From The Skripals To Douma, The Globalist Pravda Network Reveals Its True Face

Authored by Rob Slane via,

People living in the Soviet Union had a wonderful phrase to describe the two biggest circulation state-controlled newspapers, Pravda (meaning “truth”) and Izvestia (meaning “news”) - there’s no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia, was the oft-repeated expression. It is unfortunate that the mainstream media in the Western nations these days don’t have similar sorts of names, since it deprives us of an endless source of amusement in coming up with similarly apposite phrases about them.

It is, however, increasingly clear that on the great issues of the day, you are about as likely to find the truth in them as you would have done in Pravda, although I expect their sports and gardening sections are still relatively reliable. As for the important political and geopolitical issues of the day, I tend to imagine that on the walls next to the desks in the offices of many of these papers and broadcasters are the following instructions:

Rules for Reporting on Global Affairs

  1. Repeat Government line unquestioningly.

  2. If Government line is questioned, accuse those doing the questioning of being Bots, Kremlin-trolls and useful idiots.

  3. If the persistent questioning won’t go away and the Government line is seen to be contradictory and full of holes, bury the issue completely and start posing deep questions, such as “What will Meghan wear?” or “Is there a gender pay gap in midwifery?” or “How much sugar is really bad for you?”

The Skripal and Douma episodes have demonstrated this perhaps more than any others.

First the Government line has been dutifully parroted by the media in a relentless propaganda campaign — no questions asked.

Then there have been attempts to silence or ridicule those who didn’t bow to the parrots and who were asking legitimate questions — including the appalling treatment meted out to distinguished military men.

And finally, both issues now appear to have been “disappeared” down the Memory Hole, apparently to be forgotten forever and ever.

This last point is so obvious in the Skripal case that it has caused some to speculate that the British Government has slapped a D-Notice on the case (this is a formal notice to the media to limit their coverage of the story on grounds of “national security”). I can hardly help thinking of that without giving a horse laugh. A D-Notice to stop the media reporting on the case on the grounds of national security? What’s funny about it is that all the media has done since day one of the case is to endlessly repeat the Government line on absolutely everything, even when that line became so utterly ludicrous that believing it required one to hold a number of contradictory and irreconcilable thoughts in one’s head at the same time.

In other words, if there is indeed a D-Notice on the issue, which seems very likely given the fact that there is now almost zero coverage of the case in the British media, it can have nothing to do with national security, per se, since from the get-go it was clear that the media had no interest in investigating any of the claims made by Government. The Government line was perfectly safe from being questioned by those who are apparently not able to report on it now, and so one can only conclude that it is because the Government line is so obviously full of holes that reporting on it needed to be stopped, lest increasing numbers of rational people recognised it to be somewhat barking.

It’s a shame really. I began to look forward to seeing what each day’s new dose of cock and bull would bring forth. They were poisoned at the restaurant. No the car. No the cemetery. The flowers. No, it was in the luggage. No, the bench. No, it was porridge. No, no, no! It was on the door handle, and it was liquid, which although tending to be runny, remained there for three weeks, even in all that rain and snow, in highly pure form, and you know the amazing thing is that people without protection stood just feet away from it, and they are fine. Whoda thunk it? But it is military-grade nerve agent “of a type developed by Russia” nonetheless. Seriously guv.

Oh and they’re in a coma. Sergei and Yulia, that is. Likely to die they are. A judge will probably have to take the decision to switch off their life support. Oh hang on, Yulia’s on the phone. Yes of course she is. She’s fine. Sorry we forgot to mention that before when we were talking about the life support machine. And Sergei’s okay too. Yes we can confirm that. Sorry we didn’t mention that before either. But he’s unable to talk. So you won’t hear from him. Or her. He’s in the hospital, though. Probably. Don’t know where she is. Not to be disturbed though.

Oh and there’s the policeman at the bench. Sorry, we meant the house. The house and the bench. Which one? How on earth should we know? Both probably. At the same time. But he can’t talk either.

What is particularly funny is that according to Mark Sedwell, the UK’s National Security Advisor, certain classified information – such as the apparent door handle delivery method – was released in order to “counter Russian disinformation”. Ah so it was Russian disinformation that took us from the restaurant to the car to the cemetery to the flowers to the luggage to the bench via the porridge and finally (finally???) to the door handle (I say “finally???” only because nobody has yet suggested the cat as the conduit for the poison)? So it was Russian disinformation that tried to sell us the idea of a slow-working, lethal yet non-lethal, military-grade nerve agent that enables its victims to go to restaurants, make them hallucinate and then be as right as rain a few weeks later? So it was Russian disinformation that told us that after studying hours of CCTV footage, British intelligence had a suspect in the case – the dashingly handsome, astonishingly intelligent, and diabolically ruthless former KGB agent, codenamed “Gordon” or was it “Cecil” or “Squiffy” or something, with a penchant for martial arts and (who can doubt) fast cars and loose women – only for Mark Sedwell to tell MPs a week later that there is no suspect, there never has been a suspect, and the investigation has been hampered by lack of CCTV footage?

