Sacre Bleu - More French Babies Born Out Of Wedlock Than Any EU Nation

In many countries, the institution of marriage is losing its importance.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong points out, one indicator of this is demonstrated in the below infographic showing Eurostat data on the share of live births outside of marriage in EU countries.

Infographic: Where babies are born outside of marriage | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

France is at the top with a majority of babies born out of wedlock - 60 percent.

On the other end of the scale, Greece has the lowest rate, where nine out of ten children were born to parents that were already married.


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C'est la vie.   My concern is that the children without fathers are more likely to become mimes.  There must be some way to stop this pattern.  I would ask the elder mimes for advice, but for some reason they remain silent on this serious problem.

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Attacking manhood does not get you a new successful civilization, it gets you disintegration of quality of life, destruction of effective cultural institutions, and dysfunctional children.

On Earth, each man and women are a 3D projection of a higher "spiritual" reality of at least 12 dimensions.  It is only when the man and woman stay together and become spiritually joined that this fragmentation begins to be overcome.

People who do not achieve a stable man-woman joining create great obstacles to reaching the final intended human goal. Sorry folks, spiritual unification of man and woman is a great asset in the spiritual "game" of life. And sorry homosexuals, yes, it is your body to do as you please, but the laws remain the same, and it is almost impossible to overcome the built in limitations of a single sex by living outside a man-woman unification.

Nature makes us man and women for profound reasons. In truth all "reality" is built upon the the triple dynamic of "father", "mother", and the "son". This is an esoteric truth of the fundamental of the trinity: active, passive, and mediating/mutual. Nothing exists without this triangle of creation. Those who attack and seek to destroy the role of the masculine serve nihilistic forces that make war against well-being, abundance, and life. They are the servants of misery, suffering, death, and annihilation. Fundamentally they are advocates for involuntary exchange as expressed in authoritarianism, and make war against the principle of cooperation through voluntary exchange. There is no love in man claiming dominion over man. But those who live by cooperation find love in spiritual-sexual union, and the fruit that comes from that, be it families or cooperation between productive people who love that which is divine within all people: the divinity and sovereignty of the "creator".


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There is a phenomenon in Europe of Muslim men having multiple wives.
Since the law forbids them from legally marrying more than one woman, all the children born to the other wives are considered as born out of wedlock, and that could explain at least some of the data.
Naturally, they collect multiple welfare checks as well, so it's a very lucrative "business".

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The esoteric truth of the sexual nature of reality and the sacredness of sexual union was part of the teaching of the people who directly lived with and experienced the life of the man "Jesus" (Yeshua). Also the Ebionites held that the Logos, (Son of God), lived inside each person and thus: the Ebionite truth as preserved in Luke 17:21 -  that the "Kingdom of God" was inside each and every person.

This great teaching was dangerous to the idea of secular authority practiced by the Roman Emperor, and thus in the 4th century AD, Constantine convened the 1st Council of Nicaea to engineer control of the deviant authoritarian offshoots of the originally Ebionite  "Jesus" movement.

And so the spiritual truths of the gentile "Gnostics" and the non-gentile "Ebionites" became suppressed as the "Orthodox" church declared them "anathema" and the emperor's armies murdered them and stole all their property. A few escaped outside the boundaries of empire power, and before the coming destruction they hid their teachings in several secret libraries. One of those libraries that was later discovered in modern times is the "Nag Hammadi" library.

Part of the emperor's  need to control and get obedient tax-slaves was to proclaim that Jesus was divine from birth and that the kingdom of God had come to earth in the form of the "Universal" church and its secular arm, the successor to Jesus on Earth, the Emperor and his empire and laws. The formerly Mithraic cult of the emperor was thus, given a new "skin" that called itself "Christian" but remained Mithraic in its doctrines, and ceremonies.

And so modern Christianity today continues to divorce itself from the spiritual reality the Ebionites taught by embracing the fundamental error of Jesus as Man-God, when Jesus, a man, actually became ONE with the "Logos" at the baptism and that is the destiny for each and every person.

