Trump "Committed To Regime Change" In Iran: Giuliani

President Donald Trump is committed to regime change in Iran, said Rudy Giuliani, Trump's newest controversial attorney (although perhaps not for long) and longtime informal advisor.

Speaking to reporters after a Saturday keynote to the Iran Freedom Convention for Democracy and Human Rights in Washington, Giuliani said "We got a president who is tough, who does not listen to the people who are naysayers, and a president who is as committed to regime change as we are." In other words, pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal is now being conflated with regime change in Iran. 

Giuliani says he's been a supporter of regime change for "ten years," that it's the only way to peace in the middle east, and that it's "more important than an Israeli-Palestinian deal."

The former Mayor of New York City, who was at one point under consideration for Secretary of State, pretended at one point in his speech that his notes were the Iran nuclear deal - ripping them up and spitting on them. 

With Secretary of State Pompeo now on his right hand and his national security advisor John Bolton… on his left side, what do you think is going to happen to that agreement, that nuclear agreement?” Giuliani asked. 

Ok, so nuclear agreement has got to go - but let's check with December, 2016 Trump to see what he thinks about regime change: 

And with just five days to go before Donald Trump withdraws from the Iran nuclear deal on May 12, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned the US of "historic regret" if it pulls out from the nuclear deal. 

"If the United States leaves the JCPOA, you will soon see the historic regret which the move will bring about for Washington", Rouhani told a crowd in Sabzevar in northeast Iran.

Under the deal, technically known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed in 2015, the U.S. and other world powers agreed to lift some of the economic sanctions imposed on Iran in return for the latter agreeing to rein in its nuclear program. The biggest, impact, however was lowering the price of crude, as the global market suddenly had access to nearly 1 million in Iranian oil output; and one of the key reasons why the price of oil has spiked in recent weeks is the market's growing confidence that Trump will dump the JCPOA.

Whereas Trump has called the pact "one of the worst negotiated agreements" he has ever seen, and has repeatedly threatened to pull the U.S. out of the deal and has to make a decision on whether he will do so by the Saturday deadline, Rouhani said Iran has been “loyal to its promises”.

On Saturday, we reported that former Secretary of State John Kerry and a group of his former State Department officials have been acting as unofficial diplomats in recent weeks - sneaking around the world trying to salvage the Iran deal he presided over ahead of its renewal deadline, the Boston Globe reported Friday.

In response, Trump tweeted on Monday "The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegal Shadow Diplomacy on the very badly negotiated Iran Deal. He was the one that created this MESS in the first place!"

Perhaps we could just rip up the Iran deal but not conduct regime change?  



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Giuliani is one of the people that accepted large sums of cash for speaking in favor of the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq).

The MEK, for those unfamiliar with them, is an insane Marxist cult of terrorist crackpots which seeks to overthrow the current government of Iran and replace it with its own people.

Iranians from all walks of life regard this group as traitors due to their siding with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War.

The MEK has been making bogus claims about Iran's nuclear program (with information provided by Israel) for years.

Assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists were carried out by MEK members who had been trained by the Mossad.

Because they oppose the Iranian government, the US considers them "good terrorists". Even though they were included in the US list of foreign terrorist organizations, the US Joint Special Operations Command provided MEK operatives with terrorism training at a secret site in Nevada between 2005 and 2009.

After an extensive long-term lobbying campaign during which it paid high-profile American politicians (mostly neocons from both the Democrats and Republicans) $50,000 per appearance to make pro-MEK speeches, the group was removed from the official US list of foreign terrorist organizations by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2012.

MEK members have participated in the current invasion of Syria and the group has run terrorist training camps just outside of the Syrian borders in both Turkey and Jordan.

Edit - update: I just checked out the web site of the group which sponsored the conference where Giuliani gave this speech, the Organization of Iranian American Communities ( ). If you scroll down until you get to the box on the right with the label "Facebook Posts" you'll find something interesting. It reads as follows:

America’s Mayer Rudy Giuliani addresses 2018 Iran Freedom Convention for Human Rights and Democracy. He stressed that the regime is weak and vulnerable and that a democratic alternative to the ruling theocracy exists, namely the National Council of Resistance of Iran headed by Mrs. Mayram Rajavi. 1,000 delegates from 40 states attended the convention, which was organized by the Organization of Iranian American Communities-US (OIAC).

