"Total BS" - Kelly Slams "Pathetic Smear Attempt"; Trump Blasts NBC's "Totally Unhinged" 'Idiot' Report

Update 2: President Trump has now responded directly, blasting the "fake news making up false stories" as "totally unhinged."

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Update 1: Bloomberg's White House correspondent Jennifer Jacobs reports that John Kelly has responeded to MSNBC's claim he calls Trump an “idiot.

“I spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship.

He always knows where I stand and he and I both know this story is total BS. I am committed to the president, his agenda, and our country.”

“This is another pathetic attempt to smear people close to President Trump...”

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White House chief of staff John Kelly has reportedly been undermining morale in the West Wing in recent months - commenting to aides that President Trump is an idiot, while touting himself as the "savior of the country," reports NBC News, citing "eight current and former White House officials."

The officials said Kelly portrays himself to Trump administration aides as the lone bulwark against catastrophe, curbing the erratic urges of a president who has a questionable grasp on policy issues and the functions of government. He has referred to Trump as "an idiot" multiple times to underscore his point, according to four officials who say they've witnessed the comments. -NBC News

NBC notes that three White House spokespeople say the "idiot" thing just isn't true, and he may have spoken in jest about saving the country.

In one heated exchange between the two men before February's Winter Olympics in South Korea, Kelly strongly — and successfully — dissuaded Trump from ordering the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the Korean peninsula, according to two officials.

For Kelly, the exchange underscored the reasoning behind one of his common refrains, which multiple officials described as some version of "I'm the one saving the country."

"The strong implication being 'if I weren't here we would've entered WWIII or the president would have been impeached,'" one former senior White House official said. -NBC News

"He doesn't even understand what DACA is. He's an idiot," Kelly said in one meeting, according to two officials who were present. "We've got to save him from himself."

According to NBC's sources, Kelly has been hiding behind his public image as a four-star, while in truth operating in an "undisciplined and indiscreet" manner. "The private manner aides describe may shed new light on why Kelly now finds himself — just nine months into the job — grappling with diminished influence and a drumbeat of questions about how long he'll remain at the White House." 

"He says stuff you can't believe," one senior White House official tells NBC News. "He'll say it and you think, 'That is not what you should be saying.'"

According to presidential historian Michael Beschloss, Kelly's comments about Trump vs. prior White House chiefs of "suggest a lack of respect for the sitting president of a kind that we haven't seen before," adding that the closest would have to be President Ronald Reagan's chief of staff, Don Regan, who "somewhat looked down on" The Gipper, and eventually lost Reagan's support - having been replaced after two years by Howard Baker.


Meanwhile, insults or not, Trump is said to have soured on Kelly - and is aware of some, "though not all" of Kelly's comments. And as NBC News points out, "The last time it became public that one of Trump's top advisers insulted his intelligence behind his back, it didn't go over well with the president. White House aides have said Trump never got over former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling him a "moron" in front of colleagues, which was first reported by NBC News. Trump later challenged Tillerson to an IQ test and fired him several months after the remark became public."

Current and former White House officials said Kelly has at times made remarks that have rattled female staffers. Kelly has told aides multiple times that women are more emotional than men, including at least once in front of the president, four current and former officials said.

And during a firestorm in February over accusations of domestic abuse against then-White House staff secretary Rob Porter, Kelly wondered aloud how much more Porter would have to endure before his honor could be restored, according to three officials who were present for the comments. He also questioned why Porter's ex-wives wouldn't just move on based on the information he said he had about his marriages, the officials said.

So in addition to Kelly allegedly calling Trump an idiot, he's also a misogynist, according to NBC.

Kelly is expected to leave by July - his one-year mark, according to sources, however others say it's anyone's guess. That said, "what's clear is both Trump and Kelly seem to have tired of each other." 

"Kelly appears to be less engaged, which may be to the president's detriment," a second senior White House official said. If NBC is correct, we're about to once again play White House Musical Chairs. 

That said, when reached for comment, Kelly that it's all more fake news:

“He and I both know this story is total BS. I am committed to the president, his agenda, and our country. This is another pathetic attempt to smear people close to President Trump...

One hopes that is the case, then again one also remembers the Rex Tillerson incident...


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Trump doing what good leaders should do.  Challenging the status quo.  Asking good questions.

Asking why not stop doing what we've been doing for 60 years, i.e. troops in S Korea.  It doesn't mean he's about to order it.  It means he wants thinking outside the box.  We should only stay if there are still good reasons.  The world has changed in 60 years, but gov't bureaucracy rarely does.

Way to go Trump.  Keep bashing at the deep state.

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mkkby mkkby Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:59 Permalink

Kelly saying women are more emotional.  To any sane person this is obvious, including to 99% of women I've known.

But then the libtards and media aren't sane, nor are they trying to be honest.  Fuck their fake outrage.

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Did you come back to laugh at all of the winning? Put the WaPo and the NYT down for a moment and realize that the long-feared leader of N Korea walked his fat ass across the boarder into S Korea to symbolically end tensions between them. You received a tax cut that is most assuredly increasing your disposable income. The Iranians are backing out of the most ridiculous deal ever made. You can sit around lipping off about Trumptards, but he's getting shit done. Your heinous candidat would have us fighting the Russian by now and half of us would be dead.

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swmnguy Radioactive Ideas Tue, 05/01/2018 - 17:32 Permalink

"Boarder"?  How did Kim walk across the boarder?  Was he lying down?  Iran isn't backing out of anything, either.  Trump is threatening to do that.  Tax cut?  My accountant tells me I'm going to lose money, but that nobody knows yet because the tax tables aren't out yet and the details of the code haven't been written yet.  Some employees are getting less money withheld, but they'd have to be idiots to assume they won't have to pay that back next April 15.

