Mueller's Former Assistant Alleges Trump Team Leaked Questions To Kill Interview

Mere minutes after we published a post speculating that President Trump's latest denunciation of the Mueller probe could be part of a ploy to push him to spurn Mueller's request for an interview, a CNN analyst named Michael Zeldin - who once worked as Mueller's assistant - put forth a strikingly similar theory.

Zeldin pointed to the rash of typos in the document that was reportedly leaked to the New York Times as evidence that, instead of coming from the Mueller campaign like the Times insinuated, the leak might've come from inside Trump's legal team. Zeldin said the questions were likely culled from notes being taken by the Trump team during the course of a discussion with Mueller and his team.

The reason? By leaking the questions, Trump's team is trying to gently convince the president that he shouldn't agree to an interview with Mueller - something he's reportedly been feeling more apprehensive about

"I think these are notes taken by the recipients of a conversation with Mueller’s office where he outlined broad topics and these guys wrote down questions that they thought these topics may raise," Zeldin said on CNN's "New Day."

"Because of the way these questions are written...lawyers wouldn’t write questions this way, in my estimation. Some of the grammar is not even proper," he continued. "So, I don’t see this as a list of written questions that Mueller’s office gave to the president. I think these are more notes that the White House has taken and then they have expanded upon the conversation to write out these as questions."

Zeldin worked as special counsel to Mueller in the 1990s when Mueller was the assistant attorney general of the Justice Department's Criminal Division.



Trump immediately seized on the questions as the latest evidence that Mueller is no longer actively pursuing collusion-related charges, which Trump said vindicates his claim that Trump is in the middle of a witch hunt. Trump slammed the leak as "disgraceful" and added that collusion "is a made up, phony crime."

So what do you think? Did Mueller's camp leak the questions to pressure Trump to hurry up and agree to an interview? Or did Trump's team leak them to pressure their client to definitively turn the meeting down?


brushhog DownWithYogaPants Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:10 Permalink

What killed the interview was raiding his lawyers office, seizing private documents, abusing attorney client privilege, and leaking the contents to the media....all a week after assuring the president that he is not a target. lol, Give us a break, anyone who is even halfway paying attention can see the deep state bullshit for what it is.

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Arctic Frost Shitonya Serfs Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:07 Permalink


I don’t buy off on it being a “Trump” leak either, it isn’t logical This isn’t like Trump’s tax form that got anonymously emailed to some NBC idiot. The last time I checked The New York Times wasn’t pro-Trump and they would know who leaked this to them. They had to get something this serious from someone they knew in order to go ahead and print it. The ONLY reason CNN is speculating that Trump’s team leaked it now is because the obvious hypocracy of the move was lost on them when they did it. 


Would I believe CNN got the idea from some ZH post, hell ya (Beepoop is probably a CNN troll.) But do I believe the leak came from Trump and NYT fell for it, not a chance in hell. The days of NYT doing zero vetting are over, they’ll at least do some verification before they’d trust a true anonymous source. They’ve learned that much by now. 

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I Claudius Arctic Frost Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:39 Permalink

AF - you are spot on.  If this came from anyone remotely associated with Trump the story would have read "Trump trying to manipulate the press".  The ONLY way the NYT's publishes this is if it came directly from Mueller's group.  The Times would never do anything to help out this president.  And CNN knows exactly what it is doing by pushing this BS narrative:  they need to control their (lack of intelligence) viewership and get them thinking this is Trump's doing.  They realize that anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would now realize what a charade this investigation is so they need to change perception with this new narrative.

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Zorba's idea lester1 Tue, 05/01/2018 - 17:06 Permalink

Yes damnit! (Perhaps this is a plausible opening question from BM. First question from Mueller...Mr President, what time did you have breakfast on January 30, 2017...Trump replies...Bob, Fuck off! Oh, BTW, Bob, have you seen your current NSA file? Bob shits his pants, WH staff calls 911 to clean up mess, and Comey is the first responder...Hey Jim! What are you doing here? Just returning a favor to an old friend :)

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tmosley Tue, 05/01/2018 - 11:51 Permalink

I had thought to myself that this sounded like something Trump might do.

That said, does this idiot really think that Trump's lawyers are more likely to produce typos than Mueller's team?

Harry Lightning tmosley Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:04 Permalink

The typos were put there on purpose, sort of a way Trump's people said to Mueller "we are here and we're gonna kick your ass out of Washington by making you look like the scumbags that you are".

