How Facebook Secretly Suppresses Key Truths

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On April 23rd, the great independent investigative journalist, Craig Murray - a former British diplomat - headlined at his blog, "Condemned By Their Own Words”, and he posted there the translated-to-English transcript (excerpted below) to this Israeli radio Hebrew broadcast on April 21st, in which an Israeli Brigadier-General, named Fogel, explained why Israel’s troops are doing the right thing to shoot and even to kill Gazans who come (an unspecified) too close to the wall which separates Israel from Gaza:

Any person who gets close to the fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the State of Israel and its residents, should bear a price for that violation. If this child or anyone else gets close to the fence in order [the soldier thinks possibly] to hide an explosive device or [to] check if there are any dead zones there or to cut the fence so someone could infiltrate the territory of the State of Israel to kill us …

Nesiel [the interviewer]: Then, then his punishment [for being suspected] is death?

Fogel: His punishment is death. As far as I’m concerned then yes, if you can only shoot him to stop him, in the leg or arm – great. But if it’s more than that then, yes, you want to check with me whose blood is thicker, ours or theirs. It is clear to you that if one such person will manage to cross the fence or hide an explosive device there …

Nesiel: But we were taught that live fire is only used when the soldiers face immediate danger. … It does not do all that well for us, those pictures that are distributed around the world.

Fogel: Look, Ron, we’re even terrible at it [at suppressing those pictures]. There’s nothing to be done, David always looks better against Goliath. And in this case, we are the Goliath. Not the David. That is entirely clear to me. … It will drag us into a war. I do not want to be on the side that gets dragged. I want to be on the side that initiates things. I do not want to wait for the moment where it finds a weak spot and attacks me there. If tomorrow morning it gets into a military base or a kibbutz and kills people there and takes prisoners of war or hostages, call it as you like, we’re in a whole new script. I want the leaders of Hamas to wake up tomorrow morning and for the last time in their life see the smiling faces of the IDF [Israel’s army]. That’s what I want to have happen. But we are dragged along. So we’re putting snipers up because we want to preserve the values we were educated by [that Israel’s soldiers are jury, judge, and even executioner, when suspecting a Gazan — Gaza is Israel’s free-fire zone].

The interviewer didn’t challenge any of that, though he didn’t like “those pictures are distributed around the world” (except, perhaps, in U.S. and UK and some of Israel’s other allies — but Israel wants all nations to block the truth). 

Murray closed by adding a very brief comment of his own:

“There is no room to doubt the evil nature of the expansionist apartheid state that Israel has now become. Nor the moral vacuity of its apologists in the western media.”

Since this was, of course, a damning statement about mainstream ‘news’ media in The West, these mainstream ‘news’ media, including Facebook, can be expected to dislike that — and they evidently do.

On April 25th Murray headlined "Blocked By Facebook and the Vulnerability of New Media”, and he reported: 

This site’s visitor numbers are currently around one third normal levels, stuck at around 20,000 unique visitors per day. The cause is not hard to find. Normally over half of our visitors arrive via Facebook. These last few days, virtually nothing has come from Facebook:

What is especially pernicious is that Facebook deliberately imposes this censorship in a secretive way. The primary mechanism when a block is imposed by Facebook is that my posts to Facebook are simply not sent into the timelines of the large majority of people who are friends or who follow. I am left to believe the post has been shared with them, but in fact it has only been shown to a tiny number. Then, if you are one of the few recipients and do see the post and share it, it will show to you on your timeline as shared, but in fact the vast majority of your own friends will also not receive it. Facebook is not doing what it is telling you it is doing – it shows you it is shared – and Facebook is deliberately concealing that fact from you.

Twitter have a similar system known as “shadow banning”. Again it is secretive and the victim is not informed. I do not appear to be shadow banned at the moment, but there has been an extremely sharp drop – by a factor of ten – in the impressions my tweets are generating.

I am among those who argue that the strength of the state and corporate media is being increasingly and happily undermined by our ability to communicate via social media. But social media has developed in such a way that the channels of communication are dominated by corporations – Facebook, Twitter and Google – which can in effect turn off the traffic to a citizen journalism site in a second. The site is not taken down, and the determined person can still navigate directly to it, but the vast bulk of the traffic is cut off. What is more this is done secretly, without your being informed, and in a manner deliberately hard to detect. The ability to simply block the avenues by which people get to see dissenting opinions, is terrifying.

Furthermore neither Facebook nor Twitter contact you when they block traffic to your site to tell you this is happening, let alone tell you why, and let alone give you a chance to counter whatever argument they make. I do not know if I am blocked by Facebook as an alleged Russian bot, or for any other reason. I do know that it appears to have happened shortly after I published the transcript of the Israeli general discussing the procedures for shooting children.

