End Of "Major Combat": US Deactivates Anti-ISIS HQ In Iraq

In a significant milestone, the headquarters responsible for coordinating US-led military operations in Iraq closed on Monday, “signifying the end of major combat operations against ISIS [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria],” the Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command (CJFLCC) said in a statement.

According to the statement, the U.S.-led coalition “was deactivated today [Monday] at a ceremony in Baghdad” that included a casing of the colors. The command’s authorities have been transferred to the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve’s (CJTF-OIR) headquarters based in Kuwait that oversees the US-led international coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Casing the CJFLCC colors is a symbolic gesture, honoring the perseverance and sacrifice of our coalition partners. Thanks to our partnered success, we are able to continue our support to the government of Iraq under the unified command of CJTF-OIR,” Army Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt, the former commander of CJFLCC, said in the statement.

Moving the CJFLCC’S responsibilities to CJTF-OIR’s headquarters in Kuwait is “acknowledging the changing composition and responsibilities of the coalition,” the statement read.

In other words, it shows the coalition’s commitment to consolidate command structure as its position “evolves from supporting and enabling combat operations to the training and development of self-sufficient Iraqi security-related capabilities,” the statement added.

Iraqi Security Force spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool Abdullah, said CJFLCC had been an extraordinary part of Iraq’s recent success to eradicate ISIS from the country.

“The commitment and professionalism of all the men and women from all the coalition nations has been of the highest order, and Iraq is immensely grateful for their sacrifice and dedication in this task,” he said. “We look forward to taking the partnership forward with the Combined Joint Task Force, and a friendship that will endure for years to come.”

The US invaded Iraq in 2003, alleging that Saddam Hussein possessed an illegal stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Years later, no such weapons were ever discovered. The U.S.-led coalition decimated the country’s military but soon realized that Iraq was a breeding ground for terrorist organizations. The Pentagon began withdrawing troops in the second half of 2011, just as the next war was flaring up in Syria. While US troops were exiting Iraq, ISIS claimed control of large territories inside the country by 2014, including the major city of Mosul in the northern region.

After more than three years of combat operations, Iraq announced in December that the fight against ISIS was officially over after Iraqi Armed Forces liberated most of the country. Iraqi and CJFLCC officials warned, however, that many obstacles could remain for an extended period despite the military victory.

While March marked the 15th anniversary of the US war in Iraq, the likelihood of US troops exiting the Middle East as a whole is nil. The closing of the CJFLCC only consolidates responsibilities to a centralized command in Kuwait, dubbed CJTF-OIR. As America’s military seems to be pivoting towards the next conflict, recent developments surrounding Israel and Iran could undoubtedly lead to the next flashpoint.


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I will admit to assuming that they meant operations against isis in Syria were over. Took me a little time to get up to speed.

As I understand it, operations against Syrian  ISIS have been suspended (except an occasional bomb the desert sortie for optics), but no official ceremony yet.

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The US-led coalition’s air strikes have killed at least 25 civilians in the Syrian province of Al-Hasakah, leaving dozens wounded, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Tuesday.

According to SANA, on Tuesday morning, air strikes were carried out on the Al-Fadl settlement located near the city of Al-Shaddadi. There are two elderly people among the victims, as well as women and children


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Any of you bitches claim they are just moving back to Iran and I'm going to lose my shit.


They have been nurtured by KSA, Israel, FUKUS, Turkey and others at various points.  The idea they were helping Iranian footmen all this time is just fucking absurd.

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re "In a significant milestone, the headquarters responsible for coordinating US-led military operations in Iraq closed on Monday, signifying the end of major combat operations against ISIS"

WHAT USSA "major combat operations against ISIS" ?????????????????????

WHAT 'Alternate Reality' are we takling about here ????????????????????

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What would a night be like on ZH without the Russian trolls and bots?

"We were just doing what Israel wanted."

I love the idea that the US is ruled by the Jews/Zionists/Rothschilds/whatever. These lunacies posted by people who have never left their momma's basement. Have never worked in the seat of power, know none of the players, read what is fed to them by their state-controlled media and state-controlled schools. Live with filtered internet, or lack the intellectual curiosity to learn history, so they can learn from it. Take blood money from their propaganda masters to spread bile like a parasite in the body politic.

I love the notion that a country of 8 million, isolated in the desert, with almost no natural resources, somehow controls not only the most powerful and diverse nation and economy in the history of mankind, but also somehow threatens the sanctity and hegemon of a huge and great nation like Russia. Is Russia that sad? That weak? That it must send its trolls to spread this garbage while it backs the worst, most vile butchers in the world? 

I am ashamed of my great Russian heritage. It embarrasses me to try to explain to my children what the country of their ancestors has become. It chooses to become a stain on the pages of history, rather than a glorious flame. Does today's Rasputin sit in a garret in Moscow, stroking his chin and muttering "blame the Jews, blame the Jews..."

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Jews gravitate towards positions of power and manipulation. What did you think, after leeching off the British empire to do favours for them, they jumped onto America as their prime vehicle of plunder. Jews try to get others to do things for them. And America has a large stock of useful idiots called Evangelical Zionists for that purpose.

You're either ignorant of the deep level of Zionist infiltration of the Anglo-American West, which goes back to the 19th century, or you are a Zionist yourself. So of course your bias won't allow you to explore how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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When you have trillions of dollars at your disposal, you kind of get tired of buying material things.  That is why they turned to buying people.  Much more satisfying.  With that kind of money, the hooker can hook anyone who can be bought. This great prostitute and her clients rule. Her clients are her soldiers, bought and paid for. No weapons are needed, just the control of the financial systems will suffice. Money controls this planet, and the love of it will destroy it.  In the end, people will do what's right instead of what is profitable. We will serve God instead of money.  We'll have to go through hell before we get to heaven though.

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Earlier LNYC

What would a night be like on ZH without the Russian trolls and bots?

Later LNYC

I am ashamed of my great Russian heritage. It embarrasses me to try to explain to my children what the country of their ancestors has become.

Some trolls are so full of shit it embarrasses me.

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Ya, "anti-ISIS". We supplied them weapons and equipment. If we didn't fund them directly we certainly allowed them to be funded. We tolerated their efforts to recruit fresh meat over social media. We directly trained them as fictional "freedom fighters". We air-dropped them ammo and other resupply. We and our "allies" provided air support and bombardment. The West's traitorous ruling establishment never lost faith in the goal of removing Assad where only ISIS stood to fill the void we were creating, and the fake propaganda press squashed all mention of the true goals of running a gas pipeline through Syria to Europe, and allowing Israel to fully control the Golan Heights with its recently discovered rich oil reserves. If we've truly given up, at least we can say we made a valiant anti-ISIS effort. 

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So we are trying to get out of the ME, and we still have people bad-mouthing Trump. Never satisfied. A tiny democratic country in the ME rules the world, somehow. We were supposed to go to war with NK, but that never happened, darn it. Now we're pulling out of Iraq. Damn! All our opinions are crumbling!!! What will we do??? We told everyone WW3 was right around the corner! Trump HAS to be an idiot! Where is Killiary when you need her to start this thing so we can be proven right???!!!

Hmmm....It's the Jews fault!!!!