Israel Threatens Assad: "If You Continue Allowing Iran To Operate Out Of Syria, It Will Be Your End"

One month after Trump launched another 105 Tomahawk missiles at Syria, the latest US assault on a sovereign nation has been mostly forgotten, but not to Israel which keeps reminding the world that another provocation to be follower shortly by another regional war, is just a matter of time.

Amid alleged Israeli tensions that an expected retaliatory attack by Iran - whose Syria-based forces Israel has repeatedly attacked in the past month - is imminent, Energy Minister, and cabinet member Yuval Steinitz issued a direct threat against the Syrian ruler, when during a Ynet studio interview on Monday he said that, "if Syrian President Bashar Assad continues allowing the Iranians to operate out of Syria, it would be the end of him, the end of his regime."

Syrian President Assad will be eliminated and his regime toppled if he does not stop Iran, Israel Energy Minister Steinitz warned.

Responding to a question on the readiness of Israel's home front for a possible war in the north such an approach might lead to, Steinitz said there was "no absolute readiness."

On Sunday, Haaretz reported that Iran may soon execute the retaliatory attack that previously vowed to carry out in the wake of the airstrike on the T-4 Airbase near Homs, which the Pentagon subsequently admitted was conducted by Israel.

T4 Syrian Air Force Base

However, since Hezbollah is expected to be involved in firing a missile barrage at a military base on Israeli territory, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)'s elite Quds Force Qasem Soleimani was reported to have decided to postpone the attack to immediately after the Lebanese elections  which took place this weekend, in order to catch Israel unawares.

According to Ynet news, Soleimani and other IRGC officials have seemingly reached a conclusion — most likely with the assent of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — that US President Donald Trump had already made up his mind to suspend the 2015 nuclear deal, and that was therefore no point in waiting for May 12, when Trump is set to make his decision public.

Of course, with Israel setting the stage for an immediate retaliatory attack, it would be all too possible that a "false flag" attack is instead "launched" into Israel simply to give the IDF the green light to commence an attack on Syria or Iran.

In the Ynet interview, Steinitz also spoke about the years' long civil war still raging in Syria, saying that Israel had thus far refrained from intervening in the internal conflict. "If Assad allows Iran to turn Syria into a forward operating base against us," he clarified, "to attack us from Syrian soil, he should know that will spell his end."

* * *

In a potential twist, the energy minister was then reminded of Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming visit to Moscow on Wednesday, where he will meet President Vladimir Putin, who will most likely be less than enthused with such statements. As reported previously, on Aprul 25 Russia is set to send advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, having warned Israel of "catastrophic consequences" should the Jewish state launch another attack on Syria.

"It's excellent that the premier is going," Steinitz countered. "He has engendered unprecedented dialogue with Putin. Russia is an important superpower with which we have a lot of mutual interests."

"Sometimes there are also conflicts of interest," he continued, "but usually our interests converge. Everyone should understand, however, that certain things are red lines for us. If anyone is interested in maintaining Assad's survival, they should tell him to prevent missile and drone attacks on Israel."

When asked if that meant Israel might assassinate Assad, Steinitz had a witty retort, saying any assassination of Assad would be his own doing: "He will have his blood on his head."

Steinitz also suggested that his remarks did not reflect Israeli government policy, saying, "I’m not talking about any concrete proposal." Nevertheless asked how Israel could go about bringing an end to Assad, the Cabinet member explained that a similar dilemma existed regarding Lebanon in the past. "We deliberated whether the fact that Hezbollah was attacking us from Lebanon meant that we would only retaliate against Hezbollah or also strike at Lebanon."

"Assad can permit them to attack Israel from Syria soil, or not. He can permit them to bring in missiles, antiaircraft systems and drones into Syria, or not, and if he does—he should know there is a price tag," the minister concluded ominously.

Meanwhile, one week after his "huge" revelation that Iran was, at one point, developing nuclear weapons ended up being a giant dud on the international arena, Netanyahu commented on the Iranian threat at the beginning of a Sunday coalition meeting, saying, "we are determined to block Iran’s aggression against us, even if this means a (military) conflict. Better now than later. We do not want escalation but we are ready for any scenario."