How interesting that the "democratic alternative to the ruling theocracy" which they are pushing is the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which is a front group for the MEK. The head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Maryam Rajavi, is the wife of Massoud Rajavi, the founder of the MEK.

The Organization of Iranian American Communities, at whose conference Giuliani spoke, is a shell organization of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Maryam Rajavi had a nice little message for attendees of the convention. She neglected to mention that she is the president-elect of Iran's "government in exile" which the neocons want to force on the Iranian people.…

More links for the curious:…

MEK Courts Friends in High Places…

Israel, MEK and state sponsor of Terror groups…

The MEK’s Useful Idiots

MEK and its material supporters in Washington…

Beware of the MEK

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Good analysis Shemp. It seems that few are aware of the evil that is MEK, definitely one of the CIA/Mossad's key groups in their plans for Iran.

Yet again we see the arrogance of the US Government, thinking it knows best how countries should run themselves.

Perhaps it should consider just how much longer that Iran/Persia has been ruling itself compared to the meagre amount of time that the US has been in existence.

Not just that but how does the US propose to persuade the Iranian people that the US way is better and the US can be trusted. Right after the probable breaking of the Nuke Agreement? They sure as hell can't do it by force, Iran is huge and mainly hilly, no deserts to roll tanks over. If that happens then Iran will be forced into closer ties with certainly Russia and probably China. Is this really in the US's long term interests?

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Trump's definition of "draining the swamp" is more Deep State and regime change in Iran.

"War is Peace."

What really fascinates me is the extend to which Trump is embracing the Deep State, and all the fanboys still can't figure out that he's a narcissistic fraud.

The writing was on the wall during the election campaign, the writing was on the wall when he surrounded himself with people like Mnuchin and Mattis after the inauguration, and the writing is now in HUGE BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS on the wall when he hired Pompeo, Bolton and Haspel.

And people here still don't (want to) see it?! Absolutely fascinating...

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Rudy Giuliani is a 100% Ziocon shill. He has no integrity and is completely owned. Another Trump pick right from the New York sewer. The number 9/11 is printed across his forehead. Every night before he goes to bed he tries to wash it off but nothing will remove the stain.  

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There are no ancient Jewish cities in Israel,...
but there are lots of ancient Greek cities.

What is weird is this; that 2000 years ago, it seems that there were no people even resembling Jews, in Israel.

It turns out that there is not a single ancient Jewish city in what is now called Israel. There is not a single ancient city where Hebrew characters are used on the statues and buildings. There is not a single ancient city where the buildings are in the ancient Jewish architectural style. In fact, there is not even a category of "ancient Jewish architectural style".

Of course, the Hebrew characters that are desired, are those of the Dead Sea scrolls (supposedly from 2000 years ago), which are essentially the modern Hebrew characters without points.

If you check out all the ancient cities in Israel from 2000 years ago, they are all Greek, and their ruins are still there for you to visit. Their inscriptions are in the Greek script and the buildings are in the ancient Greek architectural styles.

Here is a list of some of the known ancient Greek cities in (and near) Israel; Ecdippa, Seleucia, Ptolemais, Taricheia Arbela, Asochis, Sepphoris, Hippos, Dion, Sycaminum, Bucolon Polis, Itabyrium, Gadara, Abila, Dora, Comus, Gephrus, Crocodilion Polis, Caesarea, Straton's Tower, Narbata, Scythopolis, Pella, Samaria, Amathus, Ragaba, Gerasa, Apollonia, Sicima, Pegae, Joppa, Arimathea, Jamnia, Port of Jamnia, Lydda, Modiin, Aphaerema, Philadelphia, Birtha, Gazara, Beth Horon, Dok, Jericho, Samaga, Esbus, Medaba, Ladder of Tyre, Azotus, Port of Azotus, Accaron, Jerusalem, Ascalon, Anthedon, Gaza, Marissa, Beth Zur, Hebron, Adora, Engeddi.

