Crisis In Cali: Workers Face "Buckets Of Feces And Needles" As Homelessness Worsens

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Workers in California, who are desperately trying to clean up the state because of the skyrocketing homeless population, are facing grotesque conditions. Some workers even fear for their health after being faced with buckets of fecal matter and dirty needles.

In a democrat’s paradise, such as California, you would think all those taxes and numerous regulations would be able to house some people.  But as the taxes and regulations increase so does the homeless rate, and state workers tasked with cleaning up the mess caused by democrat’s policies are facing dire situations.

The taxes will have to continue to rise too in order to cover the cost of cleaning up the shanty towns. According to Fox News, the cost of cleaning up the state’s numerous shanty towns is also hitting record highs, and that price tag is likely to keep rising as workers tasked with tossing the vagrants’ syringes, feces, used feminine hygiene products, and buckets of urine demand safer work conditions; but that doesn’t seem possible considering their job.

The Golden State’s homeless population of more than 130,000 people is now about 25 percent of the nationwide total, and cleaning up after the surging group is getting costly — topping $10 million in 2016-17. But the human cost is getting equally untenable, a workers’ advocate says. In an official grievance filed last week, the union representing California’s maintenance workers accused the state of subjecting its members to hazardous conditions without proper training or equipment.

California will likely provide necessary equipment, and it will all fall onto the backs of the already poverty-stricken taxpayers of the state.  As more are flung into homelessness, instead of easing up on the oppressive government policies that led to this crisis, most politicians in the Golden State will buckle down and pour gasoline on the bonfire.

“It is the Union’s contention that Caltrans is not ensuring that our members are being provided the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), necessary training, necessary vaccinations and proper compensation for the dangerous hazmat duties they are performing when cleaning up homeless encampments on State Caltrans property,” International Union of Operating Engineers director Steve Crouch said in the complaint.

Crouch said that the workers face slippery and muddy conditions in areas riddled with sharp objects, such as used needles, and that could present a health concern. Considering many of California’s big cities are dealing with Hepatitis A outbreaks because of the homeless problem, Crouch definitely should be concerned.  

“Feces and urine and feminine products and all kinds of things on the ground; needles, syringes, you know they use buckets, five-gallon buckets for toilets and it gets really disgusting,”  he said.

Workers also fear confrontations with residents of the shanty towns the state has tasked them with cleaning up.

"Sometimes they have pit bulls in there. They’ll, you know, let the dogs loose to chase the Caltrans workers out,” Crouch said.

 “Sometimes they’ll throw rocks at the Caltrans workers.”

A worker who chose to omit his name out of fear of state retaliation said he’s seen it all. “I’ve been exposed to blood, needles, women’s feminine products… five-gallon buckets of human feces,” he told The Sacramento Bee.


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... and, speaking of highways, this is why the Caltrans workers are involved in this mess. The shrubbery up and down the roadways are where more and more homeless 'live'.

FWIW, as a long time, recently escaped from the SF Bay area individual, the above descriptions are an understatement from what is occurring with the widespread degradation.

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Most of these people are mentally ill. They won't take their meds because part of the illness includes going off them.

They need to be rounded up and a permanent home made in some wide open space for them. Those that can be helped would be helped and those who want a free ride will disappear. They should to be made to work in some fashion. The money can come from zero services to illegals. Nobody is getting better in a tent city. It should be illegal to live in a camper on city streets, sleep on the sidewalk, live in a tent. The public has had it, stop the madness.

I predict this is what is coming in the next few years.

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The fact that the overpaid, over-complaining, over-pensioned, under-worked and under-achieving state (maintenance) workers and their union are bitching and filing grievances about the job they must do goes to the source of the problem.


Taxed to death but still no money for services while overpaid government workers bitch and moan. There's your trouble right there... government that has become an 'industry.'

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I bought something at a hardware store in San Fran the other day and they asked me to give my change for homeless services.

What the hell? Collecting property tax on 1 million dollar condos, $75 dollar parking tickets, 9% sales tax, use tax (tax you for your office equipment every year that you own) and it still ain't enough?

Many are from Central America, they were unaccompanied children with facial hair that Bummer let in.

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Any kind of assistance to the homeless should depend on their working to clean up, and to keep clean, the areas they inhabit.   If they want a meal or a handout then they must show up and "pay for it" with a couple of bags of garbage.   Such a policy would actually be doing them a favour as they would be healthier, would be living in much less unpleasant surroundings, and would begin to understand the need to work for the things they need.

This sounds harsh but it might actually be a good thing.   They might be able to develop some self-respect if they were making a contribution instead of just getting a handout.

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Yep, this describes the state exactly.  You are better off in your confederate utopia, stay there.  Everybody is leaving.  This article, says it all:…   Everybody is leaving, notice the low-skilled, low-income, low IQ are making the exodus to low-skilled, low-wage, low IQ, red-states, in other words, the know-nothing, over privileged, high-esteemed, exceptionals.  The high skilled, well educated, desirable folks are net positive migration, bigly. 

Hmmm, perhaps it's true, jeebus saves.  I LIKE IT! 

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Yeah right.

"50' high wall"

At the rate Trump is going, we'll be lucky if he builds 50' of wall..and that first 50' would be under water in the ocean along the SoCal/Mex border.

Trump correctly, but disingenuously, blames Congress because Trump has the power to ORDER the Army Corps to build the wall as a matter of National Security.

With private industry building the wall, the estimated cost per mile is $25,000,000! That's $4,700 per FOOT! That ripoff makes even the Pentagon blush! Imagine the profit in that! Hopefully the Army Corps could give us a better price?

Just the other day...the ENTIRE Border patrol, the Military and the Dept of Homeland Security ALL failed to stop a single pregnant women and her two kids from scaling the sad wall we currently have...even with a months advice notice of her intent to ILLEGALLY cross into the USA and hopefully give birth to her anchor baby!

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