US Judge Orders Iran To Pay Billions To Families Of 9/11 Victims

Via Middle East Monitor,

Despite judge's ruling, official US report says Iran did not play a direct role in the attacks

A US federal judge in New York ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars in damages to families affected by 9/11, ABC news reported on Tuesday.

Judge George B Daniels found the country liable to more than 1,000 “parents, spouses, siblings and children” involved in the lawsuit. Daniels said the payment amounts to $12.5m per spouse, $8.5m per parent, $8.5m per child and $4.25m for each sibling, according to the ABC report.

The lawsuit claims that Iran provided technical assistance, training and planning to the al-Qaeda operatives that conducted the attacks.

However, the official investigation on the attacks, known as the 9/11 Commission Report, said that Iran did not play a direct role.

In addition, there is no binding mechanism to force Iran to pay, making the judgment symbolic.

The lawsuit is linked to a case filed against Saudi Arabia, which families of 9/11 victims say provided direct support for the attackers.

Back in March, judge Daniels rejected Saudi Arabia's request to dismiss lawsuits accusing it of being involved in the attacks.

The cases are based on the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (Jasta), a 2016 law that provides an exemption to the legal principle of sovereign immunity, allowing families of the victims to take foreign governments to court.

The families point to the fact that the majority of the hijackers were Saudi citizens, and claim that Saudi officials and institutions "aided and abetted" the attackers in the years leading up to the 9/11 attacks, according to court documents.

The Saudi government has long denied involvement in the attacks in which hijacked planes crashed into New York's World Trade Center, the Pentagon outside Washington, DC, and a Pennsylvania field. Almost 3,000 people died. 

Riyadh and its Gulf allies had strongly opposed Jasta, which was initially vetoed by then-President Barack Obama. The US Senate overturned the veto by overwhelmingly adopting the legislation.

Critics of the law say it is politically motivated and an infringement on the sovereignty of foreign nations.


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Lemme get it straight… Fifteen of the 19 9/11 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt (1), and Lebanon (1).

On top of that, the Saudi government officials have been proven to conspire and participate in the 9/11 attack, and yet… Iran is ordered to pay $6 billion for aiding Al-Qaeda in 9/11 attacks?

BTW… Al-Qaeda is an ARAB thing, a SUNNI ARAB thing to be exact – it has nothing to do with the Shia, let alone the Persian “infidels” (Iran).


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How can Judges--in high positions (federal level)--can be this naive in their conclusions? Could they have been installed into these positions based in their naivety/corruptibility?


***(Read the first link and you might see how the Wesely Clark "seven countries in five years" plot fits ever too nicely when compared the level of premeditation involved .... you have Lebanon, Syria, and Iran all set up to be blamed ex post facto)***



December 23, 2011


A federal district court in Manhattan yesterday entered a historic ruling that reveals new facts about Iran's support of al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels ruled yesterday that Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly supported al Qaeda in the September 11, 2001 attacks and are legally responsible for damages to hundreds of family members of 9/11 victims who are plaintiffs in the case.



Judge George B. Daniels Misfires on 9/11 Again
Morgan Reynolds

Back in 2007 Federal Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District of New York dismissed my 9/11 “no planes” whistleblower lawsuit against NIST contractors “with prejudice”  along with separate 9/11 suits filed by Dr. Judy Wood and Ed Haas...

Now we learn more about Daniels’ 9/11 prejudice.  He obviously embraces the thread-bare 9/11 official conspiracy theory because he has signed a “default judgment finding Iran, the Taliban and al-Qaida liable for the September 11, 2001 attacks.”  Wow.  Even war-crazed neocons like Cheney and Rumsfeld never went so far as to blame the Iranian government for 9/11 or accuse it of conspiring with al-Qaida.…

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The lawsuit claims that Iran provided technical assistance, training and planning to the al-Qaeda operatives that conducted the attacks.


This is bullshit on so many levels I don't even know where to start.  I wonder how much it cost the Mossad to bribe the judge in this case?  Maybe instead they have some photos of the Judge giving a goat the high hard one or something.

Doesn't anyone find it interesting that we're hearing about this case right after Nutteryahoo does his "evil Iran" routine and right in sync with the ongoing effort to make Iran out as a major threat to the US??  There are no coincidences . . . 

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No doubt the Mossad has pics of this judge balls deep in a dead kid.

This is so fucking retarded I don't know where to begin.

Doesn't this fuckhead know that Iran are SHIA, and PERSIAN, and all the dirt monkeys that allegedly attacked us were ARABS, and WAHHABIST SUNNI Arabs to boot.  

This has jewprints all over it. More to march to war with Iran. They better buy a couple of nukes from Russia to be able to hit back once the attack begins. I would say Tel Aviv would be #1 target.

Someone has to do it cause this shit has to stop.  I feel like I am in lala land anymore. Time to plant a garden and breathe the fresh air while it is still Cs free.  


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How about hitting up the Saudis? Since they actually did it?

Or Israel?

MBS should be flu$h, after kidnapping and shaking down all his cousins.

Or the Zionists after Larry Silversteins inurance payout ( tho of course its pennies when you own the private central banks)

Meanwhile victims families get screwed..are an after thought..

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It's unbeleivable and a bit disheartening how much power the deep-state has to coordinate all this between the various branches of gov and the media.


"Disheartening" is putting it mildly.  Fucking scary is more like it. 

What else is scary is how many people across the USA will believe every word of this bullshit about Iran.  For one thing, it reinforces their baked in idea that Iran is evil/Iran is "the largest state sponsor of terrorism" that's the end result of being exposed to non-stop (Jew driven) propaganda about Iran since what, 1979 or so??