There is a widespread and coordinated operation by the major media against any independent sites which document things that the Establishment, the aristocracy, the “Deep State,” or however you call the controlling owners of the corporations that advertise in and own the media, hire their journalists and editors to block from reaching the public. This is a multifaceted but coordinated operation, of censoring-out the key truths, which are those truths that none of the controlling owners want the public to know (such as Craig Murray has now, apparently, done once too often for Facebook to continue allowing). This is how they are enabled to use the government so that it serves them, and not the public-at-large. This is, likewise, the source of the obscene inequality of wealth that results, the vast economic inequality that they all benefit from at the public’s expense. Money is power, and they have it. And they use it, against the powerless. Though the controlling owners compete amongst themselves to sell to the public, they all suppress these key truths from reaching the public; because, if they did not, then the ‘wrong’ politicians would get elected to public offices. Whereas some of the ‘right’ politicians are Republicans, and some are Democrats, they all serve the same aristocracy, just different sides of it.

Here’s another example of how this works: The CIA is a branch of the U.S. federal government that virtually only serves America’s aristocracy, which is why it lies — consciously misrepresents — in almost everything it says publicly about international relations, such as it did in 2002, when it said that Saddam Hussein still had and still was building weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. government, of which the CIA is a part, used that ‘information’ to ‘justify’ invading and occupying a nation (Iraq) which had never invaded nor even threatened to invade the United States. They’re doing the same in Syria, Libya, UkraineYemen, etc. It’s key truths that are kept hidden from the public. The key truths are the ones that expose and disprove the lies that the Establishment push.

Wikipedia is an example of this. Wikipedia is edited by the CIA, not only in the sense that anyone (including you) can edit what is on Wikipedia, but also in the sense that Wikipedia itself blocks edits or changes that introduce facts and evidence which disprove some of the allegations that are made in Wikipedia articles, and that Wikipedia doesn’t tell such a person why a revision or addition to the article was rejected and will not be considered by Wikipedia: the secret people who control the articles, and the secret process by which they do it, are secrets, disclosed to no outsiders, but known to the people who control Wikipedia. The perpetrators know what the key truths are, but the public do not, because the media hide the key truths.

Furthermore, major news media that report things which aren’t so, are no longer simply burying their after-the-fact ‘corrections’ so that perhaps only 1% of the people who were deceived by an article get to see that it had been false, but now also by simply refusing to issue any ‘correction’ at all — they’re totally ignoring the reader’s right not to be deceived by that major news medium. (Most such ‘news’ media have also terminated or else severely limited their reader-comments section, because otherwise a reader-comment could slip through that disproves the given ‘news’ article, and the aristocratically controlled media’s goal is to block those truths from reaching their audience.)

The Washington Post, which made famous the accusation that non-mainstream newsmedia are fake news, is itself a leader of fake ‘news’ and was so during 2002 and early 2003 by stenographically reporting to its readership the George W. Bush administration’s falsehoods about “Saddam’s WMD” and the rightfulness for America to invade a country (Iraq) that never invaded nor even threatened to invade the United States.

The entire major media, and almost all of the ‘alternative’ media, are owned or otherwise controlled by the ruling aristocracy and censor out crucial facts that disprove allegations that the government (the ruling aristocracy) wants the public not to know. Above all, they exclude articles like the present one, which (like all articles I do) is being submitted to all of them for publication free-of-charge. So: wherever this article is not published, you know that fake ‘news’ is published. For example, that’s how America now is invading and occupying many countries — all on the basis of lying, because none of these nations invaded the United States, ever, and none is invading the United States now; America’s invasions, in recent decades, have all been blatant violations of international law.

If the American people knew this, then would we vote for the politicians who tolerate it, and who vote for it? If so, then the American public, and not only the American aristocracy, stands convicted, even though there is no force in the world that enforces international laws, except against the countries that the U.S. aristocracy wants to take over via coups or invasions. For the American public knowingly to support this outlaw aristocracy would be for it to be complicit with them in its constant and enormously destructive crimes against humanity. But the aristocracy doesn’t want to share the guilt, because then it would share the knowledge, and then the aristocracy’s enormous power would erode and maybe even collapse. Hiding the key truths is thus essential to the aristocracy. That explains the ‘news’ media.

And this explains America as the permanent-war-for-permanent-‘peace’ champion of the entire world. Of course, if international law were equitably enforced, then every U.S. President in recent decades would be and die in prison. So, obviously, only the few (and none of them are anything close to being “mainstream”) honest newsmedia will publish this article. You can web-search for this article to find out which ones they are. All the others don’t want you to know the truths that this article reports and (via its links) documents.