The ancient Jewish cities in Israel are,....... well there aren't any. Not even one.

Here's an interesting example of a first century BC Greek inscription (i.e., in Greek letters) from Jerusalem's Temple Mount forbidding the entry of strangers to the Temple precinct.

The pictured stone was found in 1935. It was actually the second such warning-stone to be found, the first being discovered by Charles Simon Clermont-Ganneau in 1871. This stone was deemed so dangerous to the "Jews inhabited Israel 2000 years ago" theory, that it completely disappeared for 13 years before resurfacing in Istanbul, where, it was correctly calculated, it would not attract much attention.


The first Jerusalem Temple Mount warning-stone, now found in the Archaeology Museum, Istanbul, is pictured below:

It says (in Greek): "No stranger is to enter within the balustrade round the temple and enclosure. Whoever is caught will be responsible to himself for his death, which will ensue."

The oldest synagogue in Israel (is a Greek synagogue).

The word synagogue = ΣΥΝΑΓΩΓΗ is a Greek word for a gathering of people, assembly, or meeting place.

It is exceedingly strange that Jews should have chosen a Greek word to name their churches.

Here is a photo of the dedication stone of the oldest (once existing) synagogue in Israel.

Note that the inscription is in Greek letters.

The stone is known as the Theodotus Inscription. The building that the stone was once part of, has not survived. The stone was discovered by Raimond Weill in 1913 at Mount Ophel in Jerusalem. It was found dumped in a cistern. The style of the Greek characters dates it to the first century B.C.

It states: "Theodotus, son of Vettenus, priest and archisynagogue, son of an archisynagogue, grandson of an archisynagogue, built the synagogue for the reading of the Law and the teaching of the commandments, and guest-house and the rooms and the water supplies for the lodging of strangers in need, which his fathers founded and the Elders and Simonides."

Note that Theodotus has a Greek name.

Note that his father Vettanos has a Greek name.

The word archisynagogos means "leader of the synagogue". So, it seems that three generations of Greeks headed the oldest (known) synagogue in Israel.

I wonder why the early "Jews" hated Hebrew and loved Greek.

Slack Jack's CHALLENGE:

Name ONE ancient city (that existed in what is now called Israel) where the building inscriptions are all in Hebrew, and the buildings are constructed in the ancient Hebrew architectural style (whatever that may be).

Then give a summary of "the ancient Hebrew architectural style" (you will have to make this up as it does not yet exist).

Then give links to photos of the ancient building inscriptions which show that they are written in Hebrew.

Then show that the buildings are constructed in the ancient Hebrew architectural style (that you have just invented).

It's been MANY MANY MANY months now and still no one is up to the challenge.

So, no one can provide solid evidence that even ONE ancient city in what is now called Israel, was unequivocally Jewish, 2000 years ago.

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"There will be no war between the USA and Iran. You will hate both me and Trump for it."


mosley ~ You fucking egotistical dumbshit...


Yeah ~ There will be no war between USA & Iran... But that's NOT THE FUCKING POINT...


The fact that you & Trump LICK YOUR OWN FUCKING BALLS by putting out the mere possibility of it to stroke your own egos ~ is the problem...


& you know what... I never HATED Trump before... But in the last month that you started vomiting from your fucking piehole, I'M STARTING TO HATE HIM...


2 months ago ~ I didn't give a fucking shit... But every time I read one of your asswipe comments now... I WANT HIM IMPEACHED now...


Go ahead ~ give me one of your dumbass PEANUTZ comments now to change everyone's mind & show everyone how right you are...

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Impeached for what? Disappointing you?

Sounds very progressive of you.

It is sad that so many here are wringing their pretentious hands over this shit in some foolish notion that Hillary, THE ONLY OTHER CHOICE, would have been so much better.

