No Country For 'Old White Guys'

After millions of baby boomers lost their life savings during the financial crisis (a catastrophe for which no senior bankers were ever held accountable), more old white men are being forced out of retirement or simply being forced to work until a much later age.

Unfortunately for older Americans, rampant ageism in the workforce is making it difficult to get well-paying work - or even, as the following case shows, a job at the local restaurant and bar.

To wit, Darden's Season 52 chain of restaurants was has been forced to pay $2.85 million to settle a federal lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  alleging that job candidates interviewing for jobs at the chain's 41 locations had been told that they wouldn't be considered because the company didn't hire "old white guys," according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"Often, discrimination cases are hard to prove," said David Seltzer, an attorney on the case with the EEOC’s Miami district office. "But here, Seasons 52 interviews across locations repeatedly told applicants things like 'We don’t hire people over 40,' 'Seasons 52 girls are younger and fresh' or asked them for their date of birth, high school graduation date or a driver’s license."


The EEOC alleged that one manager bluntly said Seasons 52 didn’t employ "old white guys.'"

Though the company escaped an admission of liability (and continues to deny the allegations) it will now be required to hold new training for all hiring managers regarding "age-neutral and non-discriminatory recruiting, interviewing, and hiring; and how to avoid stereotypes in hiring and in the workplace, including ageism and age stereotypes."

Also, the victims of the company's purported discrimination will be invited to reapply for positions at the restaurant. Season 52 has also been required to have its hiring practices monitored for three years by an independent attorney.

The case, which was filed in February 2015, alleged that Darden’s Seasons 52 chain tried to portray a "young and hip" image by hiring younger servers and hosts.


Both the plaintiffs and Darden said they were happy to put the case behind them, while the plaintiffs said the victory was an important step toward showing American employers that older workers could keep up (though we imagine the victory won't impact the decision making of managers at independent restaurants and bars across the country).

"We are pleased to resolve this EEOC matter," said a statement from Darden spokesman Hunter Robinson. "Putting this behind us is good for Seasons 52, good for our team members and good for our shareholders."


"In Florida, we’ve seen over the years numerous situations where there’s a preference for younger workers over older workers, whether it’s just for show, or they don’t think older people can do the work because they don’t think they can keep up," said Robert Weisberg, an attorney in the EEOC’s Miami office. "It’s a pervasive problem in many industries and particularly pervasive in hospitality."

One lawyer who spoke with the Sentinel described the case as a "significant victory" for the EEOC and the nation's (rapidly swelling) number of senior citizens who are being forced to continue working - or in some cases reenter the workforce - in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

No doubt, most Americans know somebody who is being forced to linger in the workforce for longer than they ideally would've liked.

As we pointed out last year, almost 19% of people 65 or older were working at least part-time in the second quarter of 2017, according to the US jobs report released on Friday. The age group’s employment/population ratio hasn’t been higher in 55 years, before American retirees won better health care and Social Security benefits starting in the late 1960s.

Least the millennials who are presently dominating the American workforce hope they might be spared a similar fate, perhaps thanks to the adoption of progressive social welfare programs like UBI, we have some disheartening news: They won't.

Older Americans are working more even as those under 65 are working less, a trend that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to continue. By 2024, 36% of 65- to 69-year-olds will be active participants in the labor market, the BLS says. That’s up from just 22% in 1994.


And the trend looks likely to continue, as the chart above shows.

Assuming they don't become crypto millionaires or get discovered yodeling in a Wal-Mart, all the young, hot servers at Season 52 and other restaurants who are hoping for a measure of job security as they inexorably approach their 30s (an age where they will inevitably grow to loathe the fresh-eyed 22-year-olds that management favors) might want to consider a more marketable line of work.

Might we suggest coding?


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My "Old White Guy" (OWG) insurance agent left the agency...20-some-thing-girl now answers the phone...dumb as a box of rocks...but THINKS she knows it all...ask her any question about insurance and the answer will begin with "I think", "Probably", "I would assume"...great way to start a sentence giving insurance advice.

OWG told me X, he leaves, I deal with her, says OWG was wrong...I gave up, called the Insurance Company Directly...."Old White Women" answers...finally someone with a brain...OWG was right...I'm searching for a new agency.

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After reading this story, I'm going to get some buddies together and set up a sting operation...there's a male strip club locally and (i hear) none of the guys are over 30...We'll all apply, get turned down, and then sue for millions!

