2018: When Orwell's '1984' Stopped Being Fiction

Authored by Jonathan Cook,

This is the moment when a newspaper claiming to uphold that most essential function in a liberal democracy – acting as a watchdog on power – formally abandons the task. This is the moment when it positively embraces the role of serving as a mouthpiece for the government. The tell is in one small word in a headline on today’s Guardian’s front page: “Revealed”.

When I trained as a journalist, we reserved a “Revealed” or an “Exposed” for those special occasions when we were able to bring to the reader information those in power did not want known. These were the rare moments when as journalists we could hold our heads high and claim to be monitoring the centres of power, to be fulfilling our sacred duty as the fourth estate.

But today’s Guardian’s “exclusive” story “Revealed: UK’s push to strengthen anti-Russia alliance” is doing none of this. Nothing the powerful would want hidden from us is being “revealed”. No one had to seek out classified documents or speak to a whistleblower to bring us this “revelation”. Everyone in this story – the journalist Patrick Wintour, an anonymous “Whitehall official”, and the named politicians and think-tank wonks – is safely in the same self-congratulatory club, promoting a barely veiled government policy: to renew the Cold War against Russia.

It is no accident that the government chose the Guardian as the place to publish this “exclusive” press release. That single word “Revealed” in the headline serves two functions that reverse the very rationale for liberal, watchdog-style journalism.

First, it is designed to disorientate the reader in Orwellian – or maybe Lewis Caroll – fashion, inverting the world of reality. The reader is primed for a disclosure, a secret, and then is spoon-fed familiar government propaganda: that the tentacles of a Russian octopus are everywhere, that the Reds are again under our beds – or at least, poisoning our door handles.

British diplomats plan to use four major summits this year – the G7, the G20, Nato and the European Union – to try to deepen the alliance against Russia hastily built by the Foreign Office after the poisoning of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury in March.

This – and thousands of similar examples we are exposed to every day in the discourse of our politicians and media – is the way our defences are gradually lowered, our critical thinking weakened, in ways that assist those in power to launch their assault on democratic norms. Through such journalistic fraud, liberal media like the Guardian and BBC – because they claim to be watchdogs on power, to defend the interests of the ruled, not the rulers – serve a vital role in preparing the ground for the coming changes that will restrict dissent, tighten controls on social media, impose harsher laws.

The threat is set out repeatedly in the Guardian’s framing of the story: there is a self-evident need for “a more comprehensive approach to Russian disinformation”; Moscow is determined “systematically to divide western electorates and sow doubt”; “the west finds itself arguing with Russia not just about ideology, or interests, but Moscow’s simple denial, or questioning, of what the western governments perceive as unchallengeable facts.”

Tom Tugendhat, son a High Court judge, a former army officer who was honoured with an MBE by the Queen in his thirties, and was appointed chair of the Commons’ important foreign affairs select committee after two years in parliament, sets out the thinking of the British establishment – and hints at the likely solutions. He tells the Guardian:

Putin is waging an information war designed to turn our strongest asset – freedom of speech – against us. Russia is trying to fix us through deception.

Second, there is a remedy for the disorientation created by that small word “Revealed”. It subtly forces the reader to submit to the inversion.

For the reasons set out above, a rational response to this front-page story is to doubt that Wintour, his editors, and the Guardian newspaper itself are quite as liberal as they claim to be, that they take seriously the task of holding power to account. It is to abandon the consoling assumption that we, the 99 per cent, have our own army – those journalists in the bastions of liberal media like the Guardian and the BBC – there to protect us. It is to realise that we are utterly alone against the might of the corporate world. That is a truly disturbing, terrifying even, conclusion.

But that sense of abandonment and dread can be overcome. The world can be set to rights again – and it requires only one small leap of faith. If Russian president Vladimir Putin truly is an evil mastermind, if Russia is an octopus with tentacles reaching out to every corner of the globe, if there are Russian agents hiding in the ethers ready to deceive you every time you open your laptop, and Russian cells preparing to fix your elections so that the Muscovian candidate (Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn?) wins, then the use of that “Revealed” is not only justified but obligatory. The Guardian isn’t spouting British and US government propaganda, it is holding to account the supremely powerful and malevolent Russian state.

Once you have stepped through this looking glass, once you have accepted that you are living in Oceania and in desperate need of protection from Eurasia, or is it Eastasia?, then the Guardian is acting as a vital watchdog – because the enemy is within. Our foe is not those who rule us, those who have all the wealth, those who store their assets offshore so they don’t have to pay taxes, those who ignore devastating climate breakdown because reforms would be bad for business. No, the real enemy are the sceptics, the social media “warriors”, the political activists, even the leader of the British Labour party. They may sound and look harmless, but they are not who or what they seem. There are evil forces standing behind them.

In this inverse world, the coming draconian changes are not a loss but a gain. You are not losing the rights you enjoy now, or rights you might need in the future when things get even more repressive. The restrictions are pre-emptive, there to protect you before Putin and his bots have not only taken over cyberspace but have entered your living space. Like the aggressive wars of “humanitarian intervention” the west is waging across the oil-rich areas of the Middle East, the cruelty is actually kindness. Those who object, those who demur, do so only because they are in the financial or ideological grip of the mastermind Putin.