The premier also asserted that Israel maintained "full freedom of action to defend itself" and "explained" that in recent months, the IRGC have "transferred advanced weaponry to Syria in order to attack us both on the battlefield and on the home front, including weaponized UAVs, ground-to-ground missiles and Iranian anti-aircraft batteries that would threaten air force jets," the prime minister said.

For now, neither Syria nor Iran have attacked Israel despite the avalanche of pre-retaliatory rhetoric.


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This latest arrogant admission from Israel is proof the USA is its lapdog fighting its wars for them.  You gotta give it those kikes though, after more than 70 years of propaganda, Israel simply cannot be attacked under any circumstances by any country for any reason.  It would be "anti-semetic" to do so, and the bleating about nazis wanting to implement the final solution of the hoaxocaust would immediately reach the third heaven!   The Jew indeed cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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gladih8r Jack McGriff Mon, 05/07/2018 - 15:38 Permalink

I can't believe that Israel views Iran as a threat of any sort.  Up until now they were able to drop whatever ordnance they felt like dropping on Iranian bases in Syria and the Iranians weren't organized enough to even call them names.  It seems that their air-defence systems are manned by incompetent twats.  Sad but true.

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So, why was the first world war planned and executed?

To establish Israel.

The plan was already well known in 1853.

"The subversion of the Turkish Power will evidently occasion, as all seem to anticipate, a fearful general war. This war will, I believe, be the last under the present order of things. It will commence, indeed, in Europe: but,... it will pass into Palestine.... and, in the course of its evolutions, Israel will be restored."

The quote is from George Faber's 1853 book on the downfall of the Turkish power and the return of the ten tribes.

It mostly came true:

"The subversion of the Turkish Power [the Ottoman Empire] will evidently occasion, as all seem to anticipate, a fearful general war [the first world war]. This war will, I believe, be the last under the present order of things [a new world order]. It will commence, indeed, in Europe [with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914]: but,... it will pass into Palestine [western troops entered Palestine early in 1917].... and, in the course of its evolutions [the second world war in 1939], Israel will be restored [Israel was created in 1948]."

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Total bullshit from the lying kike right here.

"In the Ynet interview, Steinitz also spoke about the years' long civil war still raging in Syria, saying that Israel had thus far refrained from intervening in the internal conflict."

Lucky for the pock marked kike he's got his Kol Nidre deal worked out with his god so he can lie all day long with religious impunity.

Israel is the headchopper airforce. They shell Syrian positions all the time. One of the last ISIS strong holds in Syria is snuggled up next to IDF positions in the occupied Golan Heights. Numerous caches of Israeli war material have been found in headchopper areas that have been cleared by the Syrians.

Syrian military seizes Israeli-made weapons destined for northern Homs (photos)

New footage of alleged Israeli-made weapons found in Syria's ...

Syrian Army discovers Israeli-made weapons in East Ghouta base

Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Russia are all on the Zino hit list.

Zino engineered false flags aside, I think the Iranians need to bide their time to leave the Zino's sweating over when and where they will pay the price for their aggressions in Syria.

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A problem for Israel is that yesterday there was a general election in Lebanon and guess who did really well? Yup Hezbollah. If it wasn't for the Lebanese Law that prohibits a particular sect from having more than 35% of the MPs then Hezbollah would be the majority party. Hezbollah and the Syrian Government are joined at the hip so any significant attack on Syria and especially its leadership, is likely to unleash a hellstorm of rockets and missiles onto all parts of Israel.

Just a minor point many locals are now saying that the number of Iranians now in Syria has dropped dramatically and are now mainly in the north, well away from Israel. This is all being puffed up by the Israelis for only too obvious reasons.

The Iranians and Hezbollah provided a lot of help when the Syrian Government asked for it, they came in, did the job, lost a lot of souls to martyrdom and have pretty much gone home, leaving the war to the much invigorated Syrian forces with continuing help from the Russian. Every area that the recapture frees more soldiers up for the next hit. The Syrian army is now pretty much the hardest and most ruthless fighters in the ME.