There is circumstantial evidence that Ebionites who fled served as the source for the start of another religion: Islam.

The Ebionites taught that the "Logos", Son of God, Exists inside the "holy of holies" inside each and every person. They called this mind of God the "True Prophet". Some of the Ebionite teachings about the "True Prophet" still remain in the Anti-Nicene books called "Clementine" literature such as the "Recognitions of Clement". And this body of texts escaped the destruction by the Emperors and their church.

What seems to have happened is that a small community of Ebionites who had relocated to an Island off the coast of Arabia taught others about the truth of the inner "True Prophet". This truth later became corrupted by those who wished to have power and control over others. The man "Mohammad" becomes the earthly embodiment of the "True Prophet" by those who came after Mohammad and corrupted or fabricated teachings as the Language of Arabic started to be preserved in written form after the death of this "Mohammad".

Islam is particularly dangerous because it appeals to the sub-human animal cravings of beast-men, who wish to be "righteous" as they steal from and murder "infidels". Just like their model for perfect Muslim conduct: the "True Prophet" Mohammad, who according to their sacred writing of Islam, describe the "righteous", God-obedient actions and life of the "True Prophet" of the one God Allah.

Before the Islam transformation, Allah was a pagan Moon-god, one of hundreds who had idols inside the black square structure that became known as the Kaaba in Mecca. Islam borrowed from the Old Testament, and thus claimed to be the true religion of the rightful legal heir, the first born of Abraham - Ishmael.

Islam is so powerful a force because it appeals to the physically stronger beast-man, who may "serve" God, even if he wishes to have numerous sex-slave women  and thus is incapable of a true spiritual marriage. Even if he wishes to become rich by theft and murder, as long as it is non-believers who are the victims. Even if we wishes to have forced sex with children! Even if he wants to beat his "wife". And so, no non-believer, or woman on Earth, is safe from men who follow the claimed example of the perfect Muslim: Mohammad.


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Just a note to casual readers: The above is a typical example of ZH polemic, partial truths, and distortions under the guise of authoritative knowledge. I am not advocating for the Catholic church or any particular church, only for accurate history. One easy example to disprove the above is Irenaeus, who was writing only 100-200 years after Christ. He wrote extensively against the heresy of the Gnostics. There were others as well. The Gnostic teachings were all over the place because of their idea of indwelling authority, which essentially means that anyone's inner sense is equal to the authority of both God and Christ. Thus, anything could come out of it, including any crazy who commits mass murder in the name of a divine vision.

Irenaeus was troubled because Christianity was frequently being watered down and distorted by various pagan teachings. Clement, who was initially a respected figure, came from a family background of the Greek/Egyptian mystery schools so it is not surprising that he was pushing those philosophies. Even the apostles were fighting against all sorts of false teachings creeping in during their time. You can imagine how much the actual teachings of Christ were threatened by the time the apostles and the first generation of students of the apostles had passed away. Irenaeus tried to protect the teachings of Christ by advocating that the primary authorities for Christianity were the teachings of Christ and then the teachings of the apostles and the first generation of students of the apostles.

The point is simply that people need to do their own study - don't take any of these un-referenced rants on ZH as truth. There are various gnostic books and teachings with all sorts of perspectives. And then there are actual historical records, which are far more complex and interesting.

BTW, I would venture the opinion that today's relativism is a direct descendant of gnosticism. The logical conclusion of gnosticism is that anything goes. Thus, Bill and Hillary.

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Let me both correct your above statement, and state where any "authority" exists.

I claim no "AUTHORITY" whatsoever! No one should take my word for anything. Everyone should prove everything for themself by testing it against the results it creates. 

I only speak as a witness of my own experiences and discoveries. I would advise anyone who seeks true "authority" to seek out the inner Logos that the Gnostics and Ebionites talked about. I am witness to the experience that "truth" may be discovered by any individual by applying it to reality, and observing what comes from it.

No person or their writings should be looked upon as supreme authority of anything, and that includes "Irenaeus" or the writings of any other man.

