Meanwhile In Greece...

Less than a week after the Greek government sent additional police forces to reinforce its land border with Turkey as fears mount over a sharp rise in the number of refugees and migrants crossing the frontier, The Guardian reports that  Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faced down protests from citizens Thursday upset over how he’s handled April’s 17% increase in the influx of migrants.

The Daily Caller's Audrey Conklin reports that the protests in Lesbos, Greece, represent a stark shift in attitude among a people once significantly more welcoming to migrants fleeing as part of a years-long refugee crisis.

Locals argue with riot police during a protest against the visit of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Mytilene, on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Huge numbers of people seeking asylum are flooding into the country by bus and boat every week, and while an agreement between the EU and Turkey signed in 2016 states that illegal refugees are supposed to be sent to Turkey after crossing European borders, Greek camps are overcrowding and in bad shape. Experts estimate that as many as 500 refugees new people cross the island’s borders each week. 

As DW News reports:

“Earlier on Thursday, the aid agency Doctors without Borders warned that Lesbos was ‘reaching breaking point’…overstretching healthcare and other services laid on for the migrants while leading some to resort to violence.”

Approximately 9,000 migrants and refugees are currently stranded in Greece because they are stuck between borders with no real place to live, even temporarily, as a result of the EU deal with Turkey.

Since March 2016, Turkey has threatened to terminate the agreement because the EU is having trouble collecting and delivering funds for the millions of refugees Turkey agreed to take in from Europe.

Syrian refugee Bashar Wakaa (3rd L) and his family stand in front of their tents at a makeshift camp for refugees and migrants next to the Moria camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece.

Arrivals on Greece’s Aegean islands have increased by 17 percent since last month “due to refugees fleeing Iran, Iraq and Syria.”  Nearly a million refugees have crossed the borders of Lesbos over the past three years. Locals have had enough.

“The people of Lesbos are exhausted,” said mayor Spyros Galinos. “Kindness has turned to anger … and where there is anger there is room for all sorts of extremism.”

Locals and refugees alike witnessed that extremism Galinos is referring to when, just two weeks ago, radical protesters set fire to bins and flares surrounding a refugee base where Afghan migrants were protesting their confinement. Over a dozen people were injured, the Tampa Bay Times reports

“Women are afraid to leave their homes at night,” Galinos continued. “Children are kept locked up indoors because parents are afraid to let them go out and play. No community would put up with this.”

A garbage bin burns as riot police officers stand guard separating protesting groups of locals and refugees demonstrating against conditions in Moria camp and delays in asylum applications, in the city of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, Greece.

Residents feel their government is neglecting the people who actually live and work legally in Greece as a result of the ever-increasing population of refugees, which now make up a third of Lesbos’ total population

“Commerce and investment [have] come to a standstill,” local chamber of commerce leader Evangelos Myrsinias told reporters. “On these islands, we feel very neglected, very abandoned with frustration compounded by the decision to raise VAT which after everything we’ve been through will drastically raise the cost of living.”

Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsa said the government plans to decrease the number of migrants and refugees by the end of September from the current number of 15,500 to 6,500, which is the total population capacity for refugee shelters.


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Mother#$%$er ! - E.U. PAY TURKEY to "deal" with their problem ?!

So turkey receives $ for each refugee they get from E.U. ? - What you want to bet that that money goes NOWHERE near those refugees! ( SEE ERDOGAN PALACE )


Why cant E.U. pay for their own fucking border! Hungary could! AND IT WORKED !!!

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Time to start sinking boats and feeding the muzzies stewed dog meat and pig skin.

Oh, I did a little research on the last time Uranus transit happened from Aries to Taurus.  June 1934.  Hitler and Mussolinii had a meeting.  June 1934 was also the night of the long knives.  Get ready.  May 15th.

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What's the old adage about a picture saying a thousand words? From the pictures above:

 Mrs. Bashar Wakaa (4th L) doesn't seem to have missed to many squares, if you know what I mean. Nothing to eat back home, eh?

Europe has a Muslim Problem. It's as simple as that. The only question is whether the ethnic Europeans will waken to this reality soon enough to fight back and retake their lands from the invading horde. They aren't going to like what they have to become to succeed, but the alternative is death and subjugation.

That's the bitch about Islam. To defeat it you must take up its most loathsome characteristics. The alternative though is having your women and children sexually assaulted. That makes the choices a lot easier, at least in my eyes.

Bonus question:

What do you ask a Muslim if you really want to tick them off?


"Say, didn't your only prophet marry a 6 year old?"

Followed promptly, (before they can reply), "That's pretty fucked up, isn't it?"

Extra bonus point if you can get off...

"Why would anyone follow a pig like that?",

before they try to beat you to death.

