Danes Furious After Immigration Minister Says Migrants "Cheat, Lie And Abuse"

In an editorial that has drawn the fury of progressives in Denmark, possibly the most conservative of the Nordic states, the country's immigration minister said "a significant group" of refugees "cheats, lies and abuses our trust" to soak the Danish government for additional benefits - or to cheat on exams that allow them to receive asylum status.

Inger Stojberg

According to Inger Stojberg's editorial, which was published in the Danish BT tabloid, thousands of migrants pose as adolescents to receive the additional benefits that the state of Denmark bestows on unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in the country. In fact, as many as two-thirds of the refugees admitted to Denmark have later been found to be older than the age they gave during their arrival. More from RT (translation theirs):

Another problem that Stojberg highlighted is the age of so-called minors among migrants, many of whom are believed to be grown men posing as adolescents. "We also see young people under the age of 18 who cheat their way into getting better treatment and more benefits," she stated, stressing that an unaccompanied minor costs over 500,000 kroner ($80,000) per year for the state. "In fact, two thirds of those whom we later age-tested proved to be older than they originally stated," she added.

Stojberg also cited Facebook Groups found online where refugees share answers to Danish language and culture tests that every migrant entering Denmark must take.


However, rather than inciting popular demand to have these loopholes closed once and for all, Stojberg's editorial, which she also posted on her Facebook page, has triggered a backlash, with Danish citizens accusing her of "cheating" the Danish people by spreading lies and hate.

Stojberg’s remarks, which she also posted on her Facebook page, have caused an online controversy, with people saying that it is the Danish immigration minister who "cheats and abuses the Danish people’s trust."

"You are a sad example of Denmark's idea and understanding of integration," one person wrote, while another stated that Stojberg’s rhetoric criminalizes people "who happen to come from another country and are on the run."

That said, the government's immigration curbing policies are working: according to government data, more than 3,000 people applied for asylum in Denmark last year - a steep drop from the spring of 2016, when numbers were near their peak. Over the past three years, the country has taken in some 30,000 refugees, mostly Syrians, Eritreans and Afghans.


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Something can.


It costs 80.000 per refugee... and if the local population has a problem, they'll never get that kind of support.


80K... for a non productive person that will turn to crime like it's the most normal thing.

But money only flows as long as there's money.

No way Denmark will be able to allow them all in at that cost.


In 3 years time, a refugee costs as much as a small house!!! For which young people have to work for over 20years!!


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I spent some extended time in Denmark many years ago. Great people and lots of pretty girls, but the people seemed so naive ensconced in their socialist utopia.  Americans are pretty naive also, but people who have lived in a very steady state economy as the Scandanavians have pretty much lived in since the 1950's don't know what radical change is and they think the prosperity will just roll on even though their culture is changing rapidly.  I like the Danes.  Sadly, another white culture imploding.

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It's gotta be all the vaccines the give ppl, it is clearly rotting the brain. Prior to 1930, vaccines as we know them did not exist, the ones that passed for a 'vaccine' were loaded with mercury and caused hideous epidemics; then they show up with the polio vax, and that led to a massive outbreak of polio, until they attenuated to p vax to a non-live strain; then, in the late 50s, big pharma had an epiphany and realized it could sell that s- for billions, all with the govt's blessing, because we needed to be protected!

So then they show up with the MMR shot, but that had its problems, leading to massive outbreaks in measles (surprise!), at a time where just prior to the mass inoculations (because it is good for the children!) because of substantial improvements to infrastructure (you know, that 'thing' that was substantially hampered because of the jew wars for the first 50 years of the 20th century) the rate of disease, specifically, but not only including, measles, was already on the decline. But leave it to the govt to find a problem for every solution!

So the vax big pharma world was relatively quiet up until the 80s. Profits must have been sagging. So, big pharma, with the govt in its pockets, paying out gigantic bribes, managed to contrive the national vaccine act of 1987

TODAY, they shoot a kid up with s- only an HOUR after they are born! Then they inject with MOAR at 2,4,6,12,18, 24, 36 months, until by the time the typical kid born after 1987 has had 10-15 injections, with over 70 stains of toxic vaccines.

Ever wonder why ppl seem so particularly insane? Ha, and I haven't even gotten to what the govt puts in the air, water and food for the rest of us smart enough not to trust the govt and fall for the propaganda of big pharma.

