Novartis Explains Why It Covertly Paid Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen $1.2 Million

As Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, unveiled last night, in addition to a $500K payment from Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg made to an LLC controlled by Trump's attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen also received other payments from US telecom giant AT&T (which is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the DOJ over its purchase of Time Warner), Swiss healthcare giant Novartis, and Korea Aerospace Industries, amounting to $200K, $400K and $150K, respectively.

Naturally, many were curious to find out the reason behind these transfers which could be seen as - at best - lobbying payments, and at worst - an illegal attempt to purchase influence.

Earlier today, Novartis which had been in the spotlight since the revelation, confirmed that for a year, starting in February 2017, it had paid Essential Consultants, a shell company set up by Cohen in Delaware. The arrangement related to “US healthcare policy matters”, the company said. Confirming the arrangement, it further clarified that "The terms were consistent with the market."

Avenatti was not impressed with the explanation. 

Novartis also revealed that it had been contacted by officials from Mueller’s office in November last year, confirming that Mueller has been in possession of the wire transfer details for months, and somehow these had been leaked to Avenatti.

Avenatti sought to connect the payments from Novartis to the company’s incoming chief executive, Vas Narasimhan, being invited to a group dinner with Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos on 25 January 2018.

But Novartis stressed on Wednesday that the company’s contract with Cohen predated Narasimhan, and said he had “no involvement whatsoever” in the arrangement.

Then, because the market was clearly eager for more information, Novartis released an email to various newswires including Bloomberg and CNBC, in which it again confirmed it had paid Michael Cohen’s Essential Consultants just under $100,000 a month for a period of a year, more than the $400,000 initially suggested.

However, killing some of the cloak and dagger suspense, Novartis said shortly after it entered into the February agreement with Cohen, it held its first meeting with Cohen in March 2017 and determined that the firm would "be unable to provide the services that Novartis had anticipated related to US health-care policy matters."

Subsequently, the company decided “not to engage further,” but continued to make payments until the contract expired because it could not be terminated for cause.

And the punchline: Novartis had believed that Cohen could advise the company as to how Trump’s administration might approach health-care policies, including the Affordable Care Act.

In other words, Novartis, as AT&T and Korea Aerospace, had hoped that Cohen would turn out to be some sort of "expert network", which due to its direct connections to the president, had some valuable insights. It turns out, this was wrong from day one, although props to Cohen for hustling Novartis into believing he had enough information to be worth a cool 1.2 million.

Novartis' full letter below:

In February 2017, shortly after the election of President Trump, Novartis entered into a one year agreement with Essential Consultants. With the recent change in administration, Novartis believed that Michael Cohen could advise the company as to how the Trump administration might approach certain US healthcare policy matters, including the Affordable Care Act. The agreement was for a term of one year, and paid Essential Consultants 100,000 USD per month.

In March 2017, Novartis had its first meeting with Michael Cohen under this agreement. Following this initial meeting, Novartis determined that Michael Cohen and Essential Consultants would be unable to provide the services that Novartis had anticipated related to US healthcare policy matters and the decision was taken not to engage further. As the contract unfortunately could only be terminated for cause, payments continued to be made until the contract expired by its own terms in February 2018.

The engagement of Essential Consultants predated Vas Narasimhan becoming Novartis CEO and he was in no way involved with this agreement. Contrary to recent media reports, this agreement was also in no way related to the group dinner Dr. Narasimhan had at the World Economic Forum in Davos with President Trump and 15 Europe based industry leaders. Suggestions to the contrary clearly misrepresent the facts and can only be intended to further personal or political agendas as to which Novartis should not be a part.

In terms of the Special Counsel's office, Novartis was contacted in November 2017 regarding the company's agreement with Essential Consultants. Novartis cooperated fully with the Special Counsel's office and provided all the information requested. Novartis considers this matter closed as to itself and is not aware of any outstanding questions regarding the agreement.


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"Novartis also reveled that it had been contacted by officials from Mueller’s office in November last year, confirming that Mueller has been in possession of the wire transfer details for months, and somehow these had been leaked to Avenatti."

Mueller is using Stormy's lawyer to leak info.  What a scumbag and criminal.  Indict Mueller and lock him up.

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gmrpeabody ???ö? Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:17 Permalink

WOW.., who would have thunk that corporations give out money for special treatment from elected officials? And WTF has any of this got to do with matters at hand? What a clusterfuck judicial bunch of corrupt pigs this government has become.., and somehow, through magic, it MUST be Trumps fault.

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So far we have foreign influence from Israel, UK and Switzerland, with a touch of Russia (Vekselberg is a Ukrainian-born Russian/Jew mix like Lenin who was one of the Yeltsin bandits, hence close ties to the "West").

No doubt Sheldon Adelson's massive election bribe to the Orangutan went fulfilled yesterday, when Trump severely damaged the US by reneging on an agreement with the international community (much more so than when the term is typically used) and Iran.

Trump is a corrupt, stupid, cowardly, classless (just like Bill Clinton) Orangutan dancing to Adelson's and NutAndYahoo's tunes.