Tao 4 the Show seeks to claim legitimacy for an externalized "Christ" and "God" teaching, but no actual first-hand account by Jesus survives. There is no evidence that Jesus wrote any "scriptures". Tao then tells you to come to your own conclusions, and I agree, but he gives you no definitive strategy for success and seems to reject what he himself has never experienced?

His evidence is to quote some writings that agree with the  "winners" who prevailed by murder, and who also wrote their version of scripture and history, in which they gave justifications for the religion they wished to proclaim.

A person's inner sense of inner "authority" is of course subject to error as is like any other activity of humans not acting according to truth, or acting according to lies or misconceptions. This does not mean that there is no source of truth inside people, or that since some people are unable to make contact with their inner truth, that therefor you should take the "words" of anyone else as an "authority".

One of the great powers of the truth of ultimate dominion inside of each person is the boundaries of human conduct this establishes. Humans are in subjection to God alone, and not to any person. Thus when a person such as a crazy person who claims "God told them to kill everyone", clearly establishes by his very act of INVOLUNTARY EXCHANGE upon his victims,  to be outside the true dominion of God. That person by their actions claims authority to act as if they had legitimate dominion over others. No such dominion ever has or ever will exist. Man is in subjection to the creator and may therefore never claim to speak for God! The very act of a person exceeding the dominion of their own person by attempting to violate the boundaries of what is under the direct personal dominion of every person: the universal, natural rights of each individual, is proof that they are not acting according to the will of God.

The solution to the problem of crazy people, or evil people, or of authoritarians, or anyone who creates misery and death upon the Earth through initiating INVOLUNTARY EXCHANGE, is to offer what love you can so that those individuals may become healed of their mistakes. So that they can live by cooperation and VOLUNTARY EXCHANGE, which is one of ways that a person can express love by respecting the boundaries of what belongs to each individual and what belongs to God. Witnessing to a offender of other's natural rights  and what has worked personally in a person's own life can be an act of love and carries the hope that the individual may be helped to understand their own actions and change themselves.   IT IS NOT AN ASSERTION of dominion of one person over another! A claim of results is not a claim of authority! Even a crazy person remains under the direct dominion of God, and not under the false claim of dominion of man over man.

To those of you reading this who find it all too confusing or hard to follow ask yourself this: who should you "trust"? Someone who practices theft, fraud and murder, like the Roman Emperors, like the Christian Religious authoritarians, like the Muslims, like the Jewish authoritarians? Or should you "trust" those who live only by VOLUNTARY EXCHANGE and thus never seek to exceed the bounds of what is theirs by mutual consent.

For any "Christians" following these arguments today I ask you to see both the Gospels and the book of James ch. 4 with new "eyes".

Jas 4:1  From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?
Jas 4:2  Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.
Jas 4:3  Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

The person or group that claims dominion over another person does not "ask" they DEMAND! Taxation is not a request, it is a demand. Conscription, forced education, compulsory paper money, authoritarian church doctrine, all of these are DEMANDS not requests. A person who views their fellow humans as equally under the dominion of the same creator does not demand, they ask! They choose cooperation and will not take by force because they are only entitled to what God gives them dominion over. Wars and the misery of humans come from demands which are the hallmark of involuntary exchange. If you ask your brother for something and they say no that is the END of the matter. From the perspective of the other person you have "asked AMISS"! You can change your offer, maybe offer them a better deal, but what you can't do is take by force what God rightfully gives to each of us individually. People reading the book of James usually think ch 4: 1-3 means what they ask of God. If you want something you should first ask God, then you will know the will of God by what comes to you peacefully from your fellow brothers who are also directly under the dominion of God. Just like when a woman says "no", no means no! Or if you can't satisfy this desire from within the domain of what is "yours" then you have asked amiss, consult with "God", expand your awareness, and then try a different request more respectful of your neighbors rightful priorities.

