Turkish Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean Sea

In the last three months, tensions between two NATO member states have escalated dramatically - Turkey has threatened to invade Greek islands, Greece has responded, and Greeks now see Turkey as the greatest threat to their existence., but today it appears the situation may have escalated dramatically as Turkish cargo ship KARMATE has collided with the Greek warship 'Armatolos' despite warnings that it was on collision course.

KeepTalkingGreece reports that the incident took place at 4 o’ clock Friday morning, South-East off Lesvos within Greek territorial waters. The Turkish-flagged ship had deviated form its original course and fled into Turkish territorial waters. The gunboat was on NATO mission “Aegean Activity” patrolling for migrants and refugees illegally entering Greece from Turkey.

According to a statement issued by the Greek Navy, the Turkish cargo came towards the gunboat, “approached and touched” ARMATOLOS on the left side. KARMATE increased speed and made it towards the Turkish coast. It did not respond to continuous radio calls from ARMATOLOS to stop.

The Turkish cargo violated the International Law of the Sea, breaching safety rules and avoid collision, the statement said.

The Turkish cargo had also ignored visual signals and warning calls from the gunboat while it was on collision course.

The cargo continued its route and entered Turkish territorial waters. Within 1.5 nautical mile, it was stopped by a Turkish Coast Guard vessel that had heard of the whole incident through the radio.

Gunboat Armatolos suffered no serious material damage in the middle, no crew member was injured.

A Greek Coast Guard boat approached the gunboat that continued its course.

The gunboat immediately informed the Greek Navy and the NATO.

The Navy is going to seek compensation from the KARMATE Shipping company, Greek media reported.

Hours after the incident, the KARMATE seems to be anchored off Turkish coast, at the port of Dekili. The cargo had departed the port of Izmir at 10:30 p.m. Turkish local time with destination Tekirdag port in North Turkey.

The behavior of the Turkish captain of KARMATE is considered as “suspicious”, especially if one checks with the cargo route showing it clearly deviated from its original course.

screen shots via marinetraffic.com

Seven hours after the incident and KARMATE’s shipping company has not issued any statement.

The incident comes amid increased tensions between Greece and Turkey with Ankara to challenge sovereignty rights in the Aegean.

Last February,  a Turkish Coast Guard patrol boat rammed an anchored  Greek Coast Guard boatoff the islet of Imia, Ankara claims it was “under Turkish sovereignty.”

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As we concluded previously, given that Turkey brutally invaded Cyprus in 1974, its current threats against Greece -- from both ends of Turkey's political spectrum -- should not be taken lightly by the West.

Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization. It borders the European Union. Any attack against Greece should be treated as an attack against the West. It is time for the West, which has remained silent in the face of Turkish atrocities, to stand up to Ankara.



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"Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization. [...] Any attack against Greece should be treated as an attack against the West. It is time for the West, which has remained silent in the face of Turkish atrocities, to stand up to Ankara."

Apparently, it's also the birthplace of western crybabies...

Complaining about the Turks, when your country is being handed over on a plate to foreigners by your own gov... Cry me a river, suckers lol

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More specifically, you pay commanders and crew of military vessels to safe guard their ship at all times. For a highly agile warship to be rammed by a cargo vessel is a major failing of that crew of the military vessel. There is no way a commander of an agile military vessel should ever allow the ship to be rammed by slow lumbering cargo vessel. Idiotic egos definitely involved here on both sides.

Cargo ship commanders can sometimes be expected to be idiots and fired, military vessel commanders are never allowed to be idiots and should be courtmartialed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Court-martial.

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Perhaps the Greek naval captain has standing orders not to be intimidated by Turkish bullying tactics. Otherwise the Turks will become more brazen in their intimidation. Also just because the cargo ship was larger doesn't mean it has right of way as the Greek naval ship (in Greek waters) can order any ship to stop (no different to a cop car pulling over a big truck).

If the Turkish shipping line doesn't pay compensation then Greece should just seize one of their ships as it passes through Greek waters.

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We know.  The Turks have always been genocidal filth and oppressed non Moslems.


"If ever an oppressed race existed, it is this one we see fettered around us under the inhuman tyranny of the Ottoman Empire.  I wish Europe would let Russia annihilate Turkey a little - not much, but enough to make it difficult to find the place again without a divining rod or a diving-bell."


Mark Twain

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  • Mais qu’un marchand de chameaux excite une sédition dans sa bourgade; qu’associé à quelques malheureux coracites il leur persuade qu’il s’entretient avec l’ange Gabriel; qu’il se vante d’avoir été ravi au ciel, et d’y avoir reçu une partie de ce livre inintelligible qui fait frémir le sens commun à chaque page; que, pour faire respecter ce livre, il porte dans sa patrie le fer et la flamme; qu’il égorge les pères, qu’il ravisse les filles, qu’il donne aux vaincus le choix de sa religion ou de la mort, c’est assurément ce que nul homme ne peut excuser, à moins qu’il ne soit né Turc, et que la superstition n’étouffe en lui toute lumière naturelle.
    • But that a camel-merchant should stir up insurrection in his village; that in league with some miserable followers he persuades them that he talks with the angel Gabriel; that he boasts of having been carried to heaven, where he received in part this unintelligible book, each page of which makes common sense shudder; that, to pay homage to this book, he delivers his country to iron and flame; that he cuts the throats of fathers and kidnaps daughters; that he gives to the defeated the choice of his religion or death: this is assuredly nothing any man can excuse, at least if he was not born a Turk, or if superstition has not extinguished all natural light in him.
      • Referring to Muhammad, in a letter to Frederick II of Prussia (December 1740), published in Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, Vol. 7 (1869), edited by Georges Avenel, p. 105
    • https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Voltaire

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More from Voltaire:





It is said, sometimes, that common sense is very rare. What does this expression mean? That, in many men, dawning reason is arrested in its progress by some prejudices; that a man who judges reasonably on one affair will deceive himself grossly in another. The Arab, who, besides being a good calculator, was a learned chemist and an exact astronomer, nevertheless believed that Mahomet put half of the moon into his sleeve.

