonable doubt about the appropriate level of classification, it shall be safeguarded at the higher level of classification pending a determination by an original classification authority, who shall make this determination within thirty (30) days.

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STP STP Fri, 04/27/2018 - 16:24 Permalink

I'll add this as well.  And this is the source, BTW:

Executive Orders

Executive Order 12356--National security information

Source: The provisions of Executive Order 12356 of Apr. 2, 1982, appear at 47 FR 14874 and 15557, 3 CFR, 1982 Comp., p. 166, unless otherwise noted.


10) other categories of information that are related to the national security and that require protection against unauthorized disclosure as determined by the President or by agency heads or other officials who have been delegated original classification authority by the President. Any determination made under this subsection shall be reported promptly to the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office.

(b) Information that is determined to concern one or more of the categories in Section 1.3(a) shall be classified when an original classification authority also determines that its unauthorized disclosure, either by itself or in the context of other information, reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security.
(c) Unauthorized disclosure of foreign government information, the identity of a confidential foreign source, or intelligence sources or methods is presumed to cause damage to the national security.
(d) Information classified in accordance with Section 1.3 shall not be declassified automatically as a result of any unofficial publication or inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure in the United States or abroad of identical or similar information.[!!!!!!]

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MrAToZ nope-1004 Fri, 04/27/2018 - 17:42 Permalink

Comey is no different than any of those low lifes you used to see get busted on Cops. He's a confidence man. A crack head, high on his own power. He's worse in fact because he betrayed his fellow Americans en masse.

What nails him is over confidence. Obama has it, Clinton has it. They all think that they they're winners at the table and that it's gonna go on forever. They are the worse type because they think they deserve it. There is not a gram of humility in the lot. Prisons are full of these guys.

Interestingly enough, all these these players use the same excuses those addicts with smack in the center console use as they were getting cuffed.

"What? We were just talkin"

"I had no idea that was there"

"I don't remember"

"Some guy told me it was okay"

"I don't know"

"The other guy started it"

"That's my personal stuff. You got no right"

"Those aren't mine"

"Wasn't me"

"I'm not me I'm my younger brother" (nod to Ike Turner for that one)

It's the sheer weight of these tired old answers that makes it so obvious that Comey is scum. He has an answer for everything. Put them all together and you get a figure eight. He's a punk in the first order and a henchman of a crime family.  I'm hoping he ends up somebody's punk when this is over.

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Rex Andrus Yukon Cornholius Fri, 04/27/2018 - 13:55 Permalink

This is a constitutional republic. They like "democracy" because they can claim their crimes legitimate as "mandates". Their actions are unconstitutional. That is the law. Be nice if the next time the military conducts exercises in a domestic population center the local militia takes them all prisoner. Train for this.…

In reply to by Yukon Cornholius

Yukon Cornholius Rex Andrus Fri, 04/27/2018 - 14:16 Permalink

Maybe ideologically it is a constitutional republic, but since March 9, 1933 when FDR signed the Emergency Banking Act the United States has been a private institution managed by foreign investors. 

“Since March 9, 1933 The United States has been in a state of Declared National Emergency ... Under the powers delegated by these statutes the President may: seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, order military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a plethora of ways control the lives of American citizens. ... A majority of the people in the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For forty years, freedoms and governmental procedure guaranteed by the Constitution have in varying degrees been abridged by laws brought into force by national emergency.” In Reg. US Senate report No. 93-549 dated 11/19/73

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TheWholeYearInn FireBrander Fri, 04/27/2018 - 10:51 Permalink

Let's see


- Another day Comey out on the interview tour

- Another day Mueller still has a job

- Another day Sessions still has a job

- Another [FRI] day Trump thinking hard about what his weekend tweetstormy will rage on about


In summary ~ Another DAY IN THE LIFE


Hey ~ but at least now we all know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

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zimboe fishwharf Fri, 04/27/2018 - 16:45 Permalink

Take him to Gitmo and waterboard the red-hot living shit out of this squirming bag of weasels until we get a straight answer.

-He is raising dust to allow his use of the" I can't recall" defence later in case he comes to trial.

Or- Ooooopsy! While we weren't watching he hung himself in his cell with the belt we forgot to take away from him.

That will send a clear message and maybe most of these shits will hop on their private jets and fucking leave...

Make these traitors fear for their lives.


Man, there's bullshit and there's blatant bullshit.

Never has a weasel metaphor been more appropriate.

It makes me dizzy and sick and insulted to watch this pustule lie through his teeth to me... I'd pay good money to bitchslap this twat.

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