Giuliani Calls On Sessions To "Step In" On Cohen Probe

Moments after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders finished a grueling daily press briefing where he was grilled by reporters on a range of subjects - including Rudy Giuliani's Wednesday night revelation that President Trump was aware of Michael Cohen's $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels - the former New York Mayor unloaded on the FBI during a phone call with the Hill, which the Washington media organization promptly published.


During his conversation with the Hill's Niall Stanage, Giuliani - echoing comments made by Trump in a similarly angst-ridden Fox & Friends interview last week - called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to intervene in the Cohen case and "put the people behind the probe under investigation."

After first threatening to "do something" about the DOJ's legal overreach during his Fox interview, Trump tweeted on Wednesday that "at some point I will have no choice but to use the powers granted to the Presidency to get involved!"

Now, Giuliani is stepping up the pressure on Sessions, to whom he lost out when Trump was making his cabinet selections. Of course, Trump himself has repeatedly threatened to fire his AG over Sessions' decision to recuse himself from the Mueller probe, and devoted a few minutes to bashing Sessions during his Fox interview.

"I am waiting for the Attorney General to step in, in his role as defender of justice, and put these people under investigation," Giuliani said, reacting to an NBC News report that phones belonging to Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, had been tapped by investigators.

Giuliani argued that the wiretapping of Cohen's phone was a blatant violation of attorney-client privilege, adding that the FBI was deliberately trampling over the Constitution. Giuliani, who said he has not yet spoken with Trump following his Wednesday night comments, said he is already anticipating the first question that Trump will ask him when they speak next.

He also reiterated that Trump was aware "in general terms" of what Giuliani was planning to say during his interview last night with Sean Hannity. Asked if Trump was content with his performance, Giuliani responded "yep."

When he does so, Giuliani predicted, "He is going to say to me, 'Isn’t there an attorney-client privilege?' And I am going to tell him, 'No, the Department of Justice seems to want to trample all over the Constitution of the United States.'"

As the Hill reminds us, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein signed off on the Cohen raid after prosecutors after approving a criminal referral to the Southern District of New York put forth by Special Counsel Bob Mueller and his team.

Giuliani also pushed back against former FBI Director James Comey's accusation that he had compared the FBI with the Nazis by referring to the agents who executed the Cohen raid as "stormtroopers." 

Giuliani countered that he had not made a Nazi comparison, arguing, "there are stormtroopers all over."

But, he added, "If you don’t like it, don’t act that way."

The comments are the latest indication that Giuliani is siding with Trump lead attorney Jay Sekulow in advocating an "aggressive" course of action in terms of dealing with the Mueller probe.

Now, we're waiting to see if Giuliani will say anything about the chances of Trump agreeing to sit for an interview with Mueller. Earlier this week, Giuliani said an interview would likely take place, but it would probably be limited to two or three hours and the final decision likely won't be made for a few weeks.


???ö? Davy Crockett Thu, 05/03/2018 - 16:23 Permalink

Fuck these trolls at Wray, Mueller, and Rosenstein LLC.

Throw them out. They add nothing to the American dream. Investigating hookers is not what the 2016 electorate intended. 

Shut down their legal machine NOW and start investing taxpayer money in real industry to compete with China.

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brianshell beepbop Thu, 05/03/2018 - 20:52 Permalink

President Trump,

Prosecute the Spy Ring in Congress.

Expose all the people who benefited from the illegal sales of nuclear material around the world, including the DOJ people that protected and allowed the "ratlines" to operate under the "color of law", even to accepting bribes to approve these sales.

If Sessions won't tiptoe beyond the sensational pedogate area into the larger arena of crime, then pull him out and find someone who will.

Beg for Professor William Black to return to service.

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LaugherNYC curbjob Thu, 05/03/2018 - 19:49 Permalink

The media narratives at this point are so false, and so intellectually and morally bankrupt, it is hard to believe any of these "journalists" went to Journalism school, or have any clue what the title means.

Trump, on the airplane said he didn't know about the payment made by Cohen to Daniels. When he was asked the question, what would the inference of timing be? Obviously the reporter wasn't asking did you EVER know about it, because he knew about it on the plane. She was asking if he knew about it WHEN COHEN MADE IT. And the answer was "no." The inference is he found out about it at some point between when it was made and when he got on that plane months later.

The follow up was "Do you know where the money came from?" And again, the answer was "No." Trump did not know where Cohen got the money to make the payment. He found out later when Cohen said he took out a home equity loan to advance the payment on behalf of his client, who did not know he was doing it. THAT IS WHAT COHEN AND TRUMP HAVE SAID. No judgment on veracity.