Give it a whirl...

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they have been emasculated as you say. 

they are slavish at so many levels. Did you know that children are forced to pray and cross themselves before being allowed to enter PUBLIC schools in Greece? 

They don't care if your family is religious or not. I asked my friends' little daughter what happens if they refuse to pray and submit to imaginary masters. 

they get punished by their gym teacher

No wonder they are a bunch of fearful dumb slaves fucked by everyone all the time. Very similar to American sheeple

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The US population—or at least most of its citizens outside of the 1% business class and the top 20% of dual-high-earner parents—is put far below illegal aliens who perform cheap, welfare-aided labor for the top 20%.

In the USA, illegal aliens are paid by the United States government for having sex and reproducing. They are paid by government on a per-child-produced basis, as are many citizens in single-earner households. 

In some cases, illegal aliens raise the children of the dual high earners. But mostly, illegal alien men perform cheap home improvement and other jobs that used to be performed by non-welfare-assisted US citizens.

Today, half of American, male citizens between 18 and 34 live with their parents in adulthood due to rent that takes more than half of their monthly, earned-only, non-welfare-boosted pay.

Millions of non-womb-productive, female citizens do, too, for the same reason, but the government sets up single moms and legal / illegal immigrants with US-born kids in freebie, “independent” apartments when they work part time. Their other major bills, like groceries, are also paid by taxpayers.

Since government does not pay the major household bills of the non-womb-productive citizens, they cannot afford to work as cheaply as illegal aliens in single-earner households while keeping an independent roof over their heads.

In the USA, whether you are a citizen or a noncitizen, the way to get your major household bills paid by government is to have sex, reproduce and stay below the earned-income limits for America’s many monthly welfare programs.

A refundable child tax credit of up to $6,431 is added to the pay-per-birth smorgasbord for single-earner, womb-productive households of citizens and noncitizens.

As long as sex leads to reproduction, you can stay under the very low earned-income limits for welfare by not working hard.

You do it by working part time.

The refundable child tax credit is even more generous than monthly welfare and a little less dependent on part-time work, but womb productivity is required to get a tax credit that is not negligible in size. Non-womb-productive citizens, likewise, qualify for near-zero monthly welfare, regardless of income.

US citizens who have not reproduced are put several rungs below womb-productive illegal aliens in terms of every policy that US politicians concoct and many rungs below the womb-productive citizens at any income level.

And the USA is a vassal of China, Mexico and other sources of cheap, profit-enhancing labor, although we citizens are often reminded that human labor is not worth as much in the era of automation. That is why pay never rises for the vast majority.

But all over the West, government sure does reward humans for producing more humans to compete for jobs in this era when human labor is so much less valuable except at the top, where momma managers, interrupting their work-at-home jobs to attend another managers’ meeting in a fancy hotel, exchange baby pics and enjoy entertainment. Moms in charge get paid 10 or 15 times more than their equally absentee and 98% mom-dominated staffs. Most of their underlings are 1) on welfare, or 2) they have spousal income or child support covering rent.

Regardless of sales-generation and account-retention numbers, momma managers do not hire or retain many non-womb-productive women in these “voted best for moms” jobs, where moms in the majority of low-paying positions have “somethin’ comin’ in” for womb productivity that covers rent. So, the wages do not need to cover it. Need a job with wages that cover the cost of rent? Honest momma managers will tell you straight up: “There’s just nothing like that out there.” 

With a shortage of jobs that cover household bills, and with many womb-productive citizens in Western countries already enjoying pumped-up wages and workplace privileges due to reproduction, is it any wonder than the non-welfare-eligible, underemployed citizens are less than thrilled when more pay-per-birth job seekers enter an area?

You can bet your bottom dollar that all of those newly minted Greeks feel more entitled to a job and government money to reward sex and reproduction than any of the non-womb-productive citizens of that country. And except for the few non-womb-productive citizens who are in top positions, the womb-productive newcomers are better off than the non-womb-productive citizens. 

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Tsipras is the traitor that single handely sold his people and his syriza party out to the Eu and Erdogan at the same time. he had ample opportunity to play really hardball and get greek back on its own footing but he declined to do. He is a coward, an always pampered son of a rich family who would never go the extra mile for the people. Now he wants to hang on to power by granting citizenship to thousands of "refugees", which would serve double purpose: increasing his voter base. And, once these people are officially Greek, they are free to move from the greek shithole to any EU country they would like - Germany anyone?


High time that the Greek people tear and feather Tsipras and the entire greek political establishment

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European politicians are pathetic cucks bought off by the American imperial government.

Gee, why are people fleeing Syria? It couldn't have anything to do with the war and instability that Western imperialists were orchestrating, could it?

