Pentagon Accelerates Testing Of New B61 Nuclear Gravity Bomb

President Donald Trump's promises to rebuild the American nuclear arsenal are starting to bear fruit, and according to a US Air Force general update from May 1, the US has already conducted more than two dozen tests of its new B61-12 guided nuclear gravity bomb.

As reports, plans to spend over $1 trillion to modernize the US "nuclear triad" - nuclear bombers and missiles launched from land-based silos and submarines - have been fast-tracked thanks to the new Nuclear Posture Review, as well as increased military spending authorized during the Trump administration.


As discussed before, the new gravity nuke has been in development for years, but Trump's orders have sped up testing to the point where most of the air force's mainstay military planes have been approved to carry it. And it's widely expected that the B-2 Spirit and the futuristic B-21 Raider will be approved to carry the B61 as well. In addition to testing the B61-12, the NPR also calls for modernizing the air-launched cruise missile and intercontinental ballistic missile components of the nuclear triad.

As it stands, the US nuclear triad consists of the submarine-launched ballistic missiles, strategic bombers, which carry both gravity bombs and cruise missiles, along with land-based ICBMs. But the B61 possess an advanced capability that its cousins don't: Underground penetration. This allows it to strike fortified command and control centers, while its explosive yield is estimated at 50 kilotons.

"We've already conducted 26 engineering, development and guided flight tests," of the B61-121 gravity bomb Lieutenant General Jack Weinstein told the Air Force Association breakfast on Tuesday. "The program's doing extremely well," he said. - Sputnik.

Weinstein explained that the bombs are capable of being carried by the B-52 Stratofortress and B-2 Spirit, which can launch both conventional or nuclear payloads, and also legacy fighters such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-15E Strike Eagle.

"When I say 'dual-capable aircraft,' I need to be really specific," he said. "Dual-capable aircraft is called the B-52 and B-2 - it does conventional and nuclear. It also means F-16s and Strike Eagles, and other aircraft our NATO partners fly."

During tests back in 2015, the F-35 flew with the B61-12 to measure its vibration in the aircraft's weapons bay. Both of the fourth-generation fighters will be able to deploy the B61-12 bomb. The B61-12 also conducted its third and final developmental test flight aboard an F-15E in 2015.

RT points out that the US could deploy its new B61 bombs to NATO bases in Europe - something Russia says would be tantamount to a violation of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

The US isn't the only superpower revamping its nuclear arsenal: earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin shocked the world by unveiling during his annual state of the union address a new nuclear ICBM capable of evading US anti-ballistic missile defenses.

One hopes that the US Military Industrial Complex will be foiled in its attempts to put these two weapons in head-to-head combat, even if it means lower profits for shareholders.


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Of course Jack (((Weinstein))) is all about defending against Russia inching closer to those encroaching NATO bases around her.

And people want to nominate Trump for Nobel peace prize? LoL. They should explain how exactly a thaw with NK outweighs the deepening NATO clusterfucks in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine? Most of these hotspots are being militarized even further.

Oh I forgot. Lots of stoopid people!

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Are you just retarded or was this some 2nd level /sarc?

ALL nukes are designed to failsafe. About a quarter of u/g tests were to determine if the devices WOULD be deactivated if another nuke detonated nearby.

Just for a bit of 'depth' (no pun intended), these suckers don't have hackable OSs, they don't have s/w OSs in fact. Go to the corner and figger out why..


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Are there any redeeming features of the human race?

Can anyone think of a single positive contribution we have made to this planet? Just one, go on, name it.

Bring on the asteroid and put us out of our fucking misery.

Just curious. Do Christians quietly applaud all this nuclear war posturing as a harbinger of the rapture.

Seriously. No matter which way you cut it humans are beyond fucked up.

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Y'all missed the point.  It's a ground penetration gravity bomb for underground command centers.  Punch through a lot of concrete and rock before it explodes.  Only a little bit of the radiation and explosive force will come back up the penetration hole - LOL.  Any homeless outside of a mile or so of ground zero should be just fine.  

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Typical of a human to cite fine art, music, poetry, literature.

These things make us feel good, sure. Blow jobs make us feel good as well as the poster below so eloquently put it.

Doesn't mean squat though. Doesn't solve poverty, violence, corruption, disease, rape, murder, abuse of animals, disregard for the environment, greed, hubris, ego, war, discrimination, torture, paedophilia, hatred . . . . .

I seriously think you missed the point.

While you are enjoying your poetry reading session with caffe latte in hand someone is being tortured or raped or brutalized. Do you give a fuck?

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Do Christians quietly applaud all this nuclear war posturing as a harbinger of the rapture.

No, because Christians that do their homework will understand that this rapture interpretation has only been around for 200 of the 2,000 years of Christianity. When Christians forget their history, this is what happens. I, for one, do not applaud all the nuclear posturing. That said, I don't applaud the welfare state either.

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What could go wrong if Turkey has them?


The March test of the B61-12 was the first in a series to take place over the next three years, with the final design review due in September 2018 and the first production unit scheduled for completion by March 2020.

Once the bomb is authorized for use in 2020, the US plans to deploy some 180 of the B61-12 precision-guided thermonuclear bombs to five European countries as follows:

  • Belgium - 20;
  • Germany -20;
  • Italy - 70;
  • Netherlands - 20;
  • Turkey -50;

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Prioritizing jobs in the killing industry sounds like the pinnacle of civilisation.

Couldn't imagine a better use of resources!

Apparently being surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans on the west and east is not good enough, and neither is having friendly neighbours north and south. Life is just too unprofitable for peace.

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"And people want to nominate Trump for Nobel peace prize? LoL."

Obama got a peace prize for not being Bush Junior, then proceeded to escalate in Afghanistan. The Nobel prizes are popularity prizes; novelties that award political correctness rather than achievement.

A Nobel prize is no longer worth any more than a software app badge earned for showing up.

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August BrownCoat Thu, 05/03/2018 - 11:02 Permalink

>>>A Nobel prize is no longer worth any more than a software app badge...

Certainly the Nobels for Peace and Literature have degenerated into near-worthless badges of political correctness, but the prizes for actual science still represent major, major achievement.

The less said about the Riksbank Prize for Central Bank Ass-Kissing, the better.

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