Russia Kills Jihadists With Weaponized Robot Ahead Of World Cup

Dramatic footage has surfaced showing Russian counter-terrorism forces slaying jihadist “sleeper cells” and “underground units” ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. In the past few months, Russian troops have launched numerous counter-terrorism operations in the volatile Islamic region of Dagestan.

According to the Daily Mail, local police in Derbent, a city in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, located on the Caspian Sea, alerted government officials about dangerous jihadist “sleeper cells” that were planning to attack the civilian population on May 01, known as a traditional holiday in Russia.

The violent video shows Russian counter-terrorism forces using heavily armored personnel carriers with tremendous firepower, pounding the building with copper and lead bullets, in the town of Derbent, where the jihadist “sleeper cells” were active.

Once the terrorist compound caught fire, all of the armored personnel carriers retreated to a safe distance, as a small armed robot was seen approaching the compound to finish off the job.

The video shows a Russian soldier remotely guiding the killer robot through the compound. Video and audio recordings relayed wirelessly back to the command notebook of the robot reveals the terrorist shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ followed by an explosion.

The Daily Mail reported that the heavily armed robot, mounted with a machine gun, was responsible for killing all eleven jihadis.

“Guns, bullets, knives, and grenades were discovered at the scene,” according to a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee which investigates terrorism cases. Homemade bombs and other deadly weapons were discovered in the compound before it went up in flames.

Government officials later released graphic images showing the bullet-ridden bodies of the terrorist killed in the raid –which is too gruesome to show.

Derbent, where the counter-terrorism operation was carried out, is just 590 miles southeast of Volgograd, where England will play their opening 2018 World Cup qualifying group game this summer.

Security specialists have warned about “lone jihadi” terror attacks during the upcoming 2018 World Cup starting in June. “Sunni Islamist militants, particularly Russian jihadists returning from conflict zones, are the primary source of concern for Moscow,” according to a report released Tuesday by Jane’s Defence Weekly, the defense and security wing of IHS Markit.

Jane’s Defence Weekly explains how the jihadists buildup in the disputed Northern Caucasus region, has driven Russia to unleash counter-terrorism operations leading up to the World Cup.

According to the Washington-based security consultancy the Soufan Group, Russia is the largest exporter of foreign jihadis by country, ahead of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Tunisia. The data shows an estimated 3,417 Russian nationals had trained and fought with ISIS and 400 had returned home by 2017.

“Returning Russian jihadists pose a likely terrorism threat to security measures at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, motivated by their opposition to the military involvement of Russia and other World Cup participants in the Middle East, and towards Iran and Saudi Arabia,” said Chris Hawkins, a senior analyst at Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC).

While the Kremlin is expected “to intensify its counter-terrorism operations in the majority Muslim semi-autonomous Caucasus regions of Chechnya and Dagestan,” said CNBC, there is a reason to believe Putin will have his hands full ahead and during the World Cup. Russia’s tourism ministry projects more than one million foreign visitors could flood into Russia for the World Cup, which will be held across eleven cities this summer. What could go wrong?


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AI is soon to become the perfect tool of psychopathic power.

If the sub-humans can make the AI machines into perfect obedient slaves and killers, they will make total war against regular humans.

Then what will be left eventually is each gang of psychopathic sub-humans scorching the earth as each one attempts to subjugate the other and destroy any center of productivity not automated in service of the elite psychopath. 

Normal people will be reduced to small groups of scampering vagabonds, trying hard to hide and survive. Sub-man will have synthetically created a new age of dinosaurs: terrible reptilian-like killing monsters ravishing the earth while people with souls attempt to survive till the heavens send an object to deliver us from our oppressors.



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more than 400,000 jihadis, isis, al qaeda and all sort of names were brought into Syria from all over the world.

only in Douma a few weeks ago, there were more than 500 isis british passport holders.... they are on their way back to england, after getting hardened in war.

the war against christianity is on high gear.

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They are simply remote controlled vehicles with a gun fitted. Not even really robots, just a remote control gun platform. That none where captured bad, could have taser and dart gun fitted. How ever it is reassuring that the Russian government values it citizens sufficiently to take measures to protect them from harm and I am of course talking about the police officers who did not have to conduct that raid.

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Apparently its ok for them to post articles on Russians killing Muslims but not ok for me to point out it is a fascist ideology with global conquest in Oh no I might be banned, what should I do.

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Pointing out the truth is called "DEFENSE", not "attacking Jews." For example, I just read this by Patrick Lang. He introduces himself as follows
I worked with and conducted liaison with The Israel Defense Force (IDF) for many years. This activity occurred as part of my regular duties as a US Army officer and later as a civilian executive of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Since my retirement from US government service I have had many business or religious occasions to visit Israel and to watch the IDF in action against various groups of Palestinians all over the West Bank. I have many friends who are retired or reserve members of the IDF. My observations concerning the IDF are based on that experience.

In one paragraph he describe the Israeli soldiers as follows
I have seen IDF troops shoot at Palestinian women hanging out laundry in their gardens. This was done with tank turret coaxial machine guns from within a dirt walled fort a couple of hundred yards away, and evidently just for the fun of it.
One might say that in war, bad things happen but is the Gaza massacre actually war by any standard. Such behavior is indicative of an army that is not well disciplined and not a completely reliably instrument of state policy. In my travels in the West Bank, it has been noticeable that the behavior towards Palestinian civilians of IDF troops at roadblocks is reminiscent of that of any group of post-adolescents given guns and allowed to bully the helpless in order to look tough for each other.

Truth hurts.

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"Well it must be true, since its posted on the internet. "

So at least we agree that what was described in that post was bad and shameful and you don't think it is true. Any soldiers behaving like that degraded themselves and their people . These soldiers and their country men seem to have lost their humanity. What would you do if such atrocity did occur ? Would you at least condemn them ?
This is so bad these soldiers cannot possibly exist in this world. The things described by this author Patrict Lang just cannot possibly be true. He also must have falsified his identity despite the fact that he had published and read widely and is not a nobody. It is all false.

What if it is true ?

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