China Warns Ahead Of Trade-War Talks: "Don't Expect A Comprehensive Deal Whatsoever"

It appears the US-China trade-war is nowhere near being over as NYTimes reports China will refuse to discuss President Trump’s two toughest trade demands when American negotiators arrive in Beijing this week.

Signalling ahead of the trade talks has been clear from Beijing. The New York Times reports that a half-dozen senior Chinese officials and two dozen influential advisers laid out the Chinese government’s position in detail during a three-day seminar that ended here late Monday morning. A handful of foreign writers were invited from around the world to make sure China’s stance would be known overseas. All of the officials and most of the advisers at the seminar insisted on anonymity because of diplomatic sensitivities.

The reason is simple: Beijing feels its economy has become big enough and resilient enough to stand up to the United States.

It is not clear what will happen when the two sides sit down this week or whether either will find a reason to waver. Still, as NYT points out, the Chinese and American positions are so far apart that China’s leaders are skeptical a deal will be possible at the end of this week. They are already raising the possibility that Chinese officials may fly to Washington a month from now for further talks.

“I don’t expect a comprehensive deal whatsoever,” said Ruan Zongze, the executive vice president of the China Institute of International Studies, which is the policy research arm of China’s Foreign Ministry. “I think there is a lot of game playing here.”

In some respects, the hard stance struck by Chinese officials reflects a hardening of public attitudes in China, as the Trump administration's actions have sparked increased nationalism among the Chinese...

The ZTE case “has changed a lot of Chinese people’s opinion,” said Mr. Ruan, of the China Institute of International Studies. “In the past, people saw us as interdependent.”

The bottom line, as NYT notes, is that this position potentially forces Washington to escalate the dispute or back down... and given Trump's history, the latter seems unlikely for now.


brushhog Mon, 04/30/2018 - 09:34 Permalink

Thats fine. I'm for suspending ALL TRADE with China until they come to their senses. America does not need China, China needs America.

HenryHall DingleBarryObummer Mon, 04/30/2018 - 10:01 Permalink

>> That's fine. I'm for suspending ALL TRADE with China until they come to their senses.

That is only possible if America defaults on Treasury Bills owned by China.

And if America does that then America is effectively ending almost all international trade. Which is possible, but be prepared for a very different lifestyle in America if that happens.

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Kayman Brazen Heist Mon, 04/30/2018 - 10:03 Permalink

So if China doesn't need to keep exporting to the USA, then why not stop it all?  Without the free technology and know-how robbed from other countries, China would stall and the new Emperor would have the shortest reign of all Chinese tyrants.

Lots of Chicom trolls floating on this sight. Most of them dumber than a stump and all of them hate Trump.

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Brazen Heist Kayman Mon, 04/30/2018 - 11:22 Permalink

If your shit is so easy to replicate, you might not be as special as you think.

Don't forget all those American firms who chose to outsource to China. This was ultimately not China's decision. China has all the design blueprints to manufacture all those goods handed to them by American corporations.

Blaming foreigners for America's woes is intellectually lazy and lame. The problem with America has always been inside America, but so many Americans are too fucking dumb to accept it.

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Herdee Mon, 04/30/2018 - 09:40 Permalink

What the Americans woke up to is China's massive infrastructure projects worth trillions going in across the whole continent. It'll provide needed inflation to commodities, especially the metals. For the most part the Americans are being left out. In fact, they can't even rebuild the infrastructure in their own country? Why you say? It's very simple actually. The biggest restructuring problem in the U.S. economy is it's worldwide spending on war. So far, they can't redirect the money inwards. Look around at most cities. They're becoming third world standards.

HenryHall FoggyWorld Mon, 04/30/2018 - 10:04 Permalink

>> The biggest restructuring problem in the U.S. economy is it's worldwide spending on war.

100% correct.

65+ years of spending on never-ending wars inescapably results in poverty in the long term. This is what lead here, this is what it has become, recovery cannot begin until US withdraws from foreign wars. And there is no sign of that happening. Ever.

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Kayman HenryHall Mon, 04/30/2018 - 10:13 Permalink

Globalist corporations closing American factories and shipping the jobs (private incomes) to China and Mexico is the problem.

U.S. war expenditures are a problem, but it is not THE problem. 

Much of America was built parallel to the war machine, the interstate highways, computing, and yes, the internet.

I don't like the war machine anymore than anyone else, but China (built from American technology and capital) is a big problem, one of our creation.

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JibjeResearch Kayman Mon, 04/30/2018 - 12:59 Permalink

1. You can't beat the Globalist corporations because some Americans own those companies.

2. War is the problem because it drains fund.  Money don't grow on tree, dude!  Not for the average Americans.

3. DoD spending on research is good, but giving it away for free is bad.

4. China was to recycle the USD from trade surplus, just like how the Saudi recycled the USD from PetroDollar surplus; however, China has other ideas like the PetroYuan and the BRI.

It looks like the American elites underestimated the Chinese elites.  Now, we are dealing with the outcome.


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FoggyWorld William Dorritt Mon, 04/30/2018 - 13:59 Permalink

Trump needs to bring back those labels that showed country of origin.  Obama did away with them and that lack of information makes it difficult to shop intelligently.

But we no longer have the factories to make the products people use from clothing to the stuff you find in Home Depot.  And the booming companies in this nation are high tech and not interested in making pots and pans and tee shirts.

That's a problem and cutting trade completely with China will force prices up here and other nations of the second tier will step up to the plate and rinse and repeat will start all over.

We need some sort of plan to evaluate just what we do need to make for ourselves and then instead of giving all the breaks to the huge banks and tech companies, we need to look anew at the less sexy but more important tools of everyday life.

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JibjeResearch Mon, 04/30/2018 - 11:41 Permalink

How money is spent!

China: BRI to support PetroYuan.

USA: War to support PetroDollar.


If you are another country, which do you pick to be a part of?

This is a simple math.

We don't have a chance against the BRI.