And I would ask all people who believe in a "creator" or in a "God" to ask yourself this:

Who is likely to accurately convey the teachings of the person "Jesus" ("Yeshua" in the Aramaic)? Those who actually lived with him? His actual familial brother "James the Just" ("Yakov" in the Aramaic)? Those who lived with him and followed him in Roman occupied Judea where called "Ebionites". "James" was the first leader of the Ebionite congregation in Jerusalem before the fall in 70 AD. James is a historical person, and thus his claim of being a actual brother of Jesus is an indirect historical evidence for the fact that Jesus lived.

So do you think the Ebionites who lived with and directly experienced the words of Jesus have a better say what was his message than others who got the message "second" or "third" hand?

So who should you believe, the ones who murdered those who taught and claimed divine authority inside each person? Murderers like Constantine and those who followed the Nicene Creed who thought "anathema" was the appropriate action against those who rejected their claim to divine authority inside their Murderer's church? Or should you believe families of those who lived with and directly experienced the ministry of Jesus, the Ebionites. The Ebionites who chose death or escape rather than to submit to the false, ungodly "authority" of those who claim what is not their to claim?

During these early centuries before the systematic slaughter of the Ebionites and Gnostics, the Ebionite elders would regularly minister to the various gentile, Gnostic congregations. The experience of how to gain contact and then submission to the Inner "Logos" was shared in this ministry. That the early gentile followers were Gnostic can be deduce from a careful reading of the New Testament as it exists today. This evidence remains despite the corruptive influence of Constantine's and the authoritarians "correctores" who sought to "clarify", (corrupt, change, modify, add to, exclude) the earlier documents that confirmed the Ebionites teachings. Consult the earliest version of Mathew in existence that is Ebionite in its teachings: Consider this earlier account of the baptism of Jesus - "Thou art my beloved Son, this day have I begotten thee." . All people when they are born are just people, they can only become the begotten children of God by obeying God, as Jesus did.

So which story seems more accurate, the one of the mass murderer claiming that Jesus was divine at his birth and therefore you should all be obedient tax-slaves of his successor on Earth the Emperor? Or should you believe those who conveyed their accounts of actually physical and family experience, that he was a man tempted as you and me? The Emperor's church claims that the laws of God were done away because they were "Jewish" and that the divine and only Son of God avoided the consequences of violation of the law of the Creator by dying as a sacrifice for all law-breaking. That is certainly appealing to those who won't stop breaking God's laws, but is that how reality "works"? The Ebionites claim that the way to God is the same as it always has been, obedience to the laws of God, leading to the capacity to receive the words of God directly from inside the "holly of hollies" that is inside of each of us. This may not be easy for those subject to the raging desires of beast-man nature, but who would you rather have as your neighbor?



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There is someone taking over, but it's neither trailer trash nor whoever you mean.

It's political, academic, corporate, media and Hollywood trash that keep sabotaging men-women relationships in a thousand subtle - and not so subtle - ways, and successfully push people like you to keep pointing fingers at the wrong enemy.

Whoever is outsourcing your jobs and keeps you on a diet of porn and McDonalds (which is sure to make you look despicable in the eyes of any woman) is NOT the Muslim migrants, buddy.

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That which makes war against the father, seeks the enslavement of humanity.  That which is egotistical sees any "active" force as a potential rival, to be destroyed so that the ego may be the only active party, or to put it into the words of the utopian: if everyone would just do what I say, the world would be perfect.

This is an embodiment of evil: to warp all of creation into an ego's need to be the only "active" force in the triple factor of creation. The ego "fears" reality, and seeks to defend itself from that threat by being master of all reality so that only itself may act. This does not work: one human or one group is not the "creator" of all people or all of "creation".

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Shh... don't say that in front of the SJWs!

Regardless, it is true. I'm reading "Twilight of Authority" right now, and Nisbett offers some interesting insights on what the "family" represented, and how the attack on the family has been going on for more than a century.

At the height of the family, it was understood that your house and your family issues belonged to you, and nobody had the right to violate your family space. Before LGBT, before children out of wedlock, or mas divorce, came the idea that "society," a euphemism for the State, had the right to police family matters and could, for example, forcibly remove your children from you if you did not hand them over to a state-approved school. Ever since then we have seen a steady eroding of the significance of the family (and extended family), and the predictable result.

