Mueller's Questions For Trump Leaked; Read Them Here

The New York Times has obtained a list of four-dozen questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would like President Trump to answer, after Mueller's office delivered the questions to Trump's attorneys (however the Times notes that their source is not someone on Trump's legal team).

Mueller has sought to question Trump for months over his business dealings, his relationships, and his communications with former staffers who have become embroiled in the probe. Trump, meanwhile, has at times expressed a desire to be interviewed by Mueller in the hopes of ending the investigation more quickly. The President's lawyers eventually negotiated for Mueller to present a list of questions, which can be read below. 

Mr. Trump’s lawyers gave Mr. Mueller several pages of written explanations about the president’s role in the matters the special counsel is investigating. Concerned about putting the president in legal jeopardy, his lead lawyer, John Dowd, was trying to convince Mr. Mueller he did not need to interview Mr. Trump, according to people briefed on the matter.

Mr. Mueller was apparently unsatisfied. He told Mr. Dowd in early March that he needed to question the president directly to determine whether he had criminal intent when he fired Mr. Comey, the people said.

But Mr. Dowd held firm, and investigators for Mr. Mueller agreed days later to share during a meeting with Mr. Dowd the questions they wanted to ask Mr. Trump. -NYT

Several questions focus on communications between Trump or members of his staff and Russia, while others focus on the infamous Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, which was organized by Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone. 

Further questions pertain to:

  • Russian hacking during the 2016 election
  • Why Trump praised Wikileaks during the election and called on Russia to find Hillary Clinton's deleted emails 
  • Questions about Jeff Sessions, Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus and others
  • Trump's decisions to fire his former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn as well as former FBI Director James Comey

Trump's explanation for why he fired each individual has appeared to change at times, stoking speculation that the president may have obstructed justice.

In a similar vein, Mueller planned to inquire about Trump's reported efforts to fire the special counsel.

"What discussions did you have regarding terminating the special counsel, and what did you do when that consideration was reported in January 2018?" the question states, according to The Times.

Trump reportedly sought to fire Mueller on two occasions, but was talked out of it in both instances. -The Hill

Read the New York Times' analysis of the questions below:




takeaction Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:36 Permalink

This is a Distraction.....I watched Trumps rally...Amazing.  Then I watched that whore tell those jokes at the White House Dinner...what a disgrace.  Dem/Libs have no candidates, and have no stance on any viable issue.  There only campaign slogan is "Impeach Trump"  Not going to work.

buyingsterling CuttingEdge Tue, 05/01/2018 - 04:11 Permalink

Two possibilities here:

1. Mueller is simply turning up the heat.

2. Mueller worked out a deal with Giuliani: leak the questions, we will answer them in writing.

I think it's the latter - The leak avoids Mueller being shamed for assenting to written answers, and now that we know everything Mueller wants to know from Trump, Mueller would look ridiculous and scheming if he insisted Trump answer in person. We're nearing the end of this farce.

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Tarzan JRobby Tue, 05/01/2018 - 04:55 Permalink

Mueller is simply loosing the momentum, and the leak is a move of desperation. 

The answers to all these questions, when answered in writing with the help of counsel, have zero risk for Trump.  Most can be answered with, none of your damn business!

Mueller hoped to get Trump one on one so he could lead him into a falsehood, in search of a crime, not evidence of a crime.  There is a difference...

Mueller's options are limited.  And the most obvious one is to wind down the "investigation", which at this point would be a complete embarrassment to the establishment's, "insurance policy".

Their risk averting policy, the coup, is failing, and they're scarred!

Mr. Strzok wrote of a potential Trump presidency, “I’m scared for our organization.”


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takeaction takeaction Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:41 Permalink

Off topic...but important.  Look at the new Gun Law they are trying to put on the Ballot here in Oregon.  This is NOT an assault weapons ban...Read this.  Yikes

The draft for Initiative Petition 43 states that if approved, it “criminalizes possession or transfer of ‘assault weapons’ (defined) or ‘large capacity magazines’ (defined), with exceptions.”

