Israel Deploys Troops To Syrian Border After Detecting "Unusual Movements Of Iranian Forces"

Update (3:15 pm ET): i24News is reporting that Israel has called up some reserve units for air defense, home front and intelligence as Defense Minister  Avigdor Liberman consults with military leaders at IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv.

The deployment was made "as required."


(File photo courtesy of RT)

i24 reported that the call-up orders for Israel air defense and its home front and intelligence forces came about an hour after the suspicious activity - which has not been identified - was detected.

"Following the identification of irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria, the IDF has decided to change the civilian protection instructions in the Golan Heights and instructs local authorities to unlock and ready shelters in the area," a statement from the army said.

"The Israeli public should remain attentive to IDF instructions that will be given if necessary."

"Additionally, defense systems have been deployed and IDF troops are on high alert for an attack.

The IDF is prepared for various scenarios and warns that any aggression against Israel will be met with a severe response."

The US embassy in Tel Aviv also issued a warning to government employees to avoid the Heights.

"Due to the recent tensions in the region, until further notice, U.S. government employees are required to obtain advance approval if they wish to travel to the Golan Heights," the statement posted on Tuesday afternoon local time said.

Some senior Iranian officials vowed to take revenge on Israel for the Hama attack. However, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that the country would remain in the hopes of forging a workaround with the five other parties to the agreement.

* * *

The Israeli Defense Force says it has identified "unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria" and has responded by ordering the opening of shelters along the Golan Heights - its border area with Syria - and ordering its troops to be on "heightened alert" for an attack.

According to Reuters, Israel has instructed local authorities in the border region to "unlock and ready [bomb] shelters".

The Israeli Air Force, which has conducted many of Israel's attacks against Iranian forces in Syria, warned that "any aggression against Israel will be met with a severe response."

The news arrived just minutes before President Donald Trump announced his decision to pull the US out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - otherwise known as the Iran deal. During the announcement, he referenced a presentation given by Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu outlining Iran's efforts to secretly build up a nuclear arms program. Critics of the presentation said that Netanyahu didn't tell the international community anything new.

Shortly after Trump spoke, Netanyahu said the deal gave Iran billions of dollars to fund its efforts to spread terror across the region. Iran has long been criticized for its partnership with Lebanon's Hezbollah and for funding militias in Syria and Iraq, as well as the Houthi rebels fighting the Saudi Arabia-backed establishment in Yemen.


Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War seven years ago, Israeli forces have launched more than 100 attacks on Iranian forces working with the Syrian regime to fight off rebels and ISIS.

Last month, a senior Israeli military official admitted to the New York Times that an Israeli drone had killed 14 people, half of whom were Iranian, during an attack on Syria's T4 air base, which is located about halfway between Palmyra and Homs.

Two weeks ago, Israel launched a missile attack in Hama that triggered a blast powerful enough to be a 2.6 magnitude earthquake. The strike killed at least 11 Iranians. Senior US officials later confirmed that Israeli F-15s carried out the attack (though to be fair, the list of possible culprits was fairly short).

Defense stocks are rallying as investors assume - correctly - that the risk of an all-out military conflict between longtime enemies Israel and Iran - a conflict that could push the world into World War III - has never been higher.


On Sunday, Israeli media reported that military and intelligence forces had discovered that Iranian forces, including Hezbollah and local Shiite militias, were preparing for some kind of attack on Israel, per RT.


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The tail’s orange retriever dog is barking his obsequious teleprompted speech right now. He just stares at one big monitor in the back of the room reading. God, how (((they))) must marvel at the ease In which they control their goy puppets.

Whatever happens, I pray that the guilty little bastard state is paralyzed in the fray.

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These GOD-DAMNED Zionist devils are beyond ANY kind of redemption.

I sincerely hope that the decent Jews of the world have enough sense to distance themselves from these fucking nutcases, because the ONLY way this bullshit will ever stop, is when the last one of them takes his last breath.

Unfortunately, there is ONLY ONE SOLUTION, since Zio-nuts can't "live and let live", LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE MANAGES TO DO.

Death to These Evil Parasitic Pieces of Shit.

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Let me ask you a question.

If you were a black man, say,  given a crappy house in Augusta, GA as part of a global reparations payment for slavery, if you were to settle in with your family, in a neighborhood of other reparation families, and over the years, with aid from Jewish charities, your neighborhood developed the best schools in the State, the highest test scores, kids going to great colleges, great sports teams, local black entrepreneurs built great businesses, technology and a fantastic police force, and property values went up 10x, and the neighborhood became a showplace,  while the Southern crackers who had to move still lived in shitty trailers and did nothing but  bitch about their shitty lives, their relatives wouldn't take them in and help them out, and instead gave them guns and told them it was YOUR fault, while they wouldn't even install running water or sewage systems in their trailer parks.