Russian disinformation? Alas no. It was the UK media wot did it. They managed to put about more disinformation, stuff and nonsense, and cock and bull in a month or so than 10,000 “trolls” working 16 hour shifts in a basement in St. Petersburg could have done in a decade. And so you can see why the Government might want to slap a D-Notice on it, can’t you? Except that it should obviously be a C-Notice, the C standing for Comedy.

As for Douma, the media excelled itself there as well. There we have three Governments, apparently dropping bombs on chemical weapons depots in response to an unproven chemical weapons attack, and not one journalist in the mainstream media thought to say, “Hang on a minute! You dropped bombs on what you thought was a chemical weapons depot? Isn’t that … em … a tad on the dangerous side? Toxic fumes and people in the surrounding area becoming contaminated and all that?”

And when nobody became contaminated, not one mainstream media journalist thought to ask, “Hang on a minute! Isn’t the fact that there was no release of toxic substances into the atmosphere when you bombed it sort of like evidence that … em … how can we put it … there weren’t any toxic substances there?”

And when one of the little boys and the doctors in the “chemical attack” video that the Western Governments used as a pretext to bomb a sovereign country and spook us into wondering whether WWIII was about to start — when they turned up alive and well in The Hague to testify that there was no chemical attack, did even one mainstream media journalist think to themselves, “Maybe it would be good to hear what they have to say, since they were there?” Alas no. Some moved onto number 2 in the Rules for Reporting on Global Affairs, denouncing with barely concealed fury the testimony of the very people who had appeared in the original video that had once seemed so persuasive to them, whilst others moved onto number 3, and started talking about what Kim Kardashian has been up to lately.

It is clear that there is a deep sickness at the heart of the media. The whole point of its existence is to investigate incidents, to go where the facts lead it, and to serve ordinary people by attempting to report and reveal what is true. And above all that, it is to act as a check on the overweening state, so that it does not feel that it has carte blanche to do whatsoever it wishes.

But the handling of these two major cases has shown perhaps more than ever before that it has no intention of doing these things. It will not investigate, it has no intention of revealing inconvenient facts, and it cares little for the truth. And above all, instead of acting as a break on the state and on Government recklessness, its chief concern now appears to be doing the bidding of a very powerful group of Globalists, defending and advancing their diabolical agenda, regardless of what is and what isn’t true.

What should we call such a media that seems to have little or no regard for the truth, and which collectively serves the interests of the Global elite? Mainstream? Globalist Pravda Network seems to me to be a more accurate description.


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The truth is out there you just have to search for it.


Presidents (Macri (Argentina) & Putin signed a 30-point collaboration agreement in different areas, including the need to resume the negotiations with the United Kingdom for the Malvinas Islands. (La Voz, 23 Jan 2018).

How would a map of the world look today if all of the territory lost and gained over the past 180 years reverted to its 19th century status? Quite a ridiculous proposal.

Falklands – Acquisitive Prescription(1 pg):

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Have you ever thought about the possibility that the City of London Bankers that rule the western world may be the source of these negative trends?

I disagree with those that say Britain is over and done with.  Yes the society that populates Britain is over with.  They have no say and are being replaced with woggy 3rd worlders that will make the place unrecognizable and unlivable.  But the rulers that own the private central banks will not lose one iota of power.

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For once, I though ZH might post an article pointing out the obvious lies of the Russian press. Instead, it posts an article comparing the BRITISH press to the SOVIET-ERA Russian press.

I got news and truth for you (PRAVDA and IVESTIA)... The Russian press, and their “useful idiot” trolls are exactly the same as they ever were.

People in bio warfare intelligence know there is no question what happened to Skirpal and Douma.

Incredibly, the author seems to think when a high-potency advanced nerve agent is used in public it is some easy thing to sort out exactly when and where it was applied. Ummm... you think that maybe if you were planning such an attack you might choose both an agent and a method that were difficult to accurately track??

No, that is too sophisticated thinking for the Russian parrots.

