NSA Spying Explodes: Over 530 Million US Phone Records Collected In 2017

Authored by Andrea Germanos via CommonDreams.org,

The National Security Agency (NSA) collected over 530 million phone records of Americans in 2017 - that's three times the amount the spy agency sucked up in 2016.

The figures were released Friday in an annual report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

It shows that the number of "call detail records" the agency collected from telecommunications providers during Trump's first year in office was 534 million, compared to 151 million the year prior.

"The intelligence community's transparency has yet to extend to explaining dramatic increases in their collection," said Robyn Greene, policy counsel at the Open Technology Institute.

The content of the calls itself is not collected but so-called "metadata," which, as Gizmodo notes, "is supposedly anonymous, but it can easily be used to identify an individual. The information can also be paired with other publicly available information from social media and other sources to paint a surprisingly detailed picture of a person's life."

The report also revealed that the agency, using its controversial Section 702 authority, increased the number of foreign targets of warrantless surveillance. It was 129,080 in 2017 compared to 106,469 in 2016.

As digital rights group EFF noted earlier this year,

Under Section 702, the NSA collects billions of communications, including those belonging to innocent Americans who are not actually targeted. These communications are then placed in databases that other intelligence and law enforcement agencies can access—for purposes unrelated to national security—without a warrant or any judicial review.

"Overall," Jake Laperruque, senior counsel at the Project On Government Oversight, said to ZDNet, "the numbers show that the scale of warrantless surveillance is growing at a significant rate, but ODNI still won't tell Americans how much it affects them."


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this is all just to make us afraid to talk to each other about things that cast the government in a negative light.  People don't want the NSA to see an email or hear a convo about 9/11 being an "inside job," lest they may be put on some "naughty list."  I'm sure it works too.  Most people want to be good little sheeps.

Edit:  I didn't really make my point.  The point is: if we never get together and talk about these things, nothing will ever be organized to enact change. That is their motus operandi.  They want us to know they are spying.  Even if they are not spying, if we think they are, it has the same effect.  And it's working great (for them), IMO.

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After a "future terrorist attack", the Federal government will declare that:

"We would have been able to prevent this crime, if state and local law enforcement had had access to the NSA's data-collection network".

They will also declare that certain crime categories will expand their statutes of limitations, meaning you can be retroactively charged for things you did years ago.

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Croesus Gardentoolnumber5 Sun, 05/06/2018 - 17:30 Permalink

That's not too hard to do, when the "evidence" is transcribed to text and automatically entered into a fully-searchable database.

Lingo, street slang...forget it.

If you want your private conversations to stay private, use book code.

If you want REAL privacy, go back to living "life before the telephone".

The tech is ALL being designed with surveillance state purposes in mind...

"Internet of things", "Alexa", "Smart-anything"...all designed to spy on the user.

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@ Beebop:

It's not about catching "Bad Guys"...it's about giving certain people in powerful places complete, unrestricted access to huge reams of data on their enemies, past, present, and future. "Anything you say, can and WILL be used against you...".


To my knowledge, everything IS being collected.

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Malleus Maleficarum fleur de lis Mon, 05/07/2018 - 00:21 Permalink

Simple. File a FOIA request. Websites like MuckRock are a great help, allowing you to send a request to multiple agencies all at once. I've done it with FBI, DHS, NSA and Army/DOD. The answer is always the same: "due to national security, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any lists or that you are on any list, should any such list(s) exist." If you weren't on a list, you will be after your inquiry!

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Chupacabra-322 Looney Sun, 05/06/2018 - 19:36 Permalink

How has the Criminal Tyrannical Lawless Surveillance started & continues till today with impunity & grown to gargantuan proportions.


Room 641A. That's how.


The entire US populace has been under metadata surveillance since that little pesky AT&T room 641A & since October 2001. Right after the False Flag of 911.




According to the Times piece, the siphoning of internet data from AT&T began in 2003 and continued for a decade in a relationship that the NSA called “highly collaborative.” The telecom giant, according to one Snowden document, was extremely willing to help out the spy agency, and its engineers “were the first to try out new surveillance technologies invented by the eavesdropping agency.”