Now we find, unbelievably, this lady in Denmark, obviously telling the truth, because she sees this stuff first hand, and you'd think the entire country would be outraged at the scamming, mischievous 'immigrants'

Ahhh, no, grasshopper! Instead, the 'progressives', who prefer their country degraded regressively, deny the facts because the truth is soooooooo hateful! "Please, all you 3rd worlders, who have no respect for our culture, no understanding where it came from, or why it works so well, and no ability to contribute to it, but in many cases, only wish to see it torn down, to be supplanted with the low culture you bring, PLEASE come in to our country and destroy it! We are insane! We hate ourselves! The jews programmed us by their media to think like this but we are too dumb to realize that we have been brainwashed by their media, and incessant multi-cultural propagandizing, to have the effect of destroying the white culture. Hooray!!!"

Yeah, nobody gets that way by accident. With all the s- created in the labs to have just the effect it is apparently having, you can be SURE those nasty vaccines are DESIGNED to produce this outcome.

Progressive! What a load of crap! 'progressives' are the stupidest most idiotic mutha fuggahs that ever walked the face of the earth. And in classic form, the very label they parade around with is the exact opposite of what they are, retarded regressive brain damaged and brainwashed doorknobs.





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I think the point moobra was making was that the same scientific method has been used to develop vaccines and antibiotics. At this point it is a question of the contaminants in the solution in which the vaccine antigen is suspended, not the antigen itself. You may believe that smallpox and polio, for example, would not be a problem without a vaccine for each, but you would be, at the very least, ignorantly wrong.

""a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses".[1] Experiments are a procedure designed to test hypotheses. Experiments are an important tool of the scientific method.[2][3] To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry is commonly based on empirical or measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.[4]" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method

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Same sort of response I saw to an article on Facebook where there was a video of "local's" in a new third world area of London stealing water from a marathon area.

Immediately people were replying to the video indignantly saying how people were taking this out of context and it was all okay, nothing bad was happening, even though if they took the time to watch the video a guy working for the marathon actually said to the camera "the locals are stealing the water before we can give it out".

Stupid, but progressives desperately want to believe in their fantasy world at all costs, the first casualty of war is truth.

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Their fantasy world is all people have equal abilities and there are no population or demographic differences.  They say "who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?" when you point out the differences.


Any negative racial or demographic differences noted are whitey's fault with all that oppression and sheit he be puttin on people.


When these differences prove to be permanent (has any group caught up to the Jews yet?) then "abolish  whiteness" will slowly merge into "abolish whitey."

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I got five down votes when I pointed out from an article in RT that older Swede women were both "adopting" and allowing (Black - this is simply a factual statement with pictures of both the older women with their males) young men who (as I stated) were not even good looking to be their partners.  They have Support Clubs.  I found this to be repulsive and so stated "YUCH."  Another article was about female staff at immigrant underage facilities also having sex with the "boys" and several had been fired.  This is what happens in societies with no boundaries as to sexual desires which can become so obsessive the dignity of individuals is compromised.  This level of animal promiscuity is what is supported by these corrupted societies which then attempt to construct legal concepts to "allow" sexual contact (this absolute human as cipher thought has been codified into Swedish law).  It is abstract thinking making Human Beings and their behaviors into ciphers.  The Swedes are apparently proud of this defeat of a once rational and creative society.  

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It's not the color of their skin. I doubt that most are illiterate. It's what they believe. They come from islamic countries. The majority of islamists believe that "if you don't believe in Allah and his angels then you are on the side of the devil" (this a rough translation of the Arabic Times read in Saudi Arabia in the mid 1980s). So, those citizens of Denmark who want to be hospitable will have to agree that their secular law is secondary to Sharia law; and that if they are not islamic (few are), they shouldn't be surprised when they are treated with sly contempt, lied to constantly, cheated, ripped off,,in other words treated as devil worshipers; nor should they be surprised that Danish wives, sisters and daughters when vulnerable will not be treated with respect, in any way.  There's a specific islamic practice that allows, and encourages lying:

Yarden Mariuma, sociologist at Columbia University, writes: "Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie.,,,,"


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I try very hard not to judge individuals by their skin color when "certain" groups have a tendency to behave in ways which are loud, disruptive and unhealthy.  Of course their role modeling and government support for inappropriate unhealthy behaviors to be tolerated forwards the agenda of socialists and satanists.  However, the Earth is going into a cooling period which will be another mini ice age in Northern climes.  Also, socialism has reached its expiration date since the world's governments are broke and so are most economies.  These misplaced people will freeze and starve although so will a lot of ethnics.  It is what it is.  As to Islam specifically, pockets perhaps but once people start literally fighting to live, who knows what the demographics will turn out.

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