Again, VLAD, TAKE THE CREDIT, STRONGMAN. You said you would get revenge on turned agents, and you DID...well almost. As usual, your guys fucked it up and they survived. Same with your buddy Bashar the Butcher. TAKE THE CREDIT. He merely did to his citizens in Douma what you do to yours every day - inundate them with a cloud of noxious gas so they will submit to your butchery.

Nice disinformation headline, guys!!


Warning: Stupid Troll Comments to Come

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"Warning: Stupid Troll Comments to Come"

How about a wingnut one, Laughable?

"People in bio warfare intelligence know there is no question what happened to Skirpal and Douma."... and I suppose you are intimately acquainted with such people and they have taken you into their confidence, anonymous sources tho they are.

In the matter of the Skripals, the whole matter is ridiculous on its face.  Who needs the Russians to tell me this whole thing makes no sense.  Where are the Skripals?  Why can they not be interviewed?  Why are they being "disappeared" into some sort of witness protection scheme?

On the matter of Douma, we have two reputable western journalists, the only two western journalists to have visited the scene, who maintain that the locals know nothing of the matter and that doctors in the hospital were surprised by the White Helmets and a production crew who crashed the hospital with cries of "Gas!" then videoed the mayhem which followed.  Where are the bodies?  The OPCW is digging them up, we understand.  Lets see what that reveals.

Why did the West attack the day before the OPCW was scheduled to come in?  Why did the UNSS hold up their eventual visit by three days, allowing the western press to blame Assad and Russia for the delay?

It is you who are the troll, sir.

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As with every attack by Assad in the past, and the Litvineko attack, your boss, Vlad, sends out the trolls to cover his ass.

Yes, I am acquainted with people in the foreign intelligence/service, and, like all PROFESSIONALS, they find the debate amongst the trolls laughable. Let me ask YOU a question. Give an honest answer:

If you and your daughter had been repeatedly threatened with gruesome death by your former employer, and. while living under security watch in a bucolic British town, found yourself and your daughter lying on a bench in seizure, foaming at the mouth and on the brink of a horrible death, and were saved only through heroic medical intervention, would you be anxious to stroll out in public to, once again, defy one of the most brutal, sadistic men in the world, who has publicly promised your death many times over? Would you feel that was a GOOD PLAN for your family's safety?

Assad has a long, glorious history of butchering as many of his people as necessary to stay in power. He has a long, glorious history of using whatever weapons necessary to inflict maximum damage, and maximum terror, in those who would stand against him. So, what, he somehow didn't do it this time? Does it occur to you that all the Russian "inspectors" who got to Douma long before any independent authorities did were not there to "inspect" anything, but to "clean" up the mess that puppy Bashar made on the carpet?

Listen, I am no troll, and I am no blind believer in my government, nor the UK's. But, I take Mr. Putin at his word. He is, no doubt, a man who acts to protect his own personal interests. No matter how many people, particularly Syrians and Iranians and Israelis, have to die. He has proven his mettle in destroying those smaller and weaker many, many times.

If you choose to believe that the Dhouma attack and the Skirpal poisoning were "false flag" attacks, that is your right or paid opinion. I also note that you all are the same people who will claim 9/11 was a false flag attack, the Holocaust never happened, and that everything wrong in the world, at least from Russia's POV is the "Joos" fault. These make your judgment suspect, to say the least.

Look at what is going on in the USA right now. You have a truly free press attacking the elected President relentlessly. You have some defending him. It is an open, vital and intense debate. No one is being disappeared, no one being killed. How would this play out in Russia? How well do critics of Mr. Putin fare? We hold our political parties responsible for RESULTS, not words. The Dems did not deliver on economic growth, fair trade, immigration reform. They lost. Putin has not delivered on economic diversification, growth, or any meaningful measure of advance in his long, long tenure in office. Is there any meaningful opposition to this failed leadership? When it crops up, what happens to his critics? If oil drops to $40-50 a barrel, he knows Russia will face yet another abject economic crisis, with another default on its debt soon to follow. He has moved his billions out of Russia, as have his crony kleptocrats. Where do they move it? Into dollar-denominated assets generally, laundering it through offshore banks into US real estate and financial holdings. What does that tell you? What message does that send? THESE ARE FACTS. Vlad desires chaos in the ME and maximum tension with the West to drive up commodity prices. That is the only way to salvage the wreckage of the Russian economy. Meanwhile, Trump gambles with the US economy to try to re-balance trade with China, while trying to bring Vlad's former vassal, crazy Kim, to the table, since Russia long ago lost the economic wherewithal to keep Kim afloat, and China stepped in. What does Vlad do ANYWHERE to bring stability or peace to the world? He even focuses his weapons development on unobtanium tech that would completely destabilize modern warfare, and make small-scale conflict obsolete and impossible. THAT is madness, my friend. Doing that while speaking in terms of Armageddon and doomsday, while building and training for underground bunker "survival" is doomsday madness.

