Chicago Mayor Emanuel Wants To Unleash Spying Police Drone Against Protestors

About six years ago, Illinois passed a law requiring the Chicago Police Department to obtain warrants before using drones for surveillance purposes. As the law now stands, police officers can spy on public events if there is suspicion of criminal activity along with a warrant obtained from a judge. Now, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his allies in the state legislature are pushing for a new bill that would remove the requirement for a warrant - particularly when there is a high-risk event, including terrorism, loss of life, missing persons, and or monitoring a crime scene.

Mayor Emanuel is doing what his critics of mass surveillance have feared the most, unleash an unprecedented wave of police spy drones with facial recognition software at public events, more importantly at public protests.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the current drone law “makes sense,” as it provides an equilibrium between keeping Chicagoans and respecting their rights. The law had overwhelming support in the Legislature when it was enacted six-years ago by the Illinois Senate (52-1), and the Illinois House of Representatives (105-12).

However, there is a compelling movement within the elite political circles of Illinois to gut the current drone law.

The new bill, pushed by Mayor Emanuel, would “eliminate the requirement that the police obtain a warrant for the drone surveillance of large-scale events,” said the Chicago Sun-Times.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (Source: Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times) 

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sounded the alarm about the bill, noting that the modifications in the law would allow Chicago police to surveil citizens and even use facial recognition software at public events, including protests. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

“If this bill is passed, as drafted, during the next large-scale political rally, drones could identify and list people protesting the Trump administration,” added [Karen Sheley, director of the ACLU’s Police Practices Project].

“The sight of drones overhead, collecting information, may deter people from protesting in a time when so many want to exercise their First Amendment rights….This is too much-unchecked power to give to the police—in Chicago or anywhere.”

While the bill states the spy drone use would be “limited to legitimate public safety purposes,” the Chicago Sun-Times says the “vague collection of words” in the bill could be seen as a major deterioration of Chicagoans’ First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly. Further, the Chicago Sun-Times questions: Who decides what is “legitimate?”

The city has had a long history of the Chicago Police Department spying on its citizens. The police began using Red Squads in the late 1800s, which are specialized police intelligence units that infiltrate, conduct counter-measures and gather intelligence on political and social groups during periods of unrest.

Ed Yohnka of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois said, “this is a city with a history of sending people out to record protesters. Now imagine doing it with facial recognition technology.”

The drone bill’s proponents indicate that police need the eyes in the sky for the effective management of large events like Lollapalooza.

“People aren’t thinking all that carefully about it,” state Sen. Daniel Biss said of lawmakers who voted to pass the bill. Biss sponsored the 2013 law that set guidelines for police to use drones.

“The proposed changes would give powerful people in law enforcement and city halls the ability to develop a database of every person at a protest,” Biss told the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s really, really dangerous,” he added.

Chicago mayoral spokesperson Julienn Kaviar responded to an email from the Sun-Times reporter Fran Spielman that read “the proposed updates would not change the existing privacy protections and limitations under the current law.”

The Chicago Sun-Times made it quite obvious that their stance was overwhelmingly negative against the new bill. The editorial piece stated:

“This bill would undercut the law’s important protections for people who want to engage in peaceful protests. It would give cops free rein to take video of every single protester at any kind of large event, public or private. It would leave law enforcement unchecked. It would tell people who want to use their voices to criticize the president, the mayor, the police or powerful companies that somebody’s watching them — too closely.”

Welcome To 1984: Big Brother Chicago is about to watch every Chicagoans’ move during public events via spy drones using facial recognition software.


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Of course Rahm will also ban Baclavas. People always think the Globalists will use some people on the street to overthrow the government. Why the fuck would they do that when they OWN the government. Every time I see a real movement to end some sort of injustice the same ZHers who call for action in the streets don't like it because it doesn't look just like them.

What exactly do people want to see? A group of white dudes in their 50's in suits and ties with AR-15's? Those guys will be the LAST to rise up because they are wedded to the system. You better believe that this will be used against Right Wingers every bit as our fellow "cattle" (go ahead and translate that word) on the supposed "Left".

Literally all advances in the police state have been aimed at any and ALL dissenters. Look at Google censoring World Socialist Website right along with Alt-Right bloggers. Wake the fuck up!

People need to get over that BS partisan divide and start embracing and finding common cause with fellow Americans regardless of how fucking stupid some of their ideas are. If you are waiting for a movement of ideological CLONES of yourself it's NEVER GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN. You argue about shit with your best buddies don't you? I sure do! Time to support uprising and that includes people who have more melanin and dumb fuck ideas. They can easily be dealt with once we deal with the real threat. Common cause and building bridges or embrace Orwell x 1000!

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Sayanim Everywhere

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined... They are the gravest threat to our national security.”

— Admiral Bobby Inman 
   Former Deputy Director of the CIA…

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I can't imagine Rahm ever being high enough to want to use drones against anti-Trump protesters, as the ACLU seems to think possible. More likely the drones would be used to follow anyone wearing a MAGA hat or attending a MAGA rally.

And does facial recognition really work against those Antifa freaks? Is Rahm going to ban anything that obscures one's face, like a hoodie or balaclava?


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Rahm Emanuel is a Flaming jew supremacist and he will stop at nothing to control the goyim cattle !

While the synagogue of satan aka so-called israel agitates for more and more wars.

They are also Destroying your rights of FREE SPEECH:

"As is expected in this upside-down world of ours, while Mamma Merkel roams free to wreak havoc and cause more rapes and deaths of Germans at the hands of her sainted and untouchable Turd World "migrants," Ursula (89) and Monika (60's) -- with the gleeful approval of Jews all over the world -- are condemned to waste away a few years in German prisons for their thought-crime of Holocaust Denial" ™. Boy-oh-boy, the "usual suspects" sure do make it difficult for decent people of good will not to "hate" them, don't they?"

Dear God please effect the release of these women: Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stoltz from their jew supremacist terrorist oppressors !


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Here's a ready-made list for your consideration:…

Note to any agents of the alphabet agencies and their affiliates who may be monitoring this site: I do not threaten anyone, nor am I a member, much less a leader of any organization or religion, nor do I own any assets worth confiscating. I simply provide information in the hope that this rock, spinning through space, will not become devoid of its inhabitants, whether vegetable or animal (humans included) due to avarice, ignorance and stupidity.

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Robert Allen Zimmerman, a.k.a. Bob Dylan.

Plagiarist. Fake.

Here's the real deal:

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by Dylan Thomas

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Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
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Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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Little Rahm never gave it away

Everybody had to pay and pay

A hustle here and a hustle there

Chicago is the place where they said:

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

I said hey Joe, take a walk on the wild side

And the colored girls go,

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[Perhaps it means Rahm's in deep

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Probably his buddies from Israel shooting everyone on the South Side and blaming it on the black folks just to pad the budget. Pretty sure between him and the Rosenwalds the whole city is going to look like "They Live" meets "I Robot" in a few years. Fucking drones flying around scanning people.…

If its not them why the fuck did Amren and Zero Hedge run the whole Chi-Congo crime panic story line for months. There was a story every week but not once did we see anything about anyone getting prosecuted. Same shit I'm hearing in London from Breitbart and thats all around the Jewish areas in the North West. Standard tactic to burst a property bubble is start a gang war. Throw in a few dead cops and militarize the police force and hey presto-zionist occupied city.

They already pulled that shit back during the war on terror.....…

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