What May 2018 Has In Store: It's Difficult To Understate The Looming Dangers

Authored by Peter Korzun via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The month of May is always associated with V-E Day. The sentiments of “never again” were strong 73 years ago, in 1945 when the UN was founded. Since then Europe has put a huge amount of effort into creating a unique security system to prevent armed conflicts. It was never perfect, but by and large it worked. Other continents used to look on with envy and try to establish security regimes of their own.

Multiple agreements are still in force, working to prevent the worst scenarios, but today they appear to be somewhat forgotten and are failing to meet their objectives. Yet by no stretch of the imagination would anyone have imagined that May 2018 would be a month spent teetering on the brink of war, with the experts left trying to guess when it will ignite, how far it will spread, and how many actors are likely to be involved. It’s scary but that’s where we are. It’s never been this tense since the worst days of the Cold War.

On May 2, Siil (Hedgehog), the largest NATO exercise to be held in the Baltics since 1991, began in Estonia and Latvia, involving 3, 000 troops from 16 countries. It will last until May 14. Estonia and Latvia border the Russian Federation. Latvia will host five military exercises in May and June. All of this activity is intensive enough for Moscow to interpret it as preparation for war.

June will see large-scale BALTOPS and Sabre Strike 2018 exercises in the Baltics. Europe will host a US armored brigade – a force of at least 4,000 soldiers accompanied by about 90 Abrams tanks, Bradley combat vehicles, 18 self-propelled Paladin howitzers, and other vehicles.

The largest-ever NATO exercise, Anakonda 2018, will be held in Poland this summer. This is the biggest event staged by the alliance since the end of the Cold War and will include about 100,000 troops, 5,000 vehicles, 150 aircraft and helicopters, and 45 warships. Such a huge force will naturally make Russia wary. The NATO Air Policing was stepped up last month. The alliance will conduct 80 joint exercises in Europe this year, mainly aimed at prepping for a war with Russia.

This intensified training is taking place at a time when the Donbas conflict in Ukraine is really heating up. The escalation of tensions is coming on the heels of the US deliveries of Javelin antitank systems to the Ukrainian military. This is the first transfer of lethal weapons.

On May 1, the US State Department released a statement announcing that the American military is shifting to a new phase in its Syria operation. The US-led coalition, the SDF, and its mysterious “local partners” are to be involved. Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon have also been mentioned as having a role. The Islamic State has not been much of an issue for Beirut, but now Lebanon is very likely to become a battlefield that will draw in many actors, especially Israel and Iran.

Officially the mission is intended to sweep away the remnants of the Islamic State (IS) forces, but that claim should be taken with a grain of salt. Whatever is left of IS is insignificant and can be dealt with without the help of the US-led coalition. The situation in Syria is very explosive now that the US has ratcheted up the tensions instead of pulling out as President Trump said he wanted to do. A wider conflict is right around the corner there. The US-led SDF and the Syrian regular forces have recently been involved in direct clashes — a very worrisome development and coinciding with the Israeli airstrikes against Syrian and Iranian forces.

These war preparations are taking place at the same time that Prime Minister Netanyahu is accusing Tehran of allegedly cheating on the nuclear deal. The US was quick to claim that the evidence was “compelling.” The Israeli parliament has just voted to grant the prime minister the authority to declare war or to order a major military operation without the prior approval of his security cabinet.

US President Trump is widely expected to decertify the Iran deal on May 12 and pay a high-profile visit to Israel when the new US embassy’s provisional site in Jerusalem opens on May 14. The opening ceremony will be the right place and time to announce new moves against Iran — a country that works closely with Russia in Syria and elsewhere.

All the events taking place in Europe and Syria have a direct impact on Russia’s security. A spark is enough to kindle a conflict in Europe.

The never-ending NATO exercises and other operations conducted right up against Russia’s borders are extremely provocative. A war against Iran in Syria appears to be almost certain, since Russian forces are deployed near Iranian positions. It will be next to impossible to strike Iranian or Syrian sites without provoking the Russian military into taking measures to defend itself. A single strike against Iranian forces could be contained but a military campaign against them will inevitably put Russian personnel at risk. Russia has some very formidable military forces positioned in Syria that must be a serious factor in any war scenario.

Tensions are running high in Europe and a wider conflict could ignite at any time in Syria. In either situation it won’t be Russia that provokes the explosive situations that threaten to deteriorate into a full-blown conflict.


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I keep getting the menacing feeling that that Western Private Central Banking Cartel is desperate for more territory / societies to loot.  As if the vampire has gone too long without drinking blood.  When I think this I get the feeling war is certain.  I can only hope that Russia has enough firepower on site to deter this. 

You can see that it is likely Israel used U.S. transponder codes to sneak into Syria for their latest strikes in Syria. They are obviously trying to set up a situation where a U.S. jet will get shot down by accident.  Until now the Russians have avoided firing on U.S. jets in the interest of avoiding WW3.  But the Bankers Outpost Israel appears to be trying to cause WW3.  

YouTube: Israel's Dirty Syrian Air Strike Secret Revealed

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"The US Navy has said it will re-establish its Second Fleet, as Russia becomes more assertive.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm John Richardson said the fleet, disbanded in 2011, would oversee forces on the US East Coast and North Atlantic.

He said the National Defense Strategy, published earlier this year, made it clear that the era of great power competition had returned.

The strategy makes countering Russia and China a priority.

The fleet, which was disbanded for cost-saving and structural reasons, will be based in its previous home - Norfolk, Virginia."


