NYSE Owner Plans Bitcoin Trading Platform

Authored by William Suberg via CoinTelegraph.com,

The owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is mulling letting customers buy and hold Bitcoin, The New York Times reported late Monday, May 7.

The move would be the second Wall Street giant in a week to reportedly open up to crypto.

image courtesy of CoinTelegraph

As the New York Times reports, citing “emails and documents” as well as four anonymous sources, NYSE owner Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is planning to offer traders contracts that eventually result in customers owning the cryptocurrency.

The news comes just days after the publication quoted a Goldman Sachs executive, who appeared to confirm the bank would debut Bitcoin futures “within weeks”.

ICE “has had conversations with other financial institutions about setting up a new operation through which banks can buy a contract, known as a swap, that will end with the customer owning Bitcoin the next day - with the backing and security of the exchange,” the Times wrote late Monday.

Should the move go ahead, ICE and Goldman would join an increasingly large chunk of traditional finance engaging with cryptocurrency. Other recent players now include NASDAQ, which announced it would be “open” to establishing a cryptocurrency trading platform in future.

The positions further contrast sharply with contradicting industry perspectives currently hitting the headlines, such as comments from Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, who this week likened Bitcoin to “rat poison.”

Bill Gates meanwhile adopted a more curious halfway position, telling CNBC yesterday that although trading Bitcoin was a “greater fool” activity, he would still “short it if there was an easy way to do it.”


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The real Bitcoin wins again.

This fucking thing is going to punch the stratosphere, 80% has already been mined, next reward halving in two years - when deflationary forces will accelerate the race for getting a fraction of Bitcoin, because by then a whole Bitcoin will be a substantial investment.

Not tired of winning, ever.


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regular Bitchface-KILLAH Tue, 05/08/2018 - 22:18 Permalink

Do some research on this and let me know if you see any problems. I kinda want to pick up a few hundred thousand of holochain hot coins and sit on them till fall or hold till 2020 but not sure about the hype. Have you heard about this crypto? The exchange they listed was shut down right after they listed the coin and has been closed for over a week. Do your connections know if the gee oh vee shut down the exchange site cause of them so disruptive to btc?

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But bitcoin x only six transactions a second is not viable when visa network pos handles 30,000/sec. The scalability is needed to grow, thats why holo is diff since its over a million/sec+. And that blockchain is getting in the giga size takes forever to sync whereas holo is independant and able to self verify. Thoughts?

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I saw a chart that would rock the crypto space if I posted, but it showed btc volume declining. People in the market says its 'alt season' but alt have the same volume so something else is happening.

About 65% of exchanges are scams run by high freq bots and the other are coins pumped by those that created them. Yeah they take your money alright. Even the largest exchanges has these problems. The pump and dump crews are scams also, cause you will never be able to sell when your ui is frozen from thousands of bots selling before your ass. They freeze the market and BTC is not able to handle the load so only bot trades go though. You can watch it rise 20% in 60 seconds and have it fall 30% in 60 seconds and nothing you can do to sell. Even a stop loss order on the books skips since it falls so fast.

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Kike? What is a kike, sometype of 1950's slang or something. You still roll your pack of smokes on your tshirt sleeve? Who goes to the zoo anymore, how sad of you. You need help enjoying a day looking at locked up animals and enjoying it, at least watch some tv, you sound bored and demented as hell. How can you enjoy looking at animals in cages and paying for it is weird.

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