America is not an ally of Europe. That much is clear from its stoopid fucking policies towards Russia and the Middle East.

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Tsipras was elected under false pretences and he has betrayed his people BUT that was a while back and the Greeks could have, and should have, got rid of Tsipras by now.

The underlying problem here is that the Greeks want the EU's money and they have shown themselves willing to tolerate the intolerable in order to get it.   Until the Greek people leave the EU their economy will not recover and they will not be able to do anything about the refugee problem.   They must exit the EU, tell Germany they will not/cannot pay what they owe, return to the dracma and evict the refugees from their country.      

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On April 12th I saw that an alert had been given to many to survival and prepper groups, esoteric groups and secret societies to activate their survival plans due to a "big event" in the next two months.  A solar flare is anticipated about this time frame which will knock out grids for a while.  This doesn't seem to me to be significant enough to enact a "survival plan."  Have no idea WHAT but your logic is dead on for the info I receive from this site is absolutely true.

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Meanwhile this is what Greece should be doing:

1. Round up all refugees/illegals and deport. Every last one.

2. Very aggressively patrol all borders

2. Reopen US bases and reduce defense spending by 50%

3. Create a new business district/economic zone and very aggressively solicit large companies

This special zone must have its own, separate legal system. Some type of special arbitration system must be instituted in order to avoid the absolute abyss that is the Greek court system.

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What needs to happen is for western Nations to invade western Turkey to set up a land border. Turkey is using the refugees to black mail the west. Its time for the west to threaten Turkey. They did not read history these idiots. During the Byzantine Empire, before the fall of Konstantinople, the Turks/Ottomans were payed not to invade... until they accumulated enough wealth and military power to do so. These people of Turkey are invading cockroaches. Extermination is needed. Period.

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If the Greeks has cared enough they could have overthrown their government.  They have done it before in my lifetime.


Apparently Greeks as a whole like to complain, but don't have what it takes to turn complaints into action.


Even in Sweden,  where testosterone and masculinity are prohibited by statute, they have at least  burned a few Allah Akbar properties.   If you don't like the refugee camps and other beachheads of the moslem invasion  then burn that shit to the ground.

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Greeks loved the EU because they sucked the money out of northern Europe.


     css1971 swamp Mon, 05/07/2018 - 03:43 Permalink


     But loans always come with an enforcer.


The Greek Politicians loved the EU because they sucked the money out of norther Europe.

They didn't care about the loans, The serfs are always the collateral.

It's no different anywhere else. Politicians and bankers should be burned alive.

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The Greeks did it to themselves, turned their land into a toilet for allah and the EuroPeon aristocracy. They "voted" for a treacherous rat, Tsipras who has been Brownstoned as much as any of his Pedophile Politburo masters in the EUSSR in Natostan sewer Brussels. If you really want to bring down a government there will always be 6 or 7% to go on the street and turn the mindless herd of pigs or sheeple as the case may be. The so-called "color revolutions" of Al CIAduh is proof of how fucking easy it is to tear it all apart. Having said that now please get the USSAN civil war reloaded already, the planet is counting on it.

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lol ... phrase exactly how the Greeks are faring right now?

I seem them as dead in the water already unless you have found a way to drown a nation twice.

In the current day it makes no difference if they leave or go - dead is dead.

For all Greeks not yet born ... if you fucking left now, this instant by the time future Greeks are born they might have some kind of chance of a future because at this point in time they are dead in the water before they are born.

The first part is /S the latter is a truism yet the Greeks do not get it.

Time for Greeks to pay the piper or just keep forcing all unborn greeks to pay for it ...

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This deference to "authority" is perverted.  It is the "authority" that should be deferring to the people.  Police have no more right, or obligation, to protect you against an aggressor than you do yourself.  If people are coming to your land and acting in a away that makes your women and children fearful then they must be driven out or destroyed.  If the police come to prevent you from protecting your women and children the police themselves need to be destroyed.  There is no obligation, moral or legal, to sit in passive acceptance when you are being attacked. Costumes and badges present theatre - not moral high ground.

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This deference to "authority" is perverted.  It is the "authority" that should be deferring to the people.  Police have no more right, or obligation, to protect you against an aggressor than you do yourself.  If people are coming to your land and acting in a away that makes your women and children fearful then they must be driven out or destroyed.  If the police come to prevent you from protecting your women and children the police themselves need to be destroyed.  There is no obligation, moral or legal, to sit in passive acceptance when you are being attacked. Costumes and badges present theatre - not moral high ground.

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I think the Greeks fucked themselves by overspending their tax revenues.  The citizens kept voting for the can kickers.

Now all Greeks are slaves to the money changers.

Until they break the deficit spending habit, they will be slaves.

By the way, that goes for all other and every other government that continues deficit spending.

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