The public shouldn't be fearful,  Trumps tax cuts will pay for this.

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So, why was the first world war planned and executed?

To establish Israel.

The plan was already well known in 1853.

"The subversion of the Turkish Power will evidently occasion, as all seem to anticipate, a fearful general war. This war will, I believe, be the last under the present order of things. It will commence, indeed, in Europe: but,... it will pass into Palestine.... and, in the course of its evolutions, Israel will be restored."

The quote is from George Faber's 1853 book on the downfall of the Turkish power and the return of the ten tribes.

It mostly came true:

"The subversion of the Turkish Power [the Ottoman Empire] will evidently occasion, as all seem to anticipate, a fearful general war [the first world war]. This war will, I believe, be the last under the present order of things [a new world order]. It will commence, indeed, in Europe [with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914]: but,... it will pass into Palestine [western troops entered Palestine early in 1917].... and, in the course of its evolutions [the second world war in 1939], Israel will be restored [Israel was created in 1948]."

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Yep, Putin has the pope's number:

Putin stated at the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt:

“Pope Francis is using his platform to push a dangerous far-left political ideology on vulnerable people around the world, people who trust him because of his position.”

“As we have seen before in communist states, this system is not compatible with Christianity.”

“If you look at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God. At least not the Christian God. Not the God of the Bible.”

“He dreams of a world government and a global communist system of repression."



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When sabers rattle it is always a ruse. That is when war theories run wild.

The simple truth is socialist economics are dying. And war talk is the prescribed medicine for the public’s ears to stir nationalism and draw attention from the economic woes.

It is in this setting that 8 out of 10 useless wars are accidentally started. Look no farther than Turkey with economics in the toilet. So what do they do? Revive the tensions will Greece. It always works. Yeah...Greece is the reason for all Turkey’s problems. That’s right. Funnel the anger at Greece...War here we come...

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Unfortunately the use of USA transponder codes to mask Israeli aircraft striking inside Syria was in collusion with the USA.  Putin is in the near impossible and unenviable task of stopping the world domination of the Cabal while not participating in the nuclear destruction of the planet.  While the Cabal can defeat the small Russian contingent in Syria by conventional warfare, it cannot do so anywhere near Russia's borders.  Hire your local psychic medium and just ask Napoleon and Hitler.  The Cabal would have to go nuclear.  Then there is the question whether China will just be a spectator.   Knowing that they would be next and with the provocations in the South China Sea, that is unlikely.  Only solution is to hang the neocons and dual citizens, starting with Bolton and Pompeo.  They are both capital war criminals under Nuremberg trial law.  Bolton as a major player in the 1999 PNAC organization, was undoubtedly a major player in the murder of 3000 innocent Americans.

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American citizens you have lost much, much, more than your medical insurance.

You have also lost your Republic, the jew supremacists have turned it into an marxist so-called democracy ran by the jew supremacists. You lost your borders, the jew supremacists led by zionist jew senator jacob javits shoved the 1965 immigration act down Americas throat and then he screamed "Open The Flood Gates" when the jews got it passed.

You lost your kids to the jew supremacist smut purveyors in the media and by the jew supremacists that infiltrated the entire U.S. school system many, many years ago.

You lost the sovereignty of your MONEY in 1913 with the jew supremacist creation of the so-called Federal reserve and their thug confiscation imprisonment arm the Irs.

And if you don't start standing up to the jewish elites at Aipac, Aclu, Splc, Zoa, Jwc, Jdl, Cfr, Trilateral Commission, and a thousand more jew supremacist organizations you will be another holocausted 1945 Germany. Not the faked, wholly exaggerated so-called jew holocaust- which has been unequivocally proven propagandized hokum. 

Here are the true eternal terrorist & destroyers in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TOYLr_P6hA&t=69s

Yip you heard it here !

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what about her?

Didn't hire/elect trump for his capacity to be celibate or saintly; he's in office to fix the problems with the country...Stormy Daniels is a problem in people's heads and for Melania and his family; not the American people.  Hoebag is looking to make money by saying she was taken advantage of....SHE GETS PAID for being taken advantage of....can't be a stripper and cry rape or even regret whatever happens because people in those professions ask and volunteer to do that.  They have other options.  Stormy was in the wrong place at the wrong time and then decided to cry fowl cause she needed more money.  That's beyond trashy.  I'm ashamed for her.  

People like her give up their rights and then, suddenly, when it's convenient, want them back when it's not possible anymore.  Trump should have played that card better, but ya win some, ya lose some.  Clinton was FAAAAAR worse and still is. So's his sad excuse for a wife.

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On a personal level I am very grateful to both Trump and Ms Daniels;   

Living in Alabama amongst christian fundamentalists I've always reverted to the standard "my momma told me never to mix religion and politics with polite conversation " when faced with their virtue signalling.  Many of these fine folks are Trump supporters which has finally given me an out; now when faced with with their holier than thou bs and moral supremacy I can simply get right up in their face and say "fuck off you hypocritical cunt"  ... thanks Trump. 

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I know someone who refers to them as "panic pants", because nothing else could ever fit, you have to go out wearing SOMETHING, and so you panic, and go for the S -T- R - E - T - C - H - Y option.

I always think "brave choice" when I see someone taking full ownership of their obesity. It's like bald people not having a comb-over, but wearing their shine with pride.

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It's all bullshit.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Have a cerveza, eat some guacamole and chips, hold your senorita close. Life is good!

On the other hand, in all this excitement, i kind of lost track myself. But being that this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well do ya,punk?