Trumptards are such tards.   He's lied about everything good and came through on everything bad.  Illegal immigration is at all-time highs, trade agreements are what they were, wars are on-going and being egged on ....

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Didn't say I loved it, just for a change the parties to the deal include not just the Axis of Evil (US, UK, Israel, plus junior member France) which regularly passes itself off as the "international community" (because they are all fucking unrepentant liars), at least this deal has also Germany, France, Russia and China, as well as, in practice pretty much the entire planet on board (including India and Turkey and everyone else), excepting of course the Jew supremacist scum that bribed the Cowardly Corrupt Classless Clueless Orangutan to renege on it.

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Wow you are incredibly clueless.

Bill Clinton had a deal with N. Korea, which involved N. Korea shutting down their nuclear plants (they restarted them after US reneged on the deal - sound familiar? - and Bush Jr. put them in the "Axis of Evil" - sound familiar? - which led to their nuclear bomb testing.  None of Clinton and Bush Sr./Jr. made a deal with Iran, but Obama did.

So Clinton's was different from Bushes' was different from Obama's.

So far the Cowardly Corrupt Clueless Classless Orangutan has not accomplished anything except destroying the Iran deal.  There's no deal with N. Korea, whatsoever, and whatever deal there is, had nothing to do with Trump, it's been Park, Un and Xi.

Do try to pay attention and get your mouth off the Organutan's appendage.

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I don't know what the fuck you are talking about but I want to see journalists licensed and most have their credentials taken away because the founders never imagined these cocksuckers screaming the lies and "fire" in the crowded global theater similar to how the founders never imagined those assault weapons!

It's the first amendment abuses of the liars in the media threatening the 2ndA and I'm all for doing away with the 1st 1st.

The founders envisioned a day we would need to jail the journalists so that is why they made the 2nd the 2nd so we could get rid of the 1st to keep the 2nd!

Pretty damn creative actually.. 


Lock them up!

Lock them up!

Lock them up!

Fake news cocksuckers

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Well, that was entertaining.

Niggapleaz, look how Trump took us out of TPP and TIPP, the UN Council on Refugees and the Climate Accord saving us trillions of dollars and untold jobs and misery.

He's got his own way of negotiating the cards he was handed.  So, far, it has been more peaceful and more prosperous that the administrations before him.

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I noticed that, too. We know how well all those prior policies worked.

IMHO we should stop all foreign aid and get out of the ME completely....doing so would actually benefit the average tax payer here who gets to foot the bill for all this foreign intrigue. It is not as though we were running a huge budget surplus and can actually afford to give money away. Why not spend our foreign aid dollars on re-building our infrastructure? Create jobs here at home and improve our quality of life? It appears that the average tax payer is not represented by our elected officials. Paul appears to be the only person inside the Beltway who actually represents what is good for the citizen.

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Sycophant and Fool.

There is no “deal” and never was.  Iran was signatory to nothing. Legally, the JCPOA was a solo Obama policy position carried out without a legal backing. That is why it is formally called a “Plan” (i.e., what the “P” stands for in JCPOA)

None of it is bound by any law, whether US or international. Never was.  There are no signatories, and there is no written agreement. A written agreement among nations is called a “Treaty.” Undr US law, treaties require approval by representatives of the people in addition to the President. Obama never had the support of Democrats, let alone Republicans to enact a treaty.

This is all documented in a 2016 NYTimes article. Rhodes’ hubris is his Achilles Heel...he explained such in the article.

The GITMO cells are now ready for the “Iran Deal” criminals, and the gallows await.

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Sycophant?  To  whom?  Fool?  A sure act of projection.  You are also an evil warmonger.

There obviously was a deal.  There are lots of "deals" and actions not approved by Congress.  The President generally engages in foreign policy.  Is the US occupation of Syria authorized by Congress?  Do you think the US President has the power to start wars and occupy countries but not sign an agreement releasing funds that were seized by ... the President (not by law of Congress)?

Nobody claimed JCPOA was a treaty.  Congress did not approve it, but Congress also did not rebuke it.  The UNSC adopted it, making it part of international law.  But you don't care about any of that b/c you have Jew supremacist dick up your arse and are squealing in delight.  The foundations of Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and Haim Saban, all Jew supremacist oligarchs, are the ones most opposed.  They've all cum in your arse multiple times.

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It was you, lying POS, that started by calling me "sycophant and fool".  Can dish out ad hominem and lies but can't take it back or truth?  Is that a "Christian" in your demonic book?

You had written:  "whether US or international. Never was.  There are no signatories, and there is no written agreement."  Lies, lies, lies.  Is that what Jesus teaches, to lie?  And the basis of your lies are hate and desire to oppress Iran and its people.  Is that what Jesus taught, to hate and oppress?

You are no Christian.  You worship the Jewish Beast, Yahweh.  May your evil, hateful, scornful, lying soul be healed.

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Obviously Obama gave you a job and free health care. The rest of us who aren’t “given” shit had been without jobs for the last 8 years until Trump came along and we’re working AND getting promotions and raises. Something you jackass paid off elitists can’t understand. 


BTW! I thought you were too sensitive to engage in debate. . .did you need a timeout to your “safe room.”? 

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