Ebola's Back! Congo Outbreak Sees 21 Cases, 17 Deaths In Last Month

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been alerted to an outbreak of Ebola.  In the past five weeks, there have been 21 cases of the infection reported, and 17 of those are now deceased.

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo declared the outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, a rare and deadly disease, on Tuesday, the World Health Organization reported.  

The declaration of an outbreak came after laboratory results confirmed two cases of the disease in the province of Bikoro in the northwestern part of the country. Bikoro is situated on the shores of Lake Tumba near the border with the Republic of the Congo. The new cases were reported from a small health facility about 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Bikoro.

The average case fatality rate for Ebola hemorrhagic fever is around 50%. The deadly virus most commonly affects people and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees) and is caused by one of five Ebola viruses.

“We will gather more samples, conduct contact tracing, engage the communities with messages on prevention and control, and put in place methods for improving data collection and sharing,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO’s regional director for Africa.

“WHO will work closely with health authorities and partners to support the national response.”

Upon learning of the confirmed cases, the WHO alerted neighboring countries and set up its Incident Management System to fully dedicate staff and resources to the response. A government statement released Tuesday stated that the Ministry of Health has “taken all necessary measures to respond promptly and effectively to this new epidemic of Ebola in the DRC’s national territory.”

Unfortunately, the DRC has a history with the Ebola virus. This is its ninth outbreak of Ebola virus disease since the discovery of the virus in the country in 1976. The last outbreak, in 2017, was quickly contained.  There are hopes that a quick response will all see this recent outbreak contained rapidly as well. WHO has also released $1 million from a contingency fund to support its activities in the containment efforts of this outbreak for the next three months.

Speaking on behalf of the Democratic Republic of Congo Minister of Health, Lambert Matuku, the Minister of State and Labor, said, it is “a worrisome sanitary situation.”


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My wife worked at Presbyterian Hospital when the last Ebola outbreak went down. Yes, *that* Presbyterian. And that's the nice hospital, not like Parkland where all the gangster casualties go to get the bullets removed. We lived in the same neighborhood as one of the two nurses who got the disease, helicopters and cops everywhere.

But outside of the two nurses who were working directly on the patient with equipment that was substandard for working with Ebola, no one else in the area got the disease, including people who were living in the same house as the patient.

It really wasn't that dangerous - the patient and the two nurses got an entire floor to themselves with guards at the front, and all of the equipment that went in, went into an incinerator afterward. Everyone working on the patient was checked regularly, esp. after the second nurse.

The main thing for Americans is, we have a President that isn't going to open his doors to anyone and everyone who is coming from countries stricken with the disease. For the countries affected, they will get to quarantines and mass application of bleach, and the disease will subside once they do.

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Do we have anyway to know for sure that they even had it though?  Maybe it was a little strange that the guy in the apartment with tons of kids didn't give it to anybody.  Wasn't all of that incident a tad strange?  Like Zika strange?  Sometimes real stuff happens and sometimes they hype things for use at a later time.

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i thought the zika babies were proven to be a result of being subjected to toxins via polluted environment and not via the purported msm propoganda.

and i wonder, was the POTUS really trying to prevent immigration because he knew there would be an epidemic conveniently in the near future.

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Do we have anyway to know for sure that they even had it though? Maybe it was a little strange that the guy in the apartment with tons of kids didn't give it to anybody.

My wife's colleague was on the team of people assigned to work on the patient, so unless there was some super elaborate ruse that the staff was in on and they somehow convinced all of the largely female staff to not gossip, I'm going to have to say it is all real. Also, despite all of the staff wearing Presby Proud shirts and writing hundreds of letters of support for the nurses, at least one of them did sue Presby for not sufficiently protecting her from catching Ebola.

Ebola spreads by direct contact with a liquid discharged from an infected person. The reason it start in Africa is poor sanitation - flush toilets, a bit of bleach spray, and not coming into physical contact with the person (or letting them sneeze on you) are the keys. Since those things are not always in supply there, it is entirely possible for someone who contaminate a source of water (think of a well, or a cistern, or just some standing water in a street people walk on), and the virus can survive for some time. In the case of the two nurses, among other things they had to clean up the diarrhea from the patient, and because they didn't have the right equipment they were most likely contaminated when taking the PPEs off. A tiny amount on your hand + not washing well enough + rub your eyes could do it.

When the CDC came to Presby the PPEs were the #1 issue they brought up. The other big issue was trash, absolutely nothing that went past the guards at the front of the floor was allowed to be reused (think trays and food for staff), so the most dangerous part was when they were piling up bags of biohazard waste on one side of the floor while trying to figure out how they could safely transport it to the incinerator. In terms of money... they had to dedicate dozens of staff, an entire floor of one wing of the hospital, and even a few vendors refused to deliver goods. Folks were freaking out, for sure.

I don't know how the home situation went, but assuming he didn't bleed on anyone, sneeze on anyone, and the family put him in a separate room, they had a better than average chance of not contracting the disease. IIRC he got it by carrying a diseased person in late stages to a treatment clinic while in Africa, so again it was a case of direct physical contact with someone who was likely bleeding and shitting a lot (its a very terrible disease). I would have to go back and read whether he had his own car/drove himself to the hospital.

Finally, remember that organizations like the WHO need to engage in scaremongering in order to justify funding, so they will absolutely blow this out of the proportion. I know some epidemiologists, and sometimes they do the same thing - if there is a 0.01% of an epidemic, they are going to start screaming that the end is here, because in a sense, that's what defines their career.