So for sure, impeach Trump, and watch as the worst possible alternatives come to pass....just like so many suicidal idiots hope for.

Trollville. Lots and lots of false noise.

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I'll tell you what he's gonna impeached for... If you haven't fucking figured it out yet, he's gonna get IMPEACHED for being the fucking President of the United States...


& how is that you ask? I'll tell you...


- Since you haven't figured it out, the SWAMP is out to get him.

- But he has a majority in the House & Senate.

- That's gonna change in November.

- Why?

- Because he's lost his base... He still thinks "The Clinton's are good people", He's bombing Syria, caravans of immigrants are jumping the fences in California, he's caving into EVERY Israel whim, and NOT ONE SINGLE swamp creature from Mueller to Clinton has been put in jail, & Sessions is still AG.

- So yeah ~ He'll lose both the House & Senate in November & they'll IMPEACH him for anything that they decide to make up.

- & it'll all be his own motherfucking narcissistic dotard TWEETER IN CHIEF fault.


He's gonna be the Atlanta Falcons who lost the fucking SuperBowl with a 28-3 halftime lead.


& who the fucking fuck said anything about Hilary (but you)? That's the whole problem with you retards, you're still trying to live in the 2016 elections... Fucking Trump just barely beat the worst candidate in US political history (who'd never won anything in her life except for the time she had JFK Jr. Arkancided 2 months before the NY Senatorial & got Guliani, who is the focus of this thread), mixed up in some hullaballoo 2 weeks before the election...


& what's the fucking difference anyway... If Hilary had gotten elected, we'd still be faced with this Syria/Iran war bullshit, so what has Trump accomplished except SQUAT? I voted for GIANT METEOR... At least that might have accomplished something...


Get a fucking grip.

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I promise you that Trump is in office to find a way to lie the US into a war (of some kind, any sort of serious ground invasion is highly unlikely) on Iran for Israel.

Putting US bases all over Syria and for the first time a US base in Israel should make even you begin to see that.

However the US has a real problem.  If a real war starts those bases in Syria, a few in Iraq, and several in Iran will be smoking craters within 3 days.


Russia isn’t going to be explicitly involved... but it will be involved.



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Giuliani has ‘preempted’ it and Trump has brought the decision forward ( which indicates a sense of urgency) - why couldn’t they wait ???? 

I knew before Trump was elected and he hosted Netanyahu at his private residence that Trump had been ‘anointed’ !! 

The election was rigged as usual !!

Only a fool would believe it to be the ‘will of the people’ ( that’s what they wanted you to think). 

Prepare for chaos after the announcement - inspired by the Zios, 

Iran has qualified for the World Cup !!! 

Putin has not ‘overreacted’ to the recent provocations - the Zio/NeoCons will stop at nothing to disrupt the World Cup ! 

It’s about to get seriously revved up !! 


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Giuliani has ‘preempted’ it and Trump has brought the decision forward ( which indicates a sense of urgency) - why couldn’t they wait ???? 


Could it have anything to do with Nutsy Yahoo meeting with Putin in Moscow this Wednesday after the Russian parade for victory over Nazi Germany?  Like the RCA dog, it's his master's voice.  Would I like to be a fly on the wall for that meeting!

BTW, the Iranians are in a position militarily to shut down the Straits of Hormuz and take out much of the crude production with conventional missiles for much of the Gulf including Saudi.  What will $250 a barrel oil do to the already teetering world economy?  As already the world's largest crude exporter, it certainly won't hurt Russia.  Dirty Harry asked, "Do you feel lucky?"  We should be asking, does the Satanist Cabal think it is now a good time for the "reset?"

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@Klass, it's the 'Obama Effect' 

Look at the hillbot, Democratic party Cling-ons. That's exactly what's going on with Trump voters too.

Trump is the swamp. A GW BUSH WAR CRIMINAL SWAMP.

This is what happens when we dont prosecute war criminals like Guiliani and Bolton for 9/11 and the war on Iraq lie.

American boys and girls will be drafted in this next war.

Stay tuned!

