Leaked Transcripts Reveal Courtroom Showdown Between Manafort Judge And Mueller Team

Yesterday we told you about an intense courtroom battle that played out on Friday between the judge in Paul Manafort's case and an attorney for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in which the judge said that Mueller shouldn't have "unfettered power" to prosecute Manafort for charges that have nothing to do with collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Manafort's lawyers had asked the judge in the Virginia case to dismiss an indictment filed against him in what was their third effort to beat back criminal charges by attacking Mueller’s authority. In addition to pushing back against the Special Counsel's argument for why Manafort's bank fraud charges are related to the Russia investigation, the judge also questioned why Manafort’s case could not be handled by the U.S. attorney’s office in Virginia, rather than the Special Counsel’s office, as it is not Russia-related

Today, a transcript of that hearing was leaked to Twitter user @Techno_Fog, a New York attorney who eloquently dissected the intense back-and-forth between Eastern District of Virginia Judge T.S. Ellis, a Reagan appointee, and Mueller attorney Michael Dreeben.

The transcript reveals an unimpressed Ellis repeatedly pushing back against Dreeben's attempts to tie Manafort's bank fraud case to Russia, while an arrogant Dreeben suggests that the power vested in Ellis is dwarfed by the Special Counsel's omnipotence. 

Ellis then calls out the case as an attempt by Mueller to gain leverage over Manafort.

"You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment or whatever. That's what you're really interested in." -Judge Ellis

Ellis then points out to Dreeben that the Special Counsel's indictment against Manafort doesn't mention:

(1) Russian individuals
(2) Russian banks
(3) Russian money
(4) Russian payments to Manafort

To which Dreeben looped back to the argument that "the money that forms the basis for the criminal charges" comes from Manafort's "Ukraine activities," which is tied to Manafort's Russia activities (which still doesn't answer the Judge's question).

Manafort's attorney hit back, calling the Special Counsel's arguments "absolutely erroneous."

Ellis has given prosecutors two weeks to show what evidence they have that Manafort was complicit in colluding with the Russians. If they can't come up with any, he may, presumably, dismiss the case.  Ellis also asked the special counsel’s office to share privately with him a copy of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein’s August 2017 memo elaborating on the scope of Mueller’s Russia probe. He said the current version he has been heavily redacted.

Without further introduction, Techno_Fog's breakdown of the transcripts (with full copy at bottom):

Read the entire exchange below:


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Ellis then points out to Dreeben that the Special Counsel's indictment against Manafort doesn't mention:

(1) Russian individuals
(2) Russian banks
(3) Russian money
(4) Russian payments to Manafort

Grand Inquisitor Mueller's ace prosecutor, Mr. Dreeben: "I think that is correct..."

And...close scene ;-)

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Trump’s BIGGEST single mistake was failing to fire Sessions after Sessions recused himself. We now know Sessions is Trump's Judas Iscariot .

How about the very well documented and obvious Collusion Crimes & Felonies:
1. Sessions recussed himself, on Rosenstein’s advice, from getting involved with any Trump campaign related investigations - here come the Trump campaign related investigations.
2.  Rosenstein is named assistant AG
3.  Rosenstein recommends that Comey be fired.
4.  Trump fires Comey.
5.  Rosenstein recommends Wray, good buddy of Comey & Mueller, to be new FBI director.
6. Comey testifies that he leaked a memo (stuff he made up) because he knew it would trigger a special council to investigate the Trump campaign for Russia collusion (how did he know that? Part of the plan with Rosenstein?)
7.  Rosenstein appoints Mueller (good friend of Rosenstein & Comey) as the special prosecutor with open authority to investigate a suspected activity that was not a crime if it did exist.
8.  Rosenstein & Wray stonewall congressional investigations into DOJ & FBI criminality.
9.  Sessions refuses to appoint special council to investigate Hitlary and DOJ & FBI criminality.
10.  Sessions appoints John Huber, Obama appointee & swamp rat, to assist Inspector General without any power to subpoena or seat a Grand Jury.
11.  Stormy Daniels is used to demoralize Trump and is assisted by FBI. Since when does the FBI get involved in the kind of civil actions raised by a prostitute?
12.  Michael Cohen is raided by FBI regarding an issue that should be reserved for state court. Attorney client privilege is violated. This alone is a criminal act but nobody to prosecute it.
13.   Months before the Cohen raid Rosenstein-Mueller used the Cohen-Stormy situation to launch investigation into Cohen and thereby spy on Trump conversations with his attorney.
14.  Judge appointed to hear the Cohen case is Prog Hack & Soros-Clinton crony Kimba Wood.

