Mass Exodus: Venezuelan Army Troops Desert In Droves Ahead Of Presidential Election

The Venezuelan Army could be nearing a collapsing point, as high-ranking military officers and enlisted troops “are joining the exodus of Venezuelans to Colombia and Brazil, fleeing barracks and forcing President Nicolas Maduro’s government to call upon retirees and militia to fill the void,” said Bloomberg.

Venezuela’s economic crisis keeps getting worse, as high desertion rates are now plaguing military bases in Caracas and the countryside, which poses significant security challenges in the upcoming presidential election on May 20. By law, the military oversees all voting centers throughout the country, including the electoral materials and voting machines.

“The number is unknown because it used to be published in the Official Gazette. Now, it is not,” said San Miguel, director of Control Ciudadano, a military watchdog group in Caracas. She said soldiers are fleeing for the same reason citizens are: “Wages are low, the quality of food and clothing isn’t good.”

A massive shortage of enlisted troops and military officers comes as more than one million Venezuelans have escaped the collapsed economy, according to the International Organization for Migration. Hyperinflation has made the country’s currency worthless, which has sparked a biblical humanitarian crisis across the failed state.

According to one unnamed retired officer, military personnel who rank as high as generals were recently “called in and quartered for several days at their units.” The government has called in retired officers and militia members, as the hemorrhaging continued before the election in twelve days. “Government officials are training these fill-in personnel for the election,” said a second anonymous retired officer.

Bloomberg said the U.S. and regional organizations would not “recognize the balloting as legitimate,” due to the military’s deep involvement with the election process.

“As the once-prosperous nation fell apart, Maduro consolidated power by creating an all-powerful assembly to bypass the national legislature. The regime jailed and banned opponents and launched a wave of arrests before the May 20 vote. The U.S. and regional organizations have refused to recognize the balloting as legitimate, and the main opposition coalition has promised a boycott in the face of what it says will be a rigged contest.

Venezuelan elections are overseen by its military, the strongest force in the country and one increasingly intertwined with Maduro’s regime. The rush to fill out units is required by the so-called Plan Republica, the security deployment of the Defense Ministry that begins on the eve of election day and lasts until the day after. By law, the armed forces are guarantors of peace and security, guarding ballots and voting machines at all 14,000-odd voting sites. They transport these materials and machinery to each voting center, often a school, and guard it,” said Bloomberg.

Control Ciudadano’s San Migue said in March that the level of desertion from the Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana has increased to dangerous levels in the last year, noting that the exodus is primarily enlisted troops. She said 10,000 troops have recently asked to retire.

“Since 2015 there has been an increase in military detainees accused of treason, desertion and other crimes,” she added. “Our estimate is that there are 300 people who are imprisoned, mostly troops. A few are senior officers, others are civilians linked to the military.”

Gonzalo Himiob, director of Foro Penal, a human-rights group, said, “those who ask to retire are put into arrest for a week at the military counterintelligence headquarters.”

Himiob added, “that’s how worried the government is.” He also said most flee the country after they are released from jail. In recent days, the government has run out of jail cells for military personnel who have asked to retire.

A flashpoint could be developing as President Maduro suggested that he will start an armed revolution if his opposition comes into power that wants to hand the country’s “riches” to “imperialist” forces [Americans]. In a campaign speech last week, President Maduro — who is hoping to win a new six-year presidential term in the highly disputed May 20 election — attacked his opposition rival, Henri Falcón, of wanting to sell the country’s vast natural resources to “the gringos.”

Nevertheless, Venezuela could soon face the first full-blown civil war the Western world has experienced in more than 100-years, as it now appears the country’s military is imploding before an election that the U.S. will not recognize the results.


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Where are the neo-cons when you need them? We could waltz right in there and take over that country in about 7 minutes and steal all their resources. Since that is the neo-cons plan for the rest of the world why the hell are they letting Venezuela off the hook? Wish they would be more consistent, we could use the extra oil, sheeeesh.

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It looks like the deep state is letting Venezuela fail.  I suspect it is to break any Iranian, Russian, Chinese contracts so the real puppet masters can come in and pick up the pieces.  Could also be at the hand of US domestic oil producers/ banksters that want the price of oil high enough to recover all their fracking investment.

Venezuela still has huge oil reserves and lots of natural resources to be looted.

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What, do you just make shit up as you go along or to offer ANY PROOF WHATSOEVER that Venezuela's military is being bought off?

I mean, not like Maduro and Chavez did for decades, I mean like...NOW.

Back up your bullshit or go home to #MommySoros.


Your lack of any response was really all I needed ;-) 

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Fabiola Zerpa & Noris Soto are imembers of far-right fascist oligarch opposition to the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela & Bloomberg hired guns in the misinformation war against the Bolivarian revolution.


Fabiola Zerpa & Noris Soto, in a mission to discredit, delegitimize the social revolution in Venezuela, claim that as Rocío San Miguel is their source of information & who is  Rocío San Miguel?