How is it that he was so much above common sense in the three sciences above mentioned, and beneath it when he proceeded to the subject of half the moon? It is because, in the first case, he had seen with his own eyes, and perfected his own intelligence; and, in the second, he had used the eyes of others, by shutting his own, and perverting the common sense within him.

How could this strange perversion of mind operate? How could the ideas which had so regular and firm a footing in his brain, on many subjects, halt on another a thousand times more palpable and easy to comprehend? This man had always the same principles of intelligence in him; he must have therefore possessed a vitiated organ, as it sometimes happens that the most delicate epicure has a depraved taste in regard to a particular kind of nourishment.

How did the organ of this Arab, who saw half of the moon in Mahomet’s sleeve, become disordered? — By fear. It had been told him that if he did not believe in this sleeve his soul, immediately after his death, in passing over the narrow bridge, would fall forever into the abyss. He was told much worse — if ever you doubt this sleeve, one dervish will treat you with ignominy; another will prove you mad, because, having all possible motives for credibility, you will not submit your superb reason to evidence; a third will refer you to the little divan of a small province, and you will be legally impaled.

All this produces a panic in the good Arab, his wife, sister, and all his little family. They possess good sense in all the rest, but on this article their imagination is diseased like that of Pascal, who continually saw a precipice near his couch. But did our Arab really believe in the sleeve of Mahomet? No; he endeavored to believe it; he said, “It is impossible, but true — I believe that which I do not credit.” He formed a chaos of ideas in his head in regard to this sleeve, which he feared to disentangle, and he gave up his common sense.


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<<<But do know that the smaller Greek vessel should give way to the larger cargo ship.>>>

This is true in inland waterways only.

In the open sea the rules are green to green and red to red, which avoids collisions at night.

During the day the ship on your right has the right of way and can pass in front of you. Give way.

If the ship is on your left, it should yield to you and let you pass.

A sailboat versus a motored boat has the  right of way all the time. Except in inland waterways.  

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Have you read the book on International Collision Regulations? Were  you present during the incident? If you answer is "no" to both question, then you don't know what the hell you are talking about. here is a link to the publication you will require if you ever want to attempt to have an argument about sea traffic:



I spent 20 years in the Navy, in my trade I had to read, learn and understand these rule even though I was not an officer. Almost everyone in the world (except Americans, Americans do whatever they want) respects these rules.

Hopefully you learned something today.


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Evil intent, you say? 

The word Amartolos means the sinful one or sinner in Greek.

You can bet your ass the Greeks are looking for an excuse to go at it with Turkey.

Turkey is poking Greece with a stick and it's been escalating. 

Only a matter of time before the Turks cross a line they can't uncross. 

Dilemma, which side will the West and NATO be with. Hmmmm

Historically, the US has tried to diffuse tensions in the past... This time...I don't know. (Trump)

Personally, I'd like to see the Turks lose some land. At the very least, get a bloody nose. Unfortunately, although Greece has a pretty well trained army, they don't have the financial resources to go to war... Further these aren't the same Greeks of old. As evidenced by losing their sovereignty these last couple of decades.

Also, the Greeks are the only people on the planet that are more shrewd than the Israelis. Very similar culturally. 

Biggest difference between the Greeks and the Jews is that a Jew will only screw another Jew as a last resort. Greek will screw anybody in the way... Greek or otherwise. And that is the reason why the Greeks aren't in influential places and why they aren't all as well-off financially...

However, i recall reading once a while back...of all the ethnic minorities in the US... Jews are the most affluent and the second most educated... Greeks are the most educated and the second most affluent. All that is as of 10 years ago for an entire generation in the US.

Even the Bible says something about to the Jew and even to the Greek. Although I've seen many try to misinterpret what that actually means.

Good day.

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a small country is never itching to go to war,

especially with a neighbour that has 10 times

the bodies. And the Turks like war.

The Greek airforce and navy are probably

much better at their jobs than the Turks,

but the Greek army is not well-trained.

Maybe a century ago, in my grandfather's time,

it was much more even,

because the Ottoman Empire was crumbling.

But then Kemal showed up, and that's all

she wrote.

Greece learned from recent history that

there is no such thing as allies. Cyprus,

obviously and the Greek junta puppets

brought to them by the US.

And the Greek civil war where the Brits

and US funded both sides for 4 years of

fratricide, even though it had all been decided

at Yalta. 

Read about Manolis Glezos. He had set up

enough TNT to kill Churchill during his visit,

but the bombing was called off.

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Tiny Greece is single-handedly keeping the entire European union afloat. Without Greek debt payments, most major EU banks, especially Deutsche Bank would have imploded. 

You should thank them by visiting, and leaving generous tips so they can immediately pass your cash on the the EU central bank, which now holds all the debt.

Perspective is everything

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Greece manage to lift an old spartan galley from Mediterranean Sea bottom; Two days ago they manage to put an M60 on the top, and launch the galley under a new name "famous war-ship"; Sadly the greek marine has only one sailor and at the time of this sad incident, the marine was manning the weapon, nobody at the rudder...

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