Guliani said that Trump THEN, when he DID find out about the payment, made or caused to be made a series of payments, characterized as his monthly retainer to Cohen, that Cohen then used to reimburse himself for the costs. That is what a retainer is. I t allows an attorney to have on hands funds to make payments for their client, including primarily, but not limited to, for their legal bills. 

There is NOTHING in there that is a campaign finance violation as it has come to be defined in the age of John Edwards. The Daniels payment was for a private contract to keep Daniels' accusations private. Whether it was solely to save his marriage, or to prevent an allegedly bogus claim from impacting the campaign doesn't matter. In the Edwards case, the government could not get a conviction for a seven figure hush money payment made to Edwards' baby momma by a CAMPAIGN DONOR! The case was dropped because  the money was not paid to convince people to vote for the candidate. At worst it was to prevent a damaging allegation from causing people NOT to vote for the candidate.

The payment was not a loan to the campaign or to Trump. It was an advance, with no interest. If I pay a restaurant bill because you forgot your wallet, and you pay me back later, I didn't lend you money. I paid the bill. Then you reimbursed me, not REPAID me. When you lay out money for a covered meal at work, and you get reimbursed by your company, did you lend the company the $20? Clearly not. Same for plane tickets or car rental.



This has nothing to do with whether you like Trump or hate him. This has to do with our free press, and the abuse of power. Trump does plenty that is plenty bad. There is much to damn him for. But when the press bends the truth and facts, and lies to damage him, they cheapen themselves and coarsen the discourse. Trump's only way to counter this has been, from day one, to be loud and abusive, to get some attention and traction. If they keep this up, and Mueller doesn't nail him with RUSSIA, he will waltz to reelection. If he gets NoKo to give up their nukes, he will win the Nobel and want to be President for life.

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I live next to you, to the right. If we were to ever have a bath house any where around here. I don't believe it would last long. Go long red necks at night! The police would be tipped off so they could show up to do an investigation in a couple days...

You gotta love it. How did you get a bath house in Bama? I know they are all over DC.

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Few politicians have disappointed me more than Jeff Sessions has. Long before he was AG, I respected him, and often wished he was a senator for my state. Those days are gone. I am of the opinion he has been a "plant" and a fake for much, if not all of his political life. I sincerely believe they have some dirt on him, that is so egregious it would land him either in prison or at a minimum, dead politically. He acts as if he is being controlled by another force. At this point, I see him as nothing more than a "swamp thing", and wish Trump would replace him already. Here is a tell: Funny how as soon as he left the Senate, a democrat took his seat. That tells me they could have had it long ago if they really wanted it, but they knew they had Sessions in their pocket, so they kept him around. Roy Moore is a decent man, and no decent man is allowed to sit in the Synagogue of Satan {US Government}. After the way Rand Paul flipped on Pompeo,  I know longer respect him either. He is all for show, just like the rest of them.

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bowie28 Bush Baby Thu, 05/03/2018 - 16:35 Permalink

"Better yet, call in the military to clean house."

Wouldn't that be fun.  You want to call me a fascist?  Let me show you what that really looks like. 

Activate USMC to go round up all of them and line them up for a firing squad on the WH lawn with MSM cameras rolling.

The best reality tv show EVER!!!

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bowie28 curbjob Thu, 05/03/2018 - 16:41 Permalink

Lighten up Francis. 

It was a joke but I will clarify for you. 

I'm all for the 2A and cutting the fedgov down to what it was intended to be - as in what Ron Paul believes it should be. 

As for the current crop of treasonous scum in DC, they should all have their fair trial and due process before being sentenced.


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Harry Lightning Davy Crockett Thu, 05/03/2018 - 16:36 Permalink

Doesn't much matter how he's batting for the democrats because they will never vote for Trump. The play here aside from the legal aspect is to appeal to the fairness of the independent voters, to convince them that the Justice Department is trampling the Constitution and the FBI is their order boys. Very important foundation for the campaign later this year in which Trump will make the case that the Republicans mustg retain control of both houses of Congress lest the nation become a police state run by dictators in the back offices of government. 

Additionally, Giuliani is preparing the political battlefield for the firing of Sessions and that Jew bastard Rosen-whatever his name is. By drumming it into peoples' heads across America that those two clowns are rogue agents of the deep state, the nation will then accept and approve of Trump showing those two jack ass bastards the door. Its a good strategy carried out by a man who has the credentials as both a prosecutor and politician necessary to make this case. Another stroke of genius by Trump, whose political savvy constantly is underestimated.

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