Rocío San Miguel  is the president of “Control Cuidadano” is a 1 woman show located in Provo, Utah, United States (Host IP: which is another CIA front similar to the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, a 1 man show located in London.


Here is who the misinformation process works:

  1. Rocio San Miguel publishes the misinformation in Twitter.
  2. Fabiola Zerpa and Noris Soto publish a fake-info article in Bloomberg from Rocio San Miguel misinformation in Twitter.
  3. ZerShit publishes the Fake-Info article by Blumberg (Fabiola Zerpa and Noris Soto)
  4. Rocio San Miguel publishs, the same information published originally on her twitter account, on her fake website “Control Cuidadano” but this time Blumberg is the source the fake-info – Circle completed


Once again ZeroShit's fucking idiot Tyler Durden (who ever you are) can not hide their exaggerated hate towards the socialist system in Venezuela. Tyler Durden, you are a dumb MF & a stupid shit. Go fuck yourself.

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You do realize Venezuela borrowed millions of rubles from Russia (insert audible gasp here!) and Russia demanded they pay them back in...oil...right?

Cuz, the Bolivar is shit.

Cuz, socialism.

Cuz, give me something besides your shitty Bolivars.



From you I expected at least something.

I am...disappointed ;-)

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aren't ZH tired of announcing the fall of Venezuela on a daily basis ? 


Neither China nor Russian want it, so it won't happen. Deal with it !

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Watching systems collapse is a necessary element to understanding how these events unfold.  The fact that the enforcement arm of the system can no longer be sustained indicates how far along this collapse has progressed.  My guess is the next phase involves the insiders fleeing the system.  While we Americans like to thump our chests and brag about our capitalistic system and our democracy, the real truth is that we have some very uncomfortable similarities with Venezuela


Like Venezuela we have an oligarchy that rules us.  Our oligarchs are different than their Venezuelans cousins, but they are still oligarchs, and they still rig the system to their advantage and to the disadvantage of the common citizen. In time this process hamstrings production.  The oligarchs in an effort to placate the underclass have in the process created a massive dependent class that lacks any marketable skills.  When the support systems fail that support this underclass, they are left destitute and desperate.  Desperate people are incredibly dangerous.

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Ah, May 20th. Five days after Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus. The last time this happened (June 6, 1934 the night of the long knives took place within weeks). Taurus is the sign of the bull. Uranus is the sign that favors right-wing politics, while Neptune favors left-wing politics. Uranus, and Taurus, rule economies, currencies and tangible things. Probably the best commentary I have read on this topic (and I read a lot):…

Ah, it makes sense now, Shane was referring to this person:… who wrote about waves and cycles of wars. Much as the Fourth Turning does.

I have been reading "The Fourth Turning" for a few nights and it is interesting that the planet Uranus (84-year orbit around the Sun) is similar to the normal lifespan for a human being.

Jupiter moved into Scoprio last October. It will stay there for 12 years. Jupiter is the happy sign, the fun sign and it is in murky, dark, secretive Scorpio. I expect a lot more shit to come out like the NY AG that was into beating women behind closed doors. Good luck trying to hide that sick shit, now. The brilliance of Jupiter will shine into very dark corners. Good. I took notes while watching year end videos about various planetary transits. This is what I have next to Jupiter in Scorpio: Dominance and submission, hidden, out of sight, sexual life, intense transformation.

Saturn is exalted in Capricorn. Think of Saturn and Capricorn as your stern grandfather that never smiles. Saturn is about work, hard work, and realism and getting what you deserve (not what you want).

Neptune is exalted in Pisces. Pisces is a water sign and deals with illusions and dreams. I would also say it deals with drugs and alcohol.

Edit: for those that don't know I am not interested in personal astrology. My interest is in mundane, or worldy astrology, which looks at economies, currencies, and politics.

cat writer HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:53 Permalink

1.  I read the Fourth Turning and note that the cycles have shortened.   When Strauss and Howe started the time series, the cycles were about a century, now they are around that 84 year mark.  

2.  For South America, we want to look at the years 1798, 1810, 1811 and 1821-1825.    In 1798, Tiradentes led the first revolt against the government.  It failed and he was hung, drawn and quartered.  1810 featured the Mexican revolt of Morelos; he was also executed.   1811:  Argentina gained independence from Spain.   The next period featured Spain and Portugal losing its colonies in the Americas (not the Caribbean).  

3.  There were regional wars in South America in 1865-70 and 1932-35.    Brazil nearly split apart in 1932.

4.  Mexico transformed into an 'empire' briefly 1862-67 and into a 'United States' in 1910.  Brazil became a republic in late 1889, to its detriment.  Colombia lost Panama in 1903.


Can you provide us with some predictions, based on this history?  (I feel more confident if I went back further in time and see some of the same cycles repeated from the 16th through 18th century.)


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