Under the initiative, the definitions are: “Assault weapons include certain semiautomatic rifles or pistols with a detachable magazine; pistol or rifles with a fixed magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition; certain semiautomatic shotguns. Large capacity magazine is ammunition feeding device with capacity of more than 10 rounds.”


A DETACHABLE MAGAZINE???  Almost all of them???????????????????????

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Bendromeda Strain Bigly Tue, 05/01/2018 - 06:48 Permalink

Evade... Smuggle... Resist.

These bastards think that they can vote away the Constitution, but as CT proved, there are many, many Americans who are willing to become "criminals" when the "law" pushes them too far. There are quite a few CT residents who now have remorse for having complied with that unconstitutional assault on their rights.

Never forget, Josh Sugarmann (do I need the brackets?) was the former president of the Coalition to Ban Handguns before moving to the Violence Policy Center and working with Resident Clinton. He popularized the term "assault weapon".

He was born in Newtown.

Only fools and neocon useful idiots believe in coincidences.

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Chris2 takeaction Tue, 05/01/2018 - 06:45 Permalink

Cabbie in NYC in 2011 said "I usually talk to my fares. This guy dressed really nice and very fit gets in my cab. I asked him what he does for a living. He said he was owned a private security company for executives. We talked about the state of the nation."

He said "The country can't go on like this. Imagine special forces take out 100 people in one day from banking, Wall Street, government, business and media and it's over. If not we are going to have civil war where millions will die. Think the breakaway nation with military weapons and bases. The entire gulf coast would be one of them. What would you rather have?"

Then he got out of my cab and disappeared into a sea of people in Manhattan.

If you think we aren't on the verge of civil war, we are having one DC right now. When Lincoln was elected the country was divided but you didn't have 60 million people calling for his assassination or half the congress calling for his impeachment. This is way, way worse.

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thinkmoretalkless takeaction Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:53 Permalink

Agreed.  The Mueller shit show is a bigger joke than that sorry excuse for a “comedian” the inbred beltway fake “journalists” paid to spew vile crap for their twisted entertainment.  Trump has accomplished more in 15 months than these half assed political hacks have done in half a century.  The political class is rotten and they are starting to really stink.

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Chris2 QueenDratpmurt Tue, 05/01/2018 - 07:00 Permalink

They are going to run Kamala Harris who is a secret Muslim. She took the oath of office on a Koran in San Francisco. When she was sworn in for Senate her Jewish husband held a book with a leather book cover so you could not identify it.

See her when Muslim women against Sharia law appeared before congress. She was outright hostile to them.

Very, very few people know this. I was told by someone who is a lefty and I went to check the vids on youtube and yep that is the case. Even her name is Islamic.

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esum takeaction Tue, 05/01/2018 - 07:08 Permalink

here's a few questions for MUELLER...

why did you collude with Whitey Bulger and send his enemies to prison on fabricated charges and obstruction of justice..??

why did you ignore 9/11 warnings from a paid informant living with two of the 9/11 hijackers..?? a chechen paid informant member of al queda reported thier plan and you ignored it...why??


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johnwburns Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:39 Permalink

As far as I can tell it looks like catch and release is still in effect and that they are processing asylum requests from the caravan. If that's true Mueller can have him. 

Harry Lightning soyungato Tue, 05/01/2018 - 00:54 Permalink

Exactly. The Special Counsel has no right to ask a sitting President about what considerations or conversations he had regarding the performance of his Constitutionally-mandated duties. If Trump is stupid enough to meet with this asshole, most of his answers should be "I don't recall what I was thinking" and "I don't recall what was said". Presidents have too much on their plate to remember specific conversations dating back a year or more. 

I would have him answer the question about did he consider firing the Special Counsel, because it would allow Trump to spear this fucking whale by saying that there was no reason to even empanel a Special Counsel because the premise of the entire investigation was based on lies promulgated by democrat-paid for fake intelligence. 

Then I would counsel the President to fire the bastard once all the questioning was finished, as the investigation is based on lies and its detrimental to the country and theft of the taxpayers' money.

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