How To Bankrupt A Nation


"When ur loading a $70,000 missile onto a $28 million drone, so it can fly at the cost of $3,624 an hour to kill some people in Yemen who live on less than $1 per day..."

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How to destroy a nation in 5 generations:

Welcome the (((Tribe))).

They will take yours, and make it theirs, using their deceptions, lies, and trickery.

Same as it ever was.

If the US REALLY wanted to destroy its enemies, all we'd have to do, is offer big incentives for (((Tribe Members))) to relocate to our enemies' nations.

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If not for Jesus Christ, Judaism would be a footnote on the trash heap of failed religions.  They are free-riders, that's all, staring with Paul the Roman.  

They can go back to sacrificing goats and chickens for all I care.  Wait ... They still do that today, a mile from MSM studios in New York City.

Hypocrites. Troglodytes.  Instructing everyone else.  Yet can't even reform themselves.  Too poisoned with greed.

Some simple advice to them: Look in the mirror you dumb bastards.

If there are sanctions, it should be sanctions on co-conspiring Baptists starting with Alabama and their moronic Senator.

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Thanks to an:

1. Out of Control, Corrupt Deep State

2. George Soros and

3. The Jews that Control our MSM and Hollywood


we have a Country that is Dying from Within.


And yet we insist on fighting wars in other nations that we have no business being in, and that the American People in No Way, Shape or Form Support.

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Yeah, we're all aware.  The fact of the matter is that they exist and they are taking advantage of us.  It is the same as they've done throughout time, to England, to France, to Germany and the Netherlands and Belgium.  The jew will destroy it's host from within....every....single....time.

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beepbop "But they (Jews) were all killed by the Romans in 70 AD."

Yeah,.... sure.... But by 135 A.D. the non-existent Jews were so numerous that they held off the Romans for years in the Bar Kochba revolt.

You don't really believe that piece of mythology do you?

The entire "history of the Jews" from around 2000 years ago is completely false.

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To take back the USA from Zionist scum, all fake Hebrews will not be allowed to hold positions in Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Media, Security, Entertainment, and Politics.

Open positions: oil rig roughneck...?

But not even a janitor position, Zionists would go through the trash and steal company secrets.

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Here's a seemingly small tale that applies to America:

An old man goes down to the river bank and waits. He keeps waiting and watching. Watching and waiting. Eventually, he sees the first dead corpse that floats down filled with blood and an ashen death mask. Then another mutilated body comes and the old man recognizes the disfigured face: George Soros. A few hours later, the old man sees a pile of corpses almost stockpiled in the stream. They lumber somewhat as the river's forces pick up, almost trying to vomit out what these sad figures did to The World. He recognizes Jamie Dimon and Jeff Bezos amongst the fallen carcasses. Soon, the river turns into a fury demanding an entire procession of these parasites. Now there are hundreds, maybe thousands in the river; names like Bush, Cheney, Mueller, Netanyhoo, Madelines Albright, Hitler and Hillary Clinton.

"Hurrah," says the old man. Justice has been served.  

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Actually, I like to think of it as a combination of the banking/monetary system and socialism, whereby a population becomes increasingly dependent upon the system and therefore more likely to support it.


Socialism is the cover by which the bankers achieve control of the economy and government. Socialism is a parasite in search of the next capitalist host. Bankers don't produce any value added true wealth, they like socialism are parasites, and secretly plunder what a former capitalist system has provided.





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You have a point there. I am interested to see how this guy Powell works out at the US Fed. Hes the first non-Jew since Volcker to run the Federal Reserve, will be interesting if he does things differently than the three Jews who preceded him as Chairpeople.

I kinda doubt it, because there are plenty of Central Banks run by non-Jews who are in the same deep hole as the Americans in terms of debt arising from the ability to print fiat currency in an unfettered way. I don;t think there are any Jews in either the Japanese Ministry of Finance or the Bank of Japan, yet they have the biggest fiscal nightmare of all. Same with the Chinese and the Indians. This is a political problem not a religious one.