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We're OK - still have all the kit and materials from last year's big scare. Our basement makes for a very biosecure environment (even down to the HEPA system having solar powered fans with overnight battery backup).

Mind you if "it" ever arrives Down Under we'll be heading for the interior pronto - few to no people around, less opportunity for inadvertent transmission.

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Fine.  First, I'll post this link as it backs up everything I am about to post:



Most Americans have bought into vaccinations as a 'necessary evil', even to the point of being open to FORCED vaccinations in the event of a pandemic due to an erroneous belief in 'herd immunity' which supposedly magically protects everyone. I believe that this is THE primary means by which governments will introduce a soft martial law, because the public will believe it is necessary 'for the common good'. And this can be instituted with impunity via police roadside checkpoints, forced entry into homes, mandatory evacuation into FEMA camps etc. with little pushback.

For the record, I have a Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics (UT Houston, 2000). I got my degree while studying Anthrax, and I was paid on a CIA grant. While there I learned many, many disturbing things about our government 'bioterror' program, including the farce that was Kenema National Labs in Sierra Leone, Africa. Suffice it to say, that if there IS any disease outbreak, it will definitely be some bug that was developed in that lab (or a similar one) that will be featured.

It isn't by accident that Legionnaire's Disease; Ebola; Marburg; AIDS and other such diseases have grabbed headlines since 1975 - when the lab started to really get going.

'Oh, it's just the locals eating bush meat', they'd say when there was an outbreak. 'Lets make a vaccine to protect them!' Well, it was the vaccines that CAUSED those problems to begin with.

Several things to think about concerning that lab: why is that facility in Africa, and not in the USA? Most would say, 'well, DUH, that's where the diseases are!' And there is truth to that, but the real reasons are that - 1. the government there is bought and paid for, with no oversight on the lab; 2. the people there are not well educated, which leads to 3. they have been even more brainwashed into the need for vaccinations, leading to a perfect source of willing guinea pigs.

Also, there is little media presence there, so when 'breakouts' DO happen, they can be attributed to 'those careless bush people' instead of there being any real investigations which would show that those exhibiting symptoms almost ALWAYS were vaccinated with the VERY SAME THING THEY CAME DOWN WITH.

And one more thing about Kenema National Labs: back during the Ebola scare, there was a man from the World Health Organization who investigated that lab by the name of Glenn Thomas. He apparently had discovered some unsettling things and was going to report them, but unfortunately he just 'happened' (along with many prominent microbiologists) to be on flight MH17 when it went down. Conveniently, it turned out. And not long after that, that lab was quietly shuttered.

So anyway, that's my long-winded take on why this is not merely fear-mongering; it is PART OF THE PLAN. And it would be best to be both aware of it and prepared for it when it happens.

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This, from a fucking Bitcoiner?

You're on MY turf now, fucker:


That's five to get you started, if you want to LEARN - or rather, UNLEARN the bullshit you were told.  There's plenty more where that came from, too - but if you want to read it all in one place, get the book, "Dissolving Illusions" (by Dr. Suzanne Humphries) which explains the myth of vaccines using the vaccine establishment's OWN data.

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Yeah, Marburg kinda burns fast and furious...until it hits a healthy, unvaccinated, GMO-free population that has sufficient Vitamin C reserves, then it dies out.

I'm serious; as long as people get enough Vitamin C (and other vitamins), any infection that one encounters can't get a serious hold on them unless their immune system is already compromised (GMO's, vaccines etc).  And if one does come down with such a disease, then colloidal silver and liposomal or intravenous Vitamin C can cure most such diseases, if initiated in a timely manner. 

As for dementia:  aluminum is the biggest - er, 'foil' for causing that.  Once again: GMO's, vaccines, and geoengineering puts that stuff into the system, and vaccine adjuvants work to help it cross the blood/brain barrier (and the same with mercury and other heavy metals).

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OK, here's the secret about polio:  the polio vaccine caused FAR more cases of polio than it ever prevented.

Want to see proof of just how evil Bill Gates is?  Check out what he did to India with his polio vaccines:




The story of the polio vaccine is told in Dr. Suzanne Humphrie's book, "Dissolving Illusions".  She has a website with the charts she presented in that book here:


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I am a big fan of vitamins. I take a big dose of Vit. D (5000 IUs) every night. I take a daily dose of 1000 Mgs of Vit. C. Along with lots of healthy fats (avacado. wild salmon, olive oil, coconut oil and organic eggs for healthy cholesterol).

I threw out all my cheap pots years ago and cook using stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic. I love ceramic or glass for oven roasting! Easy to clean, it doesn't stain. I have some you can put in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. Love it!

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Oh spare me. If I want to throw something into the microwave to warm up, that's my choice, not yours. I like techonology. So do you, apparently, since you are using some device to communicate.

Am I a Puritan? No. So the fuck what? I hate you food Nazis. Go fuck yourself you miserable slime. I hope you survive on lettuce and horrible kale and eat slimy kombucha crap that gives you listeria. Nothing is ever pure enough, or good enough, for you freaks.

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you obviously failed reading comprehension. you jump to specious conclusions. you attack anyone that you think has offended you (because you failed reading comprehension). you are racist based on your past posts. you are an example of why the world is so fukked up. and having multiple accounts to up vote yourself reeks of desperation. karma can be a bitch as your life illustrates.

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