It's a total non-sequitur straight out of the MSM to suggest that anyone having reservations about Trump is automatically a Hillary supporter.  So simpleminded in fact, one has to wonder if you're just trolling.  

And seriously, look up the word "boarder."  And, while you're at it, the word "border."  They're different words.  Not even all that close to each other in the dictionary.

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Ah my friend, great linked article. I have greatly reduced my visits to ZH, it is filled with Zionist hasbara paid trolls, and the site itself focuses WAY TOO MUCH on the totally contrived machination of Washington. The media, CHUMP, and Washington are 100% controlled by the Zionist, that is a fact. This nonsense is nothing but distraction, meant to fill the airwaves with anything BUT, questions about Chump's connections with criminal elements, Chump's allegiance to Israel, Chump's do nothing policy when it comes to illegals and so on. Those who rule us, hate us, as they do all of humanity. 


This theater is reminiscent of other societies they have taken over, like a bubonic plague victim before they die. They have infected every aspect of American society, and in each area they have infected they have worked to destroy. Hollywood, MSM, Wall Street, Legal, advertising, and certainly government. When you go back to ZH and read when Obama was in office, doing the bidding of the Zionist Jews, you saw the same distraction nonsense, but then it was about the "birther movement", yeah that had legs...

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FBaggins Fish Gone Bad Mon, 04/30/2018 - 19:58 Permalink

Trump is the tool of his bankster, oilster and Zio controllers. It does not matter about Kelly and infighting because everyone of them is anxious to do the bidding of  the Western globalists and the crazy Zio-Expansionists led by terrorist and warmonger, Netanyahu. Every government in the world knows about 9/11, WMD's to attack Iraq, and all of the more-recent US-UK-Israeli false flags in Syria, as pretexts for WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST LED BY THE US to further Zionist and oil company interests. It is because of the hubris of the US-UK-Israeli Axis and their might-makes-right, amoral foreign policy destroying weaker nations and killing and displacing millions of innocent people, that the THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS HAD ENOUGH and is saying: GET OUT OF SYRIA!  STOP TRYING TO MAKE WAR WITH IRAN AND RUSSIA! STOP THROWING YOUR BIG FAT TRUMP ARSE AROUND! STOP THREATENING THE WORLD WITH NUCLEAR EXTINCTION! FUCKING GROW UP! TELL THE ROTHSCHILD'S TO FUCK OFF!  Because if you don't you myopic self-serving nations will be fighting the rest of the world.  

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Fish Gone Bad FBaggins Mon, 04/30/2018 - 20:32 Permalink

Your points are well made.  Trump is still not a stair-falling-down, self-enriching, Arkancide.com monster that Clinton is.  Trump is probably all the bad things the left came up with.  That said, that would make him 1/1000th the monster the Clintons are reported to be on Arkancide.com.

The petrodollar is under attack and for the US to get the house of Saud to back it, and not the petroyuan, the US and friends will do the bidding of all the groups you mentioned.  Syria is toast.

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swmnguy Itdoesntmatter Tue, 05/01/2018 - 17:35 Permalink

It's a deflection that works because people hate Hillary Clinton, independently of how they feel about Trump.  If you can turn everything into a false dichotomy, all you have to do is attack Clinton, which is easy, and you don't have to defend Trump, which is not easy.

It's lazy-ass bullshit, but it stymies some people and bores others enough they don't bother and walk away from the conversation.  And if you're dishonest enough with yourself, you can pretend that's a victory.

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TeethVillage88s NoDebt Mon, 04/30/2018 - 18:50 Permalink

Kelly doesn't attack Uranium One, Deflation of Dollar, Planned inflation of Fiat, Foundations, Charities, International Charities used for Political Action, ... Fraud in US Charities, use of charities for political power,... doesn't denounce George Soros, ... hm

- Kelly has no public voice

- Kelly has no feeling that he should speak out publicly

Dear President Trump, "God's Peace Be Upon Your Home!"

Please take action to allow your former military generals to speak to the public about currency, central banking, public banking, and to speak on deflation of the USD, value of US Dollar, Expenses of US Military & Logistics, how conscripted service "doesn't serve" corporate international powers as well, but "does serve" the nation and treasury... Finance Capitalism, Disaster Capitalism, Crony Capitalism... all serve the most expensive Health Care, Universities, Military in the World.  IT IS NOT A MISTAKE.

Request more 'outing' of truth and the finding of more outlets for truth who could go to media and national discussion.  Data looks bad.  Economics is hard teacher.  Inflation is a bastard.

- Signed, TeethVillage, pall bearer, military historian

US Trade Petrol Non FT900 Exh. 9 - January 2018 - exh9.pdf

Q: ZH how do you start national discussion? Military Hierarchy is not likely to solve "National Communication" Problem... so what kind of 'push back' or activism by federal bureaucrats is needed?

(pardon quotation marks and parenthesis, assholes)

- Hey, if Kelly had a voice, THEN we could judge what is in his mind. (Mind Reading Error is Cognitive Error btw)

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vato poco tmosley Mon, 04/30/2018 - 18:29 Permalink

well, hate to say this about any marine, but Kelly IS a general, and I've never met a general/admiral who wasn't an egomaniac and secretly thought he would be a fine CO for the whole world. by God, HE'LL shape 'em up!

then too, as accomplished as Kelly is, he IS just another guy who's collected a government paycheck for his whole life and therefore thinks he's much smarter than the guy who won the office. as Trump said awhile back, "just another clown who thinks he's running the show." you know: like T-Rex. and McMaster.

pro tip to the help: you ain't the boss no mo'. Trump is. if you can't follow orders like you said you would back in the interview, GTFO

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