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You should watch the interview found in the video link in this page :…

Because the world debt is so huge, and the interest service so large as well, the Fed really has little choice when it comes to lifting rates. There is a Libor level - and I don't know if they even know what the level is - that will cause a huge ripple of dominoes that will take down the global financial system. The Fed has to make very sure not to cause that Libor level to rise through their tightening of the Fed Funds market, otherwise there will be catastrophe.

Low rates may be killing savers, but higher rates will kill everyone. 

The Fed gets stuck in all this if inflation keeps rising. Then they will have to tighten to fight the inflation, and in so doing will cause a deflation.

Not fun to be a Fed Governor or President now.

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Yup, them fuckin' Jews sure have a monopoly on committing evil. The world undoubtedly would be a peaceful place without them...

...which begs the question of how can something like 30 million people have such power over the other 4 billion people on the planet ? If they really held such power to influence the thoughts and actions of the rest of the world, maybe we all should be worshiping rather than excoriating them, for they clearly are the superior race of humans to be able to exert such convincing and irresistible force.

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Harry, or is it Hasbara?

You are just a little late on the uptake at ZeroHedge, so here is a summary to get you up to speed with us.

The Zionists have taken human depravity and given it a steroid injection. Wars used to end when a ruler or nation went bankrupt, but the Rothchild Fiat money allows Endless Fiat for Endless Wars. The parasites that run the USA have given us maybe 10 years in 250 years of peace.

Israel has lost the support of Americans and the educated of the world.  They are waking up from the Zionist Spell. They will not fight and die for the Zionist parasite.

Tell-tale signs that you are the exploited race:

1. When you willingly take your newborn males to "Gods Favorite Race" to have their manhood mangled by a Priest's mouth or knife.

2. When another race owns and prints all your Nation's money.

3. When another race owns 95 percent of your News and journalism.

4. When another race creates 95 percent of your culture's myths and legends.

5. When a foreign God gives you a second class citizenship to another race's religion.

6. When you are always on call to fight the last 100 years of wars for the creation and expansion of The Greater Israel Plan.

7. When you know that Israel did 911 and created your police state AND your President is still allied with Israel.

Confessions of a Lucifarian Jew:

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Okay, I am convinced, SSRIs do cause hallucinations. 

Maybe you should try valium instead of Zoloft ?

I love it when other people go out of their way to prove my point, for as I wrote to you above :

"...which begs the question of how can something like 30 million people have such power over the other 4 billion people on the planet ? If they really held such power to influence the thoughts and actions of the rest of the world, maybe we all should be worshiping rather than excoriating them, for they clearly are the superior race of humans to be able to exert such convincing and irresistible force."

Start bowing. 

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Harry is an old Jew. His argument is summed up like most Zionists.

1) How can a small group influence the world? Ever heard of a small island called Britain that ruled an empire?

2) If we are that powerful we must be superior. Half joking, Harry States bow down.

3) When I refuse. Harry decides that I must be removed from Earth like his Palestinian neighbors.

Listen, Zionism is a Spell that has claimed the Anglo-Zionists since the middle 1700s when the Masonic organizations were formed. It was present at the British Empire, US Civil War, and it is a Spell that has defiled the true legacy of Christ. 

Now we have Zionists pushing to blow up the Temple Mount for a Scoffield Bible lie. Harry wake up from your cultures lies. The rest of us have.

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No mystery there harry, it's called fractional reserve banking. First, they lend you other people's money, then they do the same for a competitor who they prop up with stolen information of your business, who then goes on to defenestrate you after which you're unable to pay your debt.

Next, they offer you a solution if you agree to part with significant shares of your business. The idea really, is to take your business away from you with fraud and subterfuge after which you become an employee who can't leave because your personal finances mirror your business finances, i.e. you're HEAVILY INDEBTED!

After this, you're for all intent and purposes, an automaton, willing and ready to do your master's bidding. Most people can't carry this scheme out because they have souls and this, my friend, is our disadvantage, and their secret power. They're soulless! The implications should scare you, they're not like us!

They're not really Semitic Jews either, and of all the peoples that have suffered at their hands, the Semitic Jews are near the top simply because they have abrogated the identity of those poor souls for themselves...

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