German Air Force Only Has Four Combat-Ready Jets In Case Of Emergency

Germany better hope that Europe's various artificial war-deterring monetary, customs, economic, political and so forth "unions" hold for the foreseeable future, as the alternative could be dire.

According to Spiegel, only four of the Luftwaffe’s state-of-the-art Eurofighter jets are currently in good enough shape to be called on in the event of an invasion of German airspace, leaving the German armed forces to once again have to fight off allegations that their forces are not fit for combat.

A Eurofighter jet

Theoretically the Luftwaffe has 128 Eurofighters - which make up the majority of Germany’s air combat force - ready for deployment. But in a Wednesday report on Spiegel, a defect in the jets’ self-defense systems means that in practice only four them can be sent on mission.

The defect concerns a sensor on the jet’s wing which alerts pilots to an incoming attack. Technicians noticed a year and a half ago that the sensors were not staying cool during flights. It was then discovered that the cooling liquid had been leaking out of the pods the sensors were housed in.

Obtaining a replacement has not been easy, however. The reason: a special seal is required to hold the liquid inside, but the company that produced the seal was quietly sold off without the supplier informing the German Defense Ministry.

Germany's lack of military preparedness could also infuriate Trump as it means Germany can not even fulfill its basic NATO obligations. Europe's biggest economy has pledged to its NATO partners that it could deploy 82 Eurofighters in the event of a military crisis. In reality, it could not even do 5% of that.

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For years the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) have been dogged by allegations they are not ready for real life missions.

Earlier this year a damning parliamentary report concluded that the state of the military preparedness had deteriorated further in recent years: "The army's readiness to deploy has not improved in recent years, but instead has got even worse," Parliamentary Armed Forces Commissioner Hans-Peter Bartels said as he presented his annual findings at a press conference in February.

The lack of a credible German airforce follows a similar involuntary phase out of Germany's submarine capabilities. By the end of 2017, all Germany's submarines were in drydock for repairs, while in recent months there have been periods where none of the air force's 14 A400M transport planes were airworthy.

The report also found wider problems in Luftwaffe. Air force pilots are unable to train as their aircraft are grounded for maintenance for much of the year, the report noted.

Spending on defense has been cut repeatedly since 1990 and the end of the Cold War, leaving the army with often outdated equipment and the defense industry unable to suddenly increase production to fill the gaps.

While the probability of a major war breaking out in Europe at this moment is slim, Europe's biggest economy being unable to even modestly satisfy NATO requirements could be just the catalyst that sets Trump off the rails during his next meeting with Merkel, having repeatedly laid out his demands that Germany and other NATO member states step up their defense spending to the recommended 2% of GDP threshold.


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And how many parts are made by our great ally, friend, and thriving democracy-China?

The Chinese plan- dumb down, frustrate the West with shitty products.

Germany, like all Europe, is going to have to wake up and manufacturer key, basic parts on their own.

Of course China makes the lowest price stuff for Western countries- the Chinese Military demands it.

German and us are Dumber than fucking dumb.

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Posa Kopfs Fri, 05/04/2018 - 10:02 Permalink

War is passé. There's no credible prospect of an invasion unless Germany allows the crazies in Washington to provoke the Russians to respond in a major way. The US provides any protection for an unlikely incident. NATO knows the US is addicted to the MIC, so why should they piss away resources on a military build-up. The US MIC wpould never allow the US to withdraw forces deployed around the world.

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Eurofighter was a gravy-train project from the outset and a classic case of a "What do you call a horse designed by committee?" A camel. It as compromised from start to finish, with every nation wanting to design and build a piece of the jet, then they stuck it together and you got this piece of shit.

This over budget plane at  a£22 Billion pound cost? Dumped on every E.U citizen from the poor Greek goat herder, to the poor french road sweeper, to the poor Dutch chef, to the poor UK underground tube worker. Who benefited? The MIC. The plane is a pile of shit and incapable of defending Europe from any reasonable foe.

EddieLomax To Hell In A H… Fri, 05/04/2018 - 06:44 Permalink

Its true, a simpler development would have yielded a much more capable aircraft, and a better capability.

I look at the UK's current procurement of the F-35 makes no sense.  We pay huge amounts of money per a plane, a plane that has a very limited range due to it being VTOL, can carry a limited payload and is slow.

We could have funded development and jobs even partnering up with Sweden's Saab and brought 200-300 or so airframes to install our own avionics, but instead the politicians get involved and we end up with programs like the F22 and F35.

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The reparations Germany provides Israel fully makes up for any NATO defense spending shortfall. I mean if you had to add up Israel's military spending it would come to 50% of their GDP. Thankfully it's all gratis! sarc

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For quite some years now german MSM brings those stories about how "unready" the Bundeswehr is.

The Bundeswehr for sure is far from being a battle hardened army. But does anyone really believe, that one of the best funded armies in the world is close of falling apart?