Is this article alleging a conspiracy? No major corporation exists that doesn’t carry out conspiracies, because that’s essential to their success. The very allegation that conspiracies don’t exist amongst the most powerful people and even within and between the most powerful organizations, is ludicrous, but the aristocracy everywhere brainwashes the public everywhere, to think that only the ‘they’ perpetrate conspiracies, the ‘we’ don’t. They all do; it’s the way that the world actually works, which is the reason why the aristocracy hide this — the most basic fact about the world. They do it in order to block the public from understanding how things actually happen. And they block the public from understanding that no mass of people conspires — ‘the Jews’ ‘the Masons’, etc. — but that only the very few people at the very top can, and do, and that they must in order to remain successful and in power. It’s called, and it is, in fact, “strategizing.” That is what a conspiracy does, anywhere: it develops and executes strategy. To keep the public dumb and misled, the hired propagandists allege the exact opposite.

So: just web-search for this article, and you will see yet more evidence that what it says is true — that it is hidden, not published, by all the ‘respectable’ news-outlets. Like most of the articles I write, it is sent to all of them as a dare — and none of them accepts the dare and publishes anything from me. This is one of the ways I know that what I write about the way that the ‘news’ media work, is true, and that what they say about the way that they work, is false. I am continually testing them, and hoping for one of them to prove me wrong, just one time. It hasn’t happened, yet.


techpriest FoggyWorld Mon, 04/30/2018 - 22:17 Permalink

That is why it is important to get familiar with the alternatives, and patronize them as much as possible. If you know coding, put some effort into and open source project. I've had one taker on this site so far for throwing in on a DIY Google. Will it single handedly take down Google? Maybe, probably not. Will it make it possible for a non-zero number of people to disconnect from Google's matrix? Yes.

The cost of technology and information (education) is going to zero. YouTube got big because the learning curve to make a video hosting site was huge at the time. The learning curve is now coming down, so having your own uncensorable video site is not far away, and perhaps by linking it with several friendly sites you can build a network effect.

IMO this is why Zuckerberg was doing the Congressional questioning dance - in reality they want to shut down the open source projects before the learning curve heads to near zero, and getting censored from Youtube or Facebook won't matter anymore.

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Ignatius techpriest Mon, 04/30/2018 - 22:23 Permalink

"The cost of technology and information (education) is going to zero."

Ironically, while stifling what are typically censored topics, this is a real boon and acceleration for learning the uncensored topics, which really benefits from the millions of participants.

So I guess I'm arguing that we want both youtube and the alternatives, and must apply discernment for deciding what value we'll get from each.

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techpriest Ignatius Mon, 04/30/2018 - 22:44 Permalink

As a rule, every site and media outlet has an angle. If you ever tried running a sizeable blog or online forum, you would have one too, because from time to time you have to make decisions about where you want it to go, and you can't take yourself out of it.

IMO the YouTube censorship isn't a case where fundamentally good guys suddenly turned to the dark side. They were typical lefty idealists, and when they started I am sure they had this idea in their head that everything would conform to a photo-shoot morality of girls and middle aged women virtue-signalling. But one day, they woke up and realized that people who think differently were using their baby to do things they didn't think were possible. Now they are trying to "do something," because their little baby grew up and became a Deplorable.

I'm not going to get mad at them for doing the only thing they know. But we should all see the situation as an opportunity to start finding/building an alternative for the YouTube community. This way, the Deplorables will continue to get bigger, and Google will have lost the ability to track and control them because by censoring them, everyone will leave.

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techpriest Ignatius Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:02 Permalink

I agree. When I want to learn something, usually I can find an instructional video on YouTube in 2 minutes or less.

Imagine if you could pick up the equivalent of a degree while paying zero, in something useful. It might not help for licensed occupations that require a degree, but if a few (million) kids can skip the student loans and crazy professors...

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r0mulus techpriest Tue, 05/01/2018 - 01:26 Permalink

I'm not going to get mad at them for doing the only thing they know.

Actually- they have a choice in the matter, and they have chosen to not expand their minds and become educated on these issues- I'll gladly cast my disapproval on them if you will not- they not only deserve it, but need the negative feedback to help guide them away from their comfortable falsehoods.

But we should all see the situation as an opportunity to start finding/building an alternative for the YouTube community.

Absolutely agree with this. Open source is the only path forward for liberty and freedom in our current digital dystopian environment.

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lakabarra techpriest Tue, 05/01/2018 - 05:56 Permalink

I think you see facebook a bit too rosy. Of course there are a ton of old fashioned forum websites and their owners set clear rules which is OK because you can always open your own forum. But a giant like facebook - they have direct links to the deep state which most probably finaces them. You will not get that sort of financing. Maybe if you would do something like alternative facebook you had to charge.