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JimmyJones D503 Wed, 05/09/2018 - 07:05 Permalink

As a person who hires, I value actually my older and younger employees, it's only the 46-55 group that are lazy slugs (one of 4 is good). That group from what I see in other departments as well studies their "contract" far more than their job so they can do the absolute least amount of work without being fired. Then they complain why the younger people get promoted over them. They never take Over time when offered but will complain if they aren't asked because they have seniority. After a while you just stop asking.

My 56-65 year olds have about the same work ethic as the 21-29, 30-45 and it's a work ethic that kicks A$$. What happened from 1963 - 1972? those guys are lazy and have a horrible attitude.

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chiquita Luc X. Ifer Wed, 05/09/2018 - 08:40 Permalink

What about "voluntary PAID overtime" do you not understand?  You totally missed JJ's point--nobody is forcing anyone to break their backs or give up life quality if they don't want to or can't.  He's looking for individuals who have more initiative than the slackers who think the bare minimum is all it takes to keep a job. 

If he's a pimp, which of his prostitutes would you go to--the one who carelessly gets you off or the one who enthusiatically blows off the top of your head?

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Your future is that of a smouldering carcass at the bottom of a burn pit, useless millennial LGBT parasite and it will be the boomers that put you there along with the rest of your generation of pestilential, limp-wristed wastrels.

Boomer death squads coming to your shithole neighborhood with wheelchair-mounted flame throwers and M45 Quadmounts draped with strung millennial ears, faggot. You along with your generation of mincing, prancing tattooed freaks are doomed.



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Tarzan HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Wed, 05/09/2018 - 05:18 Permalink

Well, I'm so upset that the Services Industry is rejecting old white guys, who hold most of the skills today's young bucks lack.

It's their loss...

As for working late in life, that's actually nothing new.  Most men I know have no plans to retire at 65.

Last night I was visiting my sons father in-law in the UF Shands Hospital Gainesville burn unit.  He races mini sprint cars and last Saturday his car went up in flames at the Ocala track, and burned him from his hips down.

He's in for a long stay, and multiple surgeries.  He's 72 years old and as we spoke his concern was not the pain, the many surgeries ahead, the rehab, it was not being able to work and race.

He retired from DuPont a few years back, then stayed on as in independent contractor, doing the same work, only three days a week.

He's promised his daughter he will give up driving the car, he'll hire a driver.  But he's most worried about losing his job.  He can't stand the idea of losing both his work and hobby in one blow.  Even though he doesn't need the money.

He wants to work, He's an old white guy...

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Most of these chain places suck. Less than mediocre food, plastic or garbage interior design and frequented by the fatty, frequent glutton card crews. Of course the servers are young and just starting out in their life of obesity.

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HAHAHA!! That reminded me of something. I remember about fifteen years ago I was at a restaurant when a large group of black folk came in and was seated. The waiter who's section they were seated in was livid. I heard him arguing with the hostess who seated them. He demanded she seat them in someone else's section. When she refused, he said she better, because he simply was not going to serve them {he was an effeminate black guy, and reminded me of how black women get when they get REAL good and pissed}. I over heard him say: "You know what is going to happen. They are the most demanding customers of our time, yet when it comes time to compensate me, I won't get shit". He gave our table top shelf service, and was "compensated" accordingly. 

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Endgame Napoleon IridiumRebel Wed, 05/09/2018 - 02:57 Permalink

This rock-star robot is ultra productive. He may not be that fresh faced, but then, neither are all of the preferred, youthful workers who, at least before they reproduce, are usually funny and not cutthroat in workplaces.

Not so after they reproduce and alight into the equally low-wage office jobs, where they organize crony-absenteeism gangs, backed up by crony-parent managers who are likewise frequently absentee in many cases.

One thing about retail & food services: The employees and the managers cannot get away with all of the absenteeism that pervades the mom-dominated office jobs.

In retail and food services, they work long hours, but most of the older people are more attentive to customers than many of the young people. Some of the young people are mature, but more older employees have that attitude. 

In offices, the womb-productive set lets hard workers of all ages—including a disproportionate share of middle-aged employees—keep the sales numbers up for the babyvacationing manager before s/he churns them for their efforts. 

It is an entirely different thing to need for wages from these part-time or fly-by-night jobs to cover all of your household bills, including rent that soaks up over half of your earned-only income, than to be an over-65 SS recipient with $1,300 per month in retirement income to cover your major bills, a mom with a child support check covering rent or a single mom with free rent, free groceries and other monthly freebies from Uncle Sam, in addition to up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits. 

Employers know it. That is why they tell you they hire women who have “somethin comin’ in.” That is why so many jobs are “voted best for moms.”

In office jobs, the hiring managers are often middle-aged women who, if anything, do not like fresh-faced, younger women, but they do have “17 women in here (moms) and HAVE to have someone who fits in” the frequently absentee mom gang.