The only weapon that the Israelis have to hit either Syria or Iran (excluding conning the US to do the job) is the IAF. Following the months of build-up of troops to fight the Iraqi wars and the experience in Syria it is clear that there is no army anywhere that can take either country.

So Israel hits a few targets from the air. What seriously does it expect as a response? It might even use its nukes, it had plenty. But then Israel won't be a country worth living in as the aforementioned hellstorm, topped up by long haul missiles out of Iran, descends on it.


Still, look at the plus side, the US and Germany will not have to subsidise them anymore.



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I'm sure once in awhile you must have a coherent thought. Refrain from commenting until that happens.


How did your ernst rohm circle jerk go this morning?   You and the rest of the mental midget mafia continue to do what you do best:  Lose bigly.

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That's right. How does the world finally solve the problem? Only by tossing on the garbage heap their sick books and rewriting their books that can be salvaged in rejoining humanity. The Jews have been lost for centuries. They are of the devil, their Satanic religion is not long for this world. 

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Maybe if you stopped attacking Israel, those "boarders" (sic) would never have changed.

When you start a war, and lose, "to the victor go the spoils." That's as old as time.

Israel can no longer sit and wait to be attacked. It is a speck on the map that has been under attack since it was formed. With assholes like you and all the trolls here, constantly threatening it, what is it supposed to do?

Wow, what would happen if the Arab world grew a pair of balls, and sued for PEACE? A happy, two state solution that would bring prosperity and a future to everyone?

Your corrupt swine leaders will never let it happen, because they prefer to keep their ignorant clown people under their thumb as they steal their patrimony and their women, keep them poor, stupid and shiftless, and then point to the scapegoat, the same as always: Blame the Joos™. They will fight for a "better life" so long as they get to keep all the wealth, no matter how many of their own people have to die. Just like Vlad. He wats control of that pipeline, no matter how many Syrians and Iranians have to die for him to get it.

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God told Abram. “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:1-3, NIV).


As for me and my house we Bless Israel and the Jewish people. 

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Israel Energy Minister Steinitz

Israel of course wants to steal Syria's Golan gas/oil [and Lebanon's].

Steinitz's grandparents were probably born in Germany, and his ancestors likely lived in Europe for over a thousand years, but he believes he has more right to Golani oil than the Syrians.

Meanwhile, the Iranians have been getting fucked with by the US and the Israelis for decades.  In Syria fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda, and not attacking Israel, somehow the Breitbart/Fox/CNN/NYT continuum will paint the Israelis as the victims here.




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What are Israelis defending from? They keep parroting that line, yet all I see is them being the rogue aggressors in Syria. Defending against the blowback to the regime change operation that went awry? Defending their terrorists in Syria?

Ashkenazis are pre-disposed to Schizophrenia. Grant them impunity as some naive goyim do, and you have yourself a bad fucking recipe.

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Israeli influence is at an effective end in the region.

Now they dither and lash out like babies.

Global peace--a 'Pax Sinoica' or Chinese Peace, with Russian muscle and due respect to regional powers like Iran, Turkey and even yes Egypt--is at hand.

Little states with brittle, temporary power like Israel and Saudi can suck it.

Get on board with global peace and prosperity or get the fuck out of the way.

Every innocent you kill is another mark against your eternal souls.

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TheWholeYearInn Jim in MN Mon, 05/07/2018 - 15:00 Permalink

Ironically ~ This statement, though it appears to 'sound tough'... Is exactly the opposite...


Essentially it's saying:


PRETTY PLEASE remove all the Iranian & Russian defenses you have in your country so we can invade & steal your land & resources (which we can't do all by our lonesome without getting our whiny pussy asses re-molecularized into a sea of kosher glass)...

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I wouldn't trust the Rothschilds' buddies, the Chinese elites further than I can throw them. In the 1970's the Lima Agreement, signed by over 180 governments without informing their citizens, agreed to transfer the West's industry and manufacturing to the third world, granted the Chinese 'favored nation status', in return for what favors I wonder??

From America to Australia this has taken place.

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