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Give Me Some Truth lakabarra Tue, 05/01/2018 - 09:25 Permalink

I keep thinking of Edward Snowden. There’s no telling what Big Brother techniques are being used to censor contrarian opinions and stories, and this includes contrarian posters on message boards. 

there is a good reason Snowden and Assange became Public Enemies Nos. 1 and 2 for our government. They not only want to shut down certain speech that doesn’t jibe with their goals. They also want to send a strong signal to all other would-be whistleblowers.

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Give Me Some Truth Ignatius Tue, 05/01/2018 - 09:15 Permalink

This piece reinforces a point I’ve made often here. Namely, it’s not just what they print, but everything they do NOT print  - or report on, or investigate - that they could and should.

One conspicuous example is the neocon-pushed stories that encourage more wars, interventions and regime-change.

However, imo the bigger and more important taboo subject is the decision to NOT investigate rigged markets, especially gold and silver. Or the bogus economic stats. Or any investigation of the real activities of The Fed.

By not delving into these “off-limit” waters, the press helps protect and preserve the Status Quo. The key to protecting the Status Quo is protecting the fiat printing press. Everything that is important to the Establishment, the “cronies,” the Deep State, etc is totally dependent on this printing press (and/or keeping the petro dollar as the world’s reserve currency.) Central to this operation is the suppression of “real money.”

It is crucial the MSM publish no stories that show what is being done in secret to preserve the Status Quo. To really change the system, “voting the bums out” is not nearly enough. The masses also need to appreciate the extent the Fourth Estate has abdicated its vital “watchdog” role. And replace all the bums in this industry as well.

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kellys_eye FoggyWorld Tue, 05/01/2018 - 03:54 Permalink

Here in the UK we have a Government that uses 'D-notices' (legally enforced restrictions) on media outlets to prevent them talking about certain subjects.

Recently the notable 'missing topics' are the Skripals and the supposed-chemical weapons in Syria - both subjects widely denounced as fake and BOTH no longer spoken (reported) on.

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Give Me Some Truth kellys_eye Tue, 05/01/2018 - 09:30 Permalink

I think I am the only person who suspects there was some kind of “news embargo” on this latest Israeli (?) bombing of Syria. I mean, even now, do we know for sure who dropped these bombs/fired these missiles? For almost 24 hours, ZH had a monopoly on this story. Even today, several MSM outlets have not run the footage of the “massive fireballs.” 

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GRDguy Mon, 04/30/2018 - 21:59 Permalink

Until people understand that Abraham (Genesis) lied about the covenants, all this nonsense will continue because it is soooo profitable to all three Abrahamic religions to believe Abraham didn't lie.  No need to hate; just stop the stupidity of it all. 

techpriest JBL Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:06 Permalink

Personally I am skeptical of most of the history that has been published in the last 70 years. Too many professors with an ideological ax to grind. However, we are starting to find that the official antireligious narrative is largely a fabrication out of the last two centuries, and I put about 10% of my paycheck toward scholars that are replacing the dogma from Dawkins with some real history.

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AurorusBorealus techpriest Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:31 Permalink

If you only knew part of the story.  The make-believe history of the Bible skeptics is based entirely upon very far-fetched and tendentious theories, literary theory and criticism, and a set of Egyptian documents and papyri that were known to be forgeries in the 2nd century AD (see Irenaeus, Against Heresies who mentions these documents as forgeries), but are now presented as more "authoritative texts."

Most of these historical and literary theories emerged from German Romanticism, which was based upon mysticism, but are still presented as "facts," despite the mountains of hard archeological evidence that have accumulated for 150 years proving that the history contained on the Old Testament is highly accurate and very reliable.  The lies that shroud the reality of the world run much deeper than the "deep-state."

Have you ever wondered why the modern Left in Christendom (Europe, North America, and South America) has embraced the Muslims?  It is because the last 200 years of Western intellectual history share one common characteristic; it has all been a revolt against Christianity.  The modern Left has embraced the Muslims because the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

You will find a short (and accurate) history of ancient times and how it relates to the Christian Bible in my upcoming book, which should be out in English next year.  I will not use this forum as an advertisement, but you will recognize the book from its title, I suspect.  It has been thoroughly researched and is the product of 10 years of (full-time) historical study on modern Western intellectual history and 5 years of study (full-time) into ancient history by a professional historian with both ancient and modern language skills.

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If the government wanted you to know the actual facts they wouldn't give these companies outrageously low taxes to pay in the form of bribes to give out lies and misinformation. Or just block content altogether.

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zuckerberg supports israel?! >.< who wooda thunk

cant wait to tell my friend Weinberg Abramovitz Lieberman Feinstein