No way. It's all about selling the story to the german population, that major spending increases have to be done. You know, bombing for freedom and democracy in such places as Mali and Afghanistan. And all those other places our overlords want to have freedomized.

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Its one of the worst funded armies in the world.

The root of the problem is German's have been brought up to hate their own country, and there is no bigger symbol of a nation states will to survive then its military.  

Hence the German military is treated with contempt by many German politicians who believe they have entered into a new Utopian era beyond the nation state, that somehow does not need such antiquated things as military's or borders.

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Another "our military hardware is crap, please let us spend more of your hard earned tax dollars on some new stuff" stories.

FFS Der Spiegel, MI6 and military mouthpiece since it's inception. Chaloner its British founder used to drive around in von Ribbentrop's requisitioned roadster!

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Germany needs to spend more on defense. 

But what are they wasting their money on?

NATO Spending 2017

A “league table” of NATO members shows that the United States is still way ahead of other allies’ spending, with defense expenditure accounting for 3.57 percent of its GDP in 2017.

Greece at 2.36 perpercent, the U.K. at 2.12 percent, and Estonia at 2.08 percent are the next best performers in terms of meeting the GDP target. The laggards are tiny Luxembourg (0.46 percent), Belgium (0.90 percent), Spain (0.92 percent) and Slovenia (0.98 percent).

In 2017 the report says the U.K. spent some $55.2 billion on defense, Germany $45.4 billion and France $45.9 billion. But this still pales when compared with the United States’ $685.9 billion in spending.

When it comes to the proportion spent on defense as a share of GDP, Europe has fallen from just under 3 percent in 1989 to 1.95 percent last year.

This compares with the U.S. where the share is down from nearly 6 percent to 3.57 per cent over the same period. (Defense News March 2018)


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We shall surrender our island to Islam, whatever the cost may be!
We shall greet Muslims on the beaches, we shall give them welfare on the landing grounds

We shall surrender to Islam in the fields and in the streets, We shall surrender in the hills
We shall force the Queen to wear a burka
We shall have sharia.....

All Hail King Khan of Londonistan

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Taking a look at the spending in the UK and you just need to compare the navy between 1980 and today to see the difference.

I do not believe that today's "wonder ships" really are that effective.  Yes, the type D destroyer is actually a good ship (its got engine problems, but that aside), yes the radar and anti-air missiles really are effective.

But if one single hit gets through and disables/sinks it then its still scrap metal on the seabed.  There is no substitute for quantity, Britain having just 6 destroyers is kidding itself if it believes it can last long in any conflict, the loss of 2-3 would effectively leave us with 1/2 of our anti-air defense force, ridiculous!

We have double the population, but somehow we cannot afford 1/2 the navy.

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What do they need fighter jets for? Who is going to invade them? The evil Russians? Give me a break. It would be nice is "Mama Merkel" stopped flooding Europe with all these hordes of uneducated people that breed like rabbits but of course she is just following orders. 

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That is why Germans actually provide health care for their citizens because they aren't wasting 100% of every tax euro on some fucked up over priced pentagon

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How many combat ready Luftwaffe pilots?  Germany is fast becoming an embarrassment to NATO and Merkel has badly damaged social cohesion and internal security via the arrival at her invitation of 800,000 "Syrians".



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Maybe Broom Hilda is being smart? Maybe she knows there would not be an attack in the foreseeable future from Russia?

I would trade health care for airplanes any day

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Put the Swastika back on the sides of those jets.

Celebrate the glory years of a reborn German powerhouse and the elimination of Jewish rule.

They look sissy-like with those politically correct crosses.

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The Germans, what's left of them, are the result of centuries of in-breeding resulting in diminished capabilities of common sense, strong analytical thinking, warrior mentality and brewing a proper beer.

They have failed and will continue, until the country is relabelled 'The Islamic Republic of The 4th Reich.' 

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Well, the reason why is because the Germans aren't looking for a fight, like the U.S. is.  They don't have a slug of enemies to deal with.  They are more concerned about keeping up their good infrastructure, rather than spending a lot of money to make war.  The Germans have good roads, good education, good health care, good living conditions.  Can't say that about America, who spends most of its resources on its military.

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But they sure can afford to pay for the third world invasion.

Refugee Family In Germany Receives Over 7,300 Euros A Month

"Because their asylum procedure lasted more than 15 months, a refugee family now receives 7,300 euros a month.

Details of the ten-member refugee family were probably leaked from an immigration office in the district of Leipzig. After the copy of the decision of the German immigration office emerged on the internet it caused a stir."…

200 Migrants Attack German Police During Deportation Operation – Force Them To Flee…

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merkle is what women bring to what germany becomes under her good rule, T May in england are book ends of the stupid policies that are driving society to end in civil wars ..blood in the streets is the only outcome..

never put women in political and remember..