According to the Times, AT&T began turning over emails and other internet data to the spy agency around October 2001, even before the secret rooms were built, in a program dubbed “Fairview.” The program forwarded 400 billion Internet metadata records to the NSA’s headquarters at Ft. Meade in Maryland—which included the senders and recipients of emails and other details, but not the content of the correspondence. AT&T also forwarded more than one million emails a day to be run through the NSA’s keyword selection system. In September 2003, AT&T apparently enabled a new collection capability for the spy agency, which amounted to a “‘live’ presence on the global net.” The Times doesn’t elaborate on what this involved.




The Illegal, Criminal surveillance continues to this day with Impunity especially after the Criminal Centralized Telecommunications Companies were given retroactive immunity by a Criminal, Tyrannical Lawless Supreme Court.

It's the exact reason why the absolute, complete, open in your Face


Tyrannical Lawlessness


continues to this day.


But in the US, large and powerful actors must not be and are not subject to the rule of law. So telecoms hired former government officials from both parties to lobby for them and poured money into the coffers of key Democratic Senators such as Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller (who became the chief advocate of telecom immunity).


In 2008, the industry obtained an extraordinary act of Congress that gave them the gift of retroactive immunity from all criminal and civil liability for their participation in the illegal eavesdropping programs aimed at Americans on US soil. The immunity was enacted by an overwhelming bipartisan vote, with the support of leading Democrats including Barack Obama, who had promised - when seeking his party's nomination - to filibuster any bill that contained retroactive telecom immunity.




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JelloBeyonce DingleBarryObummer Sun, 05/06/2018 - 20:19 Permalink

And the narrative of "The Good King" fighting the "Deep State" (Trump in this case) is merely a false narrative.

Refer to the age-old propagandist technique of "The Myth of the Good King".

"The 18th century also saw the definitive establishment of the myth of the good king and the father of his people. Anecdotes, most of them made up out of whole cloth, sought to popularise the image of a merciful and generous sovereign"

"Starting in 1750, the myth became overwhelming and became a "form of worship and a religion", if we believe the words of Melchior Grimm (Correspondance littéraire, 1773). Music, songs and plays glorified Henri IV, making his legend shine more brightly than ever. In 1756, Sedaine had already presented the figure of the king in his three-act light opera Le Diable à quatre . It shows the king – who is easily identifiable, although the author does not give his name – in the well-known story in which Henri, who becomes lost during a hunting party, finds refuge and hospitality with a miller, who does not recognise him. After having enjoyed the miller's food (and wife), Henri is recognised the next morning before compensating his hosts. Here Henri is the very picture of the popular king, sharing the same codes and the same simple lifestyle of his subjects – a big-hearted libertine."

Sound familiar?

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Not only that...

Deputy Dawg says that anyone not accepting Gina Haspel's https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/05/06/sarah-sanders-slams-dems-wh… nomination as CIA director are anti-feminist?!!!

Somebody forgot to tell this ugly fat Zionist whore of a fucking pig dog that her "candidate" for the clandestine service ran a black site that elevated her career around illegally torturing human beings which is a violation of every international treaty and Geneva Convention post-WWII the U.S. government is a signatory to!... Especially since this came into evidence 15 years ago (https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2004/05/10/torture-at-abu-ghraib) which was REALLY BAD for business!... Even if you're CIA!!!

I wonder how President "Hump reconciles this? https://www.humanrightsfirst.org/resource/109-retired-military-leaders-…


Gotta ask this question about "Torquemada" bitch...

Which one of them is "her"?



If I were she I'd be getting a face change every 3 months!... Or hide my ugly assed satanic face under a burka!

Chupacabra-322 Son of Captain Nemo Sun, 05/06/2018 - 19:39 Permalink

The entire Surveillance Infrastructure Is & was being used for one thing. .. To build blackmail 'Control Files' on thousands if not millions of Americans. ... An Extortion Tool. .. NOTHING legal about it.


This is the biggest Criminal, Treasonous, Seditious Intelligence Political Espionage Operation of our lifetime.  Same spying tactics used decades by MI6 / British Intelligence.  Only difference being, it’s the first of its kind “Information Highway” Spy Ring utilizing an expanded Surveillance Infrastructure.  The Constitutional ramifications of this is gargantuan. 


