Giuliani Says Decision On Mueller Interview Still "Several Weeks Away"

Update (4:15 pm ET): Giuliani has seemingly spent a large part of the afternoon dribbling out details about the Trump team's negotiations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. His latest revelation comes via the Hill, which reported that Trump's legal team is still "several weeks away" from deciding whether Trump will agree to an interview with Mueller, Giuliani said.

Giuliani added that the decision would be based, in large part, on how "objective" Trump's lawyers perceive Mueller to be.

* * *

Rudy Giuliani just dropped an important clue about the fate of a possible meeting between President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In a series of tweets posted just minutes after the New York Times reported that White House lawyer Ty Cobb would be "retiring" from President Trump's legal team, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa tweeted that he'd just spoken with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and that Giuliani insisted that, should Trump decide to sit for an interview with Mueller, that meeting would be two to three hours in length - max. Rumors that Trump would sit for a 12-hour interview with the special counsel just aren't true, he said.

Giuliani then added that Trump lead attorney Jay Sekulow was behind Ty Cobb's ouster. Sekulow purportedly wanted somebody more aggressive on the team, he said.

All of this would appear to confirm our original theory that Trump's legal team leaked a batch of questions purportedly proposed by Mueller's team earlier this week in an effort to discredit the special counsel and push Trump away from granting an interview. The big question now is: Will Trump spurn Mueller entirely? Or will he grant the "compromise" approach apparently being touted by Giuliani?