20,000 Indian Troops Engage In War Drill Near Pakistan Border

In a massive show of force, more than 20,000 troops of strike formations of the Indian Army’s South Western Command have begun exercise Vijay Prahar in the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges close to the India–Pakistan border, according to the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

“Strike formations of the command are going through the exercise in Mahajan area close to Suratgarh in Rajasthan in which over 20,000 troops are participating with fighting equipment for a couple of weeks,” Brigadier Anil Gautam, Brigadier General Staff (Information Warfare), South Western Command said.

In the immediate wake of Gagan Shakti war drill, which the Indian Air Force flew over 11,000 sorties between 10 and 22 of April, this exercise represents back-to-back military efforts to “refine jointmanship and maximizing the impact of the joint operations, General Gautam said.

“The exercise is aimed to orchestrate wide spectrum of threats which are planned to be tackled through high tempo joint air and land operation involving hundreds of aircraft, thousands of tanks and artillery pieces supported by real-time intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and just in time logistic support,” General Gautam noted.

Moments ago, exclusive footage of Exercise Vijay Prahar has been released for the public viewing:

Vimal Bhatia, a war reporter for 24-years on the border town of Jaisalme said, “Big Army Excercise Vijay Prahar in Mahajan field firing range, Bikaner Formations of Jaipur based Sapta Shakti Command are carrying out Big ‘EXERCISE VIJAY PRAHAR’ in Mahajan Field Firing Ranges Bikaner.”

The month-long exercise, which concludes on May 09, is to “help the troops in bolstering their penetrative maneuvers across obstacle-ridden terrain under a nuclear umbrella,” said Zee News. In other words, the Indian Army could be preparing to invade Pakistan — considering the massive drill is being conducted about 40-miles from the India–Pakistan border.

As per the report, “the formations are practicing and operationalizing certain innovative concepts of operating in the network-centric environment, integrated employment of modern-day sensors with the weapon platforms, employment of attack helicopters in the air cavalry role and bold offensive of application of the Special Forces,” General Gautam added.

The chances of war breaking out between India and Pakistan is significantly closer as India launches a massive war drill simulating “penetrative maneuvers across obstacle-ridden terrain.” One glance at the Google Earth map above makes one wonder, is India preparing to invade Pakistan?