Conclusion: Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, Wray and Mueller conspired to assist the “Soros-Clinton-Obama Resistance” to thwart all efforts to indict Clintons and Obama and expose the corruption at the FBI, DOJ and State Dept.

It’s what’s for breakfast.
- Judas Sessions

“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power”
- Orwell


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And in another Court in Je(r)wmany this monumental travesty of justice is occurring:

A direct result of the jew supremacist Karl Marx is the imprisonment of those that oppose the jew supremacists and their monumental current and historical LIES!

They have now imprisoned a Canadian citizen retired Violin teacher for making a video titled " Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust" She was visiting Germany and with family when she was arrested by the jew supremacist controlled non-sovereign nation of Je(r)wmany. 

Do everything you can folks to FREE this poor woman from the ethnocentric thugs that call themselves jews.

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAP526u32Fg

She told the truth and the jew supremacists put her in prison- ITS HERE FOLKS!

They kidnapped Ernst Zundel from his home in Tennessee, Yes U.S. INS (jew supremacist) officers showed up in force unannounced caught him outside his home and flew him to Canada in chains, spent two years in prison there. Then was extradited to Je(r)wmany and immediately prosecuted and sentenced to another 5 years in jew supremacist prison...... for what you might ask- for telling the truth and publishing a small booklet authored by someone else titled "Did six million really die?" while he was living in Canada.

So for asking a question and presenting proven facts he like Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stoltz, Ursula Haverbeck, Germar Rudolf, & David Irving have all been imprisoned by these rabid lying jew supremacists.

These warmongering thugs and all their HUGE accumulation of LIES must be stopped !

Call, email & write the embassies, Speak out, Tell Friends, Call Congressman, Put a Bumper sticker on your car- make your own. Don't ignore this folks- this is HUGE!! 

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wvv1ZA412Q

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...Winners DO stuff...

You have it all wrong, the winner DID stuff. Your "loser on a stick" put every excuse mankind has to justify their abhorrent conduct to "open shame", your salacious, irreconcilably insensitive and incomprehensibly callous comment included.

Continue on friend, because we all know that "On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."


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Unlikely as it is to happen,,, if the day ever comes when you understand all the world is a stage and all of the preprogrammed drama moving you in one direction or another is one big Gaslighting operation to bring about an unspeakable outcome; that will be the day you will find a freedom you've never known .... then and only then will you find the humor in all of it.


The "Allegory of the Cave" comes to mind.


I beggeth you, please, wake up.............






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“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power... Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.”

-George Orwell, 1984

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Agreed. There was a statement by Special Counsel that Rosenstein whispered a non-memoed, unwritten, secret directive of Attack.

The Judge though alert, missed responding to this invisible RR Attack Directive. However if he gets the Rosenstein written memos the Judge can squash the invisible ones. Not written then not inside the Scope of SC.

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I'm sorry, but this is starting to feel like when we were all waiting for the Supreme Court to render a verdict of the Constitutionality of Obamacare.  Everything looks SOOOOO good for it to be struck down.  The questioning was fierce against the Obama administration's lawyers but in the end... it stood.  

I got all the $20 action you want that this judge will, sadly, in the end, allow the case to move forward.  Think about it.  If the judge thinks this case is so weak then why not send it to a jury with the expectation they will come back with an easy "not guilty" verdict?  Add on the fact that federal judges RARELY dismiss cases against federal prosecutors and I'm left with this bad feeling that there will be no Mother's Day Miracle on this one.



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Janus has the goods on his ass. Right Janus? Stop playing with that thing for a second. This is the blowback - anybody can blackmail your blackmailed bitches, bitchez. When you are the law, it isn't blackmail. It's The Law.

The Bushs always play dirty and loved to use the public as a weapon. One of the things I appreciated about their consistent sadism is that they tossed out a name they blackmailed for decades when they were done with him/her, to keep the rest in line. Remember when they outed Schwartzenegger? The 90s were especially dense with "outed"s. Future proves past. Look again.

Can you imagine what it was like for Macron and Merkel? The Trumps speak french and german like locals, and a dozen other languages, because they lived all over the globe long enough to fit in, everywhere. That's class, not how big is your paycheck. The translator is a formality. Nothing escapes them.

Go, President Trump. Go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jV6TnBC2nk

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Great timeline but all that it shows to me is what a moron trump is for hiring all these assholes. I can see him hiring one asshole like sessions but then he proceeds to hire asshole after asshole after asshole to fill holes in his administration, all of them either Obama’s holdovers that he left in place or swamp rat never trumpers. Everything happening now is his own fault due to who HE hired. 

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