Syrian Battle-Tested, Russian "Robot Tank" To Be Unveiled At Massive Military Parade

Military rallies by armed forces took place across several major cities in Russia on May 09 to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet Union’s march into Berlin and the victory over Germany in World War II.

Earlier this week, we learned that Russia would showcase its newest Kinzhal hypersonic missile and other high-tech military weapons during the upcoming military parade, which is primarily based in Moscow.

However, there are new reports that Russia will unveil a multifunctional reconnaissance and fire support “robot tank” that has been battle-tested in Syria, dubbed “Uranus-9,” a top defense official said.

The Uranus-9 robot tank in Moscow’s Red Square during a rehearsal of the upcoming military parade marking the 73rd anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Eastern Front of World War II. (Source: Sergei Savostyanov\TASS)

According to a recent report in Russia’s state-owned Channel Zvezda, Yuriy Borisov, one of the deputies to Russia’s defense minister confirmed that Russian Armed Forces tested the multifunctional reconnaissance and fire support robot tank during the Syrian civil war.

“All the presented weapons systems are in service with the Russian army or are in trial operation, most of the novelties have been tested in Syria,” the Russian Defence Ministry said. He also mentioned, “at this year’s Victory Parade, we will show robotic technology for the first time.”

The Uranus-9 robot tank participated in a field training exercise. (Source ZvezdaTVnews)

The Uranus-9 robot tank participated in a field training exercise. (Source ZvezdaTVnews)

The Uranus-9 robot tank participated in a field training exercise. (Source ZvezdaTVnews)

Among the robotic war machines, the Russian Defence Ministry listed, the Uranus-6, a robotic mine-clearing tank, and the Uranus-9, a tracked unmanned combat ground vehicle (UCGV) with cannons and missiles — designed to protect Russian troops through direct and indirect fire on the enemy.

The Russian Defence Ministry describes the Uranus-9, as a 12-ton radio-controlled robotic tank equipped with a PKTM machine gun, an automatic 30 mm 2A72 gun, and anti-tank guided missiles.

” It has a powerful armament that allows not only to hit live force and lightly armored vehicles, but also tanks, as well as other highly protected objects. It is equipped with anti-tank guided missiles “Attack”, 30-mm automatic cannon 2A72 and 7.62-mm machine gun.

“Uranus-9” is able to detect the target, but the decision to defeat it is taken only by the commander, who is together with the operator in an armored kung on the basis of the chassis of the KamAZ car. The maximum removal of the control point from the robot is 3 km. In the case of simultaneous application of four combat robots, the control range reaches 6 km. “Uranium-9″ is built into a single system of tactical control, having protection from unauthorized access and electronic warfare means.”

Three days ago, the Russian military released footage of Uranus-9 field tests at an undisclosed location performing war maneuvers.

Meanwhile, Channel Zvezda has confirmed Uranus-9 has been thoroughly tested in Syria — something military analysts suspected in 2017 but were not quite sure at what capacity. Russia’s defense minister estimated that the military field tested over 600 new vehicles, weapons, and service items in Syria.

“For the first time we are demonstrating robotics: robots of mine and a percussion robot, Uran-6 and Uran-9, which, incidentally, were also tested in Syria, demonstrated their capabilities well, we are now in the experimental combat operation of these models . What it is: we identify all those shortcomings, which, naturally, are inherent in the new technology, in order to timely make all the necessary changes and adapt it for the needs of the armed forces.”

Sputnik recently spots Uranus-9 robot tanks on the streets of Moscow.