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circumcised men are incapable of 'spiritual" bonding.

They have  parts of brains undeveloped, initially seen by USA doctors as diseased. Female partners of uncircumcised men are left  wanting, searching for something  missing. Like the jewish song, 'still havnt found what I am looking for'. celtic thunder are not circumcised. can be  heard in their voices and the screams of the american women. very sad

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While I do not approve of physical circumcision, I conclude that we must make a personal inner sacrifice of of fleshly ways of our inner beasts.

And I would never look to you, a mere person, as a reliable source for spiritual instruction. I myself seek out instruction from the one true teacher of righteousness that will never lie: The Logos. And no one needs to take my word for anything, and I do not claim to be an "authority" of anything. I merely am a witness of my own personal experience and that all should seek the one source of truth that is incorruptible, the inner Logos. Please read Luke 17:20-21

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Agreed. One caveat though: out of wedlock does not necessarily means kids grow up in one parent families, at least certainly not where I live. I'm married for almost 25 years now, but what's the difference with a couple living together as long as we do without a marriage license? It is the increasing number of divorces we should be worried about.


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Any more Demographics on the ethnicity breakdown of each Nation-State?  

Figure those which top out on both Lists are the ones ready for  Societal Collapse.


PS: Scandinavian Dames need to be told that even with their SocialNets, most accomplished Single Men don't look for Single Moms when looking to Marry and raise a Family.

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Chance of divorce 50%. After divorce man loosing 50% of his property, in 95% coustody to the kid, pay on average  250-400k for alimony for 18 years, has 10 more higher attempt to kill him self after divorce, and its all because of the stamp in pasport ? 

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WEDLOCK ? That's an interesting word. In ancient times a wedding was about a man and a woman coming to an agreement, family's , tribes and villages and even kingdoms created marriages, many were only symbolic. The concept of the wedding Rings is not to be found in the Bible, it's as much of an Invention as Diamond "Engagement" rings (If anyone thinks me wrong, go and find it in the Bible) The first Wedding rings were appearing as a tradition in the 17th century from certain cultural traditions considered romantic. No Church or Government were required to wed, merely recorded in village records as Contracts.

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TPTB have been destroying our identity family (gender), nation, God (religion), and race. Our society is subverted one way is by MSM self-destruction is considered cool. Family unit being destroyed one example new born baby's born out of wedlock.

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Before venting out and jump to conclusions, be aware that since 2000 there is a civil union pact, originally designed for homosexuals, but actually used by straight couples. It gives the same rights (tax status, social security,etc...) with the only difference being it can be dissolved by a simple mail and that there is no alimony from one partner to another. Whatever the status, duties and rights pertaining to children remain the same : if parents split (or never live together), the parent without the kids has to pay alimony. Children inheritance status is independent of marital status of the parents.

The reality is that in France, 75% of minors live with their parents and 5% with one parent and one step parent , I.e. a total of 80%, to be compared to 73% in the USA according to 2010 Census.


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To be more precise:

In France, there is a civil union pact (named PACS), originally designed for homosexuals, but largely used by straight couples, with the same duties and rights pertaining to children. Here are the statistics in 2016 :

225,612 Weddings – diff. sex

    7,113Weddings – same sex

184,425 PACS –

    7,112 PACS – same sex

I miss the old days... when Zerohedge was a high-level blog (in the articles contents as well as in the subsequent comments)


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We have to thank feminism and Marxism , which destroyed marriage with the no fault divorce and by placing a family court system where, by default. On this system: anyone with a penis is guilty, hence the custody of the kids, control of the family home and child support payments are automatic. Simply put: you have to be a gullible imbecile to get married on this day an age in the West (Muzzies countries is a different story); if you are man, all the incentives, placed by the state, are for her to divorce you, then take you to the cleaners and you will only see your kids on the weekend while she uses your child support money to buy a new BMW and trips to Europe to fuck other men.