This is the moment when war becomes peace, freedom becomes slavery, ignorance becomes strength.



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"1984" really stopped being fiction after the Second World War.  It's just taken several generations for the full-on effects to become blatantly obvious... even to the most dim-witted amongst us.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now in truth the Federal Bureau of Concealment.  The National Education Association is in truth the National Indoctrination Association.  The main-stream media "Free Press" is in truth the Propaganda Ministry.  The Department of Defense is in truth the Department of Offense.  The Department of Homeland Security is in truth the Department of Invasive Searches.  The Department of the Interior is in truth the Department of Land Seizures.  The Department of the Treasury is in truth the Department of Usury.  The Securities Exchange Commission is in truth the Securities Fraud Protectorate.  "Family Planning" facilities are in truth murderous abortion clinics.  Even the Evangelical Churches who claim to worship Jesus Christ are in fact ardent zealots serving the people who had Him crucified.  Orwellian indeed.

The insane list goes on and on.

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So, why was the first world war planned and executed?

To establish Israel.

The plan was already well known in 1853.

"The subversion of the Turkish Power will evidently occasion, as all seem to anticipate, a fearful general war. This war will, I believe, be the last under the present order of things. It will commence, indeed, in Europe: but,... it will pass into Palestine.... and, in the course of its evolutions, Israel will be restored."

The quote is from George Faber's 1853 book on the downfall of the Turkish power and the return of the ten tribes.

It mostly came true:

"The subversion of the Turkish Power [the Ottoman Empire] will evidently occasion, as all seem to anticipate, a fearful general war [the first world war]. This war will, I believe, be the last under the present order of things [a new world order]. It will commence, indeed, in Europe [with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914]: but,... it will pass into Palestine [western troops entered Palestine early in 1917].... and, in the course of its evolutions [the second world war in 1939], Israel will be restored [Israel was created in 1948]."

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There are no ancient Jewish cities in Israel,...
but there are lots of ancient Greek cities.

What is weird is this; that 2000 years ago, it seems that there were no people even resembling Jews, in Israel.

It turns out that there is not a single ancient Jewish city in what is now called Israel. There is not a single ancient city where Hebrew characters are used on the statues and buildings. There is not a single ancient city where the buildings are in the ancient Jewish architectural style. In fact, there is not even a category of "ancient Jewish architectural style".

Of course, the Hebrew characters that are desired, are those of the Dead Sea scrolls (supposedly from 2000 years ago), which are essentially the modern Hebrew characters without points.

If you check out all the ancient cities in Israel from 2000 years ago, they are all Greek, and their ruins are still there for you to visit. Their inscriptions are in the Greek script and the buildings are in the ancient Greek architectural styles.

Here is a list of some of the known ancient Greek cities in (and near) Israel; Ecdippa, Seleucia, Ptolemais, Taricheia Arbela, Asochis, Sepphoris, Hippos, Dion, Sycaminum, Bucolon Polis, Itabyrium, Gadara, Abila, Dora, Comus, Gephrus, Crocodilion Polis, Caesarea, Straton's Tower, Narbata, Scythopolis, Pella, Samaria, Amathus, Ragaba, Gerasa, Apollonia, Sicima, Pegae, Joppa, Arimathea, Jamnia, Port of Jamnia, Lydda, Modiin, Aphaerema, Philadelphia, Birtha, Gazara, Beth Horon, Dok, Jericho, Samaga, Esbus, Medaba, Ladder of Tyre, Azotus, Port of Azotus, Accaron, Jerusalem, Ascalon, Anthedon, Gaza, Marissa, Beth Zur, Hebron, Adora, Engeddi.

The ancient Jewish cities in Israel are,....... well there aren't any. Not even one.

Here's an interesting example of a first century BC Greek inscription (i.e., in Greek letters) from Jerusalem's Temple Mount forbidding the entry of strangers to the Temple precinct.


The pictured stone was found in 1935. It was actually the second such warning-stone to be found, the first being discovered by Charles Simon Clermont-Ganneau in 1871. This stone was deemed so dangerous to the "Jews inhabited Israel 2000 years ago" theory, that it completely disappeared for 13 years before resurfacing in Istanbul, where, it was correctly calculated, it would not attract much attention.

From: https://www.timesofisrael.com/ancient-temple-mount-warning-stone-is-clo…

The first Jerusalem Temple Mount warning-stone, now found in the Archaeology Museum, Istanbul, is pictured below:


It says (in Greek): "No stranger is to enter within the balustrade round the temple and enclosure. Whoever is caught will be responsible to himself for his death, which will ensue."

Slack Jack's CHALLENGE:

Name ONE ancient city (that existed in what is now called Israel) where the building inscriptions are all in Hebrew, and the buildings are constructed in the ancient Hebrew architectural style (whatever that may be).

Then give a summary of "the ancient Hebrew architectural style" (you will have to make this up as it does not yet exist).