Go for it, friends. Explain your POV. Spare me the usual Blame the Joos™ garbage, and make your case for what Vlad is doing. Explain what you think the US, which had a vast army on the ground, and could easily have simply taken the Kuwati, Irawi, and even Iranian oilfields and brooked no resistance, and instead HANDED them back after spending trillions. Would Vlad have done that? Hey, as a pragmatist, I didn't like the second war, or the decision to just leave with no cost recovery, but, hey thats what the US does, and has since WWI.

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"As with every attack by Assad in the past, and the Litvineko (sic) attack, your boss, Vlad, sends out the trolls to cover his ass...."

Firstly, lets be clear, Vlad is not my boss.  I wish.  Would make my life a bit easier if I were being paid for this.  I am not.

Secondly, you have highlighted some issues here.  Who did poison Litvinenko?  His father has some ideas, and they do not point to Russia.  As for Assad's gas attacks, I remain deeply sceptical.

PS Are you paid by the word or by the post?  If it is by the post, you surely don't need to produce so many words.  They are not helping your cause.


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Nobody pays me either. If they did, they would edit me, LOL

The isotope used to poison Litvineko is hardly available to non-state players.

I say take Vlad at his word. He said he would get revenge on those who betrayed him (Russia). That they would "kick the bucket" and "choke on it." Why doubt him?

"Mr Putin’s words will not come as a surprise to Victor Makarov, a former KGB agent who also turned and spied for Britain and was once a colleague of Mr Skripal. 

Like Mr Skripal, Mr Makarov defected to the UK after serving as a double agent and in 2007 from his house in northern England, Mr Makarov spoke of his fears that the KGB would seek revenge. 

"They will try to shoot me in the back of the head, but they might use poison," he said. 

"They never forget. When I was at the KGB in the 1970s they were still chasing people who had betrayed them 30 years before."

The Russian government has denied any involvement in Mr Skripal's apparent poisoning, and said his illness was being used in the UK as part of an "anti-Russia campaign"

He is 1-2. In baseball, that's beyond Hall of Fame.

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Lying britlander bobby from Pirate Rock is back again.

When is Maggie May going to "accident" her two kidnapped Russians? I personally would not fuck with the Russians much longer if I were a britlander pirate but then again at this stage of in-breeding you poor gone-to-seed bastards have no idea what you are doing.

Mientras, viva la Republica de Argentina y sus Islas Malvinas.

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Suck it up, the poms (prisoner of his or her majesty, the H is not written but sounded) are toast or more accurately the corrupt Tories and the hold overs from the monarchy (people who used to publicly torture to death anyone who disagreed with them, until stopped by force of arms, actual war was required to stop those homicidal maniacs, scum who still do no show shame to this day, celebrating their history of homicidal mania).

It certainly seems like the British government has been left high and dry, run aground on a sea of lies, the terror war plotters and schemers, the one and only country to generate a profit from the terror war. The Americans have every right to be pissed, no country lost more capital, more prestige and more honour, than they did on the terror war, the one the UK pushed from the very beginning whilst claiming to be the brakes on US war warmongering, pretty fucking scummy.

BBC British Bullshit Corporation, although Corbyn is likely to change that when the new reformed Labour Party wins, nothing like the old Blair labour party at all.

PS who gives a crap about who signs an agreement with whom about negotiations, kind of a good thing always, negotiations, you know talking, not running scams, not trying to start wars, not actually pushing others into war. Hey maybe the fucking British can start negotiating not splitting up India into India and Pakistan in such a way as to actually force war to punish them for abandoning the British monarchy so as to kill as many Indians as possible (sick mate, really fucking sick, Brits should be deeply ashamed of their monarchy and abuse and ridicule them, not celebrate them but hey new Labour Party in probably British Monarchy out, hence the big panic).

How are those UK controlled tax havens going, I here they are in for a bit of fiscal strife and their tax cheating, stealing other countries social services, days are coming to an end.

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I think the author of this piece has been reading my posts. The co-option of the press, the abdication of its role as a skeptic of government pronouncements, is probably the most important story of our times. And the scariest, and the saddest.

Their refusal to investigate rigged markets and question bogus economic reports is another example that has huge implications/consequences  for all of us.