And then, four times in the next 30 years, the shiftless losers stormed  into your neighborhood and your house with guns trying to kill you and your whole family, shouting "Death to N---ers! Death to N---ers!" And you managed to get out the guns the government had sent you to defend yourselves, shoot most of them while only suffering a minor flesh wound, how would you look at suburban Southern white crackers?  Mind you, you didn't ASK to have your ancestors sold off in slavery, forced to emigrate to a country you had no desire to live in. You didn't ASK for the government to force people out of their neighborhoods.

After the fourth attack, you pushed the crackers, who outnumber you 100:1, back to the city limits, and you set a new border there to create a buffer, and some of the less successful new reparation families decided they would risk trying to set up and improve those areas to live in, too. And they invited peaceful white folks to move in next door, but the crackers wouldn't, and instead lobbed stink bombs, explosive rockets and live grenades at them every day.

So, now, 70 years later, all of the crackers in Georgia get together in rallies with the KKK, chanting "Death to all the N---ers in Augusta! Death to the Jews in DC for putting them here and protecting them!" So your family hunkers down and prepares for the next attack, but when it sees the crackers assembling missile launchers and heavy armor, they send out pre-emptive strikes (although as they are constantly under rocket attack and threat, the strikes are technically defensive) And the crackers say - look at those crazy, manipulative black folks. Let's KILL EM ALL! EXTERMINATE THEM!!!


How would you feel? What would you do? Sit around and wait for them to build really big bombs to take out whole blocks?

This insane monologue about Zionists controlling the world is just that -- insane. Seven million Jews live in a tiny country, just trying to get along. They've been invaded by forces of 10:1, shot at, attacked with rockets and missiles, and vilified by every lunatic asshole in the world. The Jews in Israel have almost nothing in common with the Jews in America, except for their fear of persecution, developed over centuries of being made the straw man for every failed state. Yes, some send over financial aid, and many support Israel's right to exist, but most have no clue what Israelis go through, and most don't even like Israelis, because they are tough sobs. Even the most successful Jews in America hold little sway over American foreign policy and industry. They have almost no representation in the senior military or military contracting staff, or the major defense contractors. Jews have a slightly disproportionate representation in banking and finance, but only at the traditionally Jewish firms. Rarely is a Jew appointed to a cabinet position other than Treasury. Likewise in England, France and Germany, though there their representation is even smaller. Having worked at, and been friends with the Managing Partner of the largest "Jewish" investment bank, he was a man who felt he needed to strive to get the ear of the President and his chiefs, hardly was he telling them what to do! 

This myth of a cabal of Jews running anything globally is corrosive and stupid. Jews tend to be good with money, but it is hardly universal, and their access to, no less control of, the levers of power is severely limited. If they had been so powerful, they would not have conspired to be dropped among a billion people who hate them in a desert with their backs to the sea. They would have loved to stay in  Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, Ukraine - their HOMES. They were not welcome. They left behind all that they once had to start new in a hostile land. Hardly the stuff of global dominance.

The anti Semites refuse to accept that the Western democracies support Israel because that is what Israel strives to be. It is a modern, secular state that has a common religion, but is not run as anythng remotely like a theocracy, no less an extremist or fundamentalist state. Israel has no designs on its neighbors, it wishes for peace, a two state solution, and growing trade and amity. Jews live together, support each other, work as a community towards the common goal of a better life. Israel asks of its neighbors quiet cooperation and joint prosperity. It gets hate, death and ashes.

So keep ip the idiot narrative. It exposes you for what you are. Brain dead racist losers who espouse mass murder because you can not build an economy or develop your own lands. You see Israel and it embarrasses you. Since your brains are too small to understand and comprehend, you lash out to destroy that which you envy.

Iran stages protests chanting Death to Israel and America, and then says IT is the victim! Imagine if Americans took to the streets chanting Death to the Persians! Death to the Arabs. Americans want the world to foreswear nukes and abandon tyranny. But, always it gets called in to defend those who face annihilation at the hands of evil. It sucks, but we answer the call, because it is the right thing to do. Not because of some fantasy cabal that lives only in the imaginations of an insane death cult.


That was fun. What's for lunch?