When you read the questions you inevitably come away with the feeling that Mueller and Co are trying more to get the President for saying something that is not true rather than focusing on the Russian collusion mandate they were given. If Trump's people wrote and leaked these questions, that would be the kind of impression they would want to leave in the public's mind, so as to further justify why they will not allow their client to talk with this group of Special Counsel assholes. Trump's people are keying off what the Special Counsel did to that guy Libby...charging him in essence with lying to him rather than anything having to do with the outing of Wilson's wife as a CIA asset, which is what they were empaneled to do.

Trump's team has a good feel for what most Americans will feel is fair in this investigation, and it advances their cause to plant the seeds that this Special Counsel nonsense is a group of investigators trying to create a crime to prosecute. Americans for the most part call that entrapment, and by setting that stage now, Trump's lawyers seek to preclude Mueller from even trying that tactic. 

The time has come for Mueller's paycheck to stop, and him and the rest of his group should be sent packing. They obviously do not have any crime to prosecute, and if they had a modicum of decency would say they have nothing and end the investigation on their own. Regrettably for the American people, the investigators on this team have records of being duplicitous and sleazy prosecutors who have shown in their careers a willingness to place illicit conviction on a higher plain that honest investigation. Trump's people have realized this and seemingly are ready to outslug them in the mud.

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Arctic Frost Harry Lightning Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:16 Permalink


I realize you’re basing your assumptions on the belief Trump’s team is more clever than most will give them credit and I agree with you. But in order for your premise to be true, NYT would have to be pro-Trump to cooperate. Something at this high of level the journalist and editor would ONLY print it if they knew who the source was. They had to learn from the NBC tax embarrassment. 


I agree with your assessment that this this has gone on long enough and these last minute desperation tactics are proof of that. 

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LaugherNYC Arctic Frost Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:30 Permalink

I like the idea of cutting off the paychecks. Tell them they will only get back pay if they produce clear evidence of collusion, based on information now in their possession. No more fishing expeditions at taxpayer expense. They either have something by now or they don't.

This looks like they found nothing concrete on collusion, and are simply trying to trap Trump into answers that "lack candor" ti use the FBI language.

When Andy McCabe is charged with criminal violations, and Strzok and Page plead out after giving up the whole Clinton corruption scheme, then maybe I would begin to believe the DOJ is handling this properly. 

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Harry Lightning LaugherNYC Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:51 Permalink

You know, if Trump and the Repubs in Washington really wanted to drain the swamp, using paychecks as a weapon would be the most effective way to do it. Just stop funding the institutions and groups that are clearly up to no good. 

Years ago when Gingrich was Speaker, he proposed just that for the Ninth Circuit Federal Court in California, the most overturned Court in the Federal Judicial system. It would close down a Court that historically has misread the law and deliberately disregarded the Constitution, without violating the Constitution. For the Court still would be open if the Judges agreed to work for nothing and paid the utility bills. But in practice, everyone knows that a bunch of greedy lawyers with the political connections to get appointed to Federal Judgeships would never work for free, much less pay for the resources they use to commit their treason.  

This model should be employed across the board through the Executive branch. It would be a good start to draining the swamp as well as reducing the Federal deficits. 

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Harry Lightning Arctic Frost Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:44 Permalink

Yes, I agree. The odds-on favorite to all of this would be that Mueller's team leaked it, which would not nearly be a first for that group of politically-motivated bastards. Just have to wonder why they would want the world to know that they now have to resort to trying to entrap a President rather than investigate a real crime. 

On top of that, would the NYT have to be pro-Trump to go with this story, or did their editors come to the conclusion that anything that sells papers is good for their failing business, regardless of where the story came from. This information, whether true or false, surely stokes interest.

Time will tell. I have no confidence that any of the people trying to bring down Trump have any semblance of honesty or rationale in what they do, for if they did possess such, this investigation would never have begun in the first place. Its really kind of shocking that Trump's enemies would even try to go after him with such flimsy non-evidence. Its like going elephant hunting with a .22 pistol. Pure stupidity. 

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Harry Lightning Tue, 05/01/2018 - 11:53 Permalink

I hope this guy is correct. Its about time that Trump's people get down in the mud and start using the same tactics that Mueller and his little shits have been doing for over a year.

I smell the hand of Giuliani in this...he seems to be a no holds barred street fighter type who would have no hesitation in kicking Mueller and his team of jack-offs right between the legs.

Harry Lightning bowie28 Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:07 Permalink

I think you are absolutely correct. And I look forward to that outcome, not so much because I like Trump but because I think America should be true to its laws and not allow the government to bend them just because one political party or deep state group puts their own interests in front of the good of their country. America cannot be the beacon of justice in the world if it doesn't practice what it preaches at home. Trying to overthrow a duly-elected President and deny the will of the voters through lies and fabricated evidence shits all over America's claim to be the paradigm of justice and democracy.

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