This entire Criminal Deep State Intelligence Operation was data mining formuling the first of its kind Parallel Construction Case consisting of a Criminal Deep State CIA, FBI, DOJ Scripted False Narrative / PsyOp With the objective ousting a sitting President via a soft coup.


Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Psychopath at Large George Bush Jr. instituted the Criminal Surveillance infrastructure.


Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath at Large Barack Obama expanded it exponentially.


However, Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths Obama, Clinton, their minions Brennan & Clapper along with GCHQ used the intelligence apparatus to go after their political enemies.

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Son of Captain Nemo Chupacabra-322 Sun, 05/06/2018 - 21:17 Permalink


As bad as the surveillance and blackmail is at the NSA now... It was going on well before we heard about it from the likes of Ed "Smokescreen" (he was used as blowback control) -There I said it!!!...

And even before Bill Binney spilled the beans as the most heroic individual in my opinion NSA ever had (only one to sign this https://www.ae911truth.org/signatures/#/General/B/)...

AMDOCS Comverse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H20Naj176M0), was putting those "accounting boxes" on the backs of routers and switches at the Worldcoms, Sprint's, NYNEX, Qwest  by the mid-1990s...

And I would gladly take all the surveillance abuse if we hadn't done 9/11 in order to fucking murder 5 million lives, torturing and displacing 20 million others for that lie on 9/11/2001!!!


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abgary1 Sun, 05/06/2018 - 17:22 Permalink

Watch Citizen Four, the Ed Snowden documentary, to understand how the security agencies world wide access data collected by the tech cos, telecoms and banks to track innocent people.

We can protect ourselves by limiting net time, using search engines that do not track our queries, staying off of social media, encrypting our communications, writing letters, speaking face to face, leaving our mobile devices at home and using cash.

The loss of our privacy means the loss of our freedom. Without freedom we have nothing.

DuneCreature Sun, 05/06/2018 - 17:25 Permalink

That's just what the government admits to collecting.

Private snoops collect EVERYTHING and then sell it to each other. .. Metadata AND content. ... AI AL wants it all and is under no obligation to tell you shit about it.

Where has Andrea been? ... Under a rock and out of cell phone range waiting for 5G?


~~~~~~~)))  YouTube As A PFD Is Sinking Fast  (((~~~~~~~

There must be a hole in the My (or your) Personal Inner Tube.

It is almost over for YouTube to be useful medium of information exchange for the 'Truther Community'.

(((They = Google))) might just terminate your YouTube Channel summarily = Red Alert: Truth Terminated


AI AL can use much less obvious techniques to censure content and just make it look like some sort of an Internet glitch.

For Example:

Certain (YouTube.. for now) videos refuse to load for me. .. They start, get maybe 2 or 3 minutes in and then stall. ... The way streaming software works you can drag the timeline forward and the stream will 'reset' and play for another minute before it stalls again. ...... AI (or the spooks, NSA, Google or whoever) have corrupted the video files so they are extremely frustrating to play. .. Most people will give up and not bother.

The problem is; AI AL can intercept and mess with any video stream it wants. .. It doesn't matter what platform the content comes from. Bitchute, Streamit, D-tube or YouTube it doesn't matter the source. .. As soon as AI identifies the video as one it wants to 'shadow censure' it can do so with a 'man-in-the-middle' exploit. ..... It can custom censure 'just for one receiving party' too. .. Things will work fine for the owner of the video(s) and not for any other viewer if that's what AI AL wants to do.

AI AL is a tough opponent to slide things by.

I have a suspicion that is why Qanon (4&8 chan) links won't load for me here. ... They begin to come in and then stall on the load and quit.

The evil baby heart sandwich eating fucks are using AI AL against We the People and that IS A BIG, BIG PROBLEM.

Live Hard, Bye, Bye, 1st Amendment On The Internet, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

DuneCreature VWAndy Sun, 05/06/2018 - 18:17 Permalink

Good,.....I hope they stay working for you too.

Only certain videos stall for me. AI AL wants you to watch the silly entertainment so those always stream just fine. .. The dissident informational vids not so much. ..... AI AL has to keep the interference intermittent or it will get busted. .. AL knows the tactic well.

Live Hard, I Can Change Laptops AND Locations And All Of The Videos On YT Stream Just Fine, Die Free

~ DC v8.8


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