I’d also add this crucial “rule” to their MO:

4. Always Adhere to the PTB’s “do not cover these topics” list. (This list is expansive)

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You’re proving his point. Trumpards (like the former hopium-addicts) believe they can change the script by changing the actors acting it out. The “deep-state” (unelected/unaccountable power pulling the strings/making the script) has been around for centuries – and for much longer than the Trumpards who seem to have just noticed (but have noticed nothing at all). All part of the script – misdirecting attention from and obfuscating the real deep state (i.e. making the serfs think it’s the “servants” of the ownership class/the deep state – the alphabet soup for instance or the government institutions, or the MSM, the Russians etc. etc.). Don’t look behind the curtain – keep focusing on the actors in front of it…TPTB are smiling and nodding approvingly of your well-indoctrinated mind.

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That’s the thing. They ALL follow the same rules. I mean, common sense says there might be one MSM outlet that was willing to cover contrarian or taboo topics. Nope.

For me, the “jump the shark” moment for our politicians was that vote where 99.2 percent of members of Congress voted to impose sanctions on Russia for “rigging our election.” 99 percent! And the president who ridicules this conclusion signed the bill.

It’s not 100 percent conformity to the Deep State position yet, but 99 percent acquiescence is as close as you can get to this totalitarian-style “democracy.”

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"And the president who ridicules this conclusion signed the bill."

Not sure he had any choice.  They had already passed the point where an override would make it law.

Canada suffers the same mania.  Some huge majority passed a Canadian "Magnitsky Act" recently.  How are Bill Browder's statements and story not controversial?  How does Bill Browder use his ill gotten Russian gains to sue anyone publishing opposing stories and nobody in power notice "something is rotten in the State of Denmark"?

It gives me little faith that ANY of our elected representatives are to be trusted.

Don't get me started on the UK.  Much of the blame for all this can be laid at the feet of MI6 and GCHQ.

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Because this rhymes with the attempts to characterize Russia in the light of the Soviet era, the names of these news sources haven't changed since then. Furthermore it attempts to diminish the standing of these pesky news sources, like RT, which regularly publish actual truth about the insane foreign policy of the USA. God bless them for carrying Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts. Do you remember Hitlery bitching about RT? She had a real lady boner for it. In fact this whole New Cold War originates with her ordering the State Department to take them down. Why are we still doing that for her? 

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Aside from CNN, the BBC have to be one of (if not THE) worst offenders of truth, balance and impartiality in the whole of the worlds media.  This despite the BBC's 'Royal Charter' where they are supposed to abide by the aforementioned.

Their coverage of 'anything Trump' is noting short of disgusting, where the reporters seem delighted when reporting on Stormy (whilst the British public couldn't give a rat's arse) and seek to find anything NEGATIVE whenever Trump does something good.  As for their support for the EU, Islam, Global Warming, Governmentspeak etc they are legendary.

You can complain all you like - I have on many occasions - only for them to use weasel words of excuse and body swerving the issue.  They make me want to puke.

Sadly, the only thing I can do is 'de-fund them' which I do with relish, refusing to pay their licence 'tax' despite the weekly threats received in the post from their paid thug revenue collectors.

CNN?  Amateurs when compared to the shit that the BBC is.

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Skripal affair: Real reason is capture of 200 SAS soldiers in Ghouta "SAS soldiers often disguise themselves as women"

According to Chinese information, British and American forces have been destroyed on a large scale in the Ghouta region, with the 22nd regiment of the British special forces, the SAS, in tatters.

Americans did not expect the pilots of the Russian SU-34 or SU-27SMZ to execute 30 sorties per day and meticulously wipe out all British and US military instructors. This convinced tens of thousands of rebels to end their struggle.

On March 17, 2018, some 200 US special-forces operators were killed, according to Chinese intelligence. The situation in East Ghouta was different from Aleppo in that Aleppo “was like a pudding stuffed with raisins” while in Ghouta a large group of British instructors were also caught trying to escape the Russian encirclement “dressed as women”.

Satanovskiy noted that the British SAS soldiers often disguised themselves as women in Afghanistan too. Some 200 were caught by Russian military police trying to flee Ghouta. The British government opened diplomatic channels to Moscow right away in order to reach an agreement and at the same time launched the Skripal affair when the US effort to save them failed.…


Slysz BorraChoom Fri, 05/04/2018 - 10:22 Permalink

I agree with this analysis. There was something about Ghouta that made the British government panic. The Guardian ran at that time alarmist calls to stop the Syrian advance. However, my feeling is that the incident in Salisbury was not organized by the British. They would make sure there was clear evidence pointing to Russia. Rather, it was some angry Western Ukrainians who desperately needed to stop Nord Stream 2.

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