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Israel is trying to fuck the world. For they really to believe they are better than you animals. This psychosis will have to be stomped into the ground. And that is what is coming. We know who these people are. Their track record is clear. And we have real Jewish men of character who jumped off the sick Jewish bandwagon tell it to us like it is. For example, Bobby Fisher, the greatest chess player in the world. What a genius. He will be a large part of the complete burning down of the Jewish religion. 




“There is no United States as people think of it. It’s just a puppet in the Jews’ hands. It’s a plaything for the Jews… The US government and American Jewry are virtually interchangeable… They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people… They’re just unbelievably wicked… ” (Bombo Radyo, Philippines, September 11, 2001)

“America is totally under control of the Jews, you know. I mean, look what they’re doing in Yugoslavia… The Secretary of State [then Madeleine Albright] and the Secretary of Defense [then William S. Cohen] are dirty Jews. ” (Philippines radio, May 24, 1999)

“First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.” (Press Conference, September 1 1992)

“My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They’re not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I’m not just doing this for myself… This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. They’re a menace to the whole world.”

“What is going on is I am being persecuted night and day by the Jews for telling it like it is… They want to put me in jail, they’re robbing me of everything I have; they’re continuously lying about me. I’ve had enough… ” (Radio Interview, March 10 1999)

“I have a crazy quirk, Eugene. I like to say what I think. And if you’re gonna work for the Jews, you can no longer say what you think. You can’t say the holocaust never happened, for example. That is an absolute no-no. You can’t say that circumcision is a crime. There are so many things you cannot say once you get on the Jewish bandwagon. … There used to be a lot of people like me, but little by little the Jewish spirit seems to be conquering all.” (Speaking to Eugene Torre on Bombo Radyo Philippines, May 24 1999)

“I would rather be free in my mind, and be locked up in a prison cell, than to be a coward and not be able to say what I want.” (Radio Interview, May 24 1999)

“The latest thing they’ve done is I had some stuff in storage back in Pasadena for 12 years, spent a fortune on storage fees, a fortune on safes… and the Jews in America have just gone and grabbed it all… You know, up until now they [the Jews] have more or less been satisfied to kind of attack my name, to exploit my name, to violate my rights, to violate my intellectual property rights, to violate my contracts. Now, this is a new level. They’re just stealing my belongings. Stuff worth millions, they just went and stole it. ” (Calypso Radio, Hungary)

“The Jews don ’t want me to succeed in any of my projects. They want me to be a failure. They want to utterly destroy my reputation for all time. Jews are vicious rats. America is just a Jew country. They’re a bunch of crooks there. The Jews control everything and everybody. ” (Bombo Radyo, Philippines)

“(They persecute me) because I beat the Jews in chess. I beat them badly too, I beat them very badly… Plus, on top of that I exposed them as cheating in chess. As outright crooks. Plus, I exposed the Holocaust as never having happened. Totally made up. The Jews are… liars. There is not a shred of truth to this Holocaust. ”

“Jews are antisocial, destructive, intolerant, mean-spirited, deceitful, et cetera. They wish to destroy, rule and kill, rob whoever gets in their way. To facilitate them getting what they want, they have developed a perverted, unnatural, destructive, evil lifestyle. Even though they live off the non-Jews as parasites, they still hate them and wish to destroy them. Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they cannot fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. ’

“Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. The anti-human Jew hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews. He will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way. Apparently, the wickedness of the Jew is genetically based. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. By the act of circumcision, the Jew shows his hatred towards nature and the natural order. By this bloody, cruel, senseless act, he shows his cruelty and sadism, and that he will stop at nothing to obtain his ends. Surely the Jews are also behind the Islamic circumcision, which serves as an ideal cover and distraction from their own wickedness in this regard. Jews are truly anti-human and anti-nature. ”

“Jews are intensely selfish, intolerant and antisocial. They are full of hate, greed, malice. Naturally, other people, i.e. the non- Jews, don’t like being bulldozed aside, robbed and murdered by the Jews, and will sooner or later resist. That is where the lies and deceit of the Jews come into place. ”

“No lie is too big for a Jew, no lie is too small… Jews live by lying, and die with coming in contact with the truth.”