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Haha- yes, it is fucking scary- I'm trying to remain a little bit positive here.
If they seriously have that level of control, and it appears they do, there is essentially no hope of change from the ballot box or legislative processes. An effective majority of voters in the US will not be able to tease out the details for themselves, and those that would report it to them effectively will be disappeared (Hastings/Greenwald).
To borrow a term from Baudrillard, "the ruses of history" will simply continue on until the West's economic disintegration comes irrefutably into the view of a majority of the voting populace. By that time, empowered by industrial automation, AI and robot armies, it will be far too late to mount any kind of armed resistance. Peaceful resistance has already been effectively barred from the national consciousness, drowned in a sea of irrelevant, vacuous, and ultimately fictional, entertainments. Both Orwell and Huxley were right- Huxley's Brave New World is simply the pernicious edifice for the cruel reality of Orwell's control system.

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in my 13 or so years of experience with Americans - I've come to think that most Americans actually realize what is happening but have been brainwashed to pretend it did not happen (like in a cult - let's all pretend reality does not exist - and it may look that way). The whole country is a giant cult of BS with lots of obedient Anglosheeple doing as told and pretending to believe BS

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I am actually glad about this unbelievable shameless lie . I want to reopen 911 case ,even if only with internet discussions.

Maybe , by directly accusing Iran , the spotlight of what really happened on 911 will be reflected on the actual culprits : US government , C!A and Mo$$ad.

If KSA had a role ,was to provide some patsies and money ,that's it.

Maybe Iran ( and Russia?) will hit back and leak some true facts .

Let's discuss and make a lot of noise about 911 ; if we do not bring to justice the real criminals , nothing will change for the better.

We are in this situation now,with all the wars and ready to start a WWIII by attacking Iran , because we ,the people , let 911 criminals unpunished ,let 911 uninvestigated ,let the truth buried under the 911 rubble and let the zionist lies live.

Enough is enough.

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Look at the Pentagon hit site : perfectly round, much ,much smaller than the body of the airplane, no damage done by wings : it should have been at least some , but even the windows around the hole have intact glass , nothing left of the plane, no wings , no engine ,which is titanium, no black box ,no passengers remains . Where did the plane go?  The so called engine that they showed was not a Boeing engine .

It was a missile that hit Pentagon ,without any doubt what so ever.

And no video showed ,even if there must be hundreds cameras around that area .…

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Dickweed Wang veritas semper… Wed, 05/02/2018 - 15:10 Permalink

We are in this situation now,with all the wars and ready to start a WWIII by attacking Iran , because we ,the people , let 911 criminals unpunished ,let 911 uninvestigated ,let the truth buried under the 911 rubble and let the zionist lies live.


I've been saying for a while now that if the American people think they will not be held accountable for the totally illegal (and immoral) actions of their government such as; murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's, bombing and occupying Syria, destroying Libya, enabling the camel fuckers to commit genocide in Yemen, letting IsraHell get away with everything, etc., then they are sorely mistaken.  I have a feeling that some day the rest of the work will hold regular Americans to account for everything.  Look what happened to the German citizens after WWII for a recent example of what I'm talking about.

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The Bullshit is strong with this one.

Where is the proof ?

Where was the proof for the Syrian attacks (last year and this year)/? Where were the proofs about the Russia's involvement and Skripal case?

We don't need any proof now.

We make accusations and we apply sanctions and start wars  based on fake news .

And when i say "we" I mean the AAZ empire .

As a famous zionist war criminal said " we are an empire now, we create our own reality and act based on this".

Here you have it, in a nutshell ,the AAZ empire policy .


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Meanwhile actual proof of Israel providing weapons to ISIS remnants (in south Damascus) is ignored:

Southern Damascus: SAA find Israeli weapons in ISIS terrorists trenches:


Israeli troops pictured with terrorists:


Also interesting interview with Ian Shilling and Vanessa Beeley (2 hours):…

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Expect some down votes from the booger eaters, if they can deny videos of fully fueled and loaded planes flying into the towers (clue, see picture above, I know, photo shopped bla bla) whatever they spout after that will be discounted, true or not, such is the price you pay for being a booger eating flat earther.

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its all a show.

People connected to jewish/zionist groups conspire to sue not Cheney, not Israel, not the Saudis by Iran in a ny court.  Iran doesnt show up.  Judge says ‘since you didnt do what I said, I find against you.’


A cheap trick but nauseating given the obvious Jewish and Israeli role in 9/11, not to mention the ‘stand down’ of NORAD and Pentagon missile systems.


Cui bono?  


Not Iran.

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The Congressional 9/11 Inquiry found Iran played no role in 9/11, directly or indirectly...the Inquiry did cite considerable evidence that US intelligence (CIA-FBI) collaborated with Saudi intelligence and the Royal Family (Bandar) to stage a Terror Spectacle designed to stampede the population into Perpetual War and an Orwellian police state at home.

The 9/11 Commission was an exercise in deception, cover-up and propaganda ... almost all of it can be dismissed.

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Ya see how fast once the ISIS project in Syria went tits up that israel had US troops illegally occupying a small portion of it?

Americans were asked and they demanded that our troops park their ass in Syria to help our Kurdish allies lol and other Syrian rebels lmao 

Same with this bullshit ruling...America is just a cheap whore whose elites and their sock puppets will say and do whatever as long as they get paid

Oy vey we write history, Goyim! You just study what we do as our lies become historical fact!

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