Then give links to photos of the ancient building inscriptions which show that they are written in Hebrew.

Then show that the buildings are constructed in the ancient Hebrew architectural style (that you have just invented).


It's been MANY MANY MANY months now and still no one is up to the challenge.

So, no one can provide solid evidence that even ONE ancient city in what is now called Israel, was unequivocally Jewish, 2000 years ago.

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I will not. Her bio says "Empire." The negro TV fest that glorifies idiocy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empire_(2015_TV_series) The main characters name is Lucious. FFS, will they never learn to give their poor children a real name and not an obviously black trash name?

I refuse to pander to morons. Of any color.

Okay, she's the one negress that didn't breed and go on welfare. So she shows up here to piss and moan about it, every single day? FFS. Talk about give it a rest!

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The Treasury Department is the Welfare for Womb Productivity Department. It is an Orwellian agency, through which governent pays citizens and noncitizens to reproduce via the progressive tax code. They do it in an Orwellian doublespeak way, using the vehicle of “tax credits” up to $6,431 for womb-productive citizens and noncitizens who do not pay income tax. 

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So right!

One more insanity:

New Medicare Card - CMS.gov https://www.cms.gov/medicare/new-medicare-card/nmc-home.html We're mailing new. Medicare cards. We're removing Social Security Numbers from Medicare cards to prevent fraud, fight identity theft, and keep taxpayer dollars safe. We'll mail the new Medicare cards from April 2018 through April 2019. Learn how we'll mail the new Medicare cards in phases by geographic location.

Could anything be more ridiculous than "We're removing Social Security Numbers from Medicare cards to prevent fraud, fight identity theft, and keep taxpayer dollars safe."?

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It was not always so. It has happened only within the last 30 years or so....actually many newspapers have fallen to the mandates given to them. Another was the Christian Science Monitor. It was a very educated publication with impressive credentials...but the Jewish establishment got a hold of them and said "One more negative article by you guys and it is curtains"..you could follow the timeline of when this happened. We had this paper in our households since I can remember. Rushworth Kidder..and others that had a handle on Ethics...gone with the wind. After Bill Clinton let all the news outlets consolidate from around 54 to 6 then the domination of what was going to be told to the public was in cement. The names reveal their owners. I never watch the news anymore and or read their bullshit. It is best to look elsewhere for the bits and pieces of truth that are scattered on the path to understanding of our political, economic world. The big problem is that most of the people want to be told what to think. Not only in news but from the pulpit also. Too lazy to think for themselves, this builds a cocoon around their spirit and their mind that they will never escape. 

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It's just Communists turning traditional destabilization tactics used by the US government in foreign nations against the US federal government. This is the most effective governmental destabilization campaign since the advent of the nation-state.

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Twain distilled it really nicely...  Jefferson said more or less the same thing (the entire letter to Norvell is worth reading - it gets stuck right into whole #fakenews idea) -

“The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors." Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Norvell, Jun. 11, 1807

Jefferson's point is actually significantly more powerful than Twain's, because Twain's assertion that non-readers were uninformed is pejorative (assuming that there's nowhere else to get your information).

By contract, Jefferson was implying that if you didn't read newspapers you would reach better conclusions than if you read newspapers: the second part of the Jefferson quotation is a metaphor, not a simile (i.e., he was not asserting that people who don't read newspapers know nothing).

The full letter makes that clearer.

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Good explanation.  And so sad how many people do not have the critical thinking skills to see this right in front of their face every day.

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Someone needs to remind them that the curtain was closed on the Cold War under Reagan. Many of us remember the period when the wall came down between East and West Germany, and decades have passed since that time.

The Cold War has been over for 3 decades.

And the USA has never had a real war with Russia at any point in history. We were even allied with Russia in WWII.

The Russian narrative is being used as a way to deflect attention away from the way Democrats went along with globalism.

Old-school Democrats used to side with American labor, but the Clinton Era neoliberals broke with that tradition, abandoning the interests of American workers for profiteering reasons.

The Clintons, themselves, made a lot of money in this way, capitalizing on contacts around the globe while promoting concepts that put global financial interests ahead of American interests.

The neoliberal-globalist position, including offshoring millions of jobs to countries with low-cost labor and favoring mass immigration that depresses the wages of American workers, contradicts everything post-WWII Democrats traditionally stood for.

It also looks unpatriotic.

Trump made them look bad by addressing the labor issues that Democrats are supposed to care about, so Democrats came up with a way to make it look like they were not really globalists. 

Democrats want us to believe they are protecting America against the real global threat: Russia, a country that the US has never been in a literal war with and has not even been in a figurative Cold War with in the last 30 years. 

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And just look at what's taking you to the last war you'll ever BE IN (https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-06/trump-wont-testify-after-muel…)?...  A cross-dressing tranny wanna-be "Marilyn Monroe" and his womanising/statutory rapist that "BOTH" bend at the waste and knees for the "$Tribe"?...

I'll put my Roubles on the little guy that will break the spines on the cross-dresser and the statutory rapist "HANDS DOWN" on this GO-AROUND!!!