“They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people. ”

“I think that the Jews would like to eat me… I think they’ve got eating Fischer on their minds. They hate my guts. Or maybe they love my guts. ”

“Circumcision is a crime. The Jews say they know better than millions of years of evolution… The only road to sanity for the Jews is to admit that circumcision is a crime. ”

“The Jews are not fighters. They have miserable bodies. They’re cunning like rats. ”

“I don’t think there’ll be any (world) peace until these Jews are dealt with. These people are animals, they’re just bastards, y’know. Absolute animals. ”

“The US government and American Jewry are virtually interchangeable. ”

“Morphy was really the world champion. That’s also a Jewish conspiracy, because he was a Catholic and they tried to say he wasn’t the world champion so they could promote Steinitz, who was a Jew, as the first world champion… There was a huge conspiracy against Paul Morphy… And nobody compared to Paul Morphy. Obviously the Jews have an insane hatred toward him.” (On the great 19th century American chess player, Paul Morphy).

“Almost everyone who has been around me turned out to be a secret agent working for the Jews, working for the CIA… The Jews have planted so many of their Jew agents and CIA rats all around me. So many people… girlfriends, lawyers, everybody almost, turned out to be working for the CIA and the Jews. Unbelievable but true.”

“My basic thesis is that the Jews are a criminal people, and the Jews completely control the United States, and the Jews are using the United States as a vehicle to take over the world. ”

“I’d like to see all Jews be lesbians and homos. That would solve the problem with the Jews. There’d be no more Jews, no? ”

“They are jealous of me in every way. They’re jealous of my talent, they’re jealous of my looks, they’re jealous of my potency, they’re jealous of my chess. They’re just jealous bastards. They are ugly, they are jealous…’’

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I Am Jack's Ma… SocratesSolves Mon, 05/07/2018 - 17:48 Permalink


My basic thesis is that the Jews are a criminal people, and the Jews completely control the United States, and the Jews are using the United States as a vehicle to take over the world. ”

is absolutely true.


But the amount of people under 30 who know it is something no Warburg or Rothschild could foresee.

Their influence on the CIA is a black box but one imagines it is wildly disproportionate and harmful, and that within CIA there is a nameless war between patriots and zio/globalists.


Shame of it all is, we should be focusing our energies on building moon bases to bootstrap from, and preparing defenses to asteroids.  Plenty of opportunities for massive theft and fraud but no dead kids.  



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"After members of the MEK helped foment the 1979 revolution, in part by killing American civilians working in Tehran, the group then lost a bitter struggle for power to the Islamists led by the revolution’s leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini."

"With its leadership forced to flee Iran in 1981, the MEK’s members set up a government-in-exile in France and established a military base in Iraq, where they were given arms and training by Saddam Hussein, as part of a strategy to destabilize the government in Tehran that he was at war with."

As the Iranian expatriate journalist Bahman Kalbasi noted, Bolton concluded his address to the exiles with a rousing promise: “And that’s why, before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!”

#JohnBolton 8 months ago among MEK supporters tells them they will overthrow #Iran’s regime and celebrate in #Tehran with Bolton himself present, “before 2019”

— Bahman Kalbasi (@BahmanKalbasi) March 22, 2018

These fuckers never learn ..

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I Am Jack's Ma… Shemp 4 Victory Mon, 05/07/2018 - 17:18 Permalink

MEK is a Marxist terror group that is effectively an extension of the Mossad.

But who knows who the MEK is dealing with now.


A series of CIA memos describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.


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Couchtycoon two hoots Mon, 05/07/2018 - 18:25 Permalink

It this point he is just discrediting himself. Still a jackass move hiring him. I think the Trump needs to stop hiring people who sit at or want to sit at the cool kids table. Rudy is burying him in a shallow misguided attempt to fall back into political favor, Proving only that he is a jackass. There is nothing cool about disloyalty especially under the guise of incompetence.

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