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I’m confused, are you talking about the Amorites, Hittites, the philistines or the Palestinians being kicked off their land and enslaved?

Look, your selective interpretation of history falls flat. Everyone onearth has ancestors who have been enslaved and abused. How many them have hired the UN to get their shit back and have other countries pay for and kids die for their foreign policy goals. 

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Aside from my belief that the Arabs and Israelis deserve each other, my response would be to tell you to get the fuck off my land you self-righteous, self-centered fuck!  Elitist scum like you are the problem.  Keep looking down on poor whites, crackers, as you call least they can say their ancestors were more than mere farm equipment or money grubbing parasitic lampshades, you anti-white swine!  I'd bet you, reminiscent of that vile story of Lot, would sell your daughters for a bag of nickles...disgusting, degenerate culture.

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Probably the only upvote you’re getting here is from me. All the (((retards))) who can’t refrain from interjecting (((the jooooos))) into literally every subject or event, merely encourage me to believe that if zionists didn’t have power, they would in fact be targeted for extermination by (((retards))). And (((retards))) would then take over that power. To which god only can imagine what abuse would ensue. 


Fuck off, (((retards)))!

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You are so beyond full of shit that I would laugh, if it wasn't for the fact that some people will take your post seriously.

Rather than waste time in an internet battle, I will instead encourage the readers of these comments to do a little independent studying, and form their own opinion.

Some recommended reading:

Jews Must Live - Samuel Roth (a Jew himself).

The Invention of the Jewish People - Shlomo Sand (also a Jew).

The Myth of the Six Million - David L. Hoggan

The World Conquerors - Louis Marschalko

The Talmud Unmasked - JB Pranaitis

The Jews and Their Lies - Martin Luther

The Myth of German Villainy - Benton Bradberry

Since you brought up "Jews and property, and property values", I would encourage readers to research & follow the news from Ocean County, NJ, particularly the Lakewood & Jackson Twp. areas:

The Jews took over Lakewood decades ago, and are now looking to expand into Jackson - anybody on the township boards who stands opposed, is being threatened, humiliated, or intimidated into resigning.

I would also at this time like to remind the readers, that Lakewood, NJ was recently ground-zero for a major welfare fraud scheme, perpetrated by our Chosen People (and Trust me, what was caught, is just the tip of the iceberg in Lakewood).

Lastly, "LaugherNYC", I'm glad you had fun; would you like a Tums to help your digestion?

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My exact sentiments. 3/4 of the idiots on ZH think 7M people run the world while, for some reason, they continue to get pelted by missiles from Lebanon. ZH'ers haven't read any history to determine that the Palestinians are actually Jordanians. Remember Black September when the Jordanians refused to take them back? And Arafat was not Palestinian; he was Jordanian. That is a fact.


They don't care.


Israel: the only democracy in the ME. Try starting a Christian church in ANY other ME country and see what happens.

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Dude, it's not about a physical attack on any given country. Iran attacked the petro-dollar scheme, and since the petro-dollar issuers are in danger, they deployed their lapdogs (USofA and Israel) to deal with those who are not toeing the line. That's all there is to it. Has nothing to do with nuclear energy whatsoever. As the Saudi oil output falls down, they allowed Iran to sell oil on the market to keep the prices low with a condition to sell their oil for petro-dollar. They deviated from this condition and sold oil to Russia, that in its tern sells it now for Yuan in China. One-they are not using the de-facto "world currency", two-they are not trading on the markets that the gangsters want them to trade on. 

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I have little doubt you could be correct.

Interesting thought - Trump has shown willingness to both dive right in (Syrian strikes) and to take a measured approach (NK negotiations).

Suppose the FF does come.  Does he immediately fire back or does he wait for the truth to come out?

I hope he hinted at this when he talked about the dancing Muslims on 9/11.

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Are you lying or just dont know?


Israel started the war in ‘67 when it took part of the Golan.  Indeed it started the war to grab it and hoped to keep Sinai...

The ‘73 war which Syria/Egypt did start was an effort to RETAKE their land...


So much of Jewish and Israeli self-concept is built on deliberate inversions of the truth.

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The jew cries out in pain as he orders airstrikes on you.


mosley ~ are you fucking schizo?


One post, you say something reasonable like this, then, in the next thread, you're singing Trump's praises because he's following Israel's marching orders with regards to Iran.


oh wait ~ & whose 'soldiers' are we talking about here again?

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Where did tmo go? Is he crying again. LOL!

──────────────── ────██

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