Is "The Big One" Coming? Los Angeles Area Rocked By 4.5 Magnitude Earthquake

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An earthquake this morning rattled a wide swath of Southern California, sparking fears that this may not be the worst. 

The 4.5 magnitude quake struck near Cabazon about 6 miles south-southeast of Mt. San Gorgonio just before 5 am local time.

Residents felt the quake and warned others to be prepared because this was minor compared to historical quakes, and the close proximity to the San Andres fault line.

No damage has been reported yet as the magnitude appears to be fairly small, but the shaking was felt by residents across the Inland Empire. The quake occurred at 4:49 a.m. at a depth of 8 miles, the U.S Geological Survey said. Its epicenter was located in Riverside County, 6.8 miles north of Cabazon and 20 miles northwest of Palm Springs. It originally was measured as a 4.6 quake before being downgraded to a 4.5 magnitude. 

According to The LA Times, the quake was followed by several aftershocks. This marks the second time in little more than a month when the region was hit by a small quake felt over a large area. On April 5, a 5.3-magnitude quake centered in the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara County rattled nerves.

But experts have recently said that the Hayward Bay faultline in the San Francisco Bay area is more dangerous and volatile than the infamous San Andreas fault line. However, a large quake on either fault line would impact millions and cause untold amounts of damage based solely on population density.

The scariest scenario for the next major earthquake may not be from the San Andreas Fault (though that one still threatens), but from the Hayward Fault that runs along the east side of the San Francisco Bay. In fact, many say that the next earthquake on the Hayward Bay fault line would be “disastrous.”According to KTUV, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake along the Hayward Fault could kill as many as 800 people and injure 18,000, according to results of a new research released Wednesday. –SHTFPlan

According to Business Insider, the statistical chances of this type of an earthquake occurring on the Hayward Bay fault line are not very comforting either. There’s about a 76% chance that the San Francisco Bay Area could experience a 7.2 magnitude earthquake within the next 30 years, according to some recent reports.


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That quake was right out there next to all those of military bases stretching all the way to Las Vegas.  Practically every US agency has secret bases out there.  If it wasn't deliberately created it likely was some side effect of experiments they are conducting.

We can hope that some sanity causing poison gas escapes from their test site, blows westward, and all of Southern California simultaneously wakes up from their 70 slumber.

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Dennisen Lost in translation Wed, 05/09/2018 - 01:54 Permalink

I can assure you, based upon official, high-ranking sources that I’m in touch with that tremendous pressure has built up along all major faults throughout California that will devastate communities, kill and injure  millions, and cause trillions in damages, and strike between tomorrow during rush hour, or sometime between then and when our sun becomes a Red Dwarf.

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Ms No Lost in translation Wed, 05/09/2018 - 00:01 Permalink

That's because it was a 5.0 that they arbitrarily downgraded.  They do that a lot.  Five pointers spread out from the Pacific due to decent sized very deep quakes.  It always works like that.  This is wave one.  There is good potential for a big one to hit, most likely in Japan, the PI or Alaska.  As a matter of fact the last time we had a bunch of good sized really deep quakes surrounding the pacific like this was in 2011.  Then Killuea erupted fissures, drained it's lake and Japan happened.  Doesn't mean it will happen just like that again but it has been a pattern.  The deep quakes always spread and radiate out as larger quakes.

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The 15th. But yes, the transition of Uranus from one sign to the next is associated with earth movements. And large political events such as the night of the long knives. If I were Maduro I wouldn't be sleeping without heavy, well paid, security. He needs to keep the heli tank full and on standby.

"The Uranus ingress is on 15 May 2018 @ 4:17pm BST [British Standard Time] just a few hours from a new moon, also in Taurus. Mercury is conjunct Taurus (quick (Uranus) thinking (Mercury) or ‘free trade‘ perhaps). Mars is just out of sign in Capricorn but applies by returning square to Uranus and Neptune is semi square at midpoint between the two. Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune while Saturn in Capricorn applies by inconjunct to the North Node in Leo.

This is quite a powerful and dynamic chart, least of all because the Uranus (capitalism) semi square Neptune (liberalism) is in a hard aspect with Mars (action) that is just separating Pluto (status quo). If there are disagreements of this magnitude between the haves (Uranus) and the have nots (Neptune) then this chart would appear to be a recipe for lawlessness (Uranus), revolution (Neptune) and the need to control it (Mars conjunct Pluto). The North Node is in Leo, where the focus is on the self. The North Node is not only inconjunct to Saturn in Capricorn (administered regulation, structure, restriction) but semi square to Venus in Gemini (everyday finance and standard of living). Jupiter in Scorpio (secret or other people’s money) trines Neptune (equals money fraud) does not bode well for the health and well being of the 99%."…

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It's not like northern Idaho is your only choice of destination. There are plenty of other very desirable areas, most of them with far less shitty climates and thus far better prospects for self-sufficiency. If I could move elsewhere, my choice would probably be the Missouri or Arkansas Ozarks. Rural Tennessee look inviting too. Though I am not familiar with Idaho, I've lived in one of the far northern states, and I don't see much reason to ever do so again.

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Northern Idaho is truly hideous & dangerous.

Roving gangs of zombies,diseases they havent even named yet,& creatures like earwigs,that crawl into your ear while you are sleeping & eat through your brain.

Saber -tooth thundercats that can only be killed with a head shot with a 30-06 or bigger.

Winters that last till July,w/20 " of snow .

No ,wifey will not be entertained .

Oh ,& they are RAYCISS & wear funny hats.

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IvannaHumpalot Newbie lurker Wed, 05/09/2018 - 05:38 Permalink

yes you need to leave. Also the government should relocate all govt jobs away from the fault-affected areas - it's already been modelled what will happen, complete disaster.


Councils should stop giving building approvals for the danger zone areas. 


People that choose to stay obviously that's their choice but government should be directly encouraging people to leave

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Not saying something wont happen, but when you get to be 60 years old, such as I am, and have been hearing the end of the world, or calif going into the ocean for 60 years, it gets kinda old...maybe it will happen tomorrow, but seriously, I have been hearing this since my birth, 60 years ago...