Many of all managers in retail are also women, not absentee women. Restaurants may have more male managers. 

Unfortunately, coding is no solution, nor is IT, which is as dominated by youths as fun-employment retail jobs. Even state-funded institutions are replacing older IT workers with cheap immigrant labor.………

When people say coding, they sometimes mean medical coding, which is one more field requiring a bunch of state-required testing, which results in a bunch of $10-per-hour temp job opportunities. 

Many people, including me, augmented a useless bachelor’s degree with a bunch of licenses or certifications that are supposed to be more useful than degrees. People claim there are a lot of jobs. If you just did this or that, you would not be having this problem in the job market. 

After jumping through all the hoops of licensing, you find out that the fields have a lot of jobs that do not pay enough to cover rent. You need to be a mom with spousal income or pay from governent for sex and reproduction to cover rent on what those jobs, too, pay. 

Luckily, a temp agency girl told me not to try the medical coding thing. She said that she searches resumes all day long, looking all over the country to fill one, rare, $50k job that requires 10 years of experience.

All of the other jobs are $10-per-hour temp jobs, and mommas with spousal or other types of unearned income take them all, working from home in many cases. Some little offices have jobs in that field, but the pay is low.

The same is true for things like pharmacy techs and many other jobs requiring certification. 



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Big Creek Rising Endgame Napoleon Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:18 Permalink

Endgame- maybe you have a bad attitude. You incessantly bitch and moan about women with children, their supervisors/managers and the companies that hire them. You work this crap into nearly everyone of your posts. Maybe you can't get or hold a job because of your fucking attitude. That, and since you can't interest a man in procreation, perhaps you have other undesirable qualities. Give it a rest.

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waspwench Big Creek Rising Wed, 05/09/2018 - 14:47 Permalink

Napoleon is repetitious - 'e do go on a bit - but what he says does need to be said.

There are an awful lot of women who make a living out of having babies and then expecting the rest of us to pay them for doing so.   Additionally, a lot of those welfare babies grow up to be welfare mothers who repeat the cycle.   If it were not profitable these women would not do it.   Taking the kids into care and telling the moms to get a job would solve the problem very quickly.   Taking a chunk of their salary to pay for the care would be even better.

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Big Creek Rising waspwench Wed, 05/09/2018 - 20:13 Permalink

She has the same insipid fucking rant in every post, so it does not need to be said again. Her primary complaint is not about welfare mothers, it’s about working mothers who have other income including working husbands (or other men who contribute) and tax credits.

the government recognized that children are expensive and birth rates were dropping so government decided that tax breaks would help. Personally I do not believe government should operate so deep in the weeds but it is not the fault of women with jobs (regardless of their work ethic). Endgame is just an ignorant miserable bitch that can’t compete in the job market.

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DaveTraDamus Dragon HAwk Wed, 05/09/2018 - 00:00 Permalink

-Every policy in America is ANTI-white and you didn't do nuthin. 
-Communism has infiltrated every corner of America and you didn't do nuthin. 
-Communism has no middle class, it's a two class system of ultra rich and slaves and you won't do nuthin when the whip is raised.

-You're about to give up your guns without resistance when 3 soliders bang on your door at 3am and say your only choice is guns or detainment of everyone in the house.  Your fat slob wife will come out of bed wearing her dirty ripped up sweat pants crying n screaming "give them the guns".

This is your time but you know YOU AIN'T GONNA DO NUUUUUTHIN!  Country of FAT COWARDS. 

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Endgame Napoleon DaveTraDamus Wed, 05/09/2018 - 03:14 Permalink

There are a LOT of workplaces with overwhelmingly Black employees. From either interviewing or working there, I have seen 8 large-scale government and private-sector workpkaces with between 80 and 90% Black employees. I have heard other people describe other companies like this. 

One of them—a company with a big government pharma contract—had 187 temps training in different classes. When the permanent hires were selected, the minority mom manager paraded her picks in all of the training rooms.  Nine out of ten were Black. The manager laughed, snidely saying “we need a diversity panel.” A white person would be fired for that.

So, in addition to the youth-gang jobs, you have the above-critique majority-minority jobs and the even more above-critique mom-dominated workplaces full of absentee moms. In those interviews, you get to wait for an hour, fill out a ton of paperwork, and then in the middle of the futile interview, one of the momma managers gets up to leave in the early afternoon, saying “busy working single moms never get a night out.” She was getting ready for a date, leaving work behind without a thought, which is typical in mom-dominated jobs. Any childless, single woman who misses 5 minutes